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News :: Race
A Connection between a neo-Nazi, Human Trafficking and a Number of Homicides
08 Jul 2015
Modified: 04:20:57 AM
This article connects a neo-Nazi to various hateful criminal acts towards women and African-Americans based on a material he has written. It also matches the writing style and ideology of a troll active on forums about unsolved murders. People in that forum had already attributed these murders to white supremacists.
Introduction and Background Information

Before you begin reading this document, you need to understand the basic assumptions behind this document. I encountered a person who engages in human trafficking, or modern day slavery. For women, human trafficking frequently means being broken down to be an unpaid and abused prostitute. For men, human trafficking usually means having someone use or profit from the free labor of a person who is owned as a slave.

In the cases of women enslaved in the sex trade, the traffickers entrap women through offering economic opportunity, entry to the United States for refuges and immigrants, marriage, or other ruses to entrap women against their will into slavery.

Immigrants are frequently targets of these schemes but human trafficking does not just happen to immigrants. American citizens who are female are just as frequently victimized as immigrants. Traffickers who seek out American women will use gang rape, severe trauma or entrapment to break down a woman to where she can be controlled.

Regardless of how a victim is entrapped, usually the victim is targeted for not other reason than they can be and this is done to economically benefit the criminal who controls these victims.

It is never a matter of a victims willingness in these instances. Traffickers use deception, violent, extreme abuse or any other method which will work to make the trafficker a profit.

Human trafficking is a worsening problem. Maybe it gets ignored because people assume it only happens in foreign country, or that human trafficking merely refers to bringing people across national boundaries.

Maybe a better term to use is modern day slavery. No matter what you call it, it is the same thing- people who use whatever means they can to get a human being to work for nothing so that the "owner" of this person can get money and power.

The man who attempted to coerce me into slavery, brags in a document he wrote that owning slaves elevates "one's social status," though the reason for why this person would say this seems unclear.

Even United States citizens are at risk for getting trafficked. When it is accounted for how extreme violence is used against victims to break their will, you could argue that many people are not immune to this exploitation.

I think it is important for people to be aware of this problem. This helps in terms of deterring crime and protecting people from exploitation.

Lack of awareness creates the perfect medium for this crime to persist.

I had the misfortune to have human traffickers who knew of both my economic situation and of my being disabled, isolated and disenfranchised from autoimmune disease. I, unfortunately, in an effort to survive, spoke with women in my same predicament at the homeless shelter about our predicament when human traffickers were present.

At the time I had no idea that what I was doing was dangerous because I was completely unfamiliar with the problem of human trafficking. Even with the man who attacked and stalked me, I knew something was wrong with his intent, but I could make no sense of what the actual problem was.

I made the mistake of being overconfident in thinking that if there was danger I could outwit and survive this person. I had no idea as to the extent of the danger I was in. Namely, my perception of this individual with criminal aspirations was that he was just some hobo.

I had no idea this person had huge social and political sway in this area. So my miscalculations in regards to him cost me dearly. Still, I legitimately had a right to have some confidence in myself. I actually did come from a dangerous city myself and had survival strategies which had worked sufficiently in the area which I hailed from.

However, all the abilities I had and "street smarts" I possessed were from an area which didn't have a huge human trafficking problem. Given that this problem was alien to me, I made numerous mistakes in how I handled myself there in St. Paul.

Post facto, when it was too late, I understood that to survive human traffickers involves keeping any fact about you which makes you vulnerable, private. Silence is golden when it comes to combating human traffickers.

I also failed to recognize just how organized and well backed these criminals who human traffick can be. I had acquaintances when the events I describe occurred who knew this reality better than I did. One person actually admitted in a vague sense that to come out and fight those people out in the open was a recipe for failure.

Unfortunately for me, this person knew exactly what was going on, but was unwilling to confront the offenders directly. Also he failed to call it human trafficking outright. I still don't know the purpose his vague descriptions of the problem. I can't tell whether he supposed I was familiar enough with human trafficking to interpret his subtle hints about it accurately or if he was afraid he'd get in trouble if he called it this outright.

Either way, three weeks before I fled that shelter for my life, this person, Greg, did give me enough of a clue about it all for me to guess the problem. Still, by then it was too late for me to be able to act to protect myself.

So, yes, I did figure out after the fact it was human traffickers who were manipulating me and the other women at that homeless shelter.

Autoimmune disease
Autoimmune disease primarily effects women. Due to biases which are sort of sexist in the medical profession women will frequently not get the treatment for these conditions. The outdated attitudes about women not being able to tolerate pain and being overly emotional still exist today, and unfortunately have bearing on our access to pain control.

I'd moved up to Minnesota with the goal of getting superior medical care here. I have received just this, but this did not come without putting me into a situation to which I may never fully escape from.

It has become of utmost importance to me to research fully the extent of my trafficker's activities in both trafficking and other areas. I hope that this work will help other people.

I know I am dealing with a wholly evil and sick man. After my nightmarish experience with him, nothing I have since learned about him and his possible activities really surprises me all that much.

Human traffickers use techniques to control their victims. Human traffickers use physical violence, threats to harm or murder family members, rape and gang rape to traumatize women and men to the point they are broken. Once such a level of traumatization sets in, people lose their sense of who they are.

Trauma lends people to emotionally shut down. Emotions are what motivate human beings, more than thought. If you cannot feel anger, you cannot mount a defense in your own behalf. If you cannot feel love or trust, your bonds to other people also suffer. Emotions are just as much a part of what makes us human, as thought, reasoning, or intelligence.

Also, the ability to feel fear and manage it suffers at the hands of severe trauma and fear does serve to keep us away from danger. Never mind that fear sometimes appears over situations which don't merit it, but usually only after trauma does this become an issue.

When trauma occurs, I don't care who you are, the event seems unreal and separate from reality. Our emotions bind us to reality. Human traffickers know this so what they seek to do is shell shock their victims quickly and violently.

Maybe I actually fared better because I'm good at keeping a clear head in crisis and translating my fear into action. Still, I almost got taken, got disappeared. Worse, my adversaries haven't given up. I wonder if they ever will.

A human trafficker also tries to learn all they can about their victims to control them or will transport them around the U.S. and even into foreign countries so their victims become separated from support networks.

Human traffickers frequently
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