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News :: Palestine : Police and Prisons : Politics
96 George Bush Funders Are Now Jeb's
19 Sep 2015
Many of those who funded George now fund Jeb Bush
Click on image for a larger version

97 Jeb Bush Funders

The money people who once gave many dollars to
George Bush now fund Jeb.

Al Cohol
Al Dehyde
Al Zheimer
Ali O Pathic
Amy Lloyd Plack
Anna Cephalic
Anna Phylactic
Arthur Itis
Aunti Deluvian
Aaron Tethics
Barrie Truth
Barb Edhook
Bea Apathetic
Beau Tox
Ben Zene
Bill Emia
Cal Lous
Candy Mars
Charlie Horse
Claude Hopes
Deb It
Dee Cline
Delia Tricks
Di Atribe
Dick Tater
Doug Wardebt
Dwight A
Ed Ema
Ethel Glycol
Foster Greed
Forrest Gone
Frank N Stein
Gene Mutant
Gil Tee
Gray Gloom
Hal Itosis
Harry Tick*
Henry Ettalamb
Herb Icide
Ima Theef
Izzy Nuts
Jay Walk Arrester
Jen Ocide
Jerry Mander
Jimmy Locks
Kay Kaykay
Les Security
Lionel Lee
Liza Lot
Lou Kemia
Luke Warm
Lynn Earthought
Marge N Trader
Marsha Mallow
Mary Tricious
Matt Ador
Maud Lin
Megan Arque
Mel Anoma
Minnie Value
Miss Ogynist
Mort Ality
Nan Otek Weapons
Newt Ragedies
Nick Oteen
Ollie Garch
Pat Riarchy
Perry Tonitis
Phil Istine*
Pollie Andry
Portia Hiprice
Randy Alfie
Ray Pist
Regis Ide
Rick Ets
Rich Purloiner
Rob Poor
Ron Gway
Sal Inity
Sally Backwards
Sam Anella
Sandy Shoes
Shell Game
Si Chotic
Sol Itary
Stan Dardslow
Sue Nami
Sy Anidepoison
Terry Behind
Tim Orus
Tom Ahawkmissile
Truman Bombs
Val Iium
Win Hatred
Yuri Kacid

Al Cohol Alcohol The GOP has increased the marketing
of alcohol to teens and the public on the airwaves
Al Dehyde Aldehydes dangerous toxins emitted by
the petroleum industry which is linked to the GOP
Al Zheimer It is both the amyloid plaque a toxic product of animal protein metabolism and animal fat which
line cerebral arteries causing senility
Amy Lloyd Plaque Amyloid Plaque see above
Anna Cephalic Anacephalic Toxins in the environment under
the Bush gutted EPA have increased and so have babies' deformities.
Anna Philactic Anaphylactic a sometimes fatal food poisoning
associated with the eating of coprophagous or waste-eating
Arthur Itis Arthritis The flesh industry dominated government
in league with the multinational pharmaceuticals is censoring
news of the relationship between meat and arthritis.
Meat's trioxypurine (uric acid or preurine in animal muscle
cells) crystallizes in needle shape around the joints and
causes pain. Caffein is dioxypurine.. meat's addictive
Barb Edhook Barbed Hook The long lines of the fishing industry
have killed whales, suffocated dolphins, trapped turtles.
Barrie Truth Bury Truth The corporate media
Beau Tox Botox The USA media and industries such as
Victoria's Secret sponsor the most pornographic images
in the world, images of form consciousness which create
violence, depression.. a conservative USA senator has said Fox is the most
vulgar network
Cal Lous Callous The administration is run by a man who was willing to execute 150 African American, innocent, retarded, juvenile, citizens of other countries barred from their consulates, unrepresented, reformed and other people in Texas. The federal government has been quietly executing people in Terre Haute, Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and many other places.
Candy Mars Junk Food the marketing of trash to
the most obese children in the world
Deb It Debit the highest in history..500 billion the war profiteers
are asking for in the next budget as the average American
pays $10 a day to support baby burning bombs
Dwight A Dwaita Sanskrit word for the illusion of duality
Gil Tee Guilty CACI, Titan, Navy Seals, SAS, Blackwater Security..
CIA.. some of those involved in assassinations (premeditated murder of
the powerful) in programs such as Operation Manhunt begun by Rumsfeld.
Gray Gloom Depression When drugs such as haldol promoted by the FDA, USDA,
NIH and elsewhere wear off, they leave the depressed
person worse than before the advent of the drug.
The adrenalin in slaughtered animals' flesh, secreted in massive
amounts in fright and terror, remains in the flesh causing
biochemical fright anger and depression in those eating
the meat.
Hal Itosis Halitosis The consumption of the blood, ecoli,
salmonella, decaying flesh, uric acid in the bodies of dismembered
animals causes bad breath
Izzy Nuts Is He Nuts? The Olmert Party is in opposition to
the peaceloving people of Israel.
Lou Kemia Leukemia When a chicken has leukemia, it is
called leukosis in order to obscure in the consumers' minds the connection between cancer and the eating of a cancer
ridden animal.
Marsha Mallow Marshmallows Because of the cows' bone derived
gelatin in them, can be a source of Mad Cow
Mary Tricious Meretricious Lobbyists for oil, lumber, meat,
pharmaceuticals, military control our government.
nature is stronger than caffein's. http: //
Matt Ador Matador While Barcelona has banned bullfighting
Bush Safari Club contributors kill endangered animals
Mel Anoma Melanoma Factory farmed animals develop more
cancers than do free roaming animals.
Nick Oteen Nicotine More addictive than heroin, nicotine and
tobacco companies have provided private jets to Republican
congresspersons. http: //
Perry Tonitis
a distant relative of Perry?
Peritonitis An effect of animal eating..
flesh consumption is still promoted by the USDA
Pat Riarchy Patriarchy A handful of token women in positions
of power.. as the cause of women's rights has been sold
down the river by white males. (NOW has been coopted by military women)
Pollie Andry Polyandry Waging violent and unjust wars is
a family buster and encourages prostitution.
Randy Gonads... eats hormone saturated animal flesh
brother to Miss Ogynist and to Ray Pist
Ray Pist Rapist While the EU has banned female hormones
in milk and meat, hormones which unnaturally stimulate
sexual aggression, the Bush administration has been an
errand boy for the dairy lobby in schools and everywhere else.
Regis Ide Regicide A man and woman are no longer the king
and queen of their home castle as long as the GOP pushed
Patriot Act is on the books.
Rich Purloiner A Rich Purloiner George Bush Sr. has made
hundreds of millions from the Carlyle Group which itself
has stolen countless billions from the American people.
Rick Ets Rickets Animal flesh, fish flesh, dairy have no vitamin
C.. that comes in fruit and prevents rickets.
Sam Anella Salmonella One of tens of thousands of toxins
in the cadavers called meat. The Bush government is linked
to cattle industry.
Sandy Pits The leftover of First Energy and other clearcutters
decapitating mountains in WV VA KY OH PA and many other
states for coal
Si Chotic Psychotic The AG of NY is suing Glaxo Smith Kline.
Paxil, Prozac and other antidepressants have caused homicidal
and suicidal actions. Even the FDA has posted this.
Sol Itary Solitary Millions sit alone in abusive, neglectful,
filthy nursing homes as money gets siphoned from care of
elders to Dyncorp, Bechtel, Battelle, Lockheed, Northrup and
other war profiteers
Sue Nami Sunami The Bush environmental policies have
created more instability in the ocean
Val Ium Valium Product of one of many drug companies controlling
the FDA, CDC, NIH, military etc.
Yuri Kacid Uric Acid The preurine in animals' muscle cells
.. it is trioxypurine and causes arthritis (Yuri is brother
to Arthur Itis)

* Harry Tick's name provided by Heretic of LF
** intended for education and humor, not as an attack on
any name, including the author's which is listed above

(This post was meant to be educational
and humorous. Please forgive author
if your first name is unintentionally mentioned. Her own is.)
(It was originally posted during a George Bush presidential

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This work is in the public domain
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Re: 96 George Bush Funders Are Now Jeb's
19 Sep 2015
The only consistent antiwar candidate of the 22 Democratic and Republican candidates is Rand Paul. The only socialist is Senator Bernie Sanders.