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Commentary :: Gender
What Happened To Her While They Were Supposed To Be Watching
15 Jan 2013
As adults one of the things we learn very early on is that we will have to learn look out for ourselves. And that's no doubt true, as there's no way to be defended otherwise, and why would you want others doing it for you? We grow, we become stronger we learn about our humanity by taking our own chances based upon our own choices and being willing to live with the consequences of those actions. It teaches us about responsibility not only for ourselves, but the way in which those actions taken affect others. We become adults in our minds, hearts and souls as a result, matching, and even outpacing where we are chronologically, in terms of growth.
But, at times it is alright to expect that there are certain others that will look out for another, including ourselves. I mean if a person breaks into our house and steals possessions valuable to us, we don't expect that we will have to arm ourselves and go find the people and force them to give us the items back. That could end up with us in worse trouble than the thieves. After all, one mark of a civilized society is its having the ability to effectively handle law and order. Part of living in such a society is having trust in the considerable resources allocated to having people in place to carry out the enforcement of laws, to maintain order and to keep the peace. It keeps us from blowing each other up, shooting each other and otherwise becoming a place wild with anarchy, and immature as a developed society resulting in what we see in places like Israel and Palestine, for example. It protects the weak among us, and allows us to have the sort of stability required to grow as a civilization and a culture, from a stone age nation that goes around killing one another, and focusing on protecting oneself from the next attack, to focusing on infrastructure, education, technology and other matters that help build a better world for those living in the society. Every advanced western nation has considerable resources devoted to maintaining law and order, and for all of them, it has proven beneficial. All have managed to grow and maintain social discipline. So, in that way, even as adults we do rely on others for protection, to an extent, as without the maintenance of law and order we risk, once again, descending into the chaotic, brutish place we were at one time, such as in the days of the old west. We don't settle disagreements by shooting our neighbors anymore, or at least we shouldn't. That is supposed to be what law enforcement and the justice system are for. We also have a military to protect us from the aggression of any foreign armies that would seek to do us harm. It is what any great and mighty nation needs, as without one, there could be those that would like to take what that nation has. They would be banded together in to large numbers, and there would be no real concerted way to protect against such possible aggression. The armies we assemble to protect us from such aggression need to be disciplined and must be even more tightly kept in check than the rest of the country, as people need to be able to follow orders without hesitation and be ready to carry them out without question. The moral code instilled, and all other training must reflect that of a great nation, and the soldiers must be professional, smart and with keen military reflexes. Those soldiers must also be trained to always look out for each other, and protect their fellow soldiers as comrades in arms and fellow warriors. If they do not look out for each other then, unit cohesion disintegrates. If they do not look out for each other, then the feeling of fellowship breaks down. If they do not look out for each other, then the very idea of a highly trained well disciplined fighting organization becomes a joke and a fallacy. That army will become a national punch line, and the idea of a place where order is maintained by following the rules will become something drunken soldiers laugh about as they secretly give their higher ups the middle finger during routine inspections. A symbol of their contempt for the very martial system they serve under. Therefore, the higher ups in such a military organization tasked with protecting an entire nation must be especially disciplined, devoted to their nation and the maintenance of an army that can follow orders at the drop of a hat without fail. If the higher ups can't maintain order in the ranks, then all is lost. Nations lose wars, army's become corrupt. Those in the rank and file look to their higher ups for examples of how to behave and act, and if those at the very top act without care for those below, that message gets passed down saying, "Do as you like. This army could care less." So higher ups have to care for those underneath them and look after them like officers, professionals and adults tasked with the heavy responsibility of the care of other human beings. So, it came as a surprise to many when they heard about the petition being circulated by, Lance Corporal Nicole McCoy. Lance Corporal McCoy was discharged from the military essentially because she reported a rape. As the New York Times reported, "Nicole McCoy, 22, served as a Lance Corporal in the Marines for three years. In that time, McCoy was raped twice and sexually assaulted on two other occasions. 'I didn't know how to report it or who to tell,' McCoy says. 'It felt like it was just a normal thing, to be raped, if you were a woman in the military.' When McCoy did try to report her second rape, her higher-ups repeatedly shuffled the complaint elsewhere. During the ordeal, McCoy learned that the individual involved in the event wouldn't be registered as a sex offender in any national military database - meaning other women would have no means of knowing whether a fellow comrade had a dangerous track record. And, even once that man left the Marines, there was no guarantee that he'd show up on state-run sex offender registries. In other words, individuals who commit assault, rape or other sexual offenses during enlistment might be able to wipe the slate clean upon return to civilian life. "'I was horrified,' she says. 'I mean; are you serious? Our job is to protect this country, and we risk our lives to do it. You can't even protect us from our own co-workers?'" ( She was right to be horrified. The statistics and facts paint a startling picture of the kind of order we have in our current military. "Despite a Defense Department crackdown, 20,000 violent sex crimes were committed in the U.S. military last year [2010], statistics show." ( That is just a slice of what the numbers show. In terms of facts we are looking at things like this, "An Army brigadier general has been charged with forcible sodomy, multiple counts of adultery and having inappropriate relationships with several female subordinates, two U.S. defense officials said today. "Jeffrey A Sinclair, who served as deputy commander in charge of logistics and support for the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan, was sent home in May because of the allegations. "Sinclair faces possible courts martial on charges that include forced sex, wrongful sexual conduct, violating an order, possessing pornography and alcohol while deployed, and misusing a government travel charge card and filing fraudulent claims." ( Why isn't the biggest and strongest military in the world doing anything to protect those that are dying and putting themselves in harm's way daily for this nation? For that matter why aren't the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State and attorney General doing anything? Don't they care about female soldiers? These aren't the days of Bill Clinton's hands in the honey pot! Don't ask don't tell? Not good enough for gays serving, but okay for rape victims serving, is that it? Shame on those willfully allowing it by purposefully ignoring it. To read about my inspiration for this article go to
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