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Commentary :: Gender
We Made An Industry Out Of Hurting Women That’s Making Us Billions, And You’re F***ing That Up!!!
20 Jul 2013
You know those news shows where they go into random motel and hotel rooms, turn off the lights and then shine a black light around the room? That can be some disgusting stuff, disturbing images even. This is true, especially when you consider that you yourself may have spent time in a room like that at some point in your life, perhaps even many. Makes you think about never spending time in one, or being very careful about it then next time you do. I don’t advocate overdoing it, of course, just talking about human nature, as we all want to stay as clean and germ free as we can, when we can.
Hotel rooms and motel rooms aren’t the only places that can be filled with disgusting bodily fluids that came out of the bodies of others, we would never want anywhere near us. Think of public bathrooms. Imagine all the bile and vomit that is left on toilet seats and on the sinks and sink faucets. When was the last time you saw a person wipe off the faucets they touched with dirty hands after cleaning their hands? The same goes for sinks, etc? If a drunk person vomits or goes diarrhea, then in their drunken state rinses off their hands without using soap (if soap is even available), how much vomit, diarrhea, solid feces, urine, etc is on the hand dryer or the towel dispenser?

Gross, huh? Nobody wants vomit to touch them. Nobody wants even their own vomit to touch them. Nobody wants diarrhea to touch them. Nobody wants even their own diarrhea to touch them. How disgusting. Makes you want to retch just thinking about it.

Just think about it, another person’s vomit touching you. Makes me shudder, just the thought of it. Have you ever been in close proximity to a person that vomited recently and smelled that smell creeping into your nostrils and filling your own mouth with the scent of their vomit, to the point you could taste the vomit smell in your own mouth? And then maybe you had even seen a bit or chunk of vomit on their shoe or clothing that could be giving you this smell, or at least partly responsible for it?

Maybe the piece or chunk of the vomit had that characteristic pink or yellow color perhaps even white. But the smell was unmistakeable grossing out all that had the displeasure of being assaulted with that smell almost strangling your nostrils with its putridity. It’s same if you’ve ever been around a person that had diarrhea the characteristic anal leakage that can accompany it.

They can be the most attractive person to you normally until that smell wafts to your nose so pungent you can taste the scent of diarrhea on your tongue. Perhaps after their projectile expulsion of the noxious liquidy stew from their large intestine and rectum, and the ensuing disorientation that can cause, they didn’t clean themselves thoroughly and splashes of the shitty diarrhea water got onto their clothing or skin, or both, and they traipsed that around with them.

As they did, they forced all around them to inhale, and, yes, suffer, a result of their nasty smells they bring with them, of which they are unaware,of course. It’s actually amazing that we have not evolved as human beings enough to detect our own revolting smells better than we have. People walk around all the time with such issues having no idea of the disgusting smells they can emanate, a result of their own bodily fluids, to the point they can even smell another’s until they get used to it, that is.

But we suffer through such things, if the rewards exist. I, myself, used to work as a direct care worker for and with the developmentally disabled. There were definitely such things to deal with numerous times each day, and you had to feel there was a reward or you would never make it. Coming home each day feeling like I had helped a person was a great reward, that lasted until the departure that eventually came…

Still it was never not disgusting, the smells of feces and vomit, especially those of other people, other grown adults. That feeling never went away, there must be a reward, a payoff, like everything in life, otherwise people do not feel ant sense of obligation and can begin to feel dumped on. Resentment can build up that way to the point the intense emotions borne from it become permanent fixtures on those that have been dumped on enough, with no reward for their taking it. Only certain people are wired to be slave keepers that way.

With regard to vomit and feces and the holding up of black lights in hotel rooms, we see on news programs on slow news weeks, there are other such places. Many of those places we never look at quite that way, yet if we did we would be just as disgusted.

Take today’s fashion models. To get to the way they end up looking, they cannot just be women. Being women, apparently is never good enough, a common enough refrain throughout the history of mankind unfortunately. Mankind, perhaps that’s the wrong term to use here, as man has never really been that kind to women, have they?

Nonetheless, to get that way, the people that run that industry demand that women don the body types of eight year old, half starved, South East Asian trannies. For most of the women in the fashion industry, if they wish to have a career as a model, they have about as much choice in the matter as an eight year old boy forced dressed as a girl in Thailand or Afghanistan, to be raped by the kinds of Western men that visit those nations for those purposes, has in the matter.

Women have biological programming, as do men, to have certain physical characteristics take shape as they grow. When children, they are not that different in shape than boys, upon puberty, as we all know, this changes. Men stay square and rectangular, but gain notable musculature, more so than women, and the squareness and rectangularity of their bodies becomes even more exaggerated in many ways. Women, as any elementary biology class will tell you, become more curvy. Their hips widen considerably, their buttocks become larger and rounder as do their legs overall, and they develop breasts, that are also round. It can and has been said men develop straight lines and angles wheareas women develop curves, and this is true of men and women of almost all genetic types, though it may be more or less exaggerated one way or another from genetic type to genetic type.

To tell women to lose their curves, is to tell a bird it’s wrong to have feathers. To tell a woman to not have curves is to tell a deciduous tree that it’s wrong to develop leaves. To tell women not to have curves is to tell an elephant it is wrong to have a trunk or a donkey it is wrong to have hooves. As elephants, donkeys and birds recognize others of their kind, in part by their trunks, hooves or feathers, humans are genetically designed to recognize adult women by their curves. It is as normal as people’s programming for procreation. It is the exception to the rule, in terms of women, when they do not develop curves, something got programmed wrong one way or the other, that happens in nature sometimes.

In eyes of the people that develop the trends in the fashion industry, those that have the say regarding what they market as sexy and attractive, apparently women are toilet paper, or perhaps worth less than that. They have developed a marketing strategy, as Naomi Wolf has pointed out in her book, The Beauty Myth, to tell women they are wrong from the word ‘go’. What biology has programmed them to be is wrong, according to those people in the fashion industry that hold the clout. What their genes dictate they become physically, and accordingly as people, is wrong. What they see in the mirror staring back at them is ugly and wrong according to those that make the tastes in the fashion industry.

It has been scientifically studied, and proven that the effect women’s curves have on men is like a drug, literally. ( Yet, this does not cause the insecurity that keeps women looking to those men in the fashion industry for help to look better than God created them. I don’t mean just makeup, accessories or clothing, no they strive to tell them basically, how to look less like a woman, and more like a prepubescent boy wearing makeup and a dress.

I suppose what’s really odd is the fact that it’s mostly Gay men at the top of that industry. I say odd, as they, of all people, should understand the pain, suffering and oppressive weight of having to live with people telling them that what God created them to be, what they have no choice in, what their genes dictate they be as adults, is inherently wrong from the very beginning.

Yet, they refuse to do anything other than continue the cycle of telling women they are weak, wrong and inferior from jump. They actually tell women they must be like men to be sexy and attractive. Correction, they actually tell women they must look like eight year old boys to be considered sexy. Yes, to the Gay men at the top of the fashion industry apparently underage boys are what give them erections. I guess that Andrew Cunanan thing is real.

Whatever the case, why do they force their view of sexy on women? Study after study, poll after poll, historical painting after historical painting show men want curves. Demanding women be other that what they are is as hurtful as demanding Gays be other than what they are must be. It has serious negative psychological, emotional, social, physical and even economic impacts that are measurable and documented. Medically speaking it literally takes years off a woman’s life.

And how do women get to look like aids riddled crack prostitutes barely hanging on to life? Why, forced vomiting and/ or forced diarrhea of course. Yes those women you see wearing those clothes and even the musicians and actresses that have those bodies are spewing chunks and/ or blowing giant amounts of diarrhea regularly. You know those things you do when you are literally sick? Yes, those things.

Sexy, yes just the though of it, vomit and/ or diarrhea, ahhh the perfume of it all. How often do you think they walk around with chunks of vomit on their person? How often do you think pieces of diarrhea are stuck to their persons as they sachet around, apparently they really do believe their shit doesn’t stink, they must, right? Well they do give new meaning to the term ‘barf bags’.

Now for the tie in to the black lights and the motels, what are chances if you swab inside their mouths, the swab will test positive for vomit? What percentage of the time do you think they walk around with vomit and barf swishing around their mouths and chunks of recently spewed or even old barf stuck between their teeth? How often are traces on their lips, face, neck, ears, hair, hands, forehead, nose, eyebrows or eyelashes?

What are the chances if you swab around their thighs, buttocks, lower back or anywhere else in their crotch, that the swab you used would test positive for diarrhea? How often do you think they strut around with fresh or dry diarrhea chunks stuck to their buttocks (aka pelvic bones protruding from their skin at the rear of their bodies)? How often do those around them smell the diarrhea or vomit on them. How often do they have to touch it?

I mean even if they brush after each vomit or wet wipe after each diarrhea expulsion, they aren’t gonna get it all, and do they replace the tooth brush after each time they use it? How much vomit is left on the brush they will then use later on? Can’t get all that off either, and how much build up does there end up being?

So guys, wanna kiss them? Swish your tongues around in their mouths? Men with women that have those bodies have to do that, they have to. Think about that. Models, singers, actresses vomit faces and diarrhea legs, all of them. Welcome to the world of smells. Wanna rub their backsides? A little advanced warning, that little wet spot, might not be a bead of sweat.

This is what the Gay men at the top of the fashion industry have marketed to women, sickness disease, weakness, inferiority, low self esteem and oppression. All the Gay men not in the fashion industry that have benefitted from the support of straight women have remained silent when it comes to their peers in the fashion industry, like cowards. They have said nothing, though if they were vocal enough, their fashion industry peers would listen.

And the fashion industry? Whenever anybody denounces this practice, they protect their right to harm women vociferously, and immediately trot out morbidly obese women and point to them saying, “you wanna look like that ladies?!” It’s not about women as clothes hangers, it’s about keeping women weak and insecure, always doubting who and what they are, and mostly from Gay men to boot. Revolting and pathetic, all the way around.

To read about my inspiration for this article go to .
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