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News :: Education
Obama’s White Grandparents and mom are a Rightwing C.I.A. family
23 Aug 2014
A White Woman has a job with the bank of Hawaii.While she herself is not one of the people who runs America.(The members of Skull and Bones,Men and Women with the names David Rockefeller,George Bush Sr.,George W.Bush,before he died William F.Buckley Jr.,and Susan Eisenhower run America.Juniors at Yale University join Skull and Bones and are given jobs with the C.I.A. who runs America and David Rockefeller never joined Bones but is a Rockefeller with relatives who are in Bones so David Rockefeller is one of the Men who runs America)As an Executive at the bank of Hawaii She is involved in the money laundering and other illegal activities that the C.I.A. and David Rockefeller as himself personally do.All rich people have people with less money who work for them.Her husband served in General Patton’s Army and knows his wife works for a bank that launders money for David Rockefeller and the C.I.A.He himself may also be doing agent and contract work for the C.I.A.
While in the 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both supported the Kenyan Independence movement and Jomo Kenyatta the C.I.A. didn’t like Kenyatta (The CIA didn’t want Kenya to go Socialist there were Black people in Kenya who the CIA supported on the condition they allowed brutal Corporate Capitalism in majority Black African countries.The C.I.A.’s position was, “If the Black people in this British colony are going to declare independence and make it a majority Black country that’s at least have it be Capitalist.” Because in the 1960’s,at a time when segregation was the policy of the South.MalcolmX told the story about the ambassador from the African country who couldn’t get a table at a restaurant in the South until the U.S. Government stepped in to help that one Black African ambassador for P.R. reasons to get a table while they still hadn’t at that moment yet passed legislation so all American’s of African descent could get a table so obviously the C.I.A. as racist as they were worked with some Black people so a plane full of Black people from Kenya who it is admitted were being taught anti-Communist anti-Soviet ideas landed in Hawaii in the middle of the coldwar to attend college in America.
While I’m sure as a White C.I.A. family they didn’t like it there daughter married and divorced one of the Black African college students from Kenya Barack Hussein Obama Sr.Because Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s father Onyango was originally Christian and after his conversion to Islam he added the middle name Hussein.Hussein is an Arabic name added after the Islamic conversion meaning before he was Muslim backwhen he was Christian Onyango had the lastname Obama so the lastname Obama itself is not Arabic or Islamic.There is a city in Japan named Obama.There are Asian Japanese people named Obama.
While Onyango was originally Christian not Muslim Black people in Kenya if they are originally Christian are Christian because White Christian missionaries were in the villages.Because a group of Black people in Kenya who happened to be in the Seventh Day Adventist church all ended up with the lastname Obama when for hundreds of years Asian Japanese people had the lastname Obama and a city in Japan has for Thousands of years been named Obama so people wondered if Black people in Africa after the Missionaries arrive end up with the same lastname as Asians does this have something to do with Christian missionaries?Was Obama originally an African lastname the only people who had it it seems before the White Christian missionaries came to Kenya were Asians.If Black people in Kenya didn’t get the lastname Obama until missionaries showed up does the lastname Obama have something to do with Christian missionaries?
After Ann Dunham the daughter in this C.I.A. family divorced the Kenyan student she got a job with the C.I.A. front the Ford foundation and she took her son with her to Indonesia the C.I.A. at the time was helping a Rightwing military dictatorship in Indonesia and the C.I.A. people Ann was working with in Indonesia were also aiding the Vietnamese government that millions of Americans were opposed to going to war to defend.
While Martin Luther King Jr. condemned the war in Vietnam and America’s decision to send troops to fight on the side of an anti-Communist dictatorship against the Vietcong Ann Dunham was working with C.I.A. men in Indonesia who were also aiding the Vietnamese regime.While Ann Dunham seems to have felt bad for poor people in Indonesia Ann Dunham was working for a C.I.A. front foundation in a country where the C.I.A. was helping a military dictatorship and dropping her son off in the afternoons at the American Embassy in Indonesia.
Of course you now had a kid who had been born to a Black Dad and Whitemom because of the divorce he was being raised by his White mom,had no contact with the dad,this Black kid lived with his White mom and Asian stepdad before going to live with his White Grandparents in Hawaii.Once he became an adult,after a stint at Junior College Columbia University an Ivy League college accepted him David Rockefeller the man his Grandma’s bank laundered money for’s close friend Zbigniew Brzezinski was his college professor at Columbia and while they normally didn’t want Black people around they were bringing guns and drugs into innercity Black neighborhoods during the 1980’s the C.I.A. front company B.I.C. hired him before he went on to work for possible money laundering foundations and attend Harvard Lawschool and get a job as a professor at the David Rockefeller supported University of Chicago lawschool which is the number 5 lawschool in America.
Fastforward now in 2004 you can’t underestimate the emotions that body language can stir up.There are Black people who while White America is racist White people do like them.These individual Black people Bill Cosby,Michael Jordan,Magic Johnson,are both culturally different in someways then White people and liked by White America.When you watch a rerun of “The Cosby show” Bill Cosby’s body language his mannerisism are the way a normal guy from a different culture walks and talks and White people loved Bill Cosby on that other 1980’s sitcom, “A Different World” the Dwayne Wayne character was an educated Black college student Dwayen Wayne’s mannerisims and body language were the mannerisims of someone who was culturally different and White people liked that TV show.The man on the podium at the Democratic convention in 2004 wasn’t an educated and well liked Blackman he didn’t have the mannerisms of a Bill Cosby or a Michael Jordan.The man on the podium was robotically stiff he had a way of walking,talking,and speaking that no one Black or White in America in the 1980’s and 90’s did,this man and his friend the actor Hill Harper are the only Two people in the world who stand and walk this way.
The man on the podium who was neither an educated Blackman or a Whiteman with his mannerisms he was robotically stiff.At a moment when Red states and Blue states meant normal Democratic differences that people even in a time of war have a right to have when there being a “Black America”, meant that people who are culturally different will express their feelings about then President George W.Bush’s treatment of them.The man who physically was not an educated Blackman that White people liked and he wasn’t White either he was physically different then anything anyone had seen declared that America’s normal Democratic divisions and Black people expressing their feelings were divisions in the society and all Americans need to be the same a monotonous “One people.” This was music to the ears of those who dislike both Leftwing anti-Bush Whites and African-Americans people who felt the Iraq war was wrong disagreed with some Bush administration policies but didn’t want the normal Liberal Left response they wanted to dislike some Bush administration policies while supporting Bush and this man was right up there saying despite differences on the war in other areas we Americans would be a monotonous “One people” His bio was something people loved he had a White mom who gave birth to him,was raised by his White World WarII Generation Grandparents,grew up in a White community agreed that Black people shouldn’t be culturally different in a time of war but because his White mom had briefly married and divorced a Black guy he happened himself to be Black due to the circumstances of his birth but besides agreeing with the White America that Black people shouldn’t act culturally different during a war,he himself since despite having a White mom and White Grandparents is Black,he himself married a Blackwomen and brought her along to his views
.One of Two things happened with Bible belt White Christian America and Barack Obama
1)White people said if he has a White mom who gave birth to him White Grandparents grew up in the White community of Hawaii so it’s like the one Black guy in an all White Highschool while his mom who gave birth to him is White and his Grandparents who raised him are White because his mom married,had a kid with,and divorced a Black guy he’s Black because he’s a traditional guy just like Colin Powell he married a Woman who’s also Black he doesn’t stand,walk,talk,or physically have any mannerisims that resemble African-Americans he agrees with me that it’s ridicoulous for Black people to complain that they are being mistreated he is a born again Christian he supports our Christian Army’s War in Afghanistan and like a lot of people he feels the war in Iraq is a mistake he supports the Federal Government funding Christian faithbased programs all over America and he is himself a born again Christian but because his mom married,had a kid with,and divorced a Black guy,the Black man who’s his biological father’s name was Barack Hussein Obama so on the birth certificate he was given the name Barack Hussein Obama Jr.
Because his White Grandparents and White mom raised him to be Christian he doesn’t use Hussein as part of his name.So if we have a guy who doesn’t walk,talk,or stand like a Blackman,he talks like a Whiteguy,agrees with us that Black people have no reason to complain,supports Government funding of Christian churches,supports the U.S. military has a White mom,White Grandparents,but is himself Black but is married to a Woman who’s also Black,because he’s just like a Colin Powell or Clearence Thomas if because his White mom had married and divorced a Blackman his First name is Barack since the lastname Obama isn’t a name just Black Africans have and Hussein isn’t a part of his name we can accept the fact his name is Barack since Obama isn’t a Black African lastname.And then if White Christian America can accept the First name Barack as long as nothing else about him is Black
Then instead of a society where if there are 5 Black people for example there is a Black women she walks down the street and White people look at her in a racist way there is a Blackman he walks down the street White people look at him in a racist way there is another Blackwomen she makes a phone call for a job she’s applying to she says over the phone her name is Keisha and the White man on the other line says the job isn’t available a Blackwomen named Mary and a Blackman named Sam because they are Conservative and agree with White people are hired and accepted it will be a society where when the Blackwomen walks down the street White people still look at her in a racist way when the Blackman walks down the street White people still look at him in a racist way there is another Blackwomen when she makes the phone call she speaks in a way that no one White or Black speaks then she says her name is Keisha the Whiteman on the otherline says to himself this is how he thinks,
“If she doesn’t talk like anyone in the world White or Black but her names Keisha then she was born Black her parents gave her that name but she isn’t at all the way Black people are if she talks like that I bet she doesn’t walk,stand or have any cultural similarties to anyone who is African-American.” Keisha is hired and Sam,Mary,and Keisha because they are Conservative and agree with White people are hired and accepted.The fact Keisha who makes a point of walking,talking,and standing in a way that no one White or Black stands,walks,and talks in, would mean you can have a different skin color and an African-American name if you get rid of everything about you that is culturally different which is unfair to ask of someone they still want a White culture where those who are culturally different have to give up their cultural differences but now if you give up the cultural differences that you should be allowed to have besides the skin color that you can’t change you can keep the name
2) The second possible explanation for Barack Obama and bible belt White Christian America is according to the Sally H.Jacobs book “The other Barack” on page 26 of the Sally H.Jacobs book “The other Barack” Obama’s father was born in Kenya with the name Baraka Hussein Obama when Baraka was a boy he attended a Christian Missionary school run by Whites in Kenya.The White’s said he couldn’t go to school there with the name Baraka they knew he was from a Muslim family because in the OldTestament which is used by both Christians and Jews there is a Barak if Baraka changed his Muslim First name to Barack according to the Sally Jacobs book he would now have a different spelling of a Christian name Barak is Christian Barack is considered a different spelling of the same Christian First name Baraka is Muslim.Because the Missionaries knew the lastname Obama is not Muslim and if missionaries decided to give Black members of a Seventh Day Adventist Church a lastname Japanese people and Japanese cities have,then the lastname Obama maybe from Missionaries also.As long as he was Barack Obama and not Baraka they let him keep the Arabic middlename.
So if Barack Hussein Obama Sr. is a Christian First name and Christian lastname then Bible belt White Christian America didn’t even take a small step forward and accept an African name as long as all cultural differences are eliminated by being Barack Obama and obviously not Barack Hussein Obama he has a Christian Missionary approved First name and Missionary lastname so if what Sally H.Jacobs wrote is the truth then besides a White mom,White Grandparents,White community background,a wife who’s also Black,he also has a name that’s White and Christian so having Barack Obama as President while Black people who are ethnically different are discriminated is to these White voters like voting for Colin Powell or Clearence Thomas.
Because what happened on 9/11 is the C.I.A. had Two very bad choices to make according to James Baker’s “Strategic Energy Policy Challenges for the 21st Century.” Published before 9/11 in 2001There would be another power blackout similar to the California power blackout that previously occurred and people would freeze in NewEngland if America didn’t get more Oil.Saudi Arabia either didn’t want to or couldn’t because of pressure get the Oil for America the world isn’t running out of Oil but Saudi Arabia either didn’t want to or couldn’t get the Oil for America so America was trying to build a pipeline in Afghanistan Obama’s former college Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1997 wrote in “The GrandChess Board”, that America should send the military into Afghanistan because as Brzezinski wrote in 1997 “About 75 percent of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well both in it’s
enterprises and underneath it’s soil Eurasia accounts for about 60 percent of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources. The Public supported America’s engagement in World WarII largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.” (25)“It is also a fact
that America is too democratic at home to be autocratic abroad.”(35 )” Brzezinski also called for turning America into part of a Global Capitalist dictatorship “In the course of the next several decades,a functioning structure of global cooperation,based on geopolitical realities,could thus emerge and gradually assume the mantle of the world’s current ‘regent’which has for the time being assumed the burden of responsibility for world stability and peace.”(215)
Because the United Nations right now is in charge of world stability and peace,what this means is if after many decades countries were linked together to the point where they didn’t function like individual countries and in a post coldwar era,that would mean corporate Globalisim where major corporations and banks are even more powerful.At that point while today the U.N. does some humanitarain nonprofit things because the corporations would be the government the U.N.would now instead of nonprofit humanitarian work be the enforcer of a Global Capitalist society.
The website has an article 12 September 2001 by Catherine Zandonella,saying that any hijacked airplane could be landed without anyone being harmed by any of the FAA or NORAD employees sitting in desks in front of Computers.It also is a known fact according to the 9/11 Commision that NORAD as far back as the late 1990’s expressed concern that Terrorists might use hijacked airplanes as a weapon in America or Canada This would mean that NORAD was afraid a hijacked airplane might hit a building and they had from the late 1990’s until 2001 to program the airplanes to land based on what someone at a Computer not the Pilot commands it to do.Had this happened and as they claim no one was expecting planes to be hijacked on 9/11 then the First plane would hit the World Trade Center,then NORAD and maybe also the FAA would decide as a safety precaution to land any additional planes that veer off course.So the Second hijacked plane because of Computerized Autopilot right as it’s going towards The World Trade Center would begin to go in a different direction and eventually safely land without anyone on board being harmed and without the plane touching the World Trade Center.The rest of the hijacked planes would also once they went off course also by Autopilot go in a different direction and safely land without anyone on board being harmed or without hitting any buildings.And by the end of September 11,2001 the World Trade Center would’ve still been standing but had a hole in it.The Pentagon would be unharmed and maybe 30 people not 3,000 would be dead.So what happened?Because the World Trade Center was destroyed and a hole put in the Pentagon the U.S military now after James Baker said without Oil people would freeze after Osama BinLaden did bomb the U.S.S. Cole and the U.S. embassy in Kenya the U.S. military now has been able to be at war for over a decade right where that Oil pipeline either runs through or is located.While the C.I.A. did 9/11,BinLaden did bomb an American embassy in Kenya and the U.S.S. Cole a bad man who has bombed American ships and embassy’s will freeze Americans to death and we’ll have 500,000 dead bodies or 5,000 people will be killed we’ll get a declaration of war and 495,000 Americans will live while we get him and the Oil we need.This fact it’s all about Oil explains what Obama did in Libya.While Ken Timmerman is a righwinger and has a bias towards Obama facts are facts according to Ken Timmerman’s “Dark Forces The Truth about what happened in Benghazi.” Pages 83-86 Qaddafi pressured U.S. Oil companies to contribute to his foundation meaning U.S. Oil companies were being asked to give money to Quaddafi or else at a time when America needs Oil and while Barack to White America is Colin Powell or Clerence Thomas while Barack was raised by the White side of the family because Barack Obama is biologically the Grandson of a Muslim Quaddafi thought he was complimenting Obama by calling him a “Muslim brother” Obama took America to war against Libya Quaddafi is dead and while Al Queda is the organization that blew up an American embassy,American Naval ship,refused to give America a pipeline so America needed to choose between 500,000 people freezing to death or 5,000 people dying and 495,000 people living so 9/11 was seen as limiting the loss of lives when the C.I.A. blew up the building in their zeal to kill Quaddafi American guns somehow ended up in Al Queda’s hands.
Because these wars are used as a justification for Civil Liberties cut backs at home besides the increase in E-mail interception 90% of the internet today is Facebook,Twitter the idea is if instead of E-maling friends eachtime you are talking to a friend or a Punk Rocker you are a fan of you are interrupted by someone else talking to you instead of being oneway at a job and another way at home Americans will become preconditioned in a wartime society to expect any 2 minutes of fun and recreation will be interrupted by an hour of doing what is done at an office just like at the office when you are at home you will be interrupted and asked questions while trying to talk to a friend while E-mail interception is well known because banking is done online they may besides keeping people off airplanes also financial problems to people in the government data base.

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