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Commentary :: Education : Human Rights : Race
Break the Machine and Leave It Broken
09 May 2012
When we think of the word "machine" it can take on so many different meanings. We can use it in a literal sense referring to some technological innovation used most likely in our daily lives. It can also take on other, not so literal, meanings, such as a reference to a political structure or system. We can also use it to refer to individuals or groups of people. It's one of the beautiful things about language we can use it in so many different ways.
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When we think of using it to describe people it too can be broken down in a variety of ways. We can describe ourselves as machines with regards to the individual parts of our bodies all working as one unit to achieve many tasks. We can go deeper and describe our minds and thought processes as being similar to machinery, albeit highly complex and sophisticated machinery, in that they have to take in and then process millions if not billions of different stimuli to help the other machinations within the system that is you, operate to spec.

I bring this up because it's one way to describe what I am about to discuss regarding something I experienced and others have, do and will experience. That thing is harassment. It happened to me in college and for me that's where I went through it. Though it was no less easy, painful, stressful or illegal, I survived and to do this I had to do many things. One of those things I found some success with was coming up with strategies to counter those being employed against myself as a victim of harassment.

There were many tactics used to harass me and strategies employed against me. I've outlined some in other articles along with successful strategies and counter strategies I employed to survive the harassment. I did this because when I was going through it there were few to no resources for me to turn to and online surprisingly enough there was hardly anything. This and other articles like it are meant for those intent on surviving and winning as I did. I wore my cap and gown and have my diploma and the pictures to prove it (gotta love those pictures). In this article I will discuss another strategy that helped me survive and perhaps it will help you too.

I refer to it as "breaking the machine and leaving it broken." I'm not talking about a political establishment or governing body. I'm not really talking about anything physical at all. In this case I refer to the internal psychological machinery of the person being harassed. At this point you may ask, "why would I want to break what others are already trying to break?"

Though what I refer to sounds like an entire machine, really it only refers to parts and specific parts at that.

In my case, the people responsible for most of the harassment found I was not going to go as easily as they first intended. That was their intent - to get me to leave the program I was majoring in. My intent was to stay. A dilemma for them, but in the end just an obstacle for me to figure out how to maneuver around. Since all they had to do was deny, and it was their word against mine and everybody else was afraid of them, complaining was not an option for most of my time there. I had to see what they were doing and then think of how to respond appropriately.

As time went on they would run smaller strategies and tactics alongside bigger ones in an attempt to try and weaken me as even though it was the many of them against the one of me with virtually no help at all - they were unable to put their hands around success - even when they kept lowering the bar for it. This is where breaking the machine and keeping it broken comes in.

Each individual circumstance is different, and if I give you specific examples from mine, you might say, well how can I use that in mine as it seems too abstract or unrelated. So I'll give an easy hypothetical.

Say in order to weaken you the people harassing you convince one or more of the people considered most desirable to try and use their appeal to weaken or distract you. In my case I'm attracted to women, and so they would pick the ones most popularly considered the prettiest or those they think the target of their harassment will.

The goal here would be to get the target of their harassment distracted by pursuing them or by being flattered at the attention they receive from these people. By doing this they hope to weaken and distract you. It may sound harsh to some people, but to survive harsh circumstances you need inner strength and discipline. As such, the corresponding move is simple... never involve yourself with anyone from that place or that can be connected to that place. Seek your social outlets with regards to that kind of socializing elsewhere.

You need to turn the switch off in your brain permanently until your goal is reached with regards to that place, and though you may be tempted don't be fooled. Nothing good will result. Even if it's genuine you will be pulling someone else into it to be harassed themselves. That will only compound your issues in the long run. The long run is precisely what you need to consider and it's long term thinking that will cause you to survive or win. In fact, you want to pull them into repeating a loop of a series of short term plans and strategies on their part and to get them to publicly keep lowering their bar for success. These are signs you are winning and they know it.

Get them to try harder and harder. When you have all the people, say women as would be the case were it me, coming onto you and becoming more and more obvious and desperate as time goes on, then dissing you conversely to try and cause emotional burns, you are winning. Once you have them "throwing it at you" as they say, and then ignoring or dissing you to try and cause emotional heartache bitterness or distractive weakening and you are turning it down, easily ignoring it and continuing as per usual, this is your runners high and you have landed in the zone. This is a type of zen state in the world of counter harassment strategies. You may even want to lead them on at times and give a longing or lusty, whichever you think will do the trick best, look or even stare. Maybe look at them all, and get them really stirred up and tripping over themselves.

The people harassing you will employ other side strategies, like for an obvious and easy set of examples offering amounts of money or positions they think anyone would be tempted to accept in their own minds. There will typically be a set, at least there was for me anyway. To be obvious I'll use sex, money and power. When you have them switching faster and faster and more and more between the various parts of the set that applies to you and rehashing the ones that have already failed miserably and in front of everyone time and again as if they have given up and feel rapidity is a last backpedaling resort, you have begun to push them back and have them shifting from a position of power to now being back on their heels.

Don't get sloppy, but notice it and remember it and what it means. But to do that you need to swear these things off in the place you are, at least until your goal has been met. You need to break the pieces or components of your psychological or emotional makeup or machine that your harassers want to manipulate. Or just turn them off as it were. Leave them yelling at the components red faced and embarrassed saying "Come on! Turn on would ya!!" Give them nothing to get their hooks into, to touch or to manipulate. Reduce the pieces they have to move and things to leverage. Actually you will not be breaking yourself at all, but removing certain elements from the field the people harassing you believe exists, and by doing so feeling the subtle snap of the cartilage in the spines of the people harassing you. In situations of harassment you want to foment desperation on the part of the people attempting to terrorize you. Those "terrorists" must be denied the very things terrorists want and that is for you to do what they want and take your eye off the ball.

Launch counter strategies and win. I did and I had no special skills, talents or training, just a desire to survive and hold the goal in my hand. Theirs was to win. What they never got is I wasn't even really playing the game. Just surviving, yet by their rules I won, and I did it from the bleachers eating popcorn observing them playing against phantoms of their own creation and things that never existed in the first place. But hey it was their allotment of taxpayer money, time and resources. And I still have the cap and gown. If anyone wants a picture just email me and good luck with your own harassment. :)

To read about my inspiration for this article go to
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