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News :: Radical Culture : Social Welfare : Technology
A Tiny Fraction of the World's Most Heinous Experiments On Animals
11 Jun 2015
a litany of atrocities in animal research laboratories
Click on image for a larger version

Billions of animals have been burned, injected with poisons, decapitated, drowned, dismembered, drugged, starved, nailed to research tables, debarked (laryngectomies), fatigued in forced swimming and other experiments, frozen, electrically shocked, confined in restraining chairs or stereotaxic devices, have had their spines, arms or legs broken, their eyes needled or stitched shut. They have been invaded by piercing noise, exposed to bright light 24 hours a day, deprived of sleep until death. They have died of thirst, of suffocation, of excess heat. They have been isolated, exploited in maternal deprivation studies, used as explosives carriers, shot into space to rotate in the void until their deaths, Pets have been stolen from people's yards for the endless greed and ignorance of the research industrial complex. Dolphins have committed suicide to escape military research. Thousands of human beings are dead or were born deformed because the thalidomide which mutilated them did nothing to dogs

Tax money is stolen from the citizenry for this barbaric industry.

Bethesda Naval Hospital: Primates were chained in restraining chairs for months at a time... legs cramped ... sleeping, urinating, defecating in these chairs

Case Western University Dr Robert White made many 2 headed primates, dogs, and cats, none of whom lived more than 2 days

Children's Hospital Akron Ohio pigs burned in burn research*1,

Marie de Manacéine, a researcher in czarist Russia, totally deprived puppies of sleep and reported that after several days they died. The most severe lesions she wrote occurred in the brain.

Descartes of "I think Therefore I am" nailed dogs' paws to tables so that they could not fight his knife.

Emory University, linked to the Centers For Disease Control: cats put in stereotaxic devices.... see picture Frequently sites exposing Emory's torture of animals are hacked.

Harvard which for many years received more vivisection dollars than any other university paid poor children a quarter a piece for pets they obtained and asked no questions. Harvard lost Stanley Prusiner and Mervyn Hardinge, discoverer of prions and isocaloric researcher respectively, the former because of Harvard's investment in the meat industry.

Hardin Medical University China Xiaoping Ren working on monkey head transplants

Johns Hopkins University A. Blalock developed a Blalock Press to test how many pounds of pressure a dog's bones could take before breaking

NASA Glenn in Cleveland did not inform the public that rather than put a docking collar on the shuttle, hundreds of research animals were placed in the hold, Lke the astronauts, their bodies dropped to their deaths over 5 states. Source: Canadian Broadcasting

Ohio State University a course for premed students in breaking mice spines

Summa Hospital Human patients were troubled by the cries of dogs coming up through the ventilator shafts of the hospital. Therefore the dogs are now housed in a separate building and given laryngectomies, debarked so that they cannot protest. Dogs in the past jumped to their deaths from the roof to end their suffering.

Tufts broke dogs' legs

University of California at Davis For years the San Diego Zoo supplied primates for research to UC Davis until
IPPL exposed it.

University of Oklahoma: electrocution of dogs

University of Pennsylvania rats were forced to swim and then decapitated

University of Texas 50,000 research animals, dogs, mice and others... drowned trapped in underground lab cages during a flood .... the captains of this Bastille ship... the researchers... all got out From PETA comes this paragraph about University of Tulane and Louisiana State:
"Thousands of animals were trapped in basement laboratories below sea level during Hurricane Katrina. Tousands of rodents, dogs, rabbits, pigs and primates were euthanized or abandoned at its medical center and main campus. The staff saved only 175 cages containing expensive transgenic mice.Louisiana State University (LSU) also left thousands of lab animals trapped in their cages during Hurricane Katrina. All 8,000 animals, including mice, rats, dogs and monkeys, died.Thousands of terrified animals were abandoned in their cages as the waters rose and electricity failed

University of Wisconsin tasering pigs in a contract with the US Justice Dept.

US Air Force: John Lilly, whose work with the USAF in training dolphins caused some of the marine mammals to kill themselves by smashing their heads against tank walls, wrote about his decision to leave such research. The movie Day of the Dolphin was one result of his book.

USDA Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center Nebraska: A cow was confined with 6 bulls for 24 hours. She died of her injuries.

Voiceless powerless animals have been subjected to sleep deprivation, boiling, suffocation, freezing, electrocution by Frankensteins in 'research' institutions.


Fort Meade Maryland supplied 4000 monkeys to Battelle of Tennessee. They were sacrificed in weaponized anthrax experiments. The CIA gave Battelle 1 billion dollars for this project. Leonard Horowitz was one of those who exposed the 'research'.

Brooks Air Force Base was subjecting primates to radiation. Dr. Don Barnes refused to cooperate with the project. This event became the movie Project X with Matthew Broderick.

Oxford University used 190,000 animals in research in 2013. The University of Edinburgh, 241,865 animals in experiments.

Former senator Bill Frist of Tennessee while at Harvard Medical School went to a Boston animal shelter and said he wanted to adopt a cat. What he didn't say was that he took him to Harvard Medical School and cut him open.

Thomas Edison publicly electrocuted a prisoner whose bones caught on fire, as well as an elephant and dog to demonstrate his invention of the electricity as a form of execution.

From humanesociety dot org "In the course of manufacturing Dysport®, an anti-wrinkle treatment, the Ipsen Corporation routinely performs a test known as Lethal Dose 50 Percent. The test involves injecting scores of mice with a powerful toxin in order to determine the dose that will kill 50 percent of the animals. The animals experience nausea and a wave of muscle paralysis, leading to severe distress as they slowly suffocate to death over the course of the three to four day procedure."

Leonardo Da Vinci: One day the world will look upon research on aniamls as it now looks upon research on humans. has published figures on the millions of animals killed at Ohio State in School of Medicine, psychology department, veterinary school etc.

University of Pennsylvania forced swimming
1 group's list of the worst research institutions:

*1 Children's Hospital has recently with help of Republicans on the Ohio Supreme Court forced a teen, Sarah Hershberger to have chemotherapy, though she and her parents objected. They also legally kidnapped her.

Picture source: It was at Massachusetts General Hospital that a human ear was inflicted upon a research animal

BUAV's list of 6 worst labs

Humane Society list of some of worst experiments

PETA list of worst labs

Univ of Oklahoma electrocution of dogs

University of Utah purchasing animals for experiments from local shelters
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Re: A Tiny Fraction of the World's Most Heinous Experiments On Animals
12 Jun 2015
Modified: 09:36:06 PM
having to watch these animals come through my death everyday and the torture they endure makes me shake to the core. I would rather go without medication didn't
see the animals in these labs endure every day but they have to. this is outdated technology and needs to be reconsidered and found sleep endure what they do day in and day out because these labs