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Commentary :: Human Rights
Blowing Up Children on Busses, Running Over Children's Bodies with Tanks
20 Mar 2013
In the struggle to help, stay friendly and provide assistance, people can end up hurting those they are closest to. It may be a desire to control the person we wish to help, or others close to them, that ends up coming back to haunt us, eventually doing more damage than good with regards to those we want to help. It may be that we just give and give, and let them do whatever they want with whatever we give. As a result the group we wanted to help becomes spoiled and their behavior grows increasingly irresponsible, dangerous and ruthless, and as a result we end up suffering negative repercussions, along with the perpetrators of the bad behavior.
Whenever we help, we should always do so with a great measure of awareness of the people we help and their intentions. We should also do so with a good deal of respect for all those involved. Otherwise, it is so easy for us to be swindled out of money we apportion to be used towards good things and humanitarian concerns. Gangsters, warlords and theocratic fanatical fundamentalists can so easily take our funds, funds that were cleft from our own paychecks in a sovereign secular democracy where our constitution mandates freedom for all, and a separation between church and state.

We abhor the murder of, slaughter of, shooting of, bombing of, setting ablaze of, shelling of and stealing of resources from any nation or people by another nation or group of people. When we learn we have been funding such things most Americans are aghast. It's not in keeping with the principles of freedom, promoting liberty or spreading democracy.

Many of us feel we are doing a Christian thing by doing so, but how often are the people receiving the blessings of being allowed to take money straight from the wallets of everyday working Americans, who have noticed their wallets to be lighter of late, using those for good? The rest of us, most of us, just want to help, when it's affordable. We know that the Pentagon has taken over the responsibility of handing out foreign aid from the State Department, and is in control of doling out dollars, the dollars you worked and sacrificed for. Dollars that could have been going towards your children, towards your mortgage, your car note, your rent, your retirement, your kid's college, etc, but that you have had to give up.

We all chip in to the cause of bettering our nation, this nation, and pay into ensuring our borders are protected from threats (real threats), to ensuring our infrastructure is always maintained, updated and upgraded as is deemed necessary, to ensuring emergency services fundamental to our safety and security are functioning, to ensure transportation runs smoothly, to ensuring our kids are educated to the level befitting our great nation and our place in the world, and much more.

Yet, the stuff we get fed on major network, and even more so cable news networks, is not always the raw unvarnished truth. Journalism does seem to have suffered over the last few decades to the rise of opinion, often favorable to perpetrators of crimes as opposed to innocent victims. But at times kernels of truth do come through.

For instance, former spokesman for the National Security Council Tommy Vietor, who served under Obama administration recently talked to CNN about Israel's intentions regarding a certain American prisoner named Jonathan Pollard recently. According to CNN, "Jonathan Pollard - an American who spied for Israel, was convicted in 1987 and is currently serving out a life sentence in the United States. Many Israelis are waging a public effort to free Pollard in advance of President Obama's scheduled visit to Israel later this month. The effort for a pardon has been going on for decades, and has been rejected by presidents Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

"Vietor weighed in on the sensitive issue after The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg tweeted, 'The new Ethiopian-born Miss Israel will ask Obama to free Jonathan Pollard when they dine together at Shimon Peres's house.'

"Vietor responded, 'Can't understand why Israelis make this their cause. Pollard was a spy. Period.' Vietor's tweet was a very blunt, very public response he never could have made as a spokesman for the White House." (

Imagine the gall. These are supposed to be our "friends" who we send billions of dollars to every year, and despite all we've done for them, they send spies to steal from us. Can you imagine? He stole during the tenure of Ronald Reagan, but he was not the first or last. Are they so lenient? What are their policies towards people they consider to be or that are not Israeli, that breach their laws and compromise their national security? They should be on their knees apologizing for ever having betrayed us.

And guess what? This was not the first time, nor the last. When the administration of George W. Bush was in office, "An 84-year-old retired military engineer from New Jersey was arrested early Tuesday and charged with sending highly classified military information to Israel through an operative who also served as handler for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

"Ben-Ami Kadish, a U.S. citizen and engineer employed at a military arsenal in Dover, New Jersey, supplied secrets to Israel from 1979 through 1985, according to a court document unsealed Tuesday. Kadish is accused of providing secrets that dealt with nuclear weapons, the F-15 plane and the Patriot defense missile system." (

The Bush Administration were very vocal in their support of Israel, and this is how they were repaid. This is what they did with some of our financial assistance? Billions in aid for their defense, and they steal secrets? They complain like crying brats about Iran's nuclear program, while they are stealing secrets from ours? They stole from us! They actually stole nuclear secrets from America! And why the Ethiopian born Miss Israel? Have they become so narrow in their bitter focus that they believe only black people can rationalize with other black people? President's Bill Clinton and George W. Bush rejected the requests to free him, will President Obama fold or hold strong? Guess we'll find out.

"John Martin, retired senior U.S. Department of Justice executive who oversaw the investigation and prosecution of espionage cases in the U.S. for more than 30 years, including that of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard," said "'The Israelis have always been active intelligence collectors in the U.S. It's just a matter of time in terms of when we have sufficient evidence to bring one of the cases. […] [The Israelis] got caught again, and they'll get caught again after this, […] They get so much stuff from the U.S., and it seemed they just wanted more'" (

Is our kindness not enough? Is our money plucked directly from cash we could use towards our children not good enough?

And it's not just Israel, of course, Palestine has also proven that they are ungrateful for the financial aid, and other support we provide to them. According to the media, when "the leader of Hamas' military wing Ahmed al Ja'abri [...] was killed along with his son inside [a] car," ( Hamas not only threatened to retaliate against Israel, they threatened us! ( Just like Israel, how ungrateful of them!

The aid we give has become just money to fund wars of religious hatred between two peoples, and an effort by both to cunningly wipe the other out. The religious intolerance has not only targeted Jews and Muslims it has also targeted Christians. According to Adrian Blomfield of the Telegraph, "Police inaction and an educational culture that encourages Jewish children to treat Christians with 'contempt' has made life increasingly 'intolerable' for many, Fr Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Custodian of the Holy Land, said.

"Fr Pizzaballa's intervention, unusually outspoken for a senior Catholic churchman, came after pro-settler extremists attacked a Trappist monastery in the town of Latroun. The door of the monastery was set fire to and its walls were covered with anti-Christian graffiti that denounced Christ as a 'monkey.'

"The incident is the latest in a series of acts of arson and vandalism this year [2012] targeting places of worship, including Jerusalem's 11th century Monastery of the Cross, built on the site where the tree used to make Christ's Cross is held to have been planted. […] Ultra-Orthodox Jews, including children as young as eight, spit at members of the clergy on a daily basis, Fr Pizzaballa said. […] Such a culture of intolerance has resulted in a "scapegoating" of Christians, leading to them becoming the convenient target of extremists fighting political battles that have nothing to do with the community." (

Is hatred against one group of peoples not enough? Now it has to be Christians too? Who owns the religious cites? It seems in the case of Israel and Palestine we have gone from helping to found a place for Jews to be free from persecution, to funding their persecution of others and then funding the others that are now also persecuting them. And now Christians are paying severely, and many are fleeing Israel because of the climate of intolerance towards them by Israelis. (

Who are we when we give aid to bigots that try and kill each other over religion? What does that do for our credibility as a nation that protects liberty and the right of people to live freely? At some point we need to see when we are just being taken advantage of and pull back. We cannot fund such things forever, especially when they begin to make us less safe and come back to bite us in our homeland, and most holy site of all to the majority of us - America. It's American taxpayer dollars and they should not be used to be directed to places by some general seeking to curry favor with defense contractors looking to land deals with Israel, so they can get a cushy seven figure job when they retire. (

It's not fair to us and breaks the trust of good, honest, hardworking, red-blooded Americans. It's time to stop funding people whoever they are and wherever they are when they just use our money to blow up their neighbors and keep tricking us onto funding endless cycles of war until one or the other is exterminated for good. That is not why you and I get up and go to work every day in this great nation of ours. Isn't eighty years of continued money pouring out of the pockets of Americans enough? Eighty years? When will it be enough, when it's been a hundred years or when one or the other is wiped out? Funding wars of religion just isn't why we pay taxes. We are not that kind of people, and times change.

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