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Commentary :: Human Rights
The U.S. Government Plays God On Whistleblowers
26 Aug 2013
If Bradley Manning showed the U.S. Military’s indifference to arbitrary slaughter by U.S. personnel well that is how the Old Testament lays out the ground rules in the Middle East. It’s NOT the Pentagon’s fault the New Testament had some other ideals that claimed all of mankind was part of God’s family. Still it seems apparent why there was so much adamant secrecy about sharing God’s secrets—since it seems kind of obvious Eden was not the psychological paradise it was purported to have been by the propaganda back then. More importantly despite there being religious precepts too often leaders of countries do whatever they want irrespective of what legal or moral codes should apply—and this goes for both Israel and the United States—so maybe the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil means leaders can act like arbitrary Gods while expecting their subjects to follow rules?
The U.S. Government Plays God On Whistleblowers

By Carl Cane

{Note#1: If you feel this message is important feel free to share, post, publish, email—let people know!}

Adam and Eve faced a major dilemma when tempted by a Biblical “serpent” in the Garden of Eden to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They were told they would become “like” God, and be immortal, that is if they ate of the tree (which stood out looming like a sore thumb because Yahweh made it plainly clear they were “not” to taste thereof).

This strange story, in all its sketchiness, such as glossing over any dubious motive bys Yahweh, appeared very early on in the beginning Genesis chapter of the Old Testament (the first of the five books called the Torah or Pentateuch). And the mere fact it appears so quickly after the Creation story suggests some kind of prominence—such as establishing power arrangements (politics).

Of course this story has been interpreted in several different ways but mostly as rationalizations moralizing why God’s subjects “…who already had everything under the sun…” as provided by God, still found desire within themselves to disobey ‘his’ singularly, ostentatious rule—avoid crossing the line of the “stigmatized” tree). If only Adam and Eve would have just accepted their lot as being mortal and naive then things would have been hunky-dory and eternally blissful in their paradise for humanity (or at least early Hebrews)?

But there is something highly patronizing in this human predicament story—that is individual ego versus forms of higher power or concentrations of political power, which could easily lay the foundation for all kinds of politics and blackmail. This scene then is not that dissimilar to a CEO of a major corporation making it executive policy to promote certain kinds of “company men” to Vice Presidents and pay paradisiacal salaries and excess bonuses, with expectation they don’t question certain accounting practices or challenge what shareholders are actually told. “Hell you already have financial paradise so just shut up about it.”

We also need note early on in the Bible of these Pentateuch writings Yahweh makes claim to “his” right to absolute Monarchical powers (further reinforced later by Moses and the Ten Commandments in later chapters).

Whereas according to feminist theory, Judaism as ancient religion “institutionalized” male gender dominance over women. But it also institutionalized the idea the human race can use the entire rest of the creation (that is the entire web of evolution, as in all other life form species, and all inert materials) for his egocentric benefits (similar to assumptions in laissez faire styles of capitalism that expects no laws to regulate corporate men, so they can, in essence, operate as anarchistic criminals—allowing anything goes including all forms of exploitation).

Plus this same “religious literature” (which actually served as some of the earliest forms of propaganda) of the Old Testament also sanctioned the notion that it is ethically OK to kill, that is to go to war, with other human beings as to engage in massacre—just so long as who you kill is not of your own tribe of people (and especially its OK If those designated others worshipped some other religious belief systems and thus “false” Gods—who were then equated to demon or Satan status).

If Bradley Manning showed us the U.S. Military’s indifference to arbitrary slaughter by our own U.S. military personnel as immoral, ethical reality, well that is how the Old Testament lays out the ground rules for the Middle East! It is NOT the Pentagon’s fault the New Testament had some other ideals—such that claimed all of mankind was part of God’s family. Precisely the same today?

Whereas heavy civilian casualties are tolerable because drones are operated by a Manifest Destiny of American Christianity ‘and’ the American Creed of spreading democracy around the world (sloppy State Department detritus that pretends justification from the likes of Hillary Clinton and Samantha Powers). Besides the Afghanistan’s opium trade is back in full swing (see: “9/11: Who Really Benefited” by Captain America” at: ).

This Judaic institutionalization of murder by way of warfare of “other” peoples is, in essence, a form of ethnocentric hyper-nationalism (as not only did Yahweh approve such measures of massacre he was the head cheerleader, for example supervising killing all those tribes already occupying or surrounding Canaan back in Moses’ day). But then we notice that “Newly disclosed CIA files show the United States provided critical intelligence to help Iraq’s Saddam Hussein launch chemical attacks on Iran”. See: at ForeignPolicy.Com

And that is the problem with cultures of war and professional militaries—they eventually corrupt every other form of human morality—including religion and government—and they ruin economies by excessive taxation for war profiteering.

The Old Testament is really a history of intrigue such as political assassinations, crimes and sins (including puritanical complaining about other regional religious practices that included sacred prostitutes and various sexual rituals). In another words the Bible is the precursor to modern day front-page news of a daily newspaper back when there was no separation of state and religion. It certainly was not a history about an excessively noble or sacred people.

So it is no wonder religious followers of Judeo-Christianity continue to emphasize how “forgiving” that God of the Bible was, for example when Cain the farmer, killed his brother Able the animal breeder (after Yahweh rejected Cain’s gift of grain as supposedly too stinting, over Able’s more ample gift of first sheep, that apparently sewn Cain’s rage and envy to murder his own brother). But nice guy God merely condemned Cain to wonder the earth with hard labor—rather than have him killed in kind as well.

But we are talking about Government Right to Secrecy versus the Right of Conscientious Whistle-blowing about foul play by officials the taxpayers employ. In respect to Adam and Eves’ story there was apparent adamancy about secrecy—that is denying access to knowing about and sharing God’s secrets, so it seems Eden was not quite the psychological paradise it was purported to have been by propagandic forces back then; because there is more than enough evidence to show the God of the Bible was not especially fair or just on many occasions. Rather “he” (anthropomorphized) often seems petulant, petty, arbitrary, and at times a tyrannical bully—not too unlike humans and their ruthless politics.

Most importantly though, despite there being religious precepts or high-minded secular motives constantly referred to disguise lies as presented to the masses, too often leaders of many countries do whatever they want to do, irrespective of any legal or moral codes, that could or should apply—and this goes for both Israel and the United States.

So maybe The Knowledge of Good and Evil is really, as facts found on the ground, the conceit some leaders find it permissible, along with their black operatives, para-military actions, and secret layers of deniability, to act in any arbitrary or Mafia-like manner they choose, as if they too are sanctioned as if themselves Gods, but who still expect their subjects to follow rules, laws and moral precepts (even as they themselves violate to no end)? Which Pentagon official went to trial for torture at Abu Graib, etc.? Again and again the top brass who willingly to violate human values get promotions?

Meanwhile, as Zionist conditioning goes, forbidding mere mortals the right and freedom to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil makes claims as to “who” has the power to control knowledge and awareness and who does not. Apparently someone, for some secret reason, classified information as ideas way back in Biblical times—imagine that—enough slaughter in ancient times to turn it into Holy Creed—and if that is not propaganda then what is? This story then is likely more than a drama of sexual shame and feeling naked.

Why would any just God appear to seem to hide certain thoughts? Or for that matter why would a finally released NSA document that is so redacted with blackouts it looks like huge a cover up? (See: “Yes, Black Is the New ‘Transparency’” by Justin Raimondo, and also see his “Data-gate Shows We’re On the Cusp”. You can find Justin’s writings at AntiWar.Com. (He is one of America’s most intelligent, insightful, historically grounded, and individualistically independent writers within the whole spectrum of political writers—and if you are not reading him and financially supporting his base you are missing out on some of what free American intelligence has to offer.)

It doesn’t matter if scholars now interpret Eden as a place in Mesopotamia with Babylonian-like gardens. Nor does it matter if this Torah myth of a tree and garden shares facets with other regional religions of an older hue.

Surely there is legitimate argument for governments to obtain and protect classified information; but what about governments that do not respect their own citizens’ rights, such as to privacy (or the Bill of Rights)? What about a government that “routinely” puts dictators in power such as the Shah Peza Pahlavi of 1950s Iran—which the U.S. and Israel did? What about our Government now pushing another false narrative for a new bombing of Syria based on highly conflicting and seemingly irrational propaganda about chemical warfare? (Irrespective of the politics there the amount of blood, destruction and torture, and lies on America leaders’ hands is more than breathtaking. It does seem there are a lot of thugs employed in the Executive Branch of the American government. And no Government and culture, currently, has more capacity for ruthlessness than the United States of America (irrespective of how you personally view your patriotic fondness for Ronald Reagan, who was an Actors Guild spy for the FBI to report on Communist sympathizers and then became California Governor who hated Berkeley radicals who were “weeping” about killing millions of brown people in East Asia during the Vietnam War in which chemical warfare as agent orange and torture was standard operating procedure).

Why do so few interpretations of the Adam and Eve story, a mysterious but suspicious story, not see it for what it appears—an act of censorship—by some God who has penchant or need to hide aspects of reality, or play games such as power games with his subjects?

Because every sane human being, in any society, wants and needs to know about things labeled good and evil—as every society reinforces norms and regulations on what is thought to be appropriate as ideal or not. There is always pressure on people, in many forms, to shape their behavior, one way or another. Even prisoners in penal institutions have codes to ostracize informers, as there is a blue wall that enforces police peers to protect their own. So the centuries-long question about the first humans being punished for human curiosity continues to beg for more direct answers, like why would any authority figure claim absolute power, such as only “he” (or the State) has a right to knowledge about good and evil—that is when “all” society, at least to some degree, is invested in related and inevitable outcomes?

The United States Government, via the George W. Bush Administration, along with much of the mainstream media then, deliberately lied to the American people, when they orchestrated a chorus that claimed Sadden Hussein had weapons of mass destructions and he and his kind needed to be attacked. Those lies (one of many lies by our Leviathan government and its coziness of mainstream media), too often is about supporting right-wing Zionist goals of having the United States attack “their” enemies, such as in Iraq (many who were supporting, as sympathetic, the Palestinians).

But even without Israel the ignorant ass of America seems to fall prey to forms of corruption (even without outside prodding) because we live in a culture that is embarrassingly shallow and commercial. We need to acknowledge the enormous appetites of a society that willingly accepts notions of brawn, ego, competitive flippancy, etc., rather than learning too much about history and human nature (rather than celebrities and commodities).

It was only after Saddam Hussein eventually kicked Western oil countries out of Iraq as he nationalized oil that he became the bad guy. When he was gassing people the mainstream media and U.S. State Department didn’t have much to say? This speaks volumes. [Fresh off the press: Transparent Hoax Could Lead to War: Phony "poison gas" attack spurs calls for intervention see: ]
Then we illegally and push for impulsive invasion, just like what is currently happening in Syria, as related but unstated goals to support Neo-liberalist economic policies for Western foreign oil ownership again in Iraq. War as earth’s Hell still plays out its chaos from those officiated lies of George Bush, Condo Rice and Collin Powell to this very day—as more people are freshly killed, bombed or tortured in this humanly created hell (not so much Eden-like today)?

Now Barack Obama plays the same kiss The-Powers-That-Be ass. “Hey all these Israeli-connected Jewish friends got me here” (see: “Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone at DemocracyNow.Org). Stone as Solomon hired Barack Obama to teach Constitutional Law at University of Chicago. Now Mr. Intellectual Finesse of civil liberties finds Edward Snowden a law breaker? Ditto for Cass Sunstein of same college discussed earlier in Justin Raimondo’s “Yes, Black Is the New ‘Transparency’. Will Alan Dershowitz now argue gassing is a necessary tactic if used on American enemies (read Israeli enemies)?

Many citizens of modernity have been preached messages about equality before the law, and all people are equal before God, as if God actually cares about all people (if not the other species). We were also taught we citizens have a right to share power and free speech (such as to the right to associate and assemble without being spied on), etc.

Who then, exactly, has the right to decide what is morally right and morally wrong (or just) versus what is considered evil (or what and who is to be labeled “terrorist”)? Has it not always been the individual conscience as soul of making choice (as religious and political precept)?

Bradley Manning (now Chelsea) apparently comes from the school of law of a Military Code that claims “individuals” should not follow orders that are illegal—by law or by international agreement—even if some at the State Department think they can step on anybody for any reason (because their delusion actually boils down to Might Makes Right—even if they have less power than their crippled egos can deal)? Israel and other Middle Eastern countries could be encouraged to separate Church and State—so why no diplomacy on that?

The United States Government, and its culture, has become one of the most hated nations in the world. And it does matter if such animosity is justified or not—the fact is by our constant sucking up to power politics, Israeli demands of having us go to war against Israel’s enemies, and catering to powerful corporations for profit at any expense, we have alienated too much of the rest of the world (and much of our own).

Its not just that wealth owns much of America and our political process, but corporations need to constantly profit off taxpayers’ allocations to defense contractors, surveillance contractors, and a supposed need for instability and threat around the world so as opportunity to sell even more weapons. The U.S. Pentagon budget went off the charts years ago (before 9/11) that immensely burdens the Treasury—but still our chicken hawk Congress doesn’t have the courage or balls to deal with these same corruptive enmeshments they live and are intellectually subservient.

So why would the Pentagon and related hydra-headed Intelligence Community, such as the National Security Agency, want to share any Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the rest of mankind, let alone Americans, when it classifies millions and millions of records a year (even as our Government has outsourced 70% of the National Security budget—meaning there is no National Security—since any mediocre foreign government can likely gain access or buy information, as if on Stock Exchange, from companies or individuals who are highly profit-driven).

Nevertheless a minority of people has figured out how excessively corrupt the American Empire has become and a few have become whistle blowers. The current Bradley/ Chelsea Manning trial (more or less kept things under wraps by the mainstream media focus more to Lady Gaga’s antics and costume instead).

Intimidation tactics are becoming more aggressive as the United States culture, and its two major political parties, are finally being exposed for what they are—rotten to the bone, that is quasi-criminal organizations that falls back to the equivalent of Biblical styles of propaganda and Authoritarianism, in order to support the Holier-Than-Thou Department of State fraudulence (ironically still working for a Zionist delusion that willingly demands the deaths of many of its neighboring peoples—that is if German ambitions were called evil well then American and Zionist ones are more justifiable).

All three Abrahamic religions need to be analyzed for their own terrorist tendencies—primarily using fear and violence. Born into a garden you never asked for, and then being hit with propaganda that you do “not” have a right to know what other levels of power know or do (even though you live there) is a bit disconcerting. So are we just expected to believe what the media tells us—now that more illegal war is evident in Syria?

Any religion that claims a power to sentence souls into an eternal torture of hell is not exactly a Holy or Sacred religion. Any religion or political system that claims its God or FBI can create demons or devils to tempt others to engage in evil or terrorist plots is not likely respectable (especially when focused on profiling certain forms of ethnocentricity). Any religion that has to scare people with the likes of the Book of Revelations and all its grim prophesies is not some sane fairy tale—rather it is a religion based on fear, paranoia and oppression.

Leaks by whistle blowers are a response to America’s corrupted foreign policies and political elite.

PUT THE PRESIDENT, OUR SENATORS, AND U.S. REPRESENTATIVES, AND THE TOP BRASS OF THE PENTAGON, CIA, NSA, ETC. IN GUANTANAMO FOR 35 YEARS (along with mainstream media moguls like Rupert Murdock and the cabal of Neo-Con-Artists and especially Cheney and Rumsfeld, etc. of the despicable Bush era). We can then slowly have kangaroo courts as show trials, plus some real justice trials for that minority of their kind who are actually innocent.

P.S. Israel, you and your God, are coming down your mountain.

{Note#1: If you feel this message is important feel free to share, post, publish, email—let people know!}

This work is in the public domain
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