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Commentary :: Environment
Scary>Twitter Suspended Our Startup Environmental Twitter Blog Twice in First Day !
01 Dec 2013
Modified: 10:43:42 AM
Twitter Billionaires & their Twitter Corp present themselves to the PR World as being caring of "Mother Earth," but apparently will not allow our newest Twitter Blog related to only Environmental issues,see the light of day !
Time Out 4 Hillary

Various commentary from around the Inter+National www in defense of all Gods earthly creatures and the vital environmental habitat they need for survival!
**Our Backyard Environment

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 28 Nov
Worlds Big Oil gave Greenpeace an international warning~lesson about interfering in their Corp profit$ via @AJEnglish

Save Our Species ‏@SpeciesSavers 22 Nov
At $50,000 per m3 poachers are ready to kill for it. SOS grantee @FREELANDpeople is helping rangers protect #Rosewood

Craig Hilton-Taylor ‏@durleigh 28 Nov
Scientists discover new cat species roaming Brazil … via @po_st

Beth Janowski ‏@BethJanowski 28 Nov
Let's give them all that they deserve!
Retweeted by Time Out 4 Hillary

Joe Romeiro ‏@JoeRomeiro 26 Nov
"Did you hear that?" Looking forward to getting back to see these tigers with @epicdiving next week. @nauticamusa

Wildlife SOS ‏@WildlifeSOS 3 Nov
Nicola Field from Animals Asia Chengdu visiting the Agra Bear Sanctuary #WildlifeSOS #Agra

Amanda Shewan ‏@Amandashewan 28 Nov
If you're in the UK please text PIES00 £3 to donate to Animals Asia & give a moon bear a fruity treat for Christmas

Renee Vincent ‏@AnimalsHaveValu 28 Nov
Why is This Woman So Happy That a Lion is Dead?

BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 28 Nov
Do elephants and monkeys grieve like people? An anthropologist examines the evidence

LIKE MIKE ‏@likemike 28 Nov
Sign this petition guys! Stop torturing animals!!

National Zoo ‏@NationalZoo 28 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving from @NationalZoo! We're grateful for conservation successes, our amazing animals & YOUR support!

Monica Missaghi ‏@pleasedtobgreen 28 Nov
So disappointed in @Macys & @SeaWorld for celebrating the continuous abuse of orcas & marine animals #MacysParade

Matthew Dominguez ‏@Matt_Dominguez 28 Nov
Thankful for all who fight for the billions of animals on #factoryfarms! AND my boy Doo! What are you thankful for?

Filmmakers should protect animals by leaving real animals off their sets

Nat Geo WILD ‏@natgeowild 28 Nov
Lions are such amazing creatures. I enjoyed watching them in their natural habitat. Animals are one…

Vegan Outreach ‏@veganoutreach 28 Nov
We're thankful for all the donors and leafleters whose work has led to fewer animals dying in the US since 2006!

Discovery ‏@Discovery 28 Nov
#AnimalOfTheDay 19% of female turkeys can have a "virgin birth."

ke$ha ‏@keshasuxx 28 Nov
animals!! im thankful for you!!!
Retweeted by Time Out 4 Hillary

UberFacts ‏@UberFacts 27 Nov
Chimps are given human birth control pills in zoos.

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
China's Dancing Grannies Are Such a Nuisance They Are Being Pelted with 'Shit Bombs' - … …

Philip Bump ‏@pbump 8 Jul
Chinese people alive during the 1990s lost a combined 2.5 billion of life expectancy thanks to air pollution.

HuffPost Green ‏@HuffPostGreen 27 Jul
Chinese government announces $277 BILLION plan to combat smog and haze

Shanghai Daily ‏@shanghaidaily 9 Oct
A Beijing official was harshly criticized after partly blaming the capital’s air pollution on Chinese cooking habits.

Pew Research Center ‏@pewresearch 22 Oct
Daily Number: 47% of Chinese say air pollution is a “very big” problem in their country

The Telegraph ‏@Telegraph 22 Oct
People ride along a street on a smoggy day in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, China (Reuters)

Al Gore ‏@algore 7 Nov
Chinese air pollution is the result of decades of reckless development & disregard for environment—time for a change:

inhabitat ‏@inhabitat 16 Nov
ICYMI: An 8 year-old Chinese girl was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Is air pollution to blame?

Peter Hurley ‏@CylencharLtd 24 Nov
Ozone and mercury pollution from Chinese industry is contributing to worsening air quality on west coast US.

Knowledge Solutions ‏@ADBknowledge 25 Nov
#KM Read how the #cleanair scorecard enabled Chinese cities #Hanzhou & #Jinan to address their air pollution problems.

Want China Times ‏@WantChinaTimes 27 Nov
Chinese city government denies 'air pollution fees'

The Guardian ‏@guardian 27 Nov
WATCH: Sperm whale explodes as man tries to open stomach

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Telegraph~"We French afford all horses free room service & 2 nights of living with nature in our "Bubble Hotels" !

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Telegraph~"We French give all our horses 1st~class accommodations in our famous "Bubble Hotel" prior being delivered to fine restaraunts"

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Telegraph~According to French President Francois Hollande,all edible horse in France are treated much better than Japans famed Kobe Beef !

The Telegraph ‏@Telegraph 27 Nov
World's largest equine sculptures tower over Forth and Clyde canal (Photo: Getty)

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Telegraph~The new horse eating leader of France has banned this picture from being sold anywhere within French borders,while he fine dines!

Planet Earth ‏@planetepics 27 Nov
You have to save our Planet Earth!

John ‏@JohnTheSecular 27 Nov
One documentary which you think everybody should watch? — BBC's "Planet Earth", narrated by David Attenborough.

Science News ‏@topsciencenews 27 Nov
#The_Independent American audiences more likely to believe in God after watching BBC’s Planet Earth, study shows

Juxtapoz Magazine ‏@JuxtapozMag 27 Nov
.@QAGOMA presents Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth …

UberFacts ‏@UberFacts 27 Nov
Mars’ gravitational pull is only 37% that of Earth’s - You would be able to jump about three times higher on Mars than on Earth.

Grant Bryant ‏@GrantMBryant 27 Nov
If Saturn was this close to Earth, I swear I'd stare at the sky all night

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@cathorio~Word slipped out last week that Sea World has hired Keith Alexander to become their Taiji Japan"The Cove" Lobbyist when he retire$

@cathorio~When giving his U.S. Congressional testimony in Washington D.C.,NSA chief sleuth Keith Alexander wore a Greenpeace hat not NSA !
View conversation Reply Delete Favorited More
Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@cathorio~"NSA again has everything under complete audio control,just like they had with Vladimir Putins pesky Russian Greenpeace activists"

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@cathorio~Keith Alexander has assured us his NSA computers can translate dolphin cries for SOS from simple death cries from family members<

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@cathorio~Blackstone Private Equity Group told Tokyo News they & their Chinese Investors (CIC) have NSA Keith Alexander listening at Taiji

Dr. Kate Riordan ‏@cathorio 27 Nov
#Tweet4Taiji 🐬🇯🇵🐬 Captured Dolphins Being Taken To The Pens.

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Earth_Pics~Chris Christie asked all well wishers at the hospital to please pray for me that I will soon be able to see my toes from my eyes

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Earth_Pics~TMZ reports Governor Christie today told his 2016 Presidential billionaire investors that he can now see "forest from the trees"

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Earth_Pics~Weight Watchers stock went up today 3 points after news of Chris Christie coming through another operation affecting his tummy !

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Earth_Pics~Chris Christie told state residents they can all relax that his little ones are healthy & named after cities & towns across NJ !

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Earth_Pics~Animal World News reported today that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie secretly gave birth to these adorable offspring !

Earth Pics ‏@Earth_Pics 27 Nov
Baby Otters

The Hill ‏@thehill 27 Nov
Gas prices at 3-year low for Thanksgiving travel by @LBarronLopez

Global Development ‏@GdnDevelopment 27 Nov
Why farming subsidies still distort advantages and cause food insecurity

Dr. Kate Riordan ‏@cathorio 27 Nov

Hillary's Ready* ‏@HillarysReady 26 Nov
Driving force behind the release of remaining captive Greenpeace activists,is now just to cover up how the NSA knew everything prior !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 27 Nov
@YouTube~As we speak U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is presenting the highest International environmental award named
"The Exxon~Mobil"

AlterNet ‏@AlterNet 27 Nov
How climate change is putting us on the brink of a mass extinction.

Ecological Internet ‏@EcoInternet 27 Nov
The global environment is collapsing & dying as humanity overruns the ecosystems which make the biosphere habitable

The Guardian ‏@guardian 27 Nov
Water shortages may make fracking impractical, industry says

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
Future investor wealth is sadly driving Big Oil into Gods pristine Arctic region$ and at who's peril ?? via @youtube

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
Russia's Vladimir Putin knows these Royal conservation Gents>Duke of Cambridge & Prince of Wales via @youtube

WWF UK ‏@wwf_uk 27 Nov
#UnitedforWildlife met with Prince Charles & Prince William yesterday to discuss illegal wildlife trade #killthetrade

UNFCCC ‏@UN_ClimateTalks 27 Nov
Useful infographic shows the world's current game plan regarding fossil fuel reserves @guardian @PriceOfOil

Wild Walks Wales ‏@wildwalkswales 27 Nov
We're passionate about the mountain environment, and want to share it with you. …

AFreeMansLife ‏@AFreeMansLife 27 Nov
Environment Canada approves commercial production of genetically modified salmon … #GMO #salmon

The Guardian ‏@guardian 27 Nov
For Canada's remote towns, living with polar bears is growing more risky via @guardianeco

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@ThatsEarth~We send our warmest congrats to Bill & Hillary Clinton on the recent news that a baby Democrat will soon be entering your family

Earth Pics ‏@ThatsEarth 27 Nov
Baby Elephant with mother

Mary Chastain ‏@mchastain81 25 Nov
Home RT @Earth_Pics: Chicago Skyline.

Hillary's Ready* ‏@HillarysReady 25 Nov
@mchastain81 @Earth_Pics~TMZ report:Released Vladimir Putin former Russian captive Greenpeace activists next protest site is Lake Michigan !

Hillary's Ready* ‏@HillarysReady 25 Nov
@mchastain81 @Earth_Pics~Vladimir Putin says" If Greenpeace promises not to protest Russia's Oil platform in Lake Erie,Artic Sunrise is free

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 25 Nov
This is How We Should Experience Dolphins and Whales (VIDEO) … via @OneGreenPlanet

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@kroger~This picture of these 2 precious little kids actually sent us looking in a local Krogers 2 see if they are selling postcards of them

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@kroger~We forgot to mention in our Twitter profile,that we also occasionally will make a special place 4 the worlds children in our Tweets*

The Kroger Co. ‏@kroger 20 Nov
Everyone’s talking about it.

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@Earth_Pics~It has been said more than once by many citizens in Singapore,"we will go without bathing a week or two in $upport of Tourism"

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@MeetAnimals~TMZ reports Kitty of Governor Chris Christie has lost 206 lbs since his stomach operation last yr & is a registered Republican!

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@planetepics~New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told Animal Planet if elected 2016 U.S.President,he will make sure all obese voters can vote

Time Out 4 Hillary ‏@TimeOut4Hillary 27 Nov
@planetepics~Husband & wife team may not qualify to vote in various U.S. States 2016 Presidential election,but they are registered Democrats

Planet Earth ‏@planetepics 27 Nov
All you need is love

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