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Commentary :: Gender
New Faces Are Fine, As Long As They Are Men
19 Jun 2013
Often it’s people’s actions that tell us what they are really like. They can preach and pontificate all they want, extolling the virtues of this or that ideal or political stance. However, when the time comes for them to make decisions and take action based on that talk, we find out exactly what happens when the rubber meets the road. Concerning politics, this is especially true. Whether individual politicians or political parties, what they do tells us much more about the people they are and what they truly believe, than what they say, no matter how good they are at saying it.
For many years we have watched the only two parties we are currently allowed to vote for, increasingly treat the American voters as though they were fools, worth nothing more than the votes they deliver at the polls. Neither party has been an exception to this rule.

Bill Clinton wooed labor unions, portraying himself as a man of the people, and a blue collar man at heart. When he got into office he behaved as though they were simply a bunch of fools. Instead of passing comprehensive measures to protect these unions, he turned his back behaving as though he could get away with anything, so long as he said the right things did the right things when the proper moments presented themselves and kept his hands close to the right people.

When the moment to show his true pedigree came, he did. Against the desires and warnings of labor unions, he passed a measure that had been started by his predecessor, President George Bush 1 called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Scoffing at them behind their backs, he laughed at the labor unions that helped bring him to power, breaking his vows to protect American jobs as if it were all just part of a play he once performed in, now old and no longer of import. That, along with many other things helped prove how little he respected the highest office in the land, and what kind of values brought he to bear as a president, and in the arena of politics.

George Bush 2 campaigned, telling Americans he would be a more compassionate conservative. He seemed to be a conservative candidate for president that would be able to relate to everyday Americans and be a fair and just president. Once he got into office that too turned out to be all talk. During his presidency he not only spent a good deal of time openly lying to Americans, as if we were collectively the butt of some private Bush/ Cheney joke, but he took us into two wars and seemed to have no problems forcing US troops to perform multiple tours of duty. Worst of all was the fact that the administration refused to take responsibility for their many failures.

It showed a real lack of humility on their part, which does not really speak to compassionate leadership. Just recently Dick Cheney pronounced that had the NSA spying program been enforce previous to 9-11, the attacks would most likely have been prevented. Sure, that’s a possibility. However, so too could the attacks been prevented if the administration had acted on the intelligence leading up to the attacks, that he keeps attempting to draw attention away from. ( All they had to do was to keep military fighters patrolling the skies of major cities and targets, and surely we have enough fighters for that. Instead, they showed a callous disregard for the people that put them in office, behaving as if the executive office was above reproach, which clearly is false as we found out with Nixon, and when their own party attempted to impeach President Clinton due to his own perjury.

Barack Obama painted himself as the candidate of hope that would keep from going to war unnecessarily. He criticized the Bush administration over and over for dragging our military into multiple engagements, and pandering to big oil while doing so. He has deployed troops in two new theaters since taking office, embroiling us in issues that our nation has no business involving itself in. Though there were other places around the world atrocities were being committed, he chose Libya and Syria, two nations that happen to be saturated in oil.

So just like the Bush Administration he has pulled us into war, not every time dictators and warlords committed atrocities, but only where there was oil to be grabbed. And once again US taxpayers are being forced to pay dollars we could be using here, or simply getting back to go into our pockets at a time we could really use the money, to pay for big oil privately held oil companies to get more oil. All across the nation oil prices are higher now than they were before the Iraq War. We benefit nothing by funding these companies, and they give us nothing at all in return. Nothing. He stepped on our faith, as if that’s what we earned for trusting him.

Modern Democrats and Republicans have proven they merely serve the wealthiest campaign contributors, and could care less about how we can best benefit from the government’s use of our tax dollars. A tiny handful of people own oil companies and stand to make vast sums of money when oil companies make big profits. Maybe twelve people at the most in the whole country. So why are we all forced to pay to make them wealthier? How does that benefit us?

As it is currently, the two party system is designed to benefit the wealthy and the two parties themselves. Their rhetoric is hollow. Take the Democrats and their supposed championing of women’s rights all these years. Yet here we are in 2013 and they still will not trust a new face, if that new face is that of a woman.

They had no problems making the first black president and new unproven face – and it was male. They had no problems running the first baby boomer as a relative unknown face, as long as it was a male face. But the first woman for president? She better be one they can trust to play the game the way the wealthy want it played.

So they pick the one woman candidate that was utterly humiliated in front of the nation by a man on multiple occasions and refused to divorce as their message to little girls. They picked a candidate that rubber stamped the invasion of Iraq, and that has a track record of doing what the status quo wants. Sure she knows what to say to sound like she’s a wildcard when she has to, but in the end it’s another person that has a history of bowing to power and assenting to staying with the one former president accused on multiple occasions of rape and groping women. It’s a reminder to the status quo that women are still under their heel.

They can run unknown Bill Clinton and noob Barack Obama, but a woman? She better represent a person that bows to the male power structure. God forbid Democrats trust new woman candidate to run the nation. She might actually question something she disagrees with and believes to be the wrong thing. She may actually be more than a symbol and give us the one thing they all seem to be so scared of – real hope and genuine middle class and blue collar results. Not talk of peace, then once elected displays the behavior of someone thoroughly in the pockets of the oil and defense industry.

God forbid they assent to the reality that out of the hundreds of millions of women in the US, more than there are men in the US, surely there is more than just 1, the same 1 as last time, and whose husband thoroughly has shown himself to be untrustworthy when it comes to his sexual predilections, that is capable of running the country as well if not better than men have. Perhaps it’s the latter they are really most afraid of, so they opt for the same old knowing that’s exactly what she’ll give us… just the same old.

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