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Commentary :: Politics
The Same People Responsible For the Same Things
11 May 2013
Change happens everywhere, all the time. Whether you believe what happens around us is caused by the will of a greater being, by science or some combination thereof, the world around us that made by man, and that belonging purely to nature, never stops changing. Even if you feel you do nothing, and everything is exactly the same for you, that simply never is the case. The clouds in the sky today are never the same as there were yesterday, and every creak you hear, even in the dead silence of your house, is the sound of shifting and breaking down happening.
The reason we clean the surfaces and floors in our homes and elsewhere, has to do with change. The reason we trim the shrubs, mow the lawn, pull the weeds and prune the trees has to do with change. The reason we change the oil in our personal vehicles, clean them and keep them tuned up also is directly connected to constant change. Our very own personal hygiene and daily grooming is without a doubt connected to change. In all these very basic things, we are trying our best to contend with, keep up with and to mitigate change.

If we took pictures of our faces, starting from the time we were infants to the time we were seniors citizens, and lined the photographs up chronologically, surely, among other things, that line of pictures would present us with a very clear picture of change. Even in wanting to stay the same, we contend with the very notion of changing.

In America, we are all about change in most things. We are a consumer driven culture, and as such we are always looking at what is new and improved, that is available to us. In our culture, if it fails to update, change and at least attempt to stay relevant, it may very well be forgotten. New products are constantly coming to the American market, and if anybody tries to get in the way of that, we see it as an affront to our very right of choose and to create.

It becomes an attack on our right as consumers to have the best there is available to us, as best fits who we are and what we are. We also see it as an attack on our right to earn a living freely offering whatever good and/or service we have to offer on the free market. As long as these things are not misleading the public, potentially causing harm to the public and do what they say they do, we support people's right to purchase and sell whatever they can contribute or take from the market.

We may not always agree with that they bring or consume, but most of us agree they have a right to do so, as long as however they choose to participate, it is done with a modicum of adult level responsibly.

But one place where change is glaringly absent is in our political system. In fact it has been stagnant, and putting a new paint job on the same old beater for so long, many Americans believe the constitution says that we are to have two parties only from which to choose. Imagine if that were true. What kind of imbeciles would our founding fathers have been? Oh no, they knew better.

They laid out that we may have as few or as many parties as we so choose. They understood times change, and that the constitution needed to be able to be relevant, as our needs and will, as a nation, evolved. They wanted us to keep moving, transforming and bringing to bear the very best our nation has to offer.

In our marketplace we certainly have done that, though there are places certain people and industries exploit that, it is a force that has revolutionized not only who we are as a culture and society, but has literally helped change the very course of the world. Our forefathers expected nothing less of us.

However, for over one hundred years we have had to suffer under the same political parties and that very lack of change and political evolution has cost us as a Democracy, and a free people. It has allowed the business of serving the public to slowly degenerate and become a business of getting what people can for themselves by finding ways to swindle us out of our tax dollars to become powerful and wealthy.

The two parties have gone from serving the many to serving a very wealthy select few. That small group of wealthy people, have convinced politicians elected mostly by you and me, and paid mostly by you and me, to direct our hard earned dollars, yours and mine, into their coffers.

Let's look at one area. Say I set up a small business selling widgets in a town or city; both you and I live in. Let us say I decide that I want constant protection for my business, 24 hour security for my business. Should you pay for that, or should I? We have police, sure, but they are not there 24 hours watching my property, my business. They are there for all the people and institutions in the district they serve. They respond to things when they happen, but they are not parked outside everybody's home and business all day. That would not be fair, and certainly not feasible. Not even the wealthiest societies, or areas of our nation, can afford that.

You should not have to pay for me and I should not have to pay for you, not for any and all things. We aren't a communist nation, and that is exactly what communist nations do, and exactly why most have seriously struggled. As great as the idea sounds, the reality has shown that in a communist system, at a certain point, you simply drain the bank.

Most of us can agree on the idea each person that wants personal 24 hour security, they should have to pay for it themselves, with very few limited exceptions.

Now let's say I opened up a business selling widgets in another country, but decide to keep my American citizenship. I am hiring mostly if not all workers from that country, yet I still want to be able to sell my product on the American market, along with markets of other nations. Now let's say I want 24 hour, 'round the clock protection for my business I chose to open in that overseas location. Should you be forced to ship people over from America, house them, feed them and pay to have them protect my personal business selling widgets overseas in another country around the clock, or at all?

Of course not. That would not be fair. I chose to move overseas, I chose to hire foreign nationals for my operations over there, and since when is it your business to provide 24 hour security for any business of mine, let alone one thousands of miles away in another country. Yet that is exactly what our elected officials of the two party system that serve those few wealthy people have done.

They have convinced us we need to pay for 'round the clock security, provided by our military, supposed to be protecting our homeland, for oil companies, cheap labor factories and mining concerns, located overseas. The oil companies, cheap labor factories and mining concerns overseas aren't shipping mostly if any Americans over there to work. They get the cheapest people possible. Free market right? Of course.

But forcing us to pay for them so they can save a bunch of money and get even wealthier is not free market at all. In fact, that's communism. Why should the money that could be going towards your kid's futures, your retirement, your monthly bills or whatever else you want to spend your hard earned money on, be going towards making already ridiculously wealthy corporations that can afford their own security, even wealthier by saving them dough on security? Is that your business? Do you own Exxon/Mobil? Me neither. Did you export jobs overseas that used to be American, and own a cheap labor factory in a foreign nation? Me neither. So why should we have to pay for them. They want to drill oil in Yemen, let ‘em move there. They want to drill oil in Iraq, let the president of Exxon move there. Perfect neighborhood for folks like that, far as I'm concerned.

Credit rating being downgraded for the first time in history, sequesters, economic crashes, bailing out banks and lying about why they're doing it, forcing us to go to war so Exxon and their buddies can get wealthier off our loved ones blood and our hard won paychecks, etc? How is that functioning properly? They're getting worse and worse. That's not cynicism, that's reality.

I am not saying, 'oh woe is me', I am saying let's fix this broken corrupted system, before it swallows us all. We need more than two parties. This is a time when we have so many choices in so many different areas of our life, and that competition keeps those providing us with goods and services on their toes, yet in government they have gotten lazy and take us for granted.

We need two or three new parties in Congress in significant numbers to put checks on them, and when one of them refuses to act, action being what we pay them for, the others can work and get legislation done so you and I get our money's worth. We pay these clowns to legislate on our behalf and they can't even do what the majority of the country wants. However, as long as we keep sending the same folks back, we will keep getting the same results. They can put new paint jobs on the same old ships, but there are only so many patches you can put on them before they sink. Let's not sink with them. The majority of us no longer affiliate with either of them, why can't we get that choice? The constitution doesn't say we can’t... so who does? What folks deny us the right to selection and competition? Creating and choosing what we want... except when it comes to the political monopoly.

Waiting for them to change is like waiting for Palestine and Israel to get serious about change.

So long as it benefits them both to keep making us think change is right around the corner, using the tools of false symbolism and the building and destroying of hope, they're gonna just keep doing it. Petulant kids and spoiled brats, until we decide to really get serious and make that dramatic change we have been seeing needs to come for some time now. And, after all, how much longer can we allow our politicians to drain us?

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