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Commentary :: War and Militarism
If They Don’t Care About It Anymore, Why Are Americans Forced To Pay For It?
28 May 2013
There comes a time when each thing changes, and in doing so, loses its value and worth. It happens all the time, and as life progresses, we are called to adapt to the times, and we all do. Even if our reaction to change is trying to fight it, that very struggle itself is change. Eventually the world moves on from things that have taken on a new meaning, died out, are no longer relevant or that have simply become obsolete. One of the most important lessons people can learn is to accept that times change, and to move on with those times. The vast majority of change, we simply cannot do a thing about, and as such we accept it. Month to month, year to year and decade to decade looking in the mirror we can observe this very phenomena, needing only the tiniest bit of factually grounded perspective.
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The things we enjoy in life change. The forms of music we like as we grow older often change. For example, there may be songs we were once attached to at the hip, that simply move to the background and then fade away as we move on and experience new things. Even the ones that for whatever reason stay in our playlists longer than others are never heard quite the same way as time passes. As we listen them again over time, we begin to perceive things in them we had not previously, understanding new things about the time they were made, the persons involved in making them and, of course, ourselves.

The same is true for so many other things. Even when we want to hold on to things, we cannot hold back the changes they inevitably go through. As the telephone evolved there were people that, for whatever reasons, just did not wish to change. It was not money, just a desire to hold on to the same technology, for whatever reasons. So they held onto their old landline telephone, refusing to update to wireless phones when they were available and then refusing to upgrade to cell phones or smart phones as the rest of the world did. Now, it didn’t hurt them, but what was the point? It’s not as though things still didn’t change, as the phone aged and would not be the same as it was years ago, and the technology itself, that brought them the sounds of the people they conversed with on their phone, had evolved immensely.

Now, of course keeping your old phone, or listening to the same old music doesn’t hurt people, and if they choose to, that’s their decision, and most of us have something from our past that is still around, that, though it could easily be updated, we keep as is.

But sometimes not being careful, and paying attention to old things and outdated things can begin to become costly. For example, our culture and the world, has paid a steep price as a result of the fashion and diet industries holding onto the outdated practice of treating women as though they are idiots and working hard to convince them that the biological natural physical shape of most women, what makes their shape different from that of a man, is ugly as it is. The idea is to keep them insecure, so they keep running from one diet to the next, trying hard not to look like a woman, though the industries don’t call it that, they call it “fat”.

The medically healthy weight for your average woman is around 130 – 135 lbs, and of course that varies greatly from one woman to another. The average American woman is around 150 lbs. That is average, not an exception, that’s the rule, thus the idea that is “plus sized” is in and of itself a raging lie.

In the 1970’s folks in the fashion and diet industry looking to win back control over women that were beginning to focus on other things (like their education), and thus causing profits to sag, concocted the scheme to tell women that what they looked like (as female human beings) was ugly. They set about to convince women to believe that the bar for what they perceive as normal and healthy, is much thinner than what your average woman looks actually should be. Thus, they would always be trying to look like something they simply are not and cannot maintain without eventually not being able and possibly suffering serious health problems, both physically and psychologically.

Believe it or not, they found a way, and soon all of us were thinking, “yeah women are supposed to be skinny.” But they actually are not. Women biologically produce more fat and store it in the areas they have been convinced is ugly, unhealthy and wrong. This fat storage comes from back when we were living as primitive nomads and in caves and women needed the extra fat to help produce milk to feel their babies whether there was plenty of food available, or not. That is what cellulite is, for example. Men and women never had a problem with cellulite or a woman’s natural biological curves, until as a society and world community, we failed them, and were convinced to wage war on women essentially, by telling them that what they are is not good enough as women.

Some might say times change, and humans evolve, but if that were the case, why do women’s bodies still act as they always have – as women’s bodies? It’s because women are still female human beings, women are still having kids, and, unfortunately for those that despise women’s bodies so much, are still women – you know, female human beings? To say this is because times change would be as if an industry tried to convince all white people that they needed to look like black people, and instead of as a society we all said, “that’s ridiculous, white people can only look like what they are”, we actually bought it.

So then everyday white people are spending millions to have kinky hair or to become as dark skinned as possible. It would be like society was convinced to get in on the scam, though none of us benefit at all from it, and, regardless of our race, we all got in on convincing white people they needed to be black. Inevitably, it would lead to all manner of unhealthy things, and start causing large amounts of white people to become sick, as they were forcing their bodies to do things they weren’t supposed to. Sounds almost comically ridiculous, right?

That has happened with women. Women make themselves sick and hurt themselves, taking years off of their lives just to look like what they are not. It’s unfair, outdated and something that hurts us more than it serves us. Only a small amount of people (those reaping in the bucks from it) benefit. Though of course the women in their lives are probably being hurt too, not that they care.

In the same way, our financial support, in foreign aid, of both Palestine and Israel has become burdensome, problem ridden and redundant. A long time ago we supported them starting with Israel, because we wanted to see folks have stability and freedom from what happened during WWII, mostly. We kept giving and kept giving, and eventually, as the war between Palestinians and Israelis became increasingly problematic, we began giving money to both sides. We are dragged along by the promise of peace and that folks will try working together – sometime, whenever that golden time in the future is. There are those of us that still believe that, tough that’s changing dramatically.

Most of us see it for what it is. They are playing games to collect those monthly checks. They have become dependent, lazy, rude and spoiled, like children that have grown up, gone to college then moved back because they felt it was easier to have mommy and daddy providing for them, protecting them and holding their hands.

They sleep on the couch, refusing to go through the struggles of life themselves, like mommy and daddy did. But that becomes unhealthy. That can become a drain and can even lead to the problems of those spoiled rude children, coming back to mommy and daddy’s peaceful home. Often if we look at these kids outside of the home, and outside of the way mommy and daddy have become conditioned to looking at the children, we see they are perfectly capable of living on their own, but have gotten to the point they just refuse to. This is because they want mommy and daddy’s cash, even in instances where it drains their parents retirement, takes away from repairs mommy and daddy need to do on their house, not to mention mommy and daddy’s savings, security and peace of mind.

In the same way Palestine and Israel have become a drain and a burden, more than a help and they are using us to get our cash, when at least one of them is doing fine - booming in fact. The reality is, they don’t even care about the things we feel we are protecting them from anymore. Just recently the Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times wrote a piece on this, displaying the stark contrast between what many of us believe folks there think, and what the reality of what is happening on the ground really is. He wrote, “For years, conventional wisdom has held that as long as Israel faces the external challenge of Arab — especially Palestinian — hostility it will never come to terms with its internal divisions. The left has sometimes used it as an argument: we must make peace with the Palestinians so that we can set our house in order — write a constitution, figure out the public role of religion. Others have viewed the threat as almost a silver lining keeping the place together: differences among Israeli Jews (religious or secular, Ashkenazic or Sephardic) are so profound, the argument goes, that if the society ever manages to turn its attention inward, it might tear itself apart.

“Back in Tel Aviv for a recent visit a year after ending my tour as Jerusalem bureau chief, I was struck by how antiquated that wisdom felt. At a fascinating and raucous wedding I attended and from numerous conversations with a range of Israelis, I came away with a very different impression. Few even talk about the Palestinians or the Arab world on their borders, despite the tumult and the renewed peace efforts by Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been visiting the region in recent days. Instead of focusing on what has long been seen as their central challenge — how to share this land with another nation — Israelis are largely ignoring it, insisting that the problem is both insoluble for now and less significant than the world thinks.” (

They have problems, sure, but it just is not a worry anymore. They have moved on in their own minds. They don’t care. There might be issues, but we also have our own issues. Our issues are not theirs, and theirs are not ours. Every nation has struggles as it develops and grows. We did too, but a nation cannot truly find itself and grow and mature, until it is allowed to do so. Both Palestine and Israel, must be allowed to grow, and it’s time we saved our cash and directed it back home, and perhaps even put a little more into our own accounts and bills, we work very hard for it. If oil companies want to work with Israel for strategic purposes, fine. But you and I don’t own oil companies, and we need to stop acting like we do.

We have been spending enough money in the Middle East to help oil companies get wealthy for quite some time now. They can afford their own security, and Palestine and Israel really need to work out their problems among themselves. Really, all we are doing is enabling them in their bad behaviors, both nations, by funding what they are doing. They have been playing with our minds and emotions, baiting us to get their hands on our cash that has become like welfare at this point, and we’ve been sending it to them for over 80 years. At some point the nation building is over. Folks sending all their money are simply getting taken advantage of beyond that point. Many of our national security issues would be far less threatening if we took a cue from the average Israeli and just let them deal with their own issues.

They are not our issues after all, as at a certain point a child’s issues are no longer those of the parents. The parents can still love them, but cease to enable them, especially regarding bad negative behaviors. Israel has moved on, it’s time we do the same thing. The Cold War is over, and Israelis have moved on. Times change. Let’s be a little wiser with our money and our generosity. It doesn’t mean we don’t care, in fact in many ways it symbolizes a greater, deeper care, and private charities are always options and really more appropriate for the situation at this point. Many of us have moved on too. We can now move on, and focus on home, once again, finally.

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