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Commentary :: Politics
Never a Real Victory Without Honor
25 Aug 2012
Newsflash, there are no total packages in life for the most part. Often the things we think of as perfect are only that way specifically because of the imperfections accompanying elements of flawlessness. We take in the good with the bad, the old with the new, hoping our attempts to wrap our hands around success never miss. The latter is true especially where money and reputations end up being invested. Of course part of what makes life wonderful is knowing even the most supposedly thoroughly contrived events are never able to be completely controlled. How interesting and humorous it can be to watch the most well controlled, scripted, scientifically put together, "expertly" advised, planned and thought through to the last detail designed to have a specific outcome, can be a falling down flopping around on the ground with arms flailing "what the heck was that" huge fiery mushroom cloud epic failure.
Where there is such epic failure, sometimes it's best to attempt different approaches, find new solutions to problems traditional approaches might fail to be able to handle, or that traditional approaches might actually cause to become worse. After all, it's not as though thinking outside the box is really that difficult or strenuous. We have been witnessing the possibilities for new approaches all across the Middle East and North Africa with the Arab Spring. It was and still is a powerful movement of change spreading across the region inviting democracy and new views to take hold. In the best moments it happened with peaceful non-violent movements. In the worst with violence and even more unthinkable, when unfortunately other nations became pulled into the conflict one way or another, increasing the death tolls and bloodying more hands.

It was a positive thing in many ways including the fact it put to bed extremist notions in many Western nations saying Middle Eastern nations only wanted governments bent on holy wars against other nations, especially non-Muslim nations. In fact, the opposite proved to be true. What people wanted was a peaceful stable life, dignity, self respect and respect from their government through choice and freer societies.

Here in America, if there was one thing most of us could agree on, it was that the change was a very positive thing for that region. As a people and culture, young though we may be, we always are encouraging and hopeful for nations wishing to choose a more free way of life, electing liberty as a way of life, whatever that may mean for their respective nation. We often feel a responsibility to help pass on what we feel blessed enough to be able to live with.

Unfortunately, there are those that would like to take advantage of the spirit of our founding fathers for their own enrichment. This has always been there, but it is now at the point where wealthy corporations have been scheming for ways to take the tax dollars you and I pay, and divert them into their pockets.

It became pronounced during the Cold War after our government entered into currency manipulation deals with foreign nations in proximity to the USSR and/or that were what our government deemed as vulnerable to Soviet influence. Their nation's political philosophy, in theory, had a much stronger emotional pull on people - particularly poor people. To combat that we essentially propped up certain nations with the currency manipulation deals and allowed a few American factories to relocate to those nations to manufacture goods Americans would want to buy and we also taught them how to manufacture goods geared towards the American market on their own. Through the quiet monetary deals they could manufacture goods there paying wages far above what they were able to pay their workers previously (far lower that what American workers made).

People in those chosen nations became more prosperous as a result of increased wages and standards of living, creating new wealth and displaying the power of "free markets" to their neighbors. Of course, there is nothing free about the government manipulating currency prices or cutting deals to give American factories incentives to set up shop over there - benefitting their people as opposed to ours.

Soon more American manufacturers wanted a piece of the action, and American bases were expanded overseas to protect these factories to keep up the mirage. That meant the American workers, whose good manufacturing jobs got exported and now were scraping by, were actually paying to protect the workers that took their jobs. And they were also paying to make the factory owners, that lobbied to move those job's, new foreign operations safe from attack via the US military you and I pay for.

They said this was supposed to be temporary and to keep the Soviets at bay, but once the USSR dissolved in 1989 the activity did not end. Instead, it kept ramping up. All paid for by you and me. The bases are there and president Obama wants to erect more, and Mitt Romney also has planned to do the same if elected (those are his buddies' factories after all).

And it isn't just factories. We are forced to pay to protect oil fields of private oil corporations thus supplementing wealthy oil companies so they don't have to pay for their own private security they could easily afford. We are also thereby keeping the defense industry alive to protect oil fields we see not dime one from. Free market? Donald Trump recently said that since we spent so much American money in these regions via the dual wars and beyond, we should expect them to pay us back by doing business with our companies regarding oil in Iraq and mining operations in Afghanistan. Where's this "our companies?"

Since when was this a Communist nation? Do you and I, aka 99% of taxpayers, own these wealthy corporations? Who do they hire to work the mines and the oil fields in those nations? Americans or the cheapest labor imported from the poorest nations in the world? How do you and I benefit from these companies that are incorporated in overseas tax shelters? We are paying their way, while they cut our pensions, cut our unions, ship away the jobs that were once ours, and pay politicians to take off their comfortable shoes and say "oh well that's the way it is" in ways they hope will get us to blindly nod our heads in agreement.

There is nothing patriotic or selfless about what wealthy corporations do. Over the last twelve years the American middle class has gone from the previous stagnation witnessed from the late 1970's onwards, to sliding backwards and becoming more impoverished. The wealthy corporations paying politicians to pass legislation (both parties) that keeps us footing the bill for things they can easily afford just so they can pocket more money, have grown much wealthier. If this started out as honorable and something designed work in terms of every American it has bounced its way to classless failure.

If the idea was meant to spin it as heroic and patriotic it has been about as embarrassing as it would be if all the psychologists and analysts the CIA had worked for six years to get one person to scratch a single itch, and they failed, never realizing that the very reason he wasn't scratching the itch was because they wanted him to. As long as they tried, it would never happen. He had become used to not scratching it, and it became less and less difficult not to do so with every passing minute they stayed involved. He knew by not doing it he won every time while they kept losing, so he just enjoyed continuing to make them lose. The only thing that would make it worse would be if they knew that's why he never scratched, but because they wanted the taxpayer dollars, they just kept on doing it. Now that would be creaming the job, and on the taxpayer dime at that!!

Trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people isn't working, and it's obvious to everyone but the failures trying to save their reputations. It is time for a new system that works for all Americans instead of seeking to lie on the campaign trail, then prove they are liars as soon as they get into office. Not one politician of late has proven different.

Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with both parties and for good reason. They no longer serve America. To the two party system, public service now means serving a very tiny minority, the less than one percent, and treating the rest of us as tough we were fools to be toyed with roughly like amateur chess players with short attention spans, minds bouncing from here to there, unable to really get anything hooked, reeled in or accomplished. Change has been slow to come because there is yet another industry, the one built around Democrats and Republicans, that is the only game in town right now.

That's why the peaceful non-violent American Spring was crushed with violence here while the same people that did so pointed fingers at leaders overseas doing the same things calling them tyrants and dictators. The mainstream media here in the manner of cowards essentially called American protesters smelly hippies in an effort to paint them as undesirables - the very thing they derided state run media outlets in other nations for doing.

As a result, they will never see a new way forward - that part's up to you and me. There are always other people to elect, maybe not this year or next, but over the next ten to twenty years we can do it and break the cycle of having our taxes taken from us by wealthy corporations.

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