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Commentary :: Human Rights
Progressives Are Not Being Honest About Gun Control
31 Jan 2013
Few things are more dangerous to a nation’s citizenry than when its leaders decide to turn on their own or selected groupings of their own people (and Jewish people should especially understand this). Tyrannical governments should be feared far more than various types of weapons—especially when tyrants have no or few restrictions on their own selection of weapons. The progressive idea of the 2nd Amendment was the notion that common people can have the right to defend themselves against tyrannical governments (including and especially when their own choose to turn on them—which has happened all throughout history). THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND ITS CURRENT DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ISRAEL DOES NOT WARRANT TRUST ENOUGH FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENRY TO HANDOVER GUNS TO THIS CORRUPTED STATUS QUO.
Progressives Not Being Honest On Gun Control

By Speak Spade

[Note—if you agree with this essay and think it is important feel free to share, email, post, publish, etc.]

Few things are more dangerous to a nation’s citizenry than when its leaders decide to turn on their own or selected groupings of their own people (and Jewish people should especially understand this). Tyrannical governments should be feared far more than various types of weapons—especially when tyrants have no or few restrictions on their own selection of weapons. The progressive idea of the 2nd Amendment was the notion that common people can have the right to defend themselves against tyrannical governments (including and especially when their own turn on them—which has happened all throughout history).

Yet this argument gets far too little mention from liberals like Amy Goodman’s DemocracyNow.Org, Pacifica broadcast of her Global News Hour War and Peace Report. Rather than being fair and balanced about this important consideration she and her colleagues heavily weight their show’s reporting and commentary to a supposedly “mainstream” and supposedly “sane” family agenda of allowing our government to heavily restrict the types of weapons common people can own (thus destroying any ability for independent Americans to be able to protect themselves from their own corrupted government (and its enormous arsenal of weaponry and resource—none of which liberals attempt to restrict).

And as crucial and extremely relevant to a truly honest debate about gun control, is for all people—liberals, all in the middle and on the right of America’s majority, to get honest about just how corrupt the American Government and our America culture truly is. This is where the debate needs to go—and must go—because the American government is really very corrupt (and has been for a long time). And yet like the frog finding self in boiling water it forgets to realize how dangerous things are getting. Why would truly aware Americans trust the Washington D.C. Establishment or its Mainstream Media stenographers (or pretenders of independent thought)?

The real meaning of liberal is not someone willing to try anything at first impulse that seems a good solution but someone who listens and thinks about “all” relevant points of view fairly before deciding a course of action. It is NOT liberal to say that just because I am a wife or a husband and I believe in the inevitable right to have children that then I can espouse whatever repressive laws will create a false sense of naïve security (such as banning all or most guns) which naïve moms and children were saying in interviews during a Million Moms March protest across the Brooklyn bridge). Why aren’t those moms explaining to their children why they, as parents, even thought it was a good idea to have given birth to innocent children into this screwed up world in the first place? Just because one is a mom and or a woman doesn’t make it truth that gender means the epitome of innocence. Women have time to discover what kind of planet this is and realize it isn’t necessarily a place one would even want to raise kids.

More importantly this gun control debate is NOT primarily about the NRA or the gun industry. And yes they have a big stake in it so it is fair to report on how much of a stake they do have. And it is not primarily or even secondarily about whether schools should be protected by armed police or teachers. (Schools can volunteer to get metal detectors run by non-police if they chose to.) The NRA is shooting itself in the foot if this is the best response they can come up with.

Rather this debate needs to focus on the important matter of THE PEOPLES’ RIGHT to protect themselves from the American Government. There is enormous fear for many people to vocalize a simple truth: the American government is not just one of the most corrupt governments currently in existence, but is likely one of the most corrupt countries in history. This is what NO ONE wants to talk about, or acknowledge, for fear of rejection, reprisal, ostracism, persecution, imprisonment, torture and death (all activities our people are more than capable of). The United States ought be one of the last countries people would want to trust—especially when it comes to such important matters as handing over their right to self-protection from this same government. NOBODY argues this case and yet this is the seminal matter.

Why is it so hard to say: “I’m afraid of my own government and afraid of some of the special interest groups that wield too much power in our government, such as those who keep getting our society into various wars”?

If We The People truly had a trustworthy government with a trustworthy track record it would be one thing, but this is not at all the case. Those people, like President Obama, who claim they want to hear from all sides on the matter, are not getting the message. It is being suppressed. Instead we are being told there is no legitimate reason for Americans to want to have semiautomatic and automatic weapons—that one only needs guns for sports hunting and hand guns for protection against criminal intrusion. Everyone is just supposed to assume government itself is not at all any kind of potential problem (rather just some trust-loving father or grand-father figure).

And one of the reasons this argument is being suppressed is because there are OTHER MOTIVES involved in taking away guns than simply making America safer (whether President Obama, most politicians, and most Americans know it or not). So what we are currently stuck with is a tyranny of a naïve majority, using the semblance of a demagogue’s passion play to excite the masses, while they “hail” our great and supposedly trusted leaders on, as they use the foil to claim that the NRA and gun industry and everything related are the bad guys—as if this were merely an issue of starry-eyed pacifists against corrupted motives of gun thugs. The NRA may have several dominant motives that are self-interested, narrow and even arrogant as intent—but these are not the important issues about gun ownership now as U.S. history unfolds.

Study the “real” history of American foreign policy and you will see one act of undemocratic exploitation after another, one illegal war after another, one form of extortion, murder and torture after another. No one can ultimately be safe from this government (even if much of the dirty work has been done by surrogates and proxies). Chris Hedges, astute social and political commentator, and Pulitzer Prize winner, also author of several important books including The Death of the Liberal Class, wrote on Oct. 1, 2012 (website TruthDig.Com) an article called What Is Happening to Muslims Will Happen to the Rest of Us. Somehow Americans think they are impervious to the kinds of fates many other peoples have suffered throughout history or currently suffer (see online video Innocents Betrayed) or they magically presume our bad guys are not quite as bad, or would never be as bad, as those baddies that did terrible things in Germany or Russia.

How could any sane person possibly trust the American Congress or the Executive Branch (or and especially the two major political parties married to special interests, such as the Neo-Con-Artist agenda, and as not particularly democratic or republican) to make laws banning guns for We The People, while not being suspicious that this same government (or some version thereof) will not one day persecute, imprison, torture and kill some of its own people? How much Kool-Aid have people been drinking?

Furthermore this debate is not about labeling hyperactive vigilantes like Alex Jones as pushers of paranoia—because the fact is Alex Jones is right on many of the details he makes people aware—even if his overall schemata of a globalist-takeover plot seems far-fetched. When you study highly regarded academics like Daron Acemoglu (MIT) and James Robinson (Havard) Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty you realize many forms of established power have worked to the detriment of sharing power and wealth with others (and often acted in repressive and undemocratic manners—that is they became extractive and parasitic). Their book shows us many, many examples of this contemporary and historical reality. Or if you read the likes of Kevin Phillips Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism you realize our finance sector too has been exploiting people. These realities described by respected academics may not equal up to some overall calculation of a mega-conspiracy of sorts as some populists may so label but the effects are much the same.

The United States has “many” extractive and parasitic forces consolidating power and wealth—so Alex Jones is more than sane and accurate than what a lot of the mainstream and middle class assume (and more importantly know) as they have been too much seduced by false and “calculated” impressions from the mainstream). “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.”

Sometimes paranoia and extreme opinion is sanity. One thing serious thinkers should realize is that when people get angry you need to listen to them, because people get angry about what they care about or what they perceive as important (even if their issues don’t resonate or seem important to others). Mr. Alex Jones might seem a bit mad-minded—but he was dead on when it came to asking Mr. Piers Morgan why he and his media company wasn’t “indicting” pharmaceutical companies about violence in America due to the side effects of medications—clearly a culprit at least as culpable as the NRA or the gun industry. (Look at the smear campaign against Tom Cruz when he suggested people didn’t need medications—how fair and balanced was that?). Is it not true that there is tendency to over-medicate in America (where is the Million Moms marching on that one?).

Why are so many Americans so naïve about history and human nature in general, and especially about America’s real history? Why are Americans so willing to trust their own government, political parties, culture, and mass media? Don’t they realize how many times they have been lied to? Yet even they eventually came to learn the lies of the Iraq invasion and its illegal occupation (which Israel had a great deal to do with making happen).

And they could easily as well know, if they did some research, our U.S. was strongly and primarily instrumental in over-throwing a democratically elected Iranian leader Mossadegh back in 1953 (and yes he was thought socialist and yes he nationalized Iranian oil and kicked big western oil out (or are we ‘not’ supposed to think it was Iran’s oil instead of automatically assuming it belonged to western corporations?)), and equally our U.S. government helped put a brutal Shah in power in Iran and kept him in power for decades—while their notorious internal security service SAVAK tortured regularly (as supposedly trained by agents from the CIA and Israel (according to Jesse J. Leaf former CIA analyst—see William Blum’s Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower and his Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since WW 2 or his Freeing the World to Death, etc.)).

And we should note there has been a strain of a history of U.S. and Israel sponsored torture—and the reason that is relevant is because right-wing Israel and Zionists has every intention of manipulating our country, our people and our resources into another major war—this time with Iran (irrespective that other recent interventions primarily “for” Israel have been declared disasters, and more importantly have hurt a lot of peoples’ welfare, safety, besides destroying their infrastructure (including international crimes), while many people became displaced, homeless, murdered, or cruelly tortured and then murdered (and again Israel (via the U.S.) has already played a significant part in motivating these outcomes to become realities—just like we are currently fighting Charlie Wilson Wars in places like Syria, Libya, etc. for who?).

Take away Americans guns and then go to war with Iran. Yeah that sounds simple enough? If protests get too demonstrative—well too bad—what are you going to do about it? Besides this could be a really big war (as the manipulated war in Syria from American leadership (most U.S citizens would not normally care about) is just a prelude to going into Iran for both oil and for Israeli interests). Then if they need to restart the draft cause there are not enough volunteers—well protesters can just get imprisoned and maybe roughened up a bit (besides isn’t that what willing parents already volunteer—their children’s potential enlistment into wars (just or unjust) so they can shoot and kill others and be shot at and possibly killed in return?).

And isn’t it ironic how many wars the U.S. is already involved in and how much money is spent by the U.S. Congress for the U.S. military machine and related budgets to keep us safe (and of course that is all justified too if it keeps moms in America and Israel safe—nothing worth complaining about in some march just because their government spends a bit of an over-reach—after all we have to protect not only our own interests from U.S. enemies but we have to protect Israel from all their enemies as well—and even engage in creating more enemies while doing so).

Whoever is in power—and it’s not the President as singular and temporary ego even if a top-of-the-line speech maker—has the important cards. If you think citizens have power with the ballot you are beyond stupid as Ron Paul was deprived of his real chance of becoming the next President as someone who would actually have got us out of all these wars. Meanwhile Barark Obama as intelligent as he is (and people should not underestimate his acumen) has spent too much of his life coming to terms with his personal uniqueness and blackness—but he has not spent enough time understanding the greater capacity for evil that hides behind the greatest capacity to project trust—namely religion. He doesn’t understand Israel wants to be the lion and expects the rest of the world to be the lamb. He doesn’t understand that a real Universal God would never have told a Hebrew people to dominate or kill the inhabitants of Canaan—because such dogma could only have come from a tribal God as decreed in inter-tribal warfare, and therefore this Biblical creed was nothing more than war propaganda saying: “Our ethnocentric people own this land because our Yahweh said so, as he also said we should kill off its current inhabitants in our Canaan”. Barack Obama doesn’t understand that the Old Testament and Torah (and quite frankly the New Testament) are humanly created tools of propaganda (or if he does he doesn’t act like it).

This is the trajectory we are expected to follow—more war for Israel while our economy collapses. That is more wars to prop up their form of government that in reality is antithetical to our own declared values of equality for all regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. This is one of the corrupting forces tearing our society apart. And what we get is a Congress too willing to suppress more of Americans’ freedom. For a long time Zionists have been engaged in a propaganda war convincing us their enemies are also and exactly are enemies. This is the real working definition of Al Qaeda—whoever is an enemy of Israel is an enemy of the United States and the adjacent treason of U.S. Congress claiming an attack on Israel is an attack on the United States and their constant putting Israel’s interests above those of Americans.

Why does this President find that his mission is to follow a path that creates a great deal of divisive alienation? A lot of independents voted willingly for Obama his first term, and reluctantly in his second as bad versus terrible (because they didn’t want Romney), but one can well conclude President Obama has too much of a sense of deluded self-importance and moral mission to something grandiose. Even he cannot deny that is married to the machine (a machine that ultimately doesn’t give a damn about him). He has already shown his colors in his first term as nothing more than an apologist to a corrupted Democratic Party that has loyalties to other interests and not the American people. Now he is willing to put his life and career on the line for what will NOT make Americans safer (that is until this government gets cleaned up first).

Practically everyone knows Israel has been deciding our foreign policy—at least in the Middle East. We went into to war with Iraq for Israel. This was all able to happen because of 9/11. (And it is NOT at all clear who was really behind 9/11, but people who doubt conspiracy theories about 9/11 the most, and choose to instead believe the official story, do so because they are afraid to learn more truth—they are the ones who have not done their research. Instead they proudly think they already know truth. Whereas if they really did more honest research they would likely come to have less trust of the U.S and Israeli government and the mainstream media—because it doesn’t seem Osama bin Laden had much, if anything, to do with it. And they would be more inclined to question why people like Michael Chertoff (the man who released the only real spy cell found here in the states since 9/11—it was Israeli) and Jane Harmon (a woman who has actively been involved in matters of Americans being spied on) are again advocating, as advisors to Homeland Security, to curtail Internet freedoms and privacy.

Dumbfounded and obtuse, Israeli-firster Geraldo Rivera correctly stated in a televised debate gun advocates here fear their own government. He is correct is noting they fear this government and wrong in thinking that the American government is a government of the people when it clearly is a government of AIPAC. It stops being “our” government when Obama goes back on his many promises. He is correct not because Ron Stewart jokes about grandiose conspiracy theories held by Alex Jones but because Americans are waking up to the fact the 9/11 story is a lie and likely realize who might have been the real culprits too willing to engage criminal activities (see internet essay “9/11: Who Really Benefitted” by Captain America) and add this to the fact there was no ADL complaint about all the rounded up and locked up Muslims here right after 9/11, nor was there any ADL complaints of the massive propaganda campaign here by the media to paint all Muslims and Arabs as fanatical crazies bent on destroying America, nor was there no ADL complaints regarding a massive spy campaign against everything Muslim, and there was no ADL complaints about the illegality of Guantanamo or the constant BS about not being able to close Gulag Gitmo? In all these cases Anti-Defamation League had nothing to say against that minority (that actually consists of more Semites than the Caucasian leaders of Israel? Nevertheless the media made hay to convince us that all Israel’s enemies are our enemies—kind of a PR benefit?

This is the crux of our American problem—and unwillingness to look at our criminal past and present—and instead wanting to focus on crimes people who are not in power might commit (even if the statistical averages are very low). It may sound impressive or somewhat shocking, that in the month since Sandy Hook killings, 900 Americans have died at the end of a gun; but the U.S. has a population of at least 360 million people. When you do the math that equals one in 400,000 (and likely many of those were suicides—which should be a human right in which suffering people ought have the means to die in dignity.)

Amy Goodman and her colleagues know our government is corrupt to the point it should not be trusted. In fact she and her crew do a good job reporting on a lot of it. And yet they do not tell their listeners to connect the dots. Rather people are still connecting the dots mainstream media coolies had pointed out long ago as they then showed them how and where to connect them. Why the disconnect?

It is precisely the people who have been the most courageous in reporting truth—including Alex Jones—yes the ugly truth about real conspiracies—that have the most to lose. What about people who were or are involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement? Or what about all the attempts to control the Internet from this same Congress like Senator Feinstein and Joe Lieberman? If this government starts spying on, and concentrating dissidents for various reasons, such as for potential cases of martial law, then what power can save them through justice? Rebel groups of dissidents have been spied on, disappeared, killed en masse, tortured, etc., all through history, and all around the world, ad nauseas, because as Chris Hedges reminds us mankind is a beast and savage (even if social idealists act as too willing to trust those who run this government as the answer is too credulous to fathom).

The American government, and its corporate counterpart, already spies on us without warrant; they can already detain us without giving reason—indefinitely; they can now use the U.S. military to create martial law and concentrate people; they can even kill Americans if they are labeled terrorists; and now progressives want Americans to give up our last resort to any kind of defensive power to defend ourselves?

Why is it so hard to say it?


Leftists and rightists both are playing a Bolshevik move on a blind and dumb polity. We have a right and a duty to have real debate aired on this issue. What happens when either Israel or the U.S. attacks Iran (or engages false flag operations to commence hostilities as they are so readily expert) and we enter a World War and where that might lead?

There has been no turnaround on NeoCon foreign policy. We still render people for torture. Whistle blowers are persecuted and prosecuted. Rather than close Guantanamo a document says the Obama admin is closing the office of the special envoy in charge of closing Guantánamo? Apparently Hilary Clinton’s latest betrayal. The entire wave of change keeps going to worse.


If journalists and activists want a safe country then they can start with fixing the government first and its assumed domination over the entire world.

This work is in the public domain
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