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Commentary :: Human Rights : Politics
Let’s Be Honest, Ed's A Traitor...
30 Mar 2013
So many things have come out about our government, and the things they do when we aren't looking, it is impossible to know where to begin when discussing them. It would simply be impossible to write a book that covers all of them, as there is still so much yet to learn. The extent to which they feel they have the right to take our money and start up little pet projects that benefit wealthy campaign contributors, to use our money to fund projects solely benefitting people that have promised them cushy jobs upon their retirement and to fund expensive little military and intelligence experiments and distractions on our dollars. ( Twenty years from now God only knows what will be revealed in Freedom of Information releases.
We were seriously disappointed by the events that led up to the Iraq War, and what was so transparently a grab for oil. We were disappointed by the many people on the left, and right, in Congress that were not endowed with the backbone of a real American patriot; the people that curved over in a folded position and voted yes to invade Iraq without ever questioning the shoddy intel, conflicting reports and financial conflicts of interests. Like weenies afraid of the way things have been, afraid to take the necessary stand and afraid to do the right thing, they sat complacently willing to be rolled over in exchange for something they wanted - more power and the assurances that go along with being a good shill for the status quo.

It is precisely the fault of look the other way elected officials that Iraq was allowed to happen and their bad judgment, and the decisions of those representatives of those officials in putting the interests of themselves over those of the vast majority of Americans, as in the end it only benefits defense contractors and oil companies. The same is true for putting Afghanistan and Bin Laden on the back burner, as that again, was to put Iraq on the front burner, and in the end only benefited defense contractors and oil companies. Are your gas prices any lower in any way that justifies the investment from your hard earned dollars?

The same is true for the eighty years we have been footing the bill for nation building in Israel and subsequently Palestine, even though they are sovereign nations, Israel has been caught on numerous occasions spying on us, stealing nuclear secrets and laughs in our faces when we ask them to stick to the smallest of our promises and Palestine keeps attacking Israel and even threatening to attack us! Yet Congress keeps selling us on the idea we need to give them more and more money, while we keep getting more and more problems from our support of them and no return. If it's a religious reason a person wants to support, then that's fine, but that is not what our separation of church and state tax dollars are for we have a secular system of government, not a theocracy.

That's for personal contributions and the private funding, and if people choose to do so with their own money, that's their right and their business. We have children, American children that are slipping dramatically in their standard of education and we need to raise the bar, once again. America is important, more important than private oil companies, the greedy personal quests for wealth/ power of certain politicians and the bitter theocratic ambitions to murder one's neighbor of foreign less sophisticated nations.

These are things we know of, and yet we're are no less tired of, exasperated with or disappointed by them. There are other things we know less of, and that are the stuff of conspiracy theories and whispers, until something comes out proving them, as with false flag operations in the 1960's and on college campuses during the late 1980's - early 1990's. ( When I was a going for my degree in landscape architecture, I stumbled across another strange (and pretty much wasteful) use of taxpayer money.

While at the University of Connecticut studying landscape architecture, I began getting harassed. At first it just seemed like one or two people. As their efforts to get to me failed it seemed those people pulled more and more people, in, and certainly more and more people were getting involved. When there were folks that seemed they wanted to stay out of it, or even took pity on me and questioned what was happening, they were summarily harassed themselves, until they either participated or shut up. Most of the people that tried to help me as best they could were simply forced, via the realization their grades had suddenly begun to drop fast, and were getting lower, to obey the people harassing me. I can't blame them. In the end it was not their problem.

As a result the best I could hope for in terms of support were the people that would come and go in terms of their support for me. As I was not exactly sure what was going on all the time, or who was friendly and who was not, I would be cautious but still try and trust, or at least present the patina of such. After all, you cannot get through a degree program like that without working with people, it simply is not possible, and the people that were responsible for my harassment, took full advantage of that.

One of the people that was an on and off again supporter of mine revealed something to me that was stunning to say the least. When I shared my intention to sue the department and perhaps the university, for discriminatory based harassment, he tried all methods he could think of to talk me out of it. When he realized he had failed, he made a confession that was surreal and yet ironically clarifying with regards to what was happening to me. He told me he was an undercover law enforcement personnel, and that, within my graduating class, he was not the only one.

Not only did he make nods to a few within my graduating class at UConn, but later one of the people he mentioned referenced a person that was a DJ at the radio station I was a DJ at on the weekends, whose name was very unique and she winked as she said it while walking by me. I suppose this was to intimidate me and make me feel I should shut up and just quit UConn (their obvious goal). They were wrong.

You may ask yourself why in the world law enforcement would be doing this. Sounds strange and out there. Well, actually not so much when you fill in a few of the blanks. See in 1989, when I was a high school senior of seventeen, thirteen years prior to my entering UConn to start a new life, I was involved in a violent political protest at Wesleyan University protesting the school's financial ties supporting Apartheid in South Africa. I was charged as an adult, even though I was a minor when it happened, to make an example out of me. I was told by one or two people after the incident the two college students that had recruited me and used my house to plan their protest, were actually undercover law enforcement, but at the time I didn't believe it.

The person that revealed to me he was undercover law enforcement years later at the University of Connecticut was named Eduardo and we all just called him 'Ed.' And it showed to me that there are many ways taxpayers get scammed out of their money. It was just a couple of years after 9-11 when I started the landscape architecture major, and heightened security was understandable. But, if I was an unstable potential threat, as they kept implying, and sometimes just outright saying, why harass me? I mean this was after 9-11 and with the Patriot Act, they could simply say, "We believe you to be a security threat and have to deny your entrance to school at this time." They could have told me to take a correspondence course or something.

Why would they let me onto a taxpayer funded school campus, where at times there are upwards of 40,000 people on campus, and then on top of that experiment with different ways to try and upset, irritate and anger me, if they really felt I was a threat? What were they trying to make happen? How responsible was that? How safe?

Luckily I was not unstable, nor a threat, but if they really felt that way due to who I was and had been watching me, as they implied, they would have known, I had not broken any laws, out side of occasionally speeding, smoking weed in my twenties and a few times driving after drinking one or two too many beers. What were they doing with our money? Why use taxpayer funds for such an irresponsible thing.

I mean part of the goal obviously was to get me to quit, and I never did of course, but that does not make the behavior any less illegal. Nor does it make it any less unconstitutional. I did a crime when I was a seventeen year old kid, though I may have been baited into it by a couple of cops, named Nick Haddad and Kofi Taha. Yet I also did my time and I cannot be tried for the same crime twice in this country, nor can I be made to suffer cruel and/or unusual punishment. Nor can the government put people at risk "just to see what will happen."

This is not a dictatorship nor communist nation where people have no say. If things are working like that somewhere on some level, then there are clearly some very serious things ordinary Americans need to address. I don't know what agency or agencies were responsible for what I went through at UConn, but I know it was illegal and unconstitutional, making Ed and all the others there and that I never met traitors. Sometimes our government lets us down us. I experienced one such incident first hand, and it truly was disappointing. Though, in a way, it also was inspiring, and pushed me to write about what I went through. For, I believe in the America they do not. I believe in the dream they don't remember. I have faith in my heart regarding the American spirit they allowed to go fallow in their own.

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