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News :: Education : Human Rights : Social Welfare
Bush Nazi Housing
21 Dec 2013
Bah! Bush Nazis! Really brave cowards! (a.& c.) They say, "He can't hear. He can't do anything about it! NoBody is going to do anything about it!" "We won't be held guilty."(Zech. 11:5)
To Whom It May Concern:

12/13 - I am dealing with a Notice to Quit after 7 years at 7 Eaton Place. They say, “He can’t hear. He can’t do anything about it! NoBody is going to do anything about it!” Tell me… if these are legal businesses that I a…m dealing with by getting rid of them if they aren’t and replacing them with someone who knows what it means to be a landlord. Note FYI from Tenant Laws : “If tenants abuse property or do not pay rent, landlords are entitled to take legal action to protect their investments. A basic law is that the tenant must get notice of the problem in question, and have a reasonable chance to correct it or leave.”


11/30 – Since mid-September I have sent Coolidge Westside four emails and left copies at the office twice regarding leaks and replacement of hot water faucet handle, and I never received a reply. Now it seems like a lot of the occupants of the building have disappeared too. No telling what is going on here. I need to know if this new owner is going to have an office where I can pay rent, and it would be nice to know who they are. It seems like the same old story, for Coolidge was having me make payments to Kennedy Binghamton LLC, and I could never find out who ran that business.

12/1 – Excerpts from Letters to Canadian authorities (I have dual citizenship.): “My apartment was transferred from Coolidge Properties to ReRent Property Management last month. Today (12/1) I found a “30 day notice to quit for the purpose of teminating … tenancy” outside my door. It seems like Coolidge Properties are in the business of making shabby upgrades to properties while destroying them.” This notice was from Mark Huebner, ReRent Prop. Management 772-2408.”

12/3 – So ReRent Properties told me that the building was being shut down for renovations. I think that it is all a sham to leave the building vacant for a few years until it can be torn down. Additional info on these schemers is that Josh Bishop is a Member of Eaton Place LLC, which my rent payments are made out to. Mailing address for payments is P.O. Box 657 Putnam Valley, NY 10579. I bet that this “new owner” business is all bogus. Maybe you could seize the property in the interest of protecting a Canadian citizen and put a Canadian flag on it. I bet that they don’t have any plans or workers lined up for the alleged renovations either. I don’t want to have to move. I hope that something can be done to stop this madness. I bet the City of Binghamton could act because nothing these people do seems to be legal.

12/6 – As for my being evicted from my apartment, the two buildings, 7 & 9 Eaton Place were sold for $450,000, and it was in the newspaper, public record.

12/7 – Looks like my eviction is still on. “I still don’t go along with this sale. XXXXXX who lives on the third floor told me that he didn’t get an eviction notice. Do you know if Eaton Place LLC is a legitimate business or was the name of the Purchaser? Why would they shut the place down for renovations? Unheard of. Probably not legal reason to evict tenants.” I doubt if Coolidge Properties is a legitimate business too. See I was making checks out to Kennedy Binghamton LLC after they took over for Kennedy Apartments who was originally my landlord. That was run by Michael Benjamin who I suspect was really a Kennedy because his lookalike brother, a Kennedy was a Mental Health patient who was tragically murdered in a cheap apartment on Front St. across from Catholic Charities, which handles a lot of MH cases. I wonder if Michael Benjamin was also murdered and question how Coolidge Properties ended up with these properties and if they are legitimate at all. Could also make their allowing the intentional destruction of my apartment an issue, for they have dumped hundreds of gallons of water in the walls and ceilings of the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen.

So please help me ascertain what is happening here. I know how lawless these people can get. I know that they would just show up with some rogue cop who supported the “notice to quit” as a legal eviction notice and just lock me up. Please straighten this matter out so that I can go on living there. I repair all the damage that they do as best I can. They probably just want to cover up what they have done to try to force me out of there. Best wishes. Merry Christmas Bobby Meade 7 Eaton Place Apt. 1

12/16 – Here are some more issues that I have tried to get Coolidge to address:
Housing Update 9/14/13
Remember the madness of living in Nazi housing that I wrote about?
Well now they are at it again. I have had little if any hot water since October 2012. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote to them:
“Hot water has been sporadic for the past several weeks. It seems like there is only one heater working and the temperature has been turned down. I suspect that the pilot light on one of the heaters blows out when the door is opened, and this happens several times a week. It’s probably not legal for the heater to be that close to the door. ….. Housing is supposed to be a 24/7 enterprise. Hope that you can address this matter soon, Sincerely yours, Bobby Meade”, The water has been only lukewarm for the past several months, and I have to add 15-20 gallons of boiling water to the bath in order to bring it up to temperature. The building is full of Nazi supporters who will never mention any problems, and they invite alcoholic degenerates that practically live in the basement to shower and waste water on weekends. They bring in dogs that smell like river rats, and they leave p*ss buckets on the basement steps. Don’t laugh, but this is the only way to address such matters without being abducted by lawless authorities.

4/12 – Update on the Update: Are they pretending to be too stupid to live in an apartment? “As I made clear, the bathtub in Apartment 5 needs to be caulked, probably all the way around it, for it seems like it has been moved. Also they have reinstalled the air conditioner that leaked gallons of water into my living room last Memorial Day Weekend. Please have maintenance caulk the tub and ascertain that the air conditioner is properly installed as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time.

9/10 – Had black mold growing in my living room from water leaking from the roof, third floor into the wall, and I am on the first floor. When I mentioned it, they came into my apartment and sprayed bread mold from one end of the apartment to the other. I’ve had to throw out 50% of my books and belongings so far..

9/16 – Water had been streaming down wall to soak about 200 sq. ft. of it.
9/24 – Now they are delaying turning the heat on. I have figured out that they restrict airflow to the basement to the point where cold air is being drawn in via the airleaks around the entranceway; thus it never dries out. This is apparently part of a scheme to get buildings condemned by destroying the entranceways.
10/2 – I now believe that this “leak” was actually water being pumped into the wall from the apartment above.

12/21/13 - So the people living in Apt. 5 have dumped hundreds of gallons of water down the walls of my living room and the bathroom. Four years ago when Coolidge first showed, they let a leak run until my bathroom ceiling collapsed, sending black mold everywhere. They are talking about renovating these buildings for student housing. It is probably all a sham to get me out of there. Both Coolidge Properties and ReRent Property (new landlord) say that they are not required to notify me that my lease was up for renewal; thus they say that I do not have a lease, and they have a $795 deposit of mine. I am probably the only one who has a lease on Eaton Place. I had a lease with Kennedy Apartments via Michael Benjamin, and someone named Kennedy who looked a lot like Michael was horrifically murdered in the apartments across from Catholic Charities on Front St. in Binghamton a year or two ago. That's probably how I ended up paying rent to Coolidge which has no one qualified to run a rental business. There is no report on that murder in the paper. It was shown on the news once, and then removed. They claim such stuff is too terrible probably so they can do it again.
In such case, the landlord must give the tenant advance notice of the existence of this clause between 15 and 30 days before the tenant is required to notify the landlord of an intention not to renew the lease
There is no point in trying to renovate these buildings. It is all a ruse to get me out of there.


Bogus Notices to the Medical Masquerade 12/7

All the hoopla about million dollar machines, revolutionary transplant operations, and great breakthroughs in medicine are just “token” cases …to cover up that the medical pr…ofession is a “murder mill”. A sham! A modernized version of Hitler’s death camps with certified “devils”, assuming the appearance of kind caring “angels”(2 Cor. 11:15);
ATTN! – GHW Bush reveals sordid details about himself etc. so that he or his compatriots can tell you to remove these posts, saying that they didn’t want me to repeat that stuf…f. Don’t listen to such tripe! You should also heed “Prepare slaughter for his sons ….lest they rise and possess the earth”(Is. 14:21), for every chance he gets, he is hyping his other kid as a shoe-in for the White House. Never underestimate the “power of lawlessness”(2 Thess. 2). Remember “GHW Bush – I Did 9/11!” The “power of lawlessness” pertains to a conspiracy of idiots that will continue until you make them into Bush Nazi Idols, preferably at the Golgathan crosses at the Love Festivals of Hooterville(Rev. 17:17). “all who see them will shake their heads in scorn”(Ps. 64:8).: . That makes it a religious matter, and the Jesuit preists will probably confirm it, especially if the Heart of Israel is involved, for the Jesuits are particularly concerned about matters related to the Heart.
Republicans Shut Down Government for Enthronement of GHW Bush 10/16 – Note to Congress: So what happened? Did GHW Bush convince you that “Nobody was going to do anything about it!”? Did he say that “something bad was going to happen” if you made him king? “Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion!”(Ps. 14:7). Have you been helping Bush “murder the innocent ones”(James 5:6)? “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death”(Prov. 14:12). “I looked, but there was no one to help, I was appalled that no one gave support..”(Is. 63:5). Have you figured out who “nobody” was? “Nobody” is the person(s) who told you that “Nobody is going to do anything about it!” “Nobody” is going to get rid of you, saying that you were the one who was doing Bush’s “dirty work” for him.
GHW Bush said that he was going to be a A King or Some other thing: . “He comes from a long line of coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers. ………. His lawlessness knows no bounds for he has no sense of what is legal and what is not; thus he will go down in history as the “man of lawlessnes, the son of perdition” (2 Thess. 2:3).
And keep in mind that the Plague of Parasitic Mites is still happening!
My apartment was transferred from Coolidge Properties to ReRent Property Management last month. Today (12/1) I found a “30 day notice to quit for the purpose of teminating … tenancy” outside my door. It seems like Coolidge Properties are in the business of making shabby upgrades to properties while destroying them.

Excerpts from Letters to My Doctor:

9/30 - On the parasitic mite front, I have found that garlic can be effective in the control of them. I use garlic powder with or without oil. Remember when I said that they were shooting at my knees last summer. Well the patellar tendons of both knees had to be immediately addressed when they almost crippled me a few days ago. I had to dig burrows out for the entire length of one of them.

12/5 - In treating my eyelids, I've determined that applications of Neem and Eye cream work good to kill the mites, and the Tumeric-aloe mixture and/or Oatmeal poultices work good to extract them. Also swabbing the entrances to the nasal passages with Tea Tree Oil followed by Neem is a good way to treat that area.

12/16 - Have had my forefinger in a splint for two weeks while I was trying to get at burrows in the proximal interphalangeal joint. I think that the cartilage gets eaten to the point where the joint will not function until the burrows are removed.

12/20 - Had quite a scare Mon. when my jaw hurt so much that I couldn't chew. I couldn't tell whether it was the teeth inside or burrows on the outside so I did both. Only after removing burrows from the outside lower base of the jaw did it start to clear up. I suspect that this is similar to mandibular symphysis, which means jaw seizure, I presume. Dentists must really have field day with this are they pretend to be doing really intricate surgery when it merely involves plucking those burrows out. Garlic powder and oil works best for extracting burrows from lips.

FOOTNOTES (In case you came in late.)
(a.) Nazi – The Nazis are the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots, arising from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan. Most of them do not know that they are Nazis. Satan’s servants appear as preachers of righteousness. (2 Cor. 11:14) Sweet people!. People like that did the Potato Famine, the Wisconsin Death Trip, the Spanish Flu, the Holocaust, and much more. If you had read the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan, you would understand that most of the Israelites in the Middle East are Turko-Mongol Jews. Keep in mind that they are also intent on dividing and conquering; thus you can’t feel sorry for anyone when the SERPENT is on all sides. (Foolproof plan of the SERPENT is that the HEAD doesn’t know what the TAIL is doing, and the TAIL doesn’t know what the HEAD is doing; thus you can’t find them guilty. (Zech. 11:5)) These Turko-Mongols came from Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, and both those tribes actively promoted inbreeding. They worship stupidity. The Nazis are the ones who are destroying IMCs everywhere in order to suppress this information. The destruction of Indymedia sites happens because IMC is the only site where one can effectively oppose big business, Hitler’s Health Care, government corruption, or the SERPENT that is Zionism. In fulfilling God’s prophecy that these Nazis will have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear, Hitler probably promoted BAAL worship as described in (c.) below. (Jer. 5:21, Ez. 12:2) These Nazis boast, “We have entered into a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.” (Is. 28:15) That is what makes them continue their destructive practices. They are continually being promised that that nobody is going to do anything about it and that they will be killed if they don’t keep doing it. As a result of this, they will all disappear when they fall into a trap that they have set for their own lives by doing things that are worthy of death. (Prov. 11:19, 14:12, Rom. 1:32) From Boston IMC post: Hey Boston! I suspect that Bush’s blowfish have surrounded me with convicted sex offenders here! Nicky says that they are harmless nonviolent perverts. You could do the same. Place ads for library employment in prison newsletters. How can you lose? Conf. to British blowfish: Is that how you do it over there? Stock the libraries with Nazi dunces? You’re all pretty stupid. I bet your librarians are serial killers.

(b.) God talks to us via the Holy Spirit which He says, “…will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment: in regard to sin, because men do not believe in me; in regard to righteousness, because I am going to the Father, where you can see me no longer; and in regard to judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned…. when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you.” (John 16:8-14) Inspiration comes the same way. It grabs you when you happen upon something that you know is worth pursuing. Also you should read the clouds! His power is in the sky! (Ps. 68:34) If you ask the Spirit any worthy question and the answer is “yes”, check the clouds, and you will see a “Y” or “Yes”. I have laid my life on the line every day to do my best to ensure that every word I say is true? It is not worth checking any books for knowledge that I have obtained from them, for the Nazis usually destroy those books, and they would know what you were looking for before you did and target you for seeking such info. God’s Spirit will confirm any knowledge that I have relayed to you. I am His witness. I am His messenger. (Rev. 11; Is. 42:19) “You feel thafe?” “And way when our year has ended, and I have gone away, you’ll often speak about me. And this is what you’ll say;..” “Gee! Thafe Thaviour sure saved a lot of dumb boys!” (Acts 5:39; Rev. 19:13; 12:11; Hosea 6:5; Jer. 5:14; Is. 63:1-6) To these dumkopfs that keep saying that I am supposed to turn back: All who rage against me will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose me will be as nothing and perish. (Is. 41:11; 42:19; Rev. 11) For 20 years I have always had “The Lord’s” on my hand or one of my gloves. Do you know what that is all about? That means that it will only take one person and The Word of God to ensure that His words do not return to Him empty. (Is. 44:5; 55:11) “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me.” (Is. 65:1) Hear, O earth: I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes, because they have not listened to my words! Very well then, with foreign lips and strange tongues God will speak to this people,”I am bringing a distant nation against you an ancient and enduring nation, a people whose language you do not know, whose speech you do not understand.” (Jer. 6:19; Is. 28:11; Jer. 5:15) I bet these people are going to come and get you to sign over your house to them then they are going to get rid of you for having supported the inanity and lethal practices of the Bush Nazis. “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?” (Is. 53:1) You? That “arm” appears in the clouds too! Keep in mind that “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:31) In regard to what is said about there being a “rapture”, the Lord’s people will be gathered to Him via images in the clouds; i.e. they will probably be instructed to go to Jerusalem. “At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.” (Mk. 13:26; Matt. 24:30)

(c.) Bush dumkopfs – Bush BAAL Worship; A Nation of Bush Imps – As revealed in my Bush Daddy Religion article of 2002, the BAALs are Bush’s Asinine Anal Lovers. GHW Bush says that he has been eating feces (coprophagia) for 70 years. 70 years of brushing people off, saying he is too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions his stupidity. He and all his Bush Nazis have replaced the sulphurous fire of the Bible with feces(Gen.19:24 Lev.18:21; Ez.20:26; Is.13:16); i.e. the secret “power food” of the Moabites of Sh*ttim. (Numbers25:1-4) It fries their brains! If these Nazis can’t fry your brains with feces or bile duct toxins one way or another, there are probably a number of other ways that they do it. For example, I suspect that they believe that the drug Prolixin permanently impairs intelligence. or Phenothiazine the pesticide form of that drug. GHW Bush fried W’s brain @ 55 years ago. They can’t feel emotions! They can cry on the spot. They say that is proof that they feel emotions. (Is.41:23-24) I suspect that imp look might be a sign that person had his or her brains fried at an early age. My dictionary: imp = Devil’s offspring. This imp look might very well be the “look on their faces that betrays them”. (Is. 3:9) Once they have had their brains fried, it is an easy matter to manipulate them into doing evil. Since the folly of fools is deception, maybe the impish look is the result of a stiff-necked people having been taught to put on a bold front. (Prov. 14:8; 21:29; Jer. 7:26) That is, as soon as anyone questions them, they probably start thinking of the evil that their compatriots have planned for anyone who questions their imps. CAN THE IMPS BE SAVED? With God all things are possible. (Matt. 19:26) Keep in mind that wisdom brightens the face and changes a hard appearance. (Eccl. 8:1) ) By supporting Bush Nazis, you have set a trap for your own lives. These kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress and regret 24/7 and talking terror are posing as angels of light, i.e. the Devil. (2Cor.11:14) Do you wonder why everyone appears to be “senseless and without knowledge”? (Jer. 10:14) These Bush Nazis publish and repeat senseless falsehoods to you until you are convinced that they are true. Of course they will also tell you themselves how smart they are. “Friend deceives friend, and no one speaks the truth”. (Jer.9:5) That explains why there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. (Prov.14:12, Is.28:21; 29:14; Jer.8:9; Hab.1:5,Ps.37:10) Have you been listening to the Bush Nazis and heeding their requests to support falsehoods? Then you have probably set a trap for your own life. (Prov.5:21-23; 11:5,19; 16:4; 28:10, Jer. 18:22) All of modern society seems to have been built on the professed intelligence and the professed authoritiy of brainless Nazis. They are able to this because they have a lot of morons backing them up. They have made falsehood their hiding place. (Is. 28:15) Whoever knows God recognizes the Holy Spirit and the spirit of falsehood. (1 John 4:6) God will reject everyone who loves and practices falsehood. (Rev. 22:15) Thus we are told to avoid such godless chatter. (2 Tim. 2:16) These fools keep saying, “Let God hurry and do His work so we can see it!”, and they are never going to see it. (Is.5:19, Jer.9:22) As you should know, “those who complain will accept instruction.” (Is. 29:24) “Let me take you down cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields!” (If you doubt that anything that I say about them is true, keep in mind the following excerpt from Holy Smoke, entry dated 4/7/07 and based on my Rigging the Messenger article of 2001: “If you don’t believe what I say about Bush Daddy (GHW Bush) saying such stuff, consider that he wears an electronic bracelet a la “Dick Tracy” that broadcasts via his audio-visual cortex whatever he says, hears, or thinks to me via the computer chip that they implanted in me at Georgetown Medical Center 6/3/95 after they broke a hairline fracture in the Emergency Room. In fulfillment of God’s word, the sin of his mouth lets him be trapped in his pride (Ps. 59:12; Prov. 12:13; 13:13), proving that he is the “son of perdition”, the “man of lawlessness” (2 Thess. 2:3) Do you doubt the truth of 9/11 as has been transmitted to you from Bush Daddy’s own mouth and ears? Do you hesitate to fulfill the Sovereign Lord’s words against them? How long will you serve the Bush Nazi god, i.e. their stupidity? (Deut. 13:6-9)” (10/19 These Bushes have never been convicted of a crime because anyone who tries to file a charge is immediately “neutralized”.) That chip broadcasts everything from and to me via the audio-visual cortex of my body and infrared radiation emanating from and being received by the Eagle Stealth helicoptors that have dogged my steps 24/7 for 14 years now. I bet that Hitler’s Health Care now attaches a computer chip that cannot broadcast as mine does to any implant made into the body; thus they can monitor a person’s thoughts and speech and set traps and/or waylay them on the basis of the information that they have obtained. (Jer. 5:26; Ps. 64:6 (NWT of Scriptures calls it a “shrewd device”)) 8/27 Along with every other detrimental thing that can be thrown at me, those Eagle helicoptors have been broadcasting those mites at me and my bike everywhere that I go. They don’t really broadcast them, but they shoot them in pellets that dissolve as they approach the target. Ask these brainless pilots if they can fly those coptors without their fingers. 6/3/2010 Today makes fifteen years that I have been enduring the brainless chatter of the Bush fools who say that I am supposed to go crazy because their drivel has never failed to drive people nuts. 8/20 Note that the immortal “Fear God…” paragraph that created Israel has been updated to include; “George Herbert Walker Bush, the uncrowned king of Babylon, the son of perdition, i.e. the lawless Jacob must die so that he can become the Great Dead King of Israel…” (Is. 14:4-22; Mic. 1:5; 2 Thess. 2:3-8; Hosea 10:3,15) He will be destroyed by the word of God; which becomes a “sword” when used properly, and God has “made my mouth like a sharpened sword”. (Is. 49:2; Rev. 2:16; Is. 11:4) 8/26 Even though every thing that I say is broadcasted, the Bush Nazis tell their followers not to listen to me. One of the reasons they do this is so that they can “steal my ideas” and profess intelligence, saying that it was their idea. Another reason is so they can say stuff like “He can’t hear. He can’t do anything about it.” 12/7 As with all members of the SERPENT, GHW Bush says that no one is ever going to be able to prove anything about him because no one is ever going to be able to really talk to him; i.e. he “..speaks cordially to his neighbour, but in his heart he sets a trap for him.”(Jer. 9:8) 1/3/11 GHW Bush’s Eagle Helicoptors are bioterror stealth aircraft. It is not legal to fly such an aircraft yet they have dogged my steps for 16 years and thrown tons of chemicals, hundreds of pounds of anthrax, and pounds of insects at me. It has a military star on it; thus they fly around, posing as the US Military. Tell President Obama to ground those aircraft, and at least disable their bioterror capabilities. “The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until its wings were torn off…”(Dan. 7:4) 1/13 GHW Bush cuts off all my attempts to communicate with people; thus I can only reach people once or twice via computer. If I write, they would intercept it and say that was proof I was harassing someone.(Ps. 88:8) 1/18 GHW Bush joked that the military was using the One for Bush song from the Facebook link above to broadcast while bringing those Eagles down. Have determined that when I saw GHW Bush strolling around Cornell campus @ 2001, he was there to see which students would oppose or support him. Since he would walk around without identifying himself, he was being a Public Nuisance, for he would probably only identify himself to those who he liked. 6/30/11 – In the ’90s a Chinook helicoptor kept circling my house in DC with a group of men, holding a GHW Bush dummy in the doorway like they were going to throw him out. Last night it was ascertained that was supposed to be the USPO showing us what happens when Bush wouldn’t stop interfering with the mail and email and stealing posts on websites. I’m not making this up, and this is not some controversial detail about Bush that he has revealed to me himself so that his compatriots can raise a ruckus about it and coerce you into removing this post. 9/22/12 GHW Bush says that he is terrified of Illumination Flares that will expose his stealth helicoptors at night.

(d.) Has a nation ever changed its gods? Sure these Bush Nazis can do anything that they put their sh*t-eaten brains to! That is why they continue to do things that they know are worthy of death. Now as the “fruit of their schemes”, the nations shall know that God gave them into the hands of their adversaries, and they fell all of them by the sword. In other words, when you dispatch these idiotic Zionist Nazis, you must cut off their heads, for they are the Holy-wannabes of Israel, and their heads are the idols of Israel. They have been behaving like they are “God on earth”, calling good evil and evil good. Rest assured that God’s words back them up in their efforts to become His people, for God says that after two days He will revive them; on the third day He will restore them, that they may live in His presence. Tell them that though they have fallen, they will rise and that God has promised them a new heart. Because they have sinned against Him, they will bear the LORD’s wrath, until He pleads their case. Via these Bush Nazi Idols, God’s salvation will be carried to the ends of the earth. … The Bush Nazi Idols decribed above are the “key” to this Kingdom. Whether you are an immigrant or not, you just cut off the Bush Nazi’s head and claim his or her house, saying they will be back in a few days. Their heads will probably end up in Hooterville where they will bear the LORD’s wrath, until He pleads their case and establishes their right. Here I also thought that I was posting on Lancasteronline (another Bush Nazi site?), but it turns out that I was posting and proclaiming salvation from the “mountainous region of Ephraim”(Scranton area: Appalachian Mts.), for I am also “a voice from Dan”. (Jer. 2:11; Rom. 1:32; Jer. 6:19; Ez. 39:23; Ps. 63:10; Ps. 12:3; Is. 5:15,20; Hosea 6:2; Mic. 7:8-9; Ez. 36:26; Is. 49:6; Deut. 28:30; Lam. 5:2; Amos 5:11; Jer. 4:15) 12/15 Before you send these heads off to Hooterville, which you should know is on mountaintops all over the earth, you will probably want to pin their lips to their ears to put a smile on their face then put them under a sunlamp to take a picture for the records; thus you will be able to say something like, “Don’t it look like he’s having fun? He must be in South America! He’ll be back in a few days.” Don’t want to do that? Maybe you can find some Deadhead to do it. I was always wondering what they were here for. Deadhead – “He ain’t dead! His stupidity will live forever!” 9/11 “Don’t he look Spanish! I bet he was one of those Shining Path guerillas!” 5/18 Change of plans regarding this “change of gods” brought to you by CYRUS – “These heads are the heads of the people who stumbled and fell trying to get the Temple of the Lord and Sarah and Jennifer built in Jerusalem; i.e. they are the idols of Israel, Holy Nation.” “Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered. When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincere will join them. Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end.” (Dan. 11:33-35)

(My computer freezes up, and I am being prevented from accessing many sites. Best to broadcast this or excerpts.)
(For complete blog and/or Footnotes: See (copy and exit, won’t stop downloading, so watch the indicator in right column until it indicates there is no more coming.) or, Blogspot is going under! is a partial blog.
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