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News :: Social Welfare : Technology
GOP Vote Fraud In OH, KY, VA, FL, AZ, CO, NV, MN, NH And Elsewhere
11 Dec 2015
The November 2015 election saw Republican Secretary of State of Ohio Husted involved in vote fraud which denied the majority of Ohio voters their win in legalizing pot. It saw Kentucky Republican election officials go to jail for falsely installing a man behind in the polls in the governor's chair by a landslide.
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I Unpostmarked Absentee Ballots AND Absentee Ballots IN General

Ohio Republican Secretary of State Husted has attempted to deflect investigation of his role in suppressing the votes of a majority of Ohioans who voted to decriminalize marijuana. He is accusing the USPS of having delivered unpostmarked absentee ballots.

Absentee ballots, whether postmarked or unpostmarked, are an easy avenue to vote fraud for the minority Republican Party.

II Time That Neither Duopoly Party (D OR R) Should Control Elections

It is time that members of neither the Democrat nor Republican Party supervise elections.

This is the state in which the Republicans will hold their 2016 convention.

III IS THE US THE Only Country IN Which THE Party OF THE Rich Owns THE Voting Machines

A. Mitt Romney's son bought a voting machine company with machines in Cincinnati Ohio *4

B. Diebold's CEO Wally O'Dell at the Fairlawn Hilton in Fairlawn ohio promised a Republican fundraising crowd that Diebold would do everything it could to bring an election victory to Republicans. Diebold to avoid lawsuits over massive fraud in many states sold their voting machine division but the easily hackable machines remain in several Ohio counties including Portage. There is a video of Bev Harris showing Al Gore how easy it was to hack a voting machine. *5

Summit County Board of Elections votes not to count absentee ballots delivered without postmarks *1

In Hamilton, Portage, Summit and other counties there was vote fraud by Republicans.

Secretary of State Husted, Republican Ohio, was involved in criminal vote suppression in a variety of ways in the November 2015 election. The following article represents a fraction of them. *2

Ohioans voted to legalize marijuana. Husted stole that vote, and like many other criminals, decided to attack the opposition.

Other vote fraud by Husted:


John Husted, Republican Secretary of State in Ohio, has summarily and dictatorially quashed the extensive work of residents of Medina, Athens, and Fulton County Ohio, 3 communities in which petitions were gathered to put antifracking measures on their ballots. Husted, beholden to fracking, oil and gas contributors, has acted in violation of local democracy.


Husted has taken it
upon himself to insert the word 'monopoly' in the ballot
language, to imply falsely that passing the legislation would create a monopoly.

Republican candidates receive money from alcohol businesses which like the ATF and police departments fearing loss of jobs are opposed to legalization of pot.


Husted has tried in many ways to limit the franchise and
to cut back on early voting.


3 Hamilton County vote fraud

4 Mitt Romney's son bought a voting machine company with machines in Hamilton County

5 Diebold's voting machines and politics

'Televised screen shots taken Tuesday night of live election returns in Ohio provided by the Secretary of State's office showed hundreds of thousands of votes flipping from the "yes" to "no" column of Issue 3, the ballot measure to legalize marijuana.' From link below

In Ohio there was strong support for marijuana legalization, but Ohio Republican fraud

with the help of Diebold machines (they are still around despite Diebold's having sold the company) and criminal operatives in Portage, Hamilton and other counties were involved in no recording of yes votes or in flipping yes votes by the hundreds of thousands to no, and so stealing the legalization of pot for medican marijuana and private use from the citizens of Ohio. Ohio Republicans kept John Kerry out of the White House in 2004.

Republican vote fraud in several counties defeats marijuana legalization in Nov 20156 despite polls indicating Ohio 56% in favor.

Hamilton County, Ohio covers Cincinnati. It is the county in which Mitt Romney's son bought a voting machine company during his father's campaign for president

Hamilton County Ohio vote fraud
Portage County Ohio vote fraud Diebold machines
/> />';;s%20Unofficial%20Canvass-1.htm
Issue 3 - Constitutional Amendment - Marijuana
Number of Precincts 130
Precincts Reporting 130 100.0%
Vote For 1
Times Counted 43576/99434 43.8%
Total Votes 43090
YES 16712 38.78%

Secretary of State Husted's network made sure that despite poll support for pot in Ohio, it would fail. Note the 'times counted' below. These were Diebold machines. Diebold sold the company but there is widespread knowledge that their machines can be hacked in 3 minutes.

The following is just one of the counties in which computers mysteriously failed to work

Notice the 'times counted' figure.';;s%20Unofficial%20Canvass-1.htm
Issue 3 - Constitutional Amendment - Marijuana
Number of Precincts 130
Precincts Reporting 130 100.0%
Vote For 1
Times Counted 43576/99434 43.8%
Total Votes 43090
YES 16712 38.78%



Since Bradblog was written Kentucky Republican election officials have gone to jail for criminally giving a landslide victory to a Republican behind in the polls. Yet the fraudulently installed Kentucky governor remains in office.


GOP Voter Fraud In Jeb Bush's FL, OH, NH, NC, TX, AZ, VA, NC, CA, CO, OR, MN Etc by Saiom Shriver The Republican Party has through hundreds of categories suppressed and stolen the franchise of the American people for over 100 years.


The 2000 majority Republican Supreme Court allowed 2 of Justice Scalia's sons to appear before the court for Bush. Scalia refused to recuse himself. Republicans on the court ordered the recount stopped.

In 2013, Chief Justice John Roberts and 4 other Republicans gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965, striking down a provision that the federal government watchdog voting regulations in the most racist Southern states.

Long before that, as an attorney in the Reagan Justice Department, Roberts repeatedly argued that even if a regulation has a discriminatory effect, those whose franchise has been stolen must prove intention to discriminate.

Since the US was founded, the Supreme Court has quashed democracy in the US. It is time to elect Supreme Court justices, one every year, and to give them 9 or 18 year terms.
No nation which does not elect its seemingly omnipotent courts can call itself a democracy.


1. In 2000, Jeb Bush removed many thousand voters from rolls. Florida was 11% black. 44% of the names erased from the voter roles were black. He stole the election from Al Gore.

2. He coconspired with the Jacksonville Times Union to publish a special newspaper edition in the black community, instructing all to vote every page of the ballot. 20,000 ballots were eliminated.

3. He sent police to blockade voting precincts in black and Democrat neighborhoods.

4. Jeb Bush falsely classified 12,000 blacks as felons and removed them from the voting roles.


In at least nine states, Nathan Sprull and his Strategic Allied Consulting were subcontracted by the Republican National Committee which was aware that in the past Sprull and his operatives had routinely masked their operation as voter registration drives. They consistently threw away hundreds of thousands of Democrats' registrations. Sprull was used by not only the RNC but by the McCain and Romney presidential campaigns. (See links below)



Texas Republicans have conspired to commit more violations of the Voting Rights Act than any other state.


Republicans removed every reform and expansion of voting. They ended same day registration, longer hours during the day to register. NAACP activists went to jail to protest the new Jim Crows instituted by the Republican Party of NC.


In New Hampshire, Republican operatives went to jail for conspiring to jam the voter access phone lines for handicapped Democrats. The operation was coordinated by James Tobin out of the Bush White House.


Few have devised as many ways to cheat the electorate as the Ohio Republican Party has for over 100 years.

In Ohio W. O'Dell, head of the Diebold voting machine company, told an audience at a Republican fundraiser that he would do everything he could to put Ohio in the Republican column. And so he did. The mounting evidence of Diebold fraud in many states caused the company to sell its voting machine division.

Extensive gerrymandering by the fraudulently elected Ohio legislature eliminated the seat of wold renowned Dennis Kucinich.

The Bush network locked Democrats out of counting rooms in Warren Ohio, stole whole ballot boxes, removed voting machines from campus precincts, kept people waiting in the rain at some precincts,, etc. Because Ohio Republicans reduced voting machine numbers in Democratic precincts, the average wait to vote in a black district was 50 some minutes in 2004, while in a Republican district it was 18 minutes. Democratic absentee voter ballots disappeared.

The current Secretary of State Husted has tried to cut back early voting, weekend voting, etc and to keep the Libertarian Party off of the ballot (while in Iowa, the Libertarian, with 4% of the Iowans' votes projected, mysteriously died in a plane crash putting Koch Brothers supported Ernst (who bragged she castrated piglets) in the Senate.

He announced that Donald Trump would not be able to run as an independent in the presidential election because of Ohio's 'sore loser' law.

However in most states the sore loser laws don't apply to presidential candidates.

RADIO SHOW On the radio show Fresh Air of WHYY, Ari Berman discusses a variety of Republican vote fraud incidents outlined in his book


Have We Forgotten That Jeb Bush Committed Election Fraud in 'Bush v Gore' Scam?

In 2012, the Florida Republican Party finally cut ties with Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm of Nathan Sproul which portrayed itself as an unbiased voter registration drive and threw away Democratic registrations in at least 8 states. In at least 10 counties, fraud came to light.


Vote fraud in Ohio How Ohio was delivered criminally to Bush


8 state vote fraud as Republicans throw away Dem voter registrations


New Hampshire operatives go to jail over jamming Democrat handicapped voter ride access phone lines

Green Party asks FBI to step in re voter fraud



Republicans once again want voter ID card required... want to end 226 year tradition.

Black Box Voting

Bev Harris demonstrated to Al Gore that within 3 minutes Repubilcans were able to hack into voting computers and change the numbers.

Ohio election stolen in 2004


New Hampshire operatives go to jail over jamming Democrat handicapped voter ride access phone lines

Most incidents of voter fraud are Republican

Ari Berman's several columns on Republican vote fraud in The Nation

Media want us to forget Jeb Bush's role as thief of the US presidential election in 2000.


In Harrisonburg Virginia, an employee of Nathan Sproul's Strategic Allied Consultin,employed bya the Republican Party of Virginia, McCain, and many other campaign managers, dumped all Democratic registration forms.

§Time To End Plutocracy in US
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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Re: GOP Vote Fraud In OH, KY, VA, FL, AZ, CO, NV, MN, NH And Elsewhere
11 Dec 2015
Not just McCain's but Romney's presidential campaign conducted phony voter registration drives