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Announcement :: International
Liquidation of Unitedstates
04 Jul 2014
This Declaration of Liquidation has been posted to Washington City indymedia a year ago, but that website did not survive regime oppression and went down in the meantime, and maybe it was this content which triggered the attack. Therefore, and because the issue raised therein remains of current urgency, it is being reproduced now.
In times when mortal crime against world history is the rule of the land and cannot come to an end out of itself, nor by superior force without reproducing it, nor by external judgment because that is target of the crime, nor by faithful instruction, nor by doubt-based erosion, it is both necessary and suitable for the purpose of historical justice and dignity to extend the focus of liquidation from the concrete perpetrators to the abstract entity enabling the evil - to the rule committing the crime. With this definition precisely being met by the conditions of the present, it becomes the central commandment of reason to pronounce the liquidation of what has defined itself as Unitedstates and provide reliable and conclusive instruction for the handling of the remainder. Such final pronouncement does not relate to any authority, hierarchy or institution but is the natural consequence of mortal crime against world history.

Humanity is old enough to know well that any attempt of material hegemony over its affairs is a gateway into exploitation, and so is any assumption of a benign variety thereof, whether political, cultural, economical nor militarist. If a hegemony targeting these profane aspects of life already amounts to an annoying parasite and mandates its removal from the role it is taking, a hegemony aiming at the noosphere, the namespaces the members of the species require to compose solutions against material exploitation, is like a parasite carrying a malignant infection – a difference of life and death. The evil of the spying apparatus is not only visible in the damage to individual sovereignty, but as well encompassing all material exploitation enabled by it. In a civilisation collapsing from its own expansion spying against these who resist it is like locking the exits of a burning house.

A satisfactory explanation how Unitedstates got into this dead end of common sense can only be found in its origins from European aberrations. The extent of the spying reveals that despite all shallow statements of the opposite, in its self-perception Unitedstates is entirely dependent upon it for all practical purposes. Its failure to solve the European problem that caused the world wars has led to its inheritance of that role, and as a result its claim of independence is turning out to be an empty promise carrying an unconscious imitation of its European legacy rather than an independent consciousness. Like the criminal rule of the land in Europe was the ancestor of the so-called American dream, the technocratic imitation thereof is its suicide.

Hence, in the course of its liquidation, as much as possible of the current population of Unitedstates is to be transferred into planetary sovereignty in accordance with the decreed annullation of European nations and likewise constructs. As a derivative of the European concept of nation state, as it was prevailing between reformation and globalisation, Unitedstates is subject to existing mandates for liquidation of such entities, and by its material proportion in comparison to European prototypes it is being put on top of the priority list for liquidation. In cleaning out the remainder of a failed system of political rule, Unitedstates is the biggest pile and the first thing to get done with.

To implement the inevitable, the most aware elements of its population opposing the regime and its crimes are called to prepare for the procedure of transfer of subjects and their individual evaluations and compensation of targets both as an ethical and a practical requirement. Liquidation of an evil entity requires detailed data for the assignment of responsibility for its crimes in order to reduce their political, cultural, economical and militarist effects to a minimum. The more transparency can be obtained over the structure of hegemony, the bigger the chances to survive it. The issue is not whether the field is to be plowed but the harvest of the few good fruit before it comes to that.

The liquidation of the imperialist entity is only beginning with its most criminal nation, and propagating from there along the hierarchy of dependencies that represents the failed system. As a result, with the issue of this independent offer, all nation states willingly and knowingly collaborating with or harbouring elements of imperialist hegemony are subject to decisions made against their patrons. Specifically all entities accepting military occupation by Unitedstates are subject to liquidation as well, in an order determined by its size and duration. The liquidation of Unitedstates implies the immediate deconstruction of its entire cascade of imperialist power. Client states demanding sovereignty against spying while accepting military occupation will by ridiculed by the contradiction.

The liquidation of the flagrant hegemony is the opening to an all-encompassing reevaluation of its entire legacy, including the return of the stolen data to its legitimate owners, and the elimination of any derivatives thereof. This means research on the origins of cultural narratives, and in case it is to be found that they do, directly or indirectly, originate from spying, the handing over of their deletion privilege to their legitimate owners. The focus is to be put on the political system enabling the spying, and according to its deeds it is to be entirely discarded and its name marked as the identifier of the evil it produced. It is going to be made clear for all future generations of humanity, that never again, not in any circumstances, democracy must be allowed to advertise itself as anything else than the evil ideology enabling the most monstrous crime against world history. Together with the criminal regime, its deceptive ideology shall undergo liquidation and serve as an indicator of successful change – like the absence of the stench signifies the removal of the waste.

The liquidation of the evil empire of useless spying and assaults does only have a purpose with a perspective of something new and promising taking its place and providing meaning to humanity. This is why any such outlook is at risk of becoming a target for the ad hominem attacks coming with the spying. The regime and the system are so bad that they cannot meaningfully compete, but only abuse their privileges to sabotage any alternative to themselves. If our place in the universe was along a cosmic pilgrimage path, it would already be obvious to everyone how the ongoing crime of the Northamerican spying apparatus is an impressive instance of mortal convulsion in the life of a species awaiting extinction. Like the failed industrial economy in its demise is robbing everything to prolong capitalist misery, so does its political foundation and apparatus, even when it mandates its liquidation. When all other ways to Anarchy are jammed with disinformation, this one opens up.

This work licensed under a
Creative Commons license