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News :: Education : Environment
WBUR Pushes Lethal Atkins Diet
04 Sep 2014
The Atkins Diet was pushed on Sept 4 by WBUR. It is a diet which causes heart attacks, strokes, kidney dysfunction, intestinal constipation and cancer, many other cancers from the dozens of carcinogens in animal and fish flesh and dairy.
Dr Atkins Who Died Of A Cerebral Stroke Weighing 258 Pounds
Pawns Of Meat Industry Push Lethal Atkins Diet Again

On September 4, WBUR's "On Point",carried nationally by National Public Radio with its 200 million dollars in animal cadaver fast food stock, pushed the Atkins Diet, a diet condemned by the AMA for causing bleeding ulcers, kidney dysfunction, dangerous constipation. Every unnecessary ounce of animal protein eaten by the body requires the kidneys to shear off the nitrogen. Carnivores such as lions and tigers have 5 times the kidney size per pound that humans have.

Atkins before he died was in financial league with Smithfield, the world's biggest pig butcher, as well as with Duke University.

As more and more Americans are switching to fruits and vegetables, the stock market is panicking.

These poison pushing profiteers like to define the optimum diet of vegetables and fruits as carbohydrates.


Isocaloric (same number of calories in each group) studies done
by Mervyn Hardinge at Harvard indicated that 3 control groups
(vegans, dairy vegetarians, and nondairy vegetarians) given the same
number of calories daily had a 23 lb.differential after 3 months,
with vegans weighing 23 lbs. less than nonvegetarians and 12 lbs.
less than vegetarians. Fruitarians studied elsewhere weighed less
than vegans. Epidemiological studies of populations of billion or
more people (India and China) as well as those of Italy, Okinawa and
other countries indicate the less meat and more fruit and vegetables
the less obesity in the people. 7000 MD's

The CDC USDA NIH FDA have been protecting the multi trillion dollar
meat industry by deliberate misdiagnosing of Mad Cow in the US as
encephalitis, meningitis, Alzheimer's, Jakob Cruetzfeldt Disease,
stroke, tumor, food poisoning etc. 7000


The Inuit of Alaska, Greenland, Iceland have the shortest life
expectancies in the world and have had for over 150 years. It is rare
for an Inuit male eating only animal protein and fat to live over the
late 50's. Conversely the longest life expectancies are in the
centenarian vegetarian tribes
(Villcabamba of Ecuador, Hunzas of Tibet, Azerbaijans of the
Caucusus, monasteries in India). (Source: National Geographic Jan 73)

The Atkins Foundation has published studies to justify its
claims. Those who reported the biased research did not mention it was
conducted by the Atkins Foundation. Clear Channel, heavily funded by
the meat, dairy and fish industries, has pressured its white male
talk show hosts
to go on the diet as free advertising for the animal flesh

for many reasons including that it causes bleeding ulcers, food
poisoning, kidney dysfunction, cancer, heart disease, strokes.

Physicians Michael Klaper, Neal Barnard, and many others have
written and lectured on the role of animal fat in clogging penile
arteries, blocking function, as well as the role of female hormones
in animal products in causing
prostate cancer.

Atkins and other pawns of the meat and animal products industries
like to say that carbohydrates turn to sugar. What they do not say is
that proteins also turn to sugar, but only after the body is
exhausted shearing the nitrogen
off of the protein and eliminating it as NH3 or urea. Carnivores have
5 times the kidney size per lb. that humans have.
Adelle Davis, advocate of organ meats, frequent tv guest, died in
her 60's of a melanoma cancer. Dr Stillman, from whose work Dr Atkins
borrowed, died suddenly. His tv shows were cancelled.

An African doctor said after many decades that it was his observation
that large volume of human waste equals small disease. Small waste
equals large disease. Humans are frugivorous or fruit eating.
Primates have the longest intestinal tracts in the world. Carnivores
have the shortest. Carnivores are built to get rid of putrefactive
(rotting) meat quickly. It remains in humans' intestinal tracts,
causing appendicities, food poisoning, constipation
and ultimately, intestinal cancer. Animal protein and fat when heated
form carcinogens such as methylcholanthrene and malanaldehyde.
The uric acid or pre urine in the muscle cells of meat or animal
flesh is called trioxypurine. It is much stronger
than caffein which is dioxypurine. Both crystallize in needle shape
and gather around joints causing the pain
of arthritis. The Atkins diet accelerates this process.

Lawyers suing fast food chains have not yet used the addiction
argument. Trioxypurine, uric acid is more addictive than caffeine,

Since 97% of all food poisoning fatalities are animal product related
(ecoli, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, etc.) Atkins Diet multiplies the
chances of contracting food poisoning.

Dr Loving at Ohio State found in measuring humans in fights that as
long as 22 hours after, epinepherine
or adrenalin levels in the blood were elevated. Those who ingest
animal flesh are eating the adrenalin, the
fright, anger and terror secreted by the animal who fought against or
fled from slaughter.
Adrenalin is a long protein enzyme. Only some of the links are broken
by cooking. Violence is caused
by the eating of meat.

The Atkins diet is high in memory destroying mercury and other heavy
metals. Why? Animal and fish products are at the top of the food
chain. Rachel Carson inThe Silent Spring wrote of the poisons in
water that can be concentrated in amounts 100 to 1000 times higher in
Animal protein plaque lines the brain and is corrlelated along with
aluminum and alcohol to Alzheimer's.
Animal fat lines the cerebral arteries blocking blood flow. William
Shakespeare (or Marlowe) in Twelfth Night: "He is a heavy eater of
beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit."
The Atkins diet has no vitamin C. C, wrote Dr Linus Pauling, Nobel
Prize winning neurochemist who discovered new elements, is necessary
for rapid transmission of brain signals.
Blood is diverted from the brain to the stomach after a heavy meat
meal. Carnivores sleep in the sun for 3 days after a fresh kill.

Every pollutant in the war is concentrated in a thousand times
greater amounts in meat. Mercury, pbb's, pcb's, arsenic, chromium,
lead are some of the tens of thousands of industrial pollutants,
heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics.

Dr Atkins died in 2003 at age 70 weighing 258 pounds, from a stroke which caused him to hit his head on the sidewalk. He had first had his heart condition reported at the age of 67. He took with little attribution many of his ideas from Dr Stillman, who died earlier than the national average, and
from Adelle Davis, who also died sooner than the national average of cancer. She was an advocate of organ meats, the consumption of which Dick Gregory has described as akin to eating the filter out of car.

His diet causes kidney damage from ketosis... Carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per pound. There have been many fatalities from his diet, caused by internal bleeding
from stomach ulcers, intestinal cancer because there is no natural bulk or vitamin C, food poisoning, cerebral strokes, heart attacks, early onset of Alzheimers etc. The conservative American Medical Association condemned the Atkins diet. It is interesting that the Inuit of Alaska, Greenland etc. have the world's
lowest life expectancy, if one discounts war, deaths from poverty, accident. The Atkins, Stillman and other animal protein diets create a condition of acidification of the body, which is the fertile ground for the development of many diseases.

Atkins was secretly funded by the meat, fish and dairy industries, factory farmers. The Atkins Foundation has corrupt money sources as well.

Besides causing thousands of diseases to human beings, the Atkins diet causes animal agony, deforestation, global heating, energy waste. over 1500 vegan physicians with no commercial ax to grind

Disinformation comes from Dr Bozzano of Tulane, from USA Today, and from the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Picture is of Dr Atkins
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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Re: WBUR Pushes Lethal Atkins Diet
06 Sep 2014
Click on image for a larger version

Bacon truck.jpg
Just What Killed the Diet Doctor, And What Keeps the Issue Alive?

Published: February 11, 2004

So was he fat or svelte or maybe a tad chubby? Was it really a slip on the ice or could it have been something else -- even, dare it be said, something he ate?

Now there are confidential documents passed to the news media, and still more dueling authorities, not to mention the ticklish matter of the mayor and the doctor's widow and the promised steak dinner.

Oh the mess goes on and on like a seven-course meal.

Dr. Robert Atkins, the diet doctor who popularized the notion that dieters could eat fat and lose weight, has been dead for nearly a year, after he fell on some ice and hit his head last April, yet indecorous questions about his health and, yes, his weight persist, and the mayor, who hasn't even been on the diet, can't seem to stay out of it all.

The latest twist is the publication in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday of details from Dr. Atkins's confidential medical report. The report concludes that Dr. Atkins, 72, had a history of heart attack and congestive heart failure and notes that he weighed 258 pounds at death.

The release of the report by New York City officials outraged the Atkins people. It also annoyed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, already on delicate ground in Atkins matters. ''What happened is we made a mistake,'' said Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the city medical examiner's office. Late last year, the office received a request for Dr. Atkins's medical report from Dr. Richard Fleming of the Fleming Heart and Health Institute in Omaha, Neb. On Dec. 22, a member of the records staff mistakenly mailed it out.

While cause and manner of death are public information, medical reports are not. They are to be shared only with the next of kin or anyone authorized by the next of kin, physicians or medical facilities that treated the deceased, or state or federal facilities that legitimately need it.

So it was fine to tell the world that the cause of death was ''blunt impact injury of head with epidural hematoma'' because Dr. Atkins ''fell from upright position,'' but that's it.

Dr. Fleming was not a treating physician, and, according to Ms. Borakove, did not say he was. A critic of the Atkins diet, he passed the report on to a group he was acquainted with, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which promotes a vegetarian diet and denounces the Atkins plan.

The Physicians Committee gave the report to The Journal. Ms. Borakove said that a television station in New York apparently also has a copy, because it called her last week. (The Physicians Committee furnished a copy yesterday to The Times.)

The report, based on an external examination of the body and some hospital information, said Dr. Atkins had a history of heart attack, congestive heart failure and hypertension. His wife objected to an autopsy, Ms. Borakove said, so none was performed.

Responses to the report's release came quickly from Atkins quarters. Dr. Stuart Trager, chairman of the Atkins Physicians Council, a group of physicians who work as consultants to the Atkins organization, said the Journal article ''was based on incomplete personal medical records that were illegally delivered to the newspaper in violation of federal law.''

He said Dr. Atkins did not have a history of heart attack, nor was he obese. He said that Dr. Atkins weighed 195 pounds the day after he entered the hospital following his fall, and that he gained 63 pounds from fluid retention during the nine days he was in a coma before he died. Dr. Trager said Dr. Atkins did have cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease that was probably caused by a virus, not by what he ate. While Dr. Atkins had an episode of cardiac arrest the year before his death, Dr. Trager said, he was unaware that he had had any history of heart attack.

''Old age was not particularly kind to him,'' he said. ''This cardiomyopathy was a real bugger. But the physicians who were treating him had no reason to think it was diet related.''

Veronica Atkins, Dr. Atkins's widow, issued a statement yesterday expressing her horror at ''unscrupulous individuals'' who ''continue to twist and pervert the truth.'' She added, ''I have been assured by my husband's physicians that my husband's health problems late in life were completely unrelated to his diet or any diet.''

Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, stressed that it was not Dr. Atkins's health alone that interested him. ''I'm concerned about the Atkins machine trying to play the card that Atkins was healthy and thin into old age,'' he said. In his view, the Atkins diet ''is an imminent public health threat.''

Dr. John McDougall, a member of the Physicians Committee and an internist who had debated Dr. Atkins, said there was no doubt that Dr. Atkins had lost weight after his cardiac arrest, but before that was a different story. ''I knew the man,'' he said. ''He was grossly overweight. I thought he was 40 to 60 pounds overweight when I saw him, and I'm being kind.''

As for the buildup of fluids in his final days, he said, ''I never heard of anyone gaining 60 pounds of fluid in nine days.'' He said he suspected that Dr. Atkins was unable to follow his own diet. Dr. McDougall agreed that the diet produced weight loss, but said he considered it extremely unhealthy and hard to follow.

The mayor entered the Atkins controversy during a recent pasta dinner with firefighters, when he expressed skepticism that Dr. Atkins had died from a fall (there has been speculation that perhaps a heart attack caused the fall) and described him as ''fat,'' remarks picked up by NY1 News. Mrs. Atkins demanded an apology, and after first refusing to do so, the mayor issued one through his press secretary. He also invited Mrs. Atkins to a steak dinner, no potatoes.

Yesterday the mayor condemned the latest twist, saying there were ''absolutely no circumstances that private medical documents should be put out in contravention of the law.'' The medical examiner's office sent a letter to Nebraska health authorities complaining of Dr. Fleming's action. And how about the mayor's steak, no potatoes, meal with Mrs. Atkins? ''I did have something arranged and she had to cancel for family reasons and I don't know what she wants to do after that,'' he said. ''I think that was an event that, uh, we should move on from here.''