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Commentary :: War and Militarism
Extraordinary Pressure, Extraordinary People
20 Apr 2013
We've seen it before, and the past few days here in the states have brought some of the old stuff forward again. When times get tough for Americans, we bond, come together and work through our issues by pushing forward, and refusing to acquiesce to the will of tyrants, dictators, theocratic rulers or terrorists. We won't agree on all issues, we will not all view the issues the same, however, we won't let them get us to change what we do or how we do it. We won't allow people that want us to stop doing what it is we do to get us to do that. That just is not in keeping with the American spirit.
The bombings didn't make us afraid to be American. They did not cause us to be in fear of what we are. They were a reminder Americans just do not stop. On Facebook, and especially Twitter, it was instantaneous, and overwhelmingly the consensus was that it was time to get these guys, remove them from the streets and cut off their ability to terrorize us in our own neighborhood, in our own streets. Not us. Not now. Not anymore.

Pictures were tweeted and re-tweeted, and so on, of SWAT vehicles, military Hummers, FBI Agents, Boston Police and so on. As it went down we followed, we talked amongst ourselves online and were most likely more up to date than CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, CNBC or any other 24 hour news network. I saw pictures of things happening as they were retweeted literally street to street, and I'm sure many of you saw the same.

It was unfortunate that they decided to shoot at officers, ending up with one of them dying in the process. But, they opened that door through their own terrible actions. I have heard some people describe karma as that which comes around going around. I've also heard karma can be like when you choose to open a door in life, because there is something in a particular room you desire; you not only open yourself to that thing you want in that room, but all the other things possible endemic to entering that particular room as well.

It was a shame so many lives had to be lost due to the warped ideologies ascribed to by those couple of Russian youth from the Russian state of Chechnya. Perhaps the young Russian that's still alive will help shed light on what the exact motivation was for the evil he and his brother wreaked on the state the original Pilgrims set foot on, in which they were soon greeted and helped by the Wampanoag Native Americans. Massachusetts is an important state to us, and one that had symbolic significance to this country. The fast capture and take down was a win and also symbolic.

We waved our flags, we cheered, we remembered our fallen by marking the day their murderers were thwarted and halted from ever being able to murder another innocent person, American or otherwise.

None of us were able to fathom what happened of course, and our minds went first to the stereotypes. Many wondered if they were Muslim, and then others after that if they were like Timothy McVeigh a disaffected young white man. Oddly enough these two murderers actually shattered the wall between the two separate images we had ingrained in our minds. For some reason we all thought Muslim and white - two separate things, and it would be either one or the other. As it turns out they were both at once.

Though race matters not. Race is not a factor when it comes to lunacy. Race is not a factor when it comes to hate. Race is not a factor when it comes to ignorance. Race is not a factor when it comes to a lack of common decency. Race is not a factor when it comes to a lack of compassion. Race is not a factor when it comes to disregarding the rights of other people. No. This was not about race with regards to a person's skin color.

This was about a few people that just had the wrong idea about Americans. This was about a few people that just had bad ideas with regards to how to relate to others. This was about two youths that tried to lose themselves in a twisted cult-like offshoot of one of the world's major religions. An offshoot, that attempts to woo impressionable, lonely and lost souls to commit murder, by telling them all their problems will be solved and all their desires met, by committing such evil acts.

It is a cult that has become a scourge on our planet, affecting peaceable nations the world over, including those where people practice the larger religion, the cult originally branched off from. It has not only terrorized those of us that do not adhere to the religion in any of its forms, but that also terrorizes those that do practice various forms of the religion that cult grew out of.

These were obviously confused kids. They came here seeking a better life, then were seduced by a dark evil side of a radical extreme version of their own religion that seeks to take life and cause anarchy, rather than create peace. They had ambitions, such as competing in the Olympics and entering the medical profession, yet simultaneously harbored a deep seated ill will towards other people. They felt as though they were orthodox Muslims, and yet enjoyed listening to mainstream rap music. Not that there's anything wrong with listening to rap, as it is pretty much all I listen to, it's just that most mainstream rap is about the reality of the streets and pining after the fast life - not exactly conservative religious rhetoric.

Over the past two years we have been terrorized over and over so often, by youth gone wrong. And whatever the catalyst, be it loony Islamic radicals spreading craziness on the web, personal problems or just plain mental instability they all have been young people and have gone astray. They have not stopped us, put fear in our hearts or cowered us, however.

We are not a nation of runners, we're a nation of fighters. We started out that way, and we remain so. We are brothers and sisters under the banner of the red, the white and the blue. Though we may fight amongst ourselves from time to time, we won't let others come in and disrupt our home. We have flaws, sure, but this is our home. This is our house. This is our America, and when the going gets tough we will stand, we will defend her.

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