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News :: War and Militarism
19th Century Wars Of The British Empire
30 Dec 2012
The British empire invaded Afghanistan three times
in the 19th Century. As we head further into the 21st Century, the US and Britain have not yet learned
our lessons.
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19th Century Wars Of The British Empire

There were at least 81 wars in which the British Empire was involved in invading
countries in the 19th Century.
Whether the Wikipedia article calls the British Empire
1. the United Kingdom
2. the British empire
3. the British East India Company
4. India (which was occupied for 150 years by the British)
one wonders which was the most bellicose nation in the world?
In numbers of conflict... the UK?
in casualties... the US? Now the British government is involved for the third
time in the invasion of AFghanistan. The violence is diminished with semantic
obfuscation by capitalist historians using terms such as 'rebellion,
bombardment, expedition, uprising'.

Part 1
1. Between 1799 and 1815 the British Empire was constantly involved in fighting
Napoleon in at least 7 different campaigns.
2. 1801 to 1805 British empire fights the Kingdom of Koya
3. 1802 to 1805 The Second Anglo Maratha War… the British East India Company
fights the Maratha Confederacy
4. 1803 to 1805 British empire fights Kingdom of Kandy
5. 1803: British empire fights several European nations in what is called
Emmet's Insurrecton
6. 1806-7 British invasions of the Rio de la Plata
7. 1806-7 British fight the Ashanti Fante War
8. 1806-11 Vellore "Mutiny" British E. India Company
9. 1807 to 1812 Anglo Russian War 1807 to 1812
10. 1807 to 1809 Anglo Turkish War
11. 1808 to 1810 Rum Rebellion against New S. Wales
12. 1810 to 1817 Conquest of Madagascar
13. 1810 to 1820 Punjab War British E. India Co. (which operated like a rogue
intelligence agency)
14. 1811 Invasion of Java British E India Co.
15. 1811 Fourth Xhosa War
16. 1811 Ga-Fante War
17. 1812 War of 1812 between Britain and US
18. 1814 to 1816 Gurka War British E. India Co.
19. 1815 Second Barbary War
20. 1815 Second Kandyan War
21. 1817 to 1818 Third Anglo Maratha War British E India Co.
22. 1817 Pernambucan Revole British empire
23. 1821 to 1832 Greek War of Independence
24. 1823 to 1831 First Anglo Ashanti War
25. 1823 to 1826 First Anglo Burmese War
26. 1828 to 1834 the Liberal Wars as the British fought King Pedro IV
27. 1832 Black Hawk War
28. 1833 to 1840 First Carlist War
29 1834 to 1836 Sixth Zhosa War
30 1837 to 1838 Lower Canada Rebellion (Those in power describe revolutions as
riots, rebellions, uprisings, mutinies, mob action etc.)
31 1839 to 1842 1st of 4 invasions of Afghanistan, the fourth ongoing as this
is typed…. This was cited as British E India Co. but thousands of British
soldiers were killed.. only 1 left alive.
32 1839 to 1842 First Opioum War Britain v China
33 1839 to 1851 Civil War in Uruguay. British involved.
34 1843 Wairau Affray British settlers fight native New Zealanders
35. 1845 to 1846 First Anglo-Sikh War (one of many different wars in British
invasion of India)
36 1845 to 1846 Flagstaff War Once again British fight native New Zealanders
37. 1846 Another campaign of Britain against native New Zealanders
38. 1846 to 1847 Seventh Zhosa War
39. 1846 to 1848 Mexican American War Britain involved against Mexicans
40. 1846 to 1848 Wanganui Campaign 4th campaign against native New Zealanders
41. 1848 to 1849 Second Anglo Sikh War
42. 1850 to 1864 Britain v China war called Taiping Rebellion
43 1850 to 1853 Eighth Xhosa War in Southern Africa
44. 1852 to 1853 Second Anglo Burmese War
45. 1853 to 1874 Britain v China this time called "The Miao Rebellion"
46. 1853 to 1856 Crimean War
47. 1856 to 1857 British war with Nicaragua and the Republic of Sonora
48. 1856 to 1860 Second Opium War in China as the British imperialists
distributed opium to the Chinese (and earlier smallpox infected blankets to
American Indians)
49. 1856 to 1857 Anglo Persian War
50. 1857 to 1858 Mistakenly called India's first war of independence or the
Rebellion of 1857… the Indians ever since the invasion by Britain had been
fighting the invaders in different areas of the country
51. 1858 Coeur D'Alene War
52. 1858 Fraser Canyon War (British troops arrived when war over)
53. 1861 to 1865 American Civil War… Britain despite having abolished slavery
in 1832, gave aid to the South
54. 1861 to 1867 Franco Mexican War Britain helped France
55. 1863 to 1864 Bombardment of Shimonoseki and Kagoshima in Japan by British
56. 1863 to 1864 Second Anglo Ashanti War
57. 1864 British military support for the New Zealand government campaign
against native New Zealanders.. called the Tauranga campaign
58. 1864 to 1865 British Empire wars against Bhutan
59. 1865 to 1868 Second Basuto War (in Africa)
60. 1865 to 1868 East Cape War British settlers in New Zealand help government
attempt to crush Native New Zealanders
61. 1865 British naval expedition involves itself in Japanese Civil War at Hyogo
62. 1867 to 18764 A civil war within Malaysia called the Selangor Civil War...
British soldiers helped the losing side
63. 1868 "Expedition" to Abyssinia in which British empire warred with Ethiopia
64. 1868 to 1872 British settlers continue to help New Zealand government
massacre Native New Zealanders called Te Kooti's War
65. 1869 The British empire helped Canada war against Native Canadians.
66. 1873-1874 Third Anglo Ashanti War in West Africa
67 1877-1879 The Ninth Xhosa War directed by the British empire against the
Xhosa Gcaleka tribe of Southern Africa
68. 1878-1880 Second Anglo Afghan War (third Anglo Afghan war raging in 2012)
69. 1879 Anglo Zulu War in Africa
70. 1880-1881 First Boer War British empire against South African Republic
71. 1881-1899 Anglo Sudan War
72. 1883-1914 Anglo-Nigerian War called the Ekumeku War by some
73. 1888 British empire invaded Sikkim
74. 1893-1894 British war against tribes of what is now called Zimbabwe called
by some the First Matabele war
75. 1894-1896 the 4th Anglo Ashanti War directed against the Ashanti of West
76. 1896 Anglo-Zanzibar War
77. 1896-1897 Second Anglo-Zimbabwe War (in what was then called the Second
Matabele War)
78. 1897 Invasion by British empire of Benin (termed by proponents of empire an
79. 1897-1898 Third Anglo-Afghan War (the 4th is being carried on 2 days from
the 2013 New Year with 9000 troops sent by PM Cameron of the UK to Afghanistan.
80. 1899-1901 another Anglo-China War called The Boxer Rebellion
81. 1899-1902 Second Anglo-S African War called The Boer War

-saiom shriver-

Footnote There are many more not yet listed
The Russian antiwar painter Vereshchagin portrayed the execution of Indian
freedom fighters
attempting to regain control of their own country in 1857.\

This work is in the public domain
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