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Commentary :: Gender
Body by Vomited Pieces of Stomach Bile In Between Teeth Breath
16 Jul 2013
At times there are things we feel we cannot talk about, and it can be for many reasons. Sometimes the pain or memory of events closely related to certain topics is just too raw, too sensitive to delve into. Sometimes we have not quite worked out the events and how best to deal with them. Perhaps the cause of the issue eludes us. Other times we just haven’t worked out a clear and coherent enough solution to feel we can speak, as of yet, without possibly just making matters worse. Perhaps it’s matters of political correctness that keep us from talking, and that too has its place and can serve to help sensitive areas be avoided and wounds more time to heal.
But, other times certain issues are long overdue in terms of being addressed, and when it comes to the way male fashion designers have chosen to create an image of women to market that would guarantee to keep people (women) addicted to their products by telling them that what they are (a woman) is subpar, to be viewed as an object of derision, never good enough, never equal to what a man is, unattractive, gross, disgusting and only acceptable when made weak, sick and when removed of as many of female characteristics as possible, it’s time. Once people (women) are convinced the package they come in is inherently gross, they are told that while they work at looking more like a man, as far as the shape of their bodies is concerned, there are products they can buy, from the very people kind enough to enlighten them to the fact the way they come is never good enough, that will help hide, disguise and mask those physical traits that are inherently female until, they come close to or actually achieve the bodies as adults of eight year old boys. Apparently, the male fashion designers that put together this nifty little marketing gimmick back in the 70’s find male children are sexually attractive, if not why would they be telling women to look like young male children in terms of their body shape.

These men are predominantly gay. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find a top tier male fashion designer that is not gay. I understand there is a percentage of working towards gay acceptance in some of this, as marketing androgyny immediately puts straight men, the gay community’s biggest obstacle to equal rights and acceptance I would imagine, in a position where they already accept your lifestyle to an extent the minute they buy in to the idea that de-feminized women are more attractive than genetically natural women, physically. The woman with the boy butt and man’s hips is now considered most desirable. The straight men that buy into this are now looking at sex through the eyes of a gay male to an extent. It works on a subconscious level both psychologically and emotionally, I get it. For the men that were fooled, they kind of have no choice.

I don’t paint this as a conspiracy of gay designers or beyond, as I’m not one that believes most such things happen with say a gay male secret society that meets in robes and decides how to make idiots out of the straight men and the thing they love most (women), because straight men have hurt and oppressed gay men so for so long. Rather, somebody mentions it in passing at lunch or something, it gets passed around casually, and a few guys have that aspect of this issue in mind subconsciously as they plan their clothing designs. It is a very exclusive and hence small world at the top of the fashion industry as in most other industries so it wouldn’t take much socializing to pass the notion. The pain and suffering we have deep down drives us all, and in artists and creative people it comes out in our art one way or another, it can’t be helped.

Thus, I also understand it is not some demented diabolical plan, but let’s be honest, straight guys would not have been the ones to have introduced and pushed androgynous looking women and have kept turning the dial more and more male and less and less female as time went on. Most straight men would most likely have become uncomfortable with that at a certain point, obviously. Less a result of homophobia, than just the fact they’re straight and they view what’s sexy much differently obviously. Right now, we’re at the point men dressed as women are modeling women’s clothes successfully, because the bar for what is a sexy woman, to gay male designers, has been lowered to essentially negative female at this point.

Smart as they are, Hollywood starlets amazingly just kind of acquiesced and submitted to this with no kickback or fight, and still do seem to have no problem with this, now more than ever. The idea that what a woman sees in the mirror staring back at her if she is just an unadulterated genetically female woman in terms of her physical shape, meaning larger and rounder hips (larger and rounder than men have biologically), larger and rounder buttocks (larger and rounder than men biologically) and larger and rounder breasts (larger and rounder than men biologically) is just disgusting and gross and something that needs to become more in line with what men are shaped like genetically, seems to somehow actually make some kind of sense to them.

Women becoming sick, obsessed with being shaped more like men or they are not good enough and inherently wrong, seems to be something they can kinda’ shrug their shoulders at each other and say, “Cool who’s pukin’ first, oh little girls r gonna’ puke too? That’s kinda the problem of their grown up’s don’t cha think? Time to stick my finger down my throat ‘cause I believe women are never good enough and don’t mind passin’ that message on to all the girls that are gonna’ be watchin’ me vomit and diarrhea my way to the body of an eight year old boy soon as possible!”

They don’t seem to see that they are peddling the message that what a woman is naturally is not good enough. It’s not like it’s just a psychological and emotional impact this has on women, as it makes them weak and sick. It keeps them thinking they need to look like men, more specifically, thinking women are never good enough, and there is only one kind of woman that is acceptable.

No matter what comes out of their mouths, we see what they do. When some Hollywood woman is trying tell us all about women’s rights with bones protruding out of all angles of her body and looking like she’s about to fall over if a bus drives by too fast, we see with our eyes what she’s really about. She buys it, women are never good enough and need to be made sick in order to be right. Look all over the media and you’ll see men can come in any shape or size and be successful and taken seriously. Women, on the other hand, can only really be one thing – as absent of female physical traits as possible, save fake knockers, and after puking up your food, that’s basically all you can do to approximate what you would have looked like if you just accepted that women are different physically and that’s okay. Only sickness is okay for women, as a reflection of …

Women, straight women, have on the other hand, helped gay men tremendously. During the civil rights movements of the sixties and seventies, it was straight women in prominent women’s groups that started to accept out loud, support and ally themselves with gay rights groups. Before that, ironically enough, gay people in general (including gay men) were viewed as not good enough, wrong biologically, sick and in need of curing (by making them sick, insecure and in pain) and in need of changing, just starting from what they saw in the mirror.

As a straight guy that grew up in the eighties and was in my twenties in the nineties, I can tell you, for me, like 99% of other straight men, it was women that set us straight on homophobia. It was our girlfriends, women we dated, women we were interested in, female friends and kin that first called us homophobic when we did or said certain things, that we actually took seriously. Before that, the very word homophobic, like the image gay male fashion designers have conjured, given us and marketed to us for profit of what women look like genetically, was in and of itself a joke. Yet, after all women have given to them it is gay men, along with a few willing women (that’ll apparently do and say anything for money), that have marketed this image of sickness, weakness and as close to male as possible in physical form that is yet another tool for oppressing women.

And they know it, we all do, we’ve heard it a million times, and instead of giving back to those who have given them so much, they choose to hurt, deride and help oppress. Like the tobacco industry before them, instead of admitting it’s hurting women, they not only keep doing it, but they keep marketing it to younger and younger women, hoping to get them sold on the idea they are god awfully gross from birth, so much so that they even need to look like men in order to be somewhat right. Why don’t gay men in the fashion industry get hip, catch up and help those that have helped you, I mean they’re gonna buy your products either way. Can’t you be fair to them and cut them some slack? What’s wrong with you?

And why don’t the many gay men not in the fashion industry help the gay men that are, to see their error. These women accepted them a long time ago when it was more of a liability to them than a help, but they did it, and convinced us straight men to see things right because they knew it was the right thing to do. Can’t you return that favor? Why is it you go straight to attack mode whenever somebody brings this up? Are you nervous? Seriously, what era will it be when gay men in the fashion industry finally grow some balls and see women as equals and just treat them that way? Friends to women? With friends like you who needs enemies?!! Until then, I guess it’ll still be “hey, here comes ‘pukey’ down the runway and/or the red carpet, hope she cleaned the barf off her shoes.”

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