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Commentary :: Human Rights
What Was Wrong With Those?
12 May 2012
Sometimes people simply let their fears of those that are different from them get the better of them. The phantoms created in the mind lurking behind the doors we don't know much about can often be much scarier than the room with a few rabbits that actually exists. Sometimes there are things to be scared of there (maybe a couple of cases of rabies), but a proportionally small amount with the majority being totally nonthreatening. Nonetheless, even after learning of the fact there are no threats or hardly any, people can create images of the strangest monsters out of thin air, find real people to project those images onto and take swings at the monster they see while not really cognizant of the real person behind the image that's getting hit. Delusions, I suppose they call them.
This week President Obama came out and publicly said he favored gay marriage. The news media acted as if he had actually passed a law legalizing gay marriage at the federal level or something and despite all the murders, rapes, molestations, genocides, etc happening every day, this was the main news item. Don't get me wrong I support gay rights too. Though I'm straight, someone very close to me is gay, and I want them to be as happy as they can in life to the fullest and if that means marriage, that would be fine with me.

But they weren't all that amazed either. Most normal people, like me and the relative of mine I speak of, probably already figured the president did. It couldn't have seemed more scripted coming one day before the big Hollywood fund raiser, and then literally the very next day after the announcement the Mitt Romney bullying diaries being dropped - like literally readily packaged and researched the very next day. It was like all of a sudden newsrooms across America simultaneously shouted "drop that ish" and rolled in Funkmaster Flex and had a week long party over the announcement of an opinion we already knew he had. Well I guess the president and the establishment that has basically picked him as the favorite to win in November really is having a hard time coming up with a list of accomplishments to tout - and I voted for this guy in 2008. Oh well, good drama.

President Obama being for gay marriage - news, but not big news. Now say under his administration people that disagreed with some of his policies like journalists, bloggers, etc that were straight being painted as gay by people under his administration to be smeared and discredited in a manner so as to say being gay were bad or to be promoted as such. That would mean after using the gay issue to not have to actually do much for, but maintain the liberal base, he has actually been simultaneously going around supporting the idea being gay was nasty, filthy and people that live the lifestyle are essentially such. That would mean more false hope and absolutely no change. Of course he would never do that right? That would make him the biggest hypocrite on the gay issue out there. Now that would be drama. That would be news. But that would never happen. Right?

But whatever the case is with the president's efforts to seem left enough without actually doing anything for the left, gays are a good example of a group of people that have been vilified and picked on for no real reason. Sure, people pick passages out of the Bible and say God said don't do that. Maybe so, yet, there are hundreds of things the Bible says people aren't supposed to do that carry more severe penalties that people do all the time, and nobody's harping on those.

But people bully gays and especially the seemingly weaker more effeminate ones. I mean there are gay men that have served in US Special Forces, and that have played pro-football. Nobody's walking up to those guys to start a "pick on a little twinkie looking gay guy" fight to impress their friends at the local pub or club. Pastor Joel Osteen said in an interview with Oprah that there are plenty of sins just as bad if not worse than homosexuality according to the Bible like pride and dishonesty. (

Nobody's pointing a finger at states rocked by natural disasters and saying there were too many politicians (decided not to pointlessly preface that with "lying") in that state and that's why the disaster struck. Nobody's saying there were too many people concerned with their looks in that state and so the rain came to wash off their makeup, wash out the hair products, short circuit the tanning salons, rust the mid-life crisis sports cars and more. It would quite frankly seem a little batty. But there's this idea gays are such monsters.

The only time you ever heard of them being a threat of any kind are those stories you sometimes hear from people that grew up in New York or some other big city about some dude picking on a tranny because they wanted to look tough in front of their friends or some hot girls or both and thought the guy dressing like a chick was an easy target. If you've heard some version of this you know what comes next. If not, well basically the short version is the tranny turns around and says "oh no he didn't!" Then proceeds to take off their earring, bangles, rings, necklaces puts them in their bag hands the bag and their heels to someone and commences to kicking the dudes butt all up and down the road in front of the whole neighborhood including all the hottest chicks that by now have all been texted, and have come out to watch.

I suppose that's threatening to the type of people that only pick on other people they feel they will be able to beat. But for most people it also comes down to the unknown and a fear of it. If you're straight and don't know any gay people - that you know of - all you have to go on is what people tell you. The same if you don't know any black people or ethnicities different from yours or people of other religions, etc. People get really afraid of the unknown and things outside of what they believe they can control.

There was this study I read somewhere that happened in Soviet Russia and implemented by the former KGB that were trying to study people that they believed were gifted in some way i.e. intellectually, artistically, etc to ascertain the best methods to controlling those people as individuals and as populations. They ran tests on minority populations as they had the least clout, and it was actually apparently a continuation of some studies conducted under the Nazis in Germany on Jews during their rule.

The studies were done on Buryat people that are an ethnic and racial minority group in Russia. As part of the studies they tried testing the best ways to control people through sex, sexually based relationships, love interests, romance, etc. They felt the best way to control the people would be to get them to be with people of the dominant racial group - whites in the case of Soviet Russia. In one of the initial studies they showed pictures to men they were studying of two women at a time side by side. These would first have a picture of a white woman next to a woman of a different race somewhere around the look a typical heterosexual Buryat male might be used to in terms of women.

They noticed that naturally the majority of the time the Buryat men would look at both pictures, but naturally drift to the one with the features they grew up identifying as beautiful. They would typically choose those also as a little more favorable in their own opinions. It's natural for people especially if they grew up mostly around one race or ethnicity etc, though not always, it happens. Though they had Buryat female spies etc, the KGB didn't fully trust them for some reason, and wanted to see if they could train these men to gradually become more attracted to white women so they could utilize their white female KBG agents etc.

So they did tests where they would keep showing the pictures and then gradually replace the faces of Buryat looking women with white ones and women with more European/ Eurocentric features in attempt to try and train those Buryat men to think about white women more or want them just as much as Buryat women when they thought about sex, sexual relationships, love, romance etc.

It would be like some American intelligence group today doing psychological control experiments on members of populations they felt were disposable and no one would listen to if they complained. Say they chose an individual that mostly dated darker skinned, brown hair, brown eyed women as a natural preference and tried over and over to get the person to choose white women for their relationships by doing similar introduction processes because, though they had women that had darker skin, brown hair and brown eyes (be they African American, Latina, Native American, Indian American, etc) that worked in their intelligence agencies, they just didn't trust them enough in the end and preferred that the women be white with fairer complexions.

There would really be no reason not to trust the darker skinned female agents, just fear of the unknown that manifested itself as racial prejudice. The test and the fear would be silly. It's just a fear of the unknown because really nothing's wrong with those people right? They are just a little different perhaps than what those conducting the tests are used to. I mean really what's wrong with the brown ones right, and why take all the trouble to convince a person not to be interested in them? Huh? Now if a US intelligence agency was currently spending US tax dollars on that, not only would that be a catastrophe, but a huge joke also. Boy now if that happened that would really be news huh? Especially under President Obama. Huh? I joke...

The same thing with gays, I mean for people that use the Bible, well yeah it says it's a sin, but it says a lot of things are sins as Pastor Osteen said. Did you know that it's a sin for women not to have their heads covered in church, or for people that are deformed in some non-specific way to approach the altar of God to make offerings, or for women to teach men, and that women that have had premarital sex to be stoned (no with rocks - like on the ground), or for people to divorce or remarry and so much more. Where are the people at funerals holding up signs saying "straight, perms or dreads - ladies cover your heads;" or "hey moly stay out of the house of the holy;" or "got a divorce and ruined this nation's course" well let me stop before somebody yells "oh no he didn't!" about me.

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