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Commentary :: Social Welfare
The Real Story on Billionaire www Legalized Criminal Owners & Their Seedy Underworld ..
07 Dec 2013
Modified: 04:01:29 PM
Billionaire Web Network Owners Supplying Children www Porn Are Legalized Criminal$..
Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@THEMINDBLOWN~To all those literate minds on the Island of Cuba isolating captive Guantanamo prisoners & American Alan Gross,please find God

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@THEMINDBLOWN~The sane world is still waiting for America & Cuba to begin walking down the road of civilized relations with each>other !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 2h
@THEMINDBLOWN~Sadly the island of Cuba still has various literate minds that are not reading into isolating captive prison population as 666

Mind Blown! ‏@THEMINDBLOWN 5 Dec
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro raised their national literacy rate from 60% to 96% within one year.

Ibn e Adam ‏@mivaseer 1 Dec
“@wstein: #LOVE_LIGHT

The light
which shines in the eye
is really the light
of the heart.

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Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 3h
@ChuBailiang~We support Pope Francis thoughts on US political struggle over 'trickle-down' economics … via @DCExaminer

Chris Buckley 储百亮 ‏@ChuBailiang 5 Dec
The well-dwellers of Beijing, poor people living underground in tunnels near you:

View photo Reply Retweet Favorite More
Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
@HDNER~1 thing is certain,if the Pope travels to Cuba for a Guantanamo prisoner exchange,he will not be proposing to Raul or
Fidel Castro !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 15h
North Korea's leader Kim Jong~Un reacts with laughter when Dennis Rodman jokingly asks him to marry him … via @HDNER

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 16h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Lets all pray this Holiday season also sees America & Cuba both releasing Guantanamo prisoners & American captive Alan Gross

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 16h
BBC News - US war veteran Merrill Newman released by North Korea

Europe News Depot ‏@europenewsdepot 16h
US citizen released by North Korea: US citizen Merrill Newman arrives in the Chinese capital, Be... treating our fellow man like humans?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@JackBox~NSA Keith Alexander recently told U.S. Congress "Pope Francis has a special Presidential Holy Water that is called hypnotic willie"

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@JackBox~We are told Pope Francis will not have a problem convincing President Obama about exchanging Alan Gross with Guantanamo prisoners*

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@JackBox~Our guess if Pope Francis pulls off a Christmas Season prisoner exchange with the Castro brothers,all three captives will convert*

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@JackBox~We are waiting to hear back from Pope Francis at the Vatican concerning his interest in exchanging prisoners this Holiday season ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@JackBox~Jack's Corp emailed us 2 say how sorry they are that Jack jumped int2 our conversation about the Popes Guantanamo prisoner exchange

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@JackBox~Can you believe this pushy Jack forcing his way into our Castro brothers Cuban Prisoner conversation concerning Del Taco delivery ?

Jack in the Box ‏@JackBox 22 Nov
Oh, you did a juice cleanse? #CoolStoryBro

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@PacificaSurf~We read captive American Alan Gross is stuck in his Cuban prison cell 23 hrs a day with this surf right out his window !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DelTaco~Del Taco says they accept credit card orders,text or phone orders,but they have 2 go light on beans due to toilet paper shortages<

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DelTaco~We got confirmation that Del Taco in Havanna Cuba delivers food to prisoners in both Guantanamo & Havanna within 1hr or it's free*

Del Taco Restaurants ‏@DelTaco 22 Nov
Make it an epic day! #EpicBurritos

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DanMcFeely~Dear Pope Francis,Cuba & Washington D.C. have difficulties communicating with each other & we thought you might intercede ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DanMcFeely~Anyone know if Pope Francis has his own computer phone on him at all times to receive important prisoner exchange text messages?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DanMcFeely~This should be fun,lets see if Pope Francis will answer his Twitter mail or do you think he is out in the Pope mobile ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DanMcFeely~This Castro brothers Cuban prisoner exchange really needs to be taken to a much higher authority like the Vatican & Pope Francis

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@DanMcFeely~Maybe new heart Dick Cheney is not the right person to facilitate this Cuban prisoner exchange between Guantanamo & Havanna ?

DanMcFeely ‏@DanMcFeely 29 Nov
Pope Francis the Revolutionary - wisdom from George Weigel

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@B_resnick @vivyantran~You call this facial look obscure?

Aryeh ‏@AryehsSharings 6 Dec
Wife of Alan Gross: He Feels ‘Abandoned’ by US: The wife of Alan Gross, a Jewish U.S. subcont... via

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@AryehsSharings @Matzav~Listen,if Cuba's captive Alan Gross is married to this bearded woman pictured here,he might be better off in Cuba ?

michaelhirsh ‏@michaelphirsh 6 Dec
Dick Cheney, the un-Mandela:

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@CBSNews~New Heart Dick Cheney told CBS "We lost accused terrorists held in Guantanamo with these Phillips being used in our waterboarding"

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@CBSNews~New heart Cheney fears the secret Cuban exchange code word with this prisoner exchange can no longer be Phillips defibrillator ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@CBSNews~New heart Dick Cheney just sent us this article warning us about any future Guantanamo~American prisoner exchange being conducted<

CBS News ‏@CBSNews 4 Dec
FDA warns about faulty Philips defibrillators that may fail in emergency

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~Your putting the cart before the horse worrying about www porn! India sadly needs to take care of your population?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~With India continuing to spend billion$ on space flights & nuclear weapons,while families sell their kids for sex ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@AmBeautifulShow @RT_com~Agreed,5,500 Inter+National elite owned~financed think tanks are really only playing elites 4 unconscionable profit

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@Liberty92625~Elisha> We are just taking your advice in living life on the edge,so we do not take up too much space !.

A.R.Karthick ‏@arkarthick 6 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA It seems deep-rooted. Universal problem too. I am not sure how the Govts will handle this in future. @mike_allton

Elishia ‏@Liberty92625 6 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA Are you always such a hysterical weirdo, who sends three tweets in 10 minutes, or is today a special occasion?

CricketDiane ‏@AmBeautifulShow 6 Dec
@HILLARYSAGENDA @RT_com Think tanks aren't the culprit, neither is capitalism, neither is profit making - it is unconscionable profiteering.

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@WSJusnews~ Newsmax @Newsmax_Media 14h Bill Richardson Admits: I Screwed Up on Alan Gross Detainment

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@WSJusnews~The 2 Guantanamo Detainees fighting transfers will accept being traded to the Castro brothers in exchange of captive Alan Gross

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@WSJusnews~Rumor has it former President Dick Cheney is attempting to arrange prisoner exchange with Gitmo Cuba prisoners & Havanna Cuba's 1

WSJ U.S. News ‏@WSJusnews 28 Nov
Prisoners Fight U.S. Over Exit From Gitmo

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
Twitter Censorship: Necessary Evil or War on Freedom of Speech by @davidangotti via @sejournal

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
The U.S. Army's Top Secret Arctic City Under the Ice! "Camp Century" Res...: via @youtube

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~America is run by these billionaire elite$ with their high priced lobbyists & think tanks> until public election$ <

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~Elite$ legalized this criminal supply of porn to www children & apparently all our career USA politicos are $ilent

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~Billionaire www owners supply tens of millions of children adult hard core www porn daily claiming to be good guys?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~These sick www network owners deceive by promoting how they capture adults looking at www naked pictures of kids !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@arkarthick @mike_allton~We obviously have allowed some very sick folks to continue 2 supply hard core adult porn to www Inter+National kids

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 6 Dec
@Liberty92625~Elites running America living behind guarded gates only care about productivity and cheap labor costs for Corp USA to compete<

Washingtom Post
By Craig Timberg
Published December 6,2013

How violent porn site operators disappear behind Internet privacy protections

Michele McDonald/For the Washington Post - Private investigator Garth Bruen can't reliably determine who owns and operates disturbing Web sites because of the cloak of anonymity enjoyed by many businesses online. Bruen says he thinks that sometimes privacy goes too far.

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Researcher Garth Bruen long has investigated the seamier corners of the Internet, but even he was shocked to discover, a site urging users to share what it called “fantasy” videos of sexual attacks.

Bruen gradually discovered dozens of similar sites offering disturbing variations — attacks on drunken women, on lesbians, on schoolgirls — to anyone with a credit card. Some made clear that the clips were fictional, but other sites had the word “real” in their titles. At least a few touted videos that he feared might show actual crimes.

Sickened, Bruen tried to determine who operated the sites, a first step toward possibly having them shut down. But he quickly hit a wall: The contact information listed for Web sites increasingly is fictitious or intentionally masked by “privacy protection services” that offer ways around the transparency requirements built into the Internet for decades.

That is especially true for sites offering illicit or controversial content, studies have found. As a result, although governments have increasingly powerful tools for tracking individual behavior on the Internet, it’s harder than ever for private citizens to learn who is responsible for online content, no matter how objectionable.

To Bruen, this is the dark side of Internet privacy.

“That’s not privacy. That’s secrecy,” said Bruen, 42, a security fellow at the Digital Citizens Alliance, a Washington-based advocacy group that combats online crime. “That’s corporate secrecy.”

The desire for sunshine is at odds with the libertarian ethos of cyberspace, where free speech often has been understood to include the freedom to share content anonymously. Bruen seeks a finer line that, while shielding personal conversations and other private behavior, would demand those selling content to accept a measure of accountability by making their identities known.

That long has been required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a California-based nonprofit group that, under contract with the U.S. Commerce Department, has broad authority over the issuing of Web addresses worldwide. The group, typically called by its acronym, ICANN, requires that site operators provide “accurate and reliable contact details” but has struggled to enforce compliance amid the transnational lawlessness of cyberspace.

An ICANN study released in September found massive problems with contact information throughout the Internet. Among “adult” Web sites, nearly half used services to mask the identities of site operators or listed no contact number at all. When investigators attempted to reach site operators whose numbers were listed, the effort was successful for less than 6 percent of the “adult” sites surveyed.

“In principle, the information is supposed to be accurate,” said Stephen D. Crocker, chairman of ICANN’s board. Yet he acknowledged that it often is not, with the “dark corners” of the Internet most resistant to efforts at accountability.

For, the official contact information listed a man with an East Asian last name, a French phone number and an e-mail address issued by a Chinese company. When Bruen sent e-mails, they bounced back as “undeliverable.” When he called the phone number, nobody answered.

This work is in the public domain