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News :: Human Rights
Colin Powell left P.O.W.'s behind in Vietnam Muhammad Ali tried to get the P.O.W.'s out of Vietnam Janet Jackson is a C.I.A. asset the C.I.A. murdered both Martin and Coretta King
28 Jan 2017
Modified: 11:44:22 PM
Colin Powell left the P.O.W.'s behind in Vietnam Muhammad Ali tried to get the P.O.W.'s out of Vietnam my article when I posted before got cut off sorry about that
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In 1998 the C.I.A. knew after the 2000 election they would be blowing up the World Trade Center and going to war in Afghanistan.In 1997 Zbigniew Brzezinski Jimmy Carter’s former National Security Advisor,Barack Obama’s former college Professor,TV commentator Mika Brzezinski’s dad and an employee of one of the C.I.A. men who runs America David Rockefeller.Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book “The GrandChess Board”.Brzezinski called for America to invade Afghanistan and take the Oil and Brzezinski because of how Democratic the American culture had become by the 1990’s said only if America was attacked First would the American people support a war in Afghanistan.Osama BinLaden by 1998 had blown up an American embassy in Kenya and a U.S. Naval ship but the American people weren’t going to support an all out war after what happened with Vietnam.All Bill Clinton was able to do was bomb Osama BinLaden,Bill Clinton couldn’t send in ground troops,there was no support for it.
Before 9/11 former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker in his Baker report said if America didn’t get the Oil American citizens would freeze and BinLaden as a way of trying to freeze Americans was refusing to give Americans an Oil Pipeline.
Besides heating for people’s homes in the Winter Oil, even if they turn it into Gasoline,is what is put in those trucks that bring food to the Supermarket.And Oil is what is put in Airplanes and Oil is used for Electricity and Airconditioning.So less Oil means the price of Oil goes up.Those trucks filled up with Oil that bring food to the supermarket,when the price of Oil goes up,will need to charge the merchant more for the food.So food prices go up and people have their heating go out when there is less Oil.Besides Cold,hungry people.There were Electricity outages in California Electricity blackouts happened in California before 9/11 due to the Oil being withheld if there is Oil in some countries and a completed Oil Pipeline runs through the country of Afghanistan even if the Oil itself is not in Afghanistan the Pipeline runs through it so if Osama BinLaden’s Terrorist group Al Queda is personally friends with Afghanistan’s Government the Taliban then BinLaden is blocking an Oil Pipeline that America needs reported on September12,2001 the day after 9-11.That Airplanes can be programmed to land this means after the First plane hit the World Trade Center on September 11,2001 by hitting buttons they could’ve landed all the other planes and other then a small hole in the World Trade Center the whole World Trade Center building and the Pentagon would be standing here is an excerpt from the article
Autopilot could land hijacked planes
By Catherine Zandonella, San Francisco
Aeroplane hijackings could be halted in progress with existing technologies, say aviation researchers, but the attempt would be risky.
“Most modern aircraft have some form of autopilot that could be re-programmed to ignore commands from a hijacker and instead take direction from the ground,” says Jeff Gosling of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.
If a hijacking were detected in progress, being able to control a plane from the ground would be crucial, says Gosling. “The only other thing you could do is shoot the target down.”
Once the Government didn’t do what they could’ve to stop 9/11 in exactly the place that Zbigniew Brzezinski said to invade a war began because there are buttons NORAD can hit to make airplanes crash into buildings and the only video of one of the hijackers Muhammad Atta was at the Portland,Maine airport the alleged hijackers may have never been on the planes.Wikipedia the online encyclopedia said that when John Kennedy was President of the United States of America that the C.I.A. suggested hijacking airplanes and bombings and then lying and saying Fidel Castro did it in order to get support for a war in Cuba this meant that as far back as the 1960’s attacking yourself in a way that involves airplanes and blaming it on someone else to get a war started is something the C.I.A. knew how to do below this text is the excerpt from Wikipedia when it says “Terrorism against American civilians” and “Hijacked Airplanes” that means killing innocent Americans with Airplanes involved
Operation Northwoods
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Northwoods memorandum (13 March 1962)[1]

Lyman L. Lemnitzer, who was in charge as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government, that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.[2] The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[3]
At the time of the proposal, communists led by Fidel Castro had recently taken power in Cuba. The operation proposed creating public support for a war against Cuba by blaming it for terrorist acts that would actually be perpetrated by the U.S. Government.[4]To this end, Operation Northwoods proposals recommended hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated:
The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.
Several other proposals were included within Operation Northwoods, including real or simulated actions against various U.S. military and civilian targets. The operation recommended developing a "Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington".

Robert Kennedy had been a strong anti-Communist. Because his father Joe Kennedy Sr.had let the C.I.A. launder money through business’s he owned,Joe Kennedy Sr. may have almost been like a C.I.A. asset.So Robert Kennedy at First liked the C.I.A.But Robert went through some tremendous personal growth.President John Kennedy said to his more emotional brother that blowing up an airplane and blaming it on Fidel Castro in order to get a war in Communist Cuba would be wrong.President John Kennedy was murdered by the C.I.A. when they knew they wouldn’t get an all out war in Cuba or Vietnam. Robert Kennedy once his brother had been murdered by the C.I.A. decided he no longer liked the C.I.A. and he would go after his brothers murderers.And Robert Kenendy hoped maybe there would be younger C.I.A. guys who would feel bad the C.I.A. murdered President Kennedy and he could get along with a new generaton of C.I.A. guys,since President Kennedy had said he now wanted to get rid of the C.I.A. it was more difficult to do then Robert Kennedy expected.Robert Kennedy decided he would run for President to end a war,Vietnam that never would’ve happened had his brother not been murdered.Robert Kennedy said in 1968 that if he is elected President. President Robert Kennedy would ask the C.I.A. to give him back everything they have on how to blow up airplanes and blame it on someone else.The C.I.A. of course murdered Robert Kennedy also.And while John Kennedy Jr. wanted to go after the guys who murdered his father and uncle and John Kennedy Jr. was getting ready to run for the U.S.Senate in NewYork when he was murdered.Robert Kennedy’s own kids,Ted Kennedy and other Kennedy’s may actually have decided to be friends with the Men who murdered John and Robert Kennedy
America Robert Kennedy by 1968 felt should be a country where no Government agency,knows how to blow up an Airplane and start a war.Robert Kennedy became a great man.So when George W.Bush does what the Kennedy’s decided to never do and then Barack Obama covers up what George W.Bush did.Both George W.Bush and Barack Obama are involved in something the decent Kennedy brothers said should never under any circumstances be done.As for the argument that had the C.I.A. not blown up the World Trade Center and put a hole in the Pentagon.That had 2,966 people not been killed and 6,000 people injured,500,000 people would’ve frozen or gone hungry from the Oil Pipeline cut off,since the American people wouldn’t support a war.The response to that argument is even if for arguments sake attacking themselves on 9/11 meant less dead bodies once they went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq if the C.I.A. only did this to save American lives they could’ve gotten the Oil they needed,killed whoever was withholding Oil,and as quickly as possible made America the country it was before 9/11,the C.I.A. decided instead that having Civil Liberties restrictions,having a less Democratic country would make things easier for them.
Unless the American demand that there Civil Liberties be restored and once they get whatever Oil they need so Americans don’t freeze or go hungry these wars and military occupations end unless the American demand that we won’t be able to keep a Democracy
In 1998 the C.I.A. decided that if in 1971 there was Rock music critical of the Government but in 1981 the Rock music wasnot political and then in 1991 Rap music a new form of music which criticized the Government N.W.A. and Ice T. and Public Enemy came out in 1991.Then while there was no anti-Government music other then Rage Against the Machine in 1998.If in 2001 after they blew up the World Trade Center and went to war history repeated itself there would be Rap or Rock music criticizing the Government so 18,19 yearolds would decide not to join the military there could be even more resistance to having military recruiters in the Public Highschools,and they need people to want to join the military because they cannot for the biggest wars since Vietnam do a military draft.
So Napster came out in 1999 and now we have no record stores,meaning the music industry which is making less money and in need of government protection from downloaders has not from 2001 up until 2017 been able to put out any real protest music while we have had the Two biggest wars since Vietnam,the C.I.A. blew up the World Trade Center,there was a rigged Presidential election in 2000,a private mercenary military Army (The Government claims it’s simply a Security company which makes it somehow legal)rounded up poor Black people in NewOrleans.But the music industry has ever since Napster had it’s protest hands tied.
Here is an excerpt from a 2015 article on the website about military recruiters in Public Highschools something because you can’t legally join the Army until you are 18 that in the 1990’s and 1980’s would’ve been unthinkable
Published Online: October 27, 2015
Published in Print: October 28, 2015, as Do Military Recruiters Belong in Schools?
Do Military Recruiters Belong in Schools?
By Seth Kershner & Scott Harding
The United States stands alone among Western nations in allowing military recruiters to work inside its educational system. Section 9528 of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act requires that public high schools give the military as much access to campuses and student contact information as is given to any other recruiter. However, University of Kansas anthropologist Brian Lagotte finds that school officials do not fully understand this policy and often provide military recruiters unrestricted access to their campuses. Many schools allow military recruiters to coach sports, serve as substitute teachers, chaperone school dances, and engage in other activities. In some cases, recruiters are such a regular presence in high schools that students and staff regard them as school employees.

Colin Powell who besides being a military man is also one of the C.I.A. men who runs America.(Colin Powell works for George Bush Sr. and George Bush Sr. is one of the C.I.A. men who runs America).Colin Powell because the White W.A.S.P. C.I.A. Men who run America and include him in things,wanted him to do it left the Vietnam P.O.W.’s behind over Heroin.The C.I.A.’s role in drug dealing has victimized millions of Americans.While the Vietnam Veteran P.O.W.’s who were left behind in Vietnam over Heroin,were White.It was the African-American community,the Black community who had Crack Cocaine and guns brought into their neighborhood by the C.I.A. From 1982-95 according to VolumeII of the C.I.A. Inspector Generals Report released in 1998,the C.I.A. had permission from the U.S. Justice Department,from each U.S. Attorney General from 1982-95,to put all C.I.A. agents,assets,and Independent Contractors on the “Nonemployee List”.And to put “Narcotics Violations”,Drug dealing on the list of “Nonemployee Reportable crimes”.This legal loophole,allowed the C.I.A. to sell Cocaine.Any U.S. Attorney General if asked could just say, “It is illegal to sell Cocaine in America.Because the C.I.A. has their own system to stop Cocaine dealing,that is why I felt it would be a better idea to have them manage it themselves so I said they didn’t need to report the drug dealing to me.” And since you can’t prove the U.S. Attorney General was trying to have Cocaine brought into America,the worst that would happen is he might get fired.
So the C.I.A. was bringing Cocaine into the Black community from 1982-95.But when the C.I.A.’s options were to sell Cocaine that would be used to cook up crack rocks to an African-American crack dealer Freeway Ricky Ross (not the rapper)and then use the drug money to buy guns and ship the guns down to an anti-Communist Army in Nicaragua.And have the Communist Government of Nicaragua overthrown.Or ship most of the guns down to an anti-Communist Army in Nicaragua,but leave some guns behind in LosAngeles’s African-American community,so the Communist Government of Nicaragua is overthrown and a certain amount of Black people in L.A. murder eachother with the guns leftbehind.Since the C.I.A. left the guns behind in South L.A.The C.I.A. when it had nothing to do with fighting Communism, throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s chose to ethnically cleanse the African-American community.
In 1995 despite having ethnically cleansed the Black community the C.I.A. wanted Colin Powell a Blackman to run for President of the United States Why?Now that Black people had been reduced to 15% of the population since despite the Civil Rights laws they have an under the table system where only the Black people who get along with White people are living in majority White neighborhoods.Having a Blackman with White votes,since Black people said they wouldn’t support Colin Powell, become the First Black President of America would make White people despite having racist ideas say,
”It was 1991 I watched as a Blackman Rodney King was beaten on TV.I am a Whiteman the whole way that the Police mistreated Rodney King it reminded me eventhough I’m not Black of times in my life when I wasn’t treated fairly,so I felt terrible for this Blackman who was beaten by White Police officers.It’s not the same as the way the Blacks are treated but my friend who’s also a White guy had some ATF agent pull a gun on him.If someone said they were frightened about walking through an all Black neighborhood at night I would say I feel that way at times also.But if someone was hatefully racist towards all the Black people because that really is unfair since that’s just a mean person the same way I’m White and my friend who’s White had an ATF agent pull a gun on him someone who’s crazy enough to be hateful towards all Black people since that type of racism is irrational might also do something that affects some White people also.If a Blackman who’s parents are Jamaican immigrants who served in the military was elected by White people to be the First Black President of the United States this isn’t an episode of ‘The Cosby Show’ the majority of Black people because they are a minority will still be angry at the Government and White people.But a Black President would make me feel my country is now in a new era where there intention is to be fair so trusting the government with a service program today is not the same as before.”
And if Colin Powell had been President from 1996-2004 by 2005 America would’ve been a majority White country with a 15% Black minority the Whitemen who run America George Bush Sr.,David Rockefeller,Backthen William F.Buckley was alive,the Whitemen who run America would now have a country where every American citizen 18-25 yearsold is legally forced to do Two years of labor for the state it’s called “Mandatory National Service”.But on the wall next to pictures of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon there would be a picture of one Black guy Colin Powell.And by 2005 you’d again have a White President.
In a majority White country where Black people are a minority there is discrimination against Black people but because America is supposed to be a fair country the White majority is willing to include some Black people so when the White board gets one of the few Black guys all the White people like and makes him the C.E.O.,it makes the White guys feel that the Government is trying to be fair and while they know Black people are still angry and distrustful of the Government the fact the company made a Black guy who they like the C.E.O. makes them feel that if the board says “Do you trust we are trying to be fair to everyone when we ask you to do something.” That yes The board can be trusted.So you can have a Majority White country where White people let other White people restrict their Civil Liberties as long as you let a Blackguy be C.E.O. for 4to 8 years because it makes all the White people feel it really is a fair place and then the next C.E.O. after that will be White.
Colin Powell of course didn’t run for President in 1996 but in 2002 since Barack Obama had been a C.I.A. asset himself since 1983.Barack Obama was hired by a C.I.A. front company B.I.C. in 1983.And Barack Obama so dislikes other Black people that Barack Obama was helping White C.I.A. agents to bring the Crack Cocaine and guns into the Black community in the 1980’s and the 1990’s.Barack Obama’s White mom and White Grandparents had been C.I.A. assets,and Barack Obama’s Black father may have been on the side of the C.I.A. in their goal to have some control over the all Black African country of Kenya.
The C.I.A. decided since Barack Obama had run for the U.S. Congress in 2000 and lost.(All the other Black people in Chicago voted against Obama because they felt he was against other Black people.It was only White people in Chicago who voted for Barack Obama.And Obama lost to former Black Panther Bobby Rush.Bobby Rush got the endorsements of then U.S. President Bill Clinton and because he figured if Bobby could be a Congressman for life,Bobby would onetime agree to run against him for Mayor of Chicago and lose on purpose,Chicago’s White Conservative Mayor Richard M.Daley also endorsed the former Black Panther Bobby Rush.)That if Barack Obama wanted to now try and run for the U.S. Senate.As long as Barack Obama won the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.The C.I.A. would do this.(At the moment this was going on the majority of Black people were not supporting Barack Obama for President and these plans were made on the assumption that Black people wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama)Every White guy sitting on a bar stool will say,
“If a man is an Arab Muslim named Hussein our military will either kill him or just hate his guts.If a Blackman is a Christian who is also named Hussein only because his father was an immigrant from an African country,since he’s Christian he doesn’t have the enemy’s Muslim religion,to show we don’t dislike people just for their names or skin color we will be nice to him.If an Arab Muslim is named Osama our military will kill him.If a Blackman is a Christian and he is named Obama only because his father was an immigrant from an African country,since he’s Christian he doesn’t have the enemy’s Muslim religion,to show we don’t dislike people just for their names or skin color we will be nice to him.So if you have that name Hussein-Obama because your father was an immigrant from an Africa country but your mom was a White American Woman.And your White Grandparents raised you.Since you are HalfBlack HalfWhite,since you are a guy who doesn’t like other Black people and you are a Christian you don’t have the enemy’s Muslim religion,we want to let the world know while we hunt down the Muslims named Hussein and Osama,since we are not against anyone just for their name or skincolor we like the Black Christian named Hussein Obama.We don’t care his name is similar to the guys we are fighting.Since in order to prove he can be a loyal American and have the lastname Obama he would order the U.S. Military to kill the Arab Muslim Osama.We can cheer as the Arab Muslim Osama is killed and feel we are not against people from different cultures with different names since a Blackguy named Obama who is Christian is on our U.S. Government side.So we hope the HalfWhite HalfBlack guy with the African name runs for Public Office.So eventhough all he is is an Illinois state Rep.,who was running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois,we are happy that he will be speaking at the National Democratic Party Convention in Boston,Massachusets.”
And since “There is no Black America there is just the United States of America”, Barack Obama wants Black people to give up their cultural identity and support the same government policies that White people support.And while the war against Saddam Hussein is a mistake and America should end that war the war should be opposed according to Barack Hussein Obama a way that is not as critical of the government as what was done in the 1960’s and we all according to Barack Hussein Obama Jr.should support the continuation of the other war against Osama in Afghanistan he is saying other then a couple incidents there is no racism or people being treated differently for their names in America.
So Barack Obama joined Republican Colin Powell on the list of Black people in politics that White people like C.I.A. asset Oprah Winfrey had Barack Obama on her show Chicago’s White Mayor Richard M.Daley the son of Chicago’s former Mayor Richard J.Daley comes up with the idea that if Colin Powell had run against Ronald Reagan eventhough Colin Powell is not considered Black to White people since Colin Powell is a Blackman Ronald Reagan would’ve gotten more White votes so since Black people in Illinois are now all behind Barack Obama eventhough nationwide the majority of Black people at least 65% to 70% of Black people nationwide have said they would not support Barack Obama for President of the United States.If he Richard M.Daley got a Black Republican to run against Barack Obama.So Two Black guys who don’t like other Black people are running against eachother for the U.S. Senate.The only difference between the Two guys,is that the Black Republican wants to ban abortions which would affect White Women.This would guarantee that Barack Obama wins a U.S. Senate seat.
And if Barack Obama goes to the U.S. Senate in 2004.In 2008 Barack Obama as a Vice-Presidential candidate or Presidential candidate will be put on the Democratic Party’s national ticket.While Black people nationwide,they figured backthen won’t vote for Obama in the Democratic primaries when he runs for President or care that he is the First Black Vice-President or President since they feel he’s an Oreo.The White American majority will feel a Blackman named Barack Obama a Blackman with the full name Barack Hussein Obama Jr.A Blackman with the middlename Hussein as vice-President or President of the United States means that there majority White country is a place that gives everyone a chance.That America isn’t perfect but it’s not a society that is hateful.The fact we can go to war against the Arab Muslims Saddam Hussein and Osama BinLaden and just because he himself is Christian let a guy named Hussein Obama who happens to be Black be President of the United States means this is such a fair a country that it should be trusted to keep military recruiters in the Public Highschools,to continue to read the E-mails of anyone who criticizes the Government,to shutdown the bank accounts of anyone they say is a wartime national security problem,even if all they are doing is sending off e-mails saying they feel military recruiters shouldn’t be in the public Highschools which is free speech,and Airport TSA Homeland Security which didn’t begin until after 9/11 in the airports can be increased.
The Whitemen who run America can have a majority White country where the Civil Liberties of the White majority are restricted and Black people still are a 15% Discriminated against minority where having an African/Black Ethnic name makes it more difficult to get a job.As long as they let One Blackman with an African name be President or Vice-President since a society that is irrationally hateful towards Black people would also do things that affect White people also the White majority wants to include some Black people but out number them.And when the White board makes the One Black guy White people like the C.E.O. it makes White people feel even if there are still angry Black people out there that the country is fair and should be given the benefit of the doubt
While the Whitemen who run America,get massive Civil Liberties restrictions from a Barack Obama Presidency. The Arab Muslim countries that are trying to decide weather to support Majority White Christian America against fellow Arab Muslim Countries would say,
”We know he is a HalfBlack HalfWhite Christian who was raised by his White Grandparents.But that Blackfather who left him came from a Muslim family,and his White Christian mom remarried an Asian Indonesian Muslim.So he has a Muslim stepdad,a Muslim father who was never around,a Halfsister who was raised a Muslim before becoming Buddhist,and he did attend a mostly Muslim Grammar school in Indonesia.So he is like a guy who’s mom is Catholic who’s Dad is a Jewish atheist,who’s Irish mom divorced his dad and remarried another Jewish guy.Who is raised by his Irish Catholic Grandparents,so the Jewish Dad and Jewish Stepdad are not a part of his immediate family.His Jewish Halfbrother and Jewish Halfsister who later on converted to Protestantism are not a part of his immediate family either.He is a religious Catholic,but despite the Irish mom and Irish Grandparents,because of the absentee father his lastname is Goldberg.Sean Goldberg would to Jewish people be Ethnically HalfJewish.You can’t be Ethnically HalfMuslim,but Barack Hussein Obama Jr.,even if other Black people don’t like him,is someone we as Arabs,despite our Brown Black brotherhood with the Black people,feel is a guy who we can get along with.He knows how it feels to be treated differently because your name is Hussein Obama,people before they meet him sometimes falsly assume he is a Muslim.when he is a Christian.So we will shutdown Terrorist training camps if he is Vice-President or President of the United States.”
Black people realized this wasn’t a practical joke there were enough White Republicans willing to take Democratic primary ballots and vote for Barack Obama that Barack Obama with White votes won the Iowa Caucus in 99% White Iowa.And came in Second in the NewHampshire primary in 99% White NewHampshire,Bill Clinton came in Second in NewHampshire also in 1992.So Barack Obama in Democratic primaries and Caucuses was doing as well with White people as Bill Clinton.Some would say even better with White people then Bill Clinton,White Republicans were taking Democratic primary ballots to vote for Barack Obama.
And while Anton Gunn a Black member of a military family did something to help Barack Obama get the majority of Black votes in South Carolina,the majority of Black voters nationwide,despite Obama’s South Carolina Democratic Primary win,were still supporting a White Women Hillary Clinton for President.But in an era where due to the disappearance of Record stores and the popularity of Tyler Perry movies the Urban culture was being phased out anyway.(In 1991 rap music was political.In 1998 the lyrics weren’t political but the lyrics were about an Urban culture that was different then the White culture.Eventhough many Young White people were also behaving like their favorite Black rappers.By 2008 Tower Records and Sam Goody had gone bankrupt Cd’s if they were bought at all were bought at nonRecord stores like Bestbuy and a website Itunes was selling the individual songs from every album for $1.25 as a download this was for the people who didn’t steal the music for free online.Rap music wasn’t as much of a cultural force as it was in 1997).
So a certain amount of Black people,since with Two Year and out Welfare they now had to go to jobs during an economy that was worse then 1992,figured that if they could accept the fact he walks,talks,and does things that Black people haven’t done since the 1950’s,while this is a Presidency that will give the White people who run Americ massive Civil Liberties violations and more cooperative Arab countries in a time of war,with no additional policy for Black people.
It would be a Blackman as President of Majority White America and a Black Women as First Lady of Majority White America.And they can say to White people, “We want to be called African-Americans we will always demand there be Civil Rights laws so we can eat in the same restaurants as White people and live next door to White people but we will now dress more similar to White people we will only use Two urban slangwords we will talk the way White people talk.We will now have the same physical mannerisms as White people.What Bill Cosby did on ‘The Cosby Show’ will be considered Ethnic Black compared to how stiff we will be.And we will tell everyone we admire Jackie Robinson for breaking Baseball’s color barrier.We still feel Martin Luther King Jr. was right for supporting Civil Rights Laws for Black people.But we now feel Martin Luther King Jr. shouldn’t’ve said the things he said about the Vietnam War.And we now feel Michael Jordan is more Ethnically Black then us.This is who we will be and we will now join White people in voting for Barack Obama.”
So Barack Obama became the First Blackman to win the Democratic Party’s Nomination for President of the United States in 2008 and Barack Obama became the First Blackman elected President of the Majority White United States of America in 2008. Barack Obama’s hatred of Martin Luther King Jr. is scary.Barack Obama’s White mother and White Grandparents were C.I.A. assets.They weren’t the rich C.I.A. Anglo-Saxon W.A.S.P. people who run America.George Bush Sr.,George W.Bush David Rockefeller,Robert Baer and Susan Eisenhower are the ones who run America.But Barack Obama’s White Grandparents and White mother worked for the Anglo-Saxon W.A.S.P. C.I.A. people who run America.
In 1968 Barack Obama was the one Black kid living with his White mom in a C.I.A. backed Indonesian Asian anti-Communist dictatorship.Barack Obama ever since he was a little kid,has been around those horrible people who hate Martin Luther King Jr.Because Oprah Winfrey is a C.I.A. asset who was involved in Coretta King’s murder and who spied on Nelson Mandela.They like Oprah Winfrey and the other C.I.A. assets are the Actors Hill Harper,Gabrielle Union,Sanaa Lathan,Kellita Smith.And believe it or not the singer Janet Jackson is now a C.I.A. asset also.Hill Harper is a C.I.A. asset,Gabrielle Union is a C.I.A. asset,Sanaa Lathan is a C.I.A. asset,Kellita Smith is a C.I.A. asset,Van Jones the CNN political commentator is a C.I.A. asset,Janet Jackson is a C.I.A. asset.Sylvester Stallone is a C.I.A. asset and Stallone maybe doing disinformation.The Communist Government of Vietnam wanted to release the P.O.W.’s to America.America because corrupt C.I.A. Heroin dealing,didn’t want the P.O.W.’s back.Barack Obama by posting on his Twitter page that America leaves no one behind is a part of the cover up Here is what the people Barack Obama has been around since he was a little kid say,
“Martin Luther King Jr. was anti-American because we are not against anyone for their skin color Lyndon Johnson did the right thing signing the Civil Rights laws to put Black people and White people in the same restaurants and Lyndon Johnson and fellow Civil Rights supporter Hubert Humphrey went along with Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder we hate Martin Luther King Jr.But we like Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson is Black Jackie Robinson supported Civil Rights laws for Black people and Jackie Robinson supported the Vietnam War Martin Luther King Jr. having a ‘Poor People’s campout’ asking for all that money for poor people and refusing to end the campout until Johnson delivers the money since Johnson couldn’t afford to give all that money to poor people and to keep a war going at the sametime was Dr.King’s way to try and end the Vietnam war.If Lyndon Johnson just said ‘No I am not giving anymore money to anyone and you guys can just stay camped out in the park.’ The Vietnam War would continue Martin Luther King Jr. and the 500,000 Black,White,Asian,Latino,and Native-American people would continue sleeping in the park.But since Martin Luther King Jr. would continue every morning having this crowd of White people and Black people nonviolently walk into Government buildings and sit in during the day and sleep in the park at night.How do we know since there were riots in the Black neighborhoods in 1967.That if in the Spring of 1968,if we were to turn down the money request of 500,000 people,many of them poor Black people who have had the frustration of camping out in a park for 30 days,that as nonviolent as Dr.King is a riot won’t break out in the Nations Capitol.Since Dr.King wants this campout to stay nonviolent but he’s trying to use Government money for poor people not just to help the poor but to financially make it impossible for us to afford to continue our war,we hate him.Since there were no riots in the Black community when Malcolm X and Medgar Ever were murdered,we killed Dr.King to stop the campout.And then because Jesse Jackson agreed to have a campout for only a certain amount of days to ask for an amount of money we could actually afford to give out and continue the war and Jesse Jackson agreed to only bring the demonstrators into certain buildings,Jesse Jackson was able to have a limited campout.Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam and decided he didn’t hate all White people but he wanted to have African countries and White countries like Russia at the U.N. condemn us.So eventhough it meant helping Two men who say we are White Devils we at the C.I.A. helped Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan to murder Malcolm X.We don’t dislike Jesse Jackson when he was told that us the C.I.A. along with President Johnson were murdering Dr.King Jesse Jackson cleared witnesses out of the way so Jesse Jackson went along with the murder of Dr.King.Jesse Jackson figured since Lyndon Johnson supported Civil Rights for Black people that if Johnson was willing to give Black people Affirmative Action but wanted to continue the Vietnam War and Johnson felt the welfare money was the most he could give poor people Jesse Jackson wasn’t going to lose out on Affirmative Action over some campout.And as for that C.I.A. asset Oprah Winfrey in 1999 Coretta King and all of the children of Martin Luther King Jr.,filed a lawsuit saying Lloyd Jowers who worked for Memphis Mafia boss Frank Liberto had hired the man who shot Martin Luther King Jr.This meant that James Earl Ray didn’t do it we know that because we set Ray up ourselves.And since Jowers worked for Liberto and Memphis Mafia boss Frank Liberto worked for NewOrleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello.And Carlos Marcello worked for us we are the C.I.A. The Memphis trial transcripts prove we murdered Martin Luther King Jr.The transcripts also have a man under oath saying Jesse Jackson got witnesses to leave the hotel before Dr.King was shot. Oprah Winfrey didn’t want any Black people in Chicago who became friends with Jesse Jackson,who served on the board of Operation Push,and after they discovered Jesse Jackson had been involved in Dr.King’s murder,helped to cover it up have anything happen to them.While today those Black people all support Barack Obama and hate Jesse Jackson,they helped Jesse cover it up so Coretta King’s lawsuits could affect them.So while the Memphis trial transcripts were in 1999 since Coretta King was still filing other legal actions in 2003.Oprah Winfrey invited Coretta King on her TV show in 2003,she gave Coretta King a makeover,by saying Coretta King hadn’t changed her hairstyle since 1965 Oprah was signaling that she agreed with what Martin Luther King Jr. had done in 1965 when he marched in Selma,Alabama for a Civil Rights law,so did our friend Lyndon Johnson who later on was one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s murderers But after 1965 Martin Luther King Jr. then opposed the Vietnam War and called for more Government money for poor people and Oprah didn’t like that this is what by doing Coretta King’s hair on TV and saying Coretta King hadn’t changed her hairstyle since 1965 Oprah Winfrey was signaling.From there Oprah Winfrey bought Coretta King a Condo in the same building as one of our C.I.A. assets Janet Jackson.Janet Jackson despite making that album with political songs in 1989 ‘Rhythym Nation’ by 1997 decided because of her hatred of the rap artist Tupac Shakur that she didn’t like the poorer Black people.In 1997 Janet Jackson became friends with Colin Powell.In 1997 Janet Jackson decided that she didn’t care about the Crack Cocaine and guns we brought into the Black community.Janet Jackson is a C.I.A. asset and she is in the Condo building with Coretta King who Oprah Winfrey murdered for us.Barack Obama who’s White Grandparents laundered money for the C.I.A.,was going to be on a National ticket we didn’t want any problems from Coretta King while we are running Two wars and getting ready to put a Blackman on a National Ticket,since we shot Dr.King,we shot Dr.King’s mother for encouraging an investigation into what happened to her son,this had to be done differently so Coretta King died of Cancer we have so many ways to kill people,Oprah Winfrey killed Coretta King for us.Barack Obama killed Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter Yolanda for us,she wanted to make an Oliver Stone type movie about how we killed her dad,Martin Luther King Jr.Michelle Obama who is a C.I.A. asset also lied when she said on TV she admired Coretta King Michelle Obama said if we were making Barack Obama President she Michelle Obama wanted Coretta King and Yolanda King dead.Oliver Stone who hated us because of what went on in Vietnam.Oliver Stone who was an angry Vietnam veteran who was honestly against us when he made a movie saying how we murdered President Kennedy ‘JFK’.Oliver Stone after we blew up the World Trade Center on September11,2001 became a C.I.A. asset,Oliver Stone went back to the person he was when he was in the military.After Barack Obamaq murdered Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter,Yolanda King Barack Obama asked to use Dr.King’s old bible for one of his swearing in ceremonies as President.Oprah Winfrey at the sametime she befriended Nelson Mandela also had a boyfriend Steadman Graham who was friends with the U.S. ambassador to South Africa under Ronald Reagan who supported apartheid.So while she was nice to Nelson Mandela to his face,Oprah Winfrey behind Nelson Mandela’s back told one of us one of the guys in our group is George Bush Sr.,Oprah Winfrey told George Bush Sr.,everything Nelson Mandela was doing,so Nelson Mandela would get to be South African’s First Black President but some economic things Nelson Mandela wanted to do he might not be able to and while Black people would have equal rights in South Africa something Oprah Winfrey as a Black Women supported.American corporations would be able to do things that made money for American investors but weren’t good at all for the poor Black people in South Africa.Oprah Winfrey then used her leadership academy for girls in South Africa as an excuse to visit South Africa and spy for us the C.I.A..When Nelson Mandela said any girl who claims she was sexually abused at Oprah’s school has a right since South Africa is now a Democracy to file a complaint against Oprah Winfrey.While it used to be White racists in South Africa who killed the children of Black people by running them off the road with cars,the moment these girls started filing complaints against Oprah’s school, because Oprah hates kids once these Black girls in South Africa filed complaints against Oprah Winfrey’s school.Eventhough she never went to Oprah’s school,Nelson Mandela’s GreatGrand daughter,since it’s his GreatGranddaughter,right as she was getting ready to go to a World Cup Soccer game/Black Eyed Peas Music concert.(The Black Eyed Peas were playing at the World Cup) died in a car crash.Even we on our own might not kill the GreatGrand daughter of the man who we ourselves got the South African government to put in jail back in 1964.But if that’s how Oprah wants to do things since she killed Coretta for us she’s still a C.I.A. asset.Oprah Winfrey murdered Nelson Mandela’s GreatGrand daughter while then Vice-President Joe Biden who was there for the World Cup coldly walked around.”
That is what Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson Sr. did. And that is what these anti-Martin Luther King Jr.,hateful horrible people who Barack Obama has been around since he was a kid say Coretta King’s lawyer William Pepper said all of the Black men who knew ahead of time that Martin Luther King Jr. was going to be murdered and who were going along with the White C.I.A. agents and their hired Mafia and military men did not wear ties as a way of signaling that they were in on Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder.Now that the Communist Government of Vietnam is an American trading partner while Barack Obama was a kid when Martin Luther King Jr. was harmed.When Barack Obama traveled to Vietnam since Dr.King opposed the war in Vietnam Barack Obama with that sarcastic smile on his face did an interview with CNN without wearing a tie.While people sometimes put on suits with no tie on Barack Obama wearing a suit with no tie and sarcastically smiling while in Vietnam was him signaling that since he is the First Black President of the United States of America he feels the men who murdered Dr.King are not racist
Because Chicago mobster Sam Giancanna was actually a C.I.A. asset and so was his partner Tony Accardo.If Sam Giancanna who hated Martin Luther King Jr. had anything to do with Dr.King’s murder.Then some liberal in Hollywood who admires Dr.King who makes Rocksongs about how racism against Black people is wrong,and becomes friends and business partners with Frank Sinatra.Since Sam Giancanna was Frank Sinatra’s bestfriend,the Rockstar without knowing Sam Giancanna murdered Martin Luther King Jr.,becomes friends with Sam Giancanna also.And now without even knowing it a Rockstar who admires Dr.King is accidentally friends with Martin Luther King Jr.’s murderer.Every workingclass guy who had a job in Chicago or LasVegas where the Casino’s were owned by Giancanna and figured since money laundering is a White collar offense he’s not the worst guy for laundering some money for Sam Giancanna and then says to himself,”I hope this guy didn’t murder Martin Luther King Jr. and President Kennedy he was nice to me when I met him.” Is now a moneylaunderer for the murderer of Martin Luther King Jr.The working class people in Chicago and the Rock star in Hollywood didn’t do anything to Martin Luther King Jr. but this is how crazy it is when the C.I.A. uses prominent people like Sam Giancanna.

Monika Jensen-Stevenson and William Stevenson in their book “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” allege that P.O.W.’s were left behind in Vietnam over the Heroin trade.In 1981 after Ronald Reagan took office the hostages were released from Iran.This sent a message to people who participate in C.I.A. Covert operations and Military activities,that while the C.I.A. may delay your release for another couple months,so Ronald Reagan instead of Jimmy Carter wins the election(Which is C.I.A. interference in a Democratic election).The bottom line is you will eventually be coming home.The U.S. Government the C.I.A. can only get people to continue to do things for them if they believe that if they do what is asked of them and they are taken hostage they will eventually come home.
So they couldn’t leave the P.O.W.’s behind in Vietnam unless there was a belief that some Vietnam Veterans did something that was so abnormal that they were left behind but all the other Vietnam Veterans were returned to America.So every future C.I.A. asset,C.I.A. agent,and U.S. solider will know because they didn’t do that themselves that they will come home oneday.By 1968 if not earlier the White Anglo-Saxon W.A.S.P. C.I.A. men who really run America,decided they could not win the Vietnam War.If the Vietnam War can’t be won,why continue the war?If the U.S. military left Vietnam in 1968,because it would be a defeat for America,Congress would not support future wars.The White W.A.S.P. C.I.A. men who run America are not going to use their own money to fund Covert Operations,they wouldn’t be Billionaries anymore.If the U.S. military had left Vietnam by 1968,around 20,000 American Men instead of 60,000 would be dead.If the C.I.A. stayed in Vietnam long enough to get their hands on Heroin even if it meant going into Laos also to get it,they would still lose the Vietnam War.But once they got their hands on the Heroin.The C.I.A. with the drug money,under the table would be able to fund foreign anti-Communist armies in Latin America and Asia and everywhere else.And without any American soldiers involved,without Congress’s support they could continue the Coldwar.
Monika Jensen Stevenson and William Stevenson in their book “Kiss the Boys Goodbye”,say that Mel Holland a Whitemale American AirForce sergeant wrote to his wife in a letter that he was being asked to do something illegal in Laos.Mel Holland never came back to America.Mel Holland still in 2017 hasn’t come back to America.Mel Holland’s commanding officer said there were a bunch of Opium poppies which is what is used when you are making Heroin.A C.I.A. helicopter was under attack,a wounded man on the airplane began to shout that there are still Two Men Two Covert operatives on the ground.The plane that began to lift off without them,wheeled away.The wounded man on board said “Mel Holland’s still down there.” The wounded man died on board and they never went back for Mel Holland.Under this text is a website address for a website run by a Vietnam Veterans organization,and a timeline they gave for what happened with the Vietnam P.O.W.’s.Because America getting it’s P.O.W.’s out sends a message to future C.I.A. covert operatives,they won’t be left behind,even if it is allegedly against U.S. Government policy to pay for hostages,it is done all the time.Because a country like Canada would deliver the money to Vietnam for America,the P.O.W.’s could have been relocated from Vietnam to Canada there families could come and live with them in Toronto,it’s a free and Democratic country just like America.And the U.S. Government could save face by still saying the P.O.W.’s are dead.And future C.I.A. Covert Operatives would feel this is proof that they will either come back to America or have nice lives in Toronto,if they do what is asked of them.
So what reason would the U.S. Government have not to pay the Communist government of Vietnam the money for the P.O.W.’s?They even gave under the table money to their enemy Communist Russia during the coldwar.

Vietnam War POW MIAs
Actions of Our Elected Officials

April 3, 1973: Pathet Lao (Laotian Communist) forces declare they are holding more than 100 American POWs and are prepared to give a full accounting of them The U.S. government responds 9 days later declaring they are all dead -- without ever talking to the Laotians about the POWs they admit holding!
1970-1976: After the French pay an unspecified sum of money to the Vietnamese, the communists release POWs captured in 1954! The North Vietnamese had claimed all of then had died.
August 19, 1986: The Wall Street Journal reports the White House knew in 1981 Vietnam wanted to sell an unspecified number of live POWs for $4 billion. The White House decided the offer was genuine -- and ignored it!
September 30, 1986: The New York Times reports a Pentagon panel estimates up to 100 live American POWs are held in Vietnam alone.
October 7, 1986: CIA Director William Casey says: "Look, the nation knows they (the POWs)are there, everybody knows they are there, but there's no grounds well of support for getting them out. Certainly, you are not suggesting we pay for them, surely not saying we could do anything like that with no public support."
January 1988: A cable from the Joint Casualty Resolution Center states that during General Vessey's visit to Hanoi, "The Vietnamese people were prepared to turn over 7 or 8 live American POWs if Vessey told then what they wanted to hear. All the prospective returnees were allegedly held in a location on the Lao side of the border."
September 1990: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Interim Report on POW/MIA's in Southeast Asia concluded that despite public assurances in 1973 that no POWs remained in the region, the Defense Department ". . . in April 1974 concluded beyond a doubt that several hundred American POWs remained in captivity in Southeast Asia."
October 1990: Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Co Thach admits Vietnam still holds American POWs but is willing to release "as many as 10 live American POWs." His offer, like others before it, is ignored by Secretary of State James Baker III.
February 1991: Colonel Millard Peck, Chief of the Pentagon's Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, resigns in protest of being ordered by policy makers in the POW/MIA Inter-Agency Group not to investigate live-sighting reports of American POWs!
April 25, 1991: Senator Bob Smith addresses the Senate and reveals that, of more than 1,400 eyewitness sightings of live POWs, NONE has ever received an on-site investigation!
May 23, 1991: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Examination of U.S. Policy Toward POW/MIAs concludes that the U.S. has ignored thousands of American POWs, and left them to rot in Soviet slave labor camps and North Korean and Vietnamese prisons. "Any evidence that suggested an MIA might be alive was uniformly and arbitrarily rejected."
Summer 1991: A flood of new evidence of live POWs pours from Southeast Asia: pictures, handwriting samples, hair samples, blood samples, fingerprints, foot-prints, maps and other physical proof. The Bush administration disregards the evidence and attempts to discredit it by rumor and innuendo. Some of the photos are scientifically validated -- and have never been scientifically disproven!
All these facts are a matter of public record and clearly indicate that we have some serious problems in the POW/MIA arena that our elected officials refuse to acknowledge.
Richard Armitage works for Colin Powell.This means Colin Powell used his front man Armitage,to leave those guys behind.There is a thing the C.I.A. does called disinformation, for example if a a Ultra Rightwing man who has unfortunately made anti-semitic comments about Jewish people and has unfortunately made racist comments about Black people says that P.O.W.’s were left behind in Vietnam people will say,”Only crazy bigots,believe there are P.O.W.’s in Vietnam there must not be any P.O.W.’s still left behind in Vietnam.” So having someone say you left the P.O.W.’s behind and then having them make unfair racist or anti-semitic remarks is a way to convince people you didn’t really leave P.O.W.’s behind.Bo Gritz is a Disinformation agent,meaning Bo Gritz mixes the truth in with the lies,so yes Armitage left them behind.I’m not sure if Ross Perot is a disinformation agent also. is a liberal website I have pasted into this article the article about Richard Armitage and the Vietnam P.O.W.’s and an excerpt of a 1986 NewYork times article about Richard Armitage and the Vietnam P.O.W.’s while there was no Internet in 1986 only the Govermment had Computers that sent messages to other Computers.The NewYork times today has articles from 1986 in the Archives on their website in 1986 the NewYork Times reprinted what the Reuters newsservice reported
Armitage- Part I: The Early Years & the Golden Triangle
As mentioned earlier, Brent Scowcroft will be ending his nine-year reign as chairman of the American Turkish Council (ATC) and will be succeeded by former Bush administration Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage.
Armitage may be best remembered for leaking information to Robert Novak that exposed Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent in a political scandal that became known as the Plame Affair. Selective amnesia on the part of the servile US mainstream media has repeatedly obscured Armitage's curriculum vitae, which goes back decades and begins during the Vietnam conflict.
Graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1967, Armitage served four tours of duty in Vietnam before leaving the military in 1973, when he joined the Defense Attache in Saigon. It was at this time that Armitage's association with the CIA began:
Theodore Shackley and Thomas Clines financed a highly intensified phase of the Phoenix Program, in 1974 and 1975, by causing an intense flow of Vang Pao opium money to be secretly brought into Vietnam for this purpose. This Vang Pao opium money was administered for Theodore Shackley and Thomas Clines by a US Navy official based in Saigon's US office of Naval Operations by the name of Richard Armitage. However, because Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines and Richard Armitage knew that their secret anti-communist extermination program was going to be shut down in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand in the very near future, they, in 1973, began a highly secret non-CIA authorized program. Thus, from late 1973 until April of 1975, Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines and Richard Armitage disbursed, from the secret, Laotian-based, Vang Pao opium fund, vastly more money than was required to finance even the highly intensified Phoenix Project in Vietnam.
In 1975, Armitage went to Washington DC as a Defense Department "consultant" and was posted to Tehran until the end of 1976. No information from "official" sources describes the purpose of Armitage's "posting" in Tehran, but unofficial sources name Armitage as working in Tehran to oversee "the transfer of heroin profits from Indonesia to Shackley's account in Tehran . . ." As soon as Armitage finished his DOD business in Iran, he moved to Bangkok and began a private sector "import/export business", although others have linked Armitage's work in Thailand to the Pentagon and to the Nugan Hand Bank. Many of the same players in the Nugan Hand Bank scandal would resurface again, during the Iran-Contra scandal, including Richard Armitage.
In the early 1980s, Armitage began working for President-elect Reagan as a foreign policy advisor and was appointed as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, a position he held until 1983 when he became the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. One of Armitage's duties at the DOD was to oversee the recovery of MIAs and POWs from Vietnam, according to testimony by former Special Forces officer James "Bo" Gritz before the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. During his efforts to locate any potential MIAs in Southeast Asia, Gritz eventually came to believe that Armitage used his position at the Pentagon to block private-sector efforts to bring missing American servicemen home. More importantly, Gritz was given information by Khun Sa, the "King of the Golden Triangle", which fingered Armitage as having been the individual "who handled the [opium] money with the banks in Australia":

AROUND THE WORLD; Vietnam to Investigate 95 Reports on P.O.W.'s
Published: January 14, 1986

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13— Vietnam has agreed to investigate 95 United States reports that some Americans are still being held prisoner in Indochina, senior Administration officials said today.
The officials, Assistant Defense Secretary Richard L. Armitage and Assistant Secretary of State Paul D. Wolfowitz, who led an American delegation in talks in Hanoi last week, said progress report on their investigation at a meeting in Hanoi next month.
''We have been unable thus far to prove that any Americans are being held against their will,'' Mr. Armitage said at a news conference. ''But on the information that is in our possession,'' he said, ''we act under the assumption that at least some Americans are held against their will in Indochina.''

Armitage is quoted as saying that he hasn’t been able to prove there are P.O.W.’s in Vietnam but based on the information he has been given he is behaving like there are P.O.W.’s,People will say “Armitage is a Conservative he believes there are P.O.W.’s in Vietnam still of course he believes they are there but despite his suspicion Armitage admits he can’t prove they are there.So I guess there are no P.O.W.’s in Vietnam.” And the P.O.W.’s don’t come home The man who tried to get these White male P.O.W.’s out of Vietnam safely is African-American political activist and boxing champion Muhammad Ali. The regular religion of Islam teaches that White men and Black men are in Heaven.The Nation of Islam teaches that God only created Black people and all White people because of their skin color are satanically evil.Muhammmad Ali decided that if America was now fair enough to let him eat in the same restaurants as White people,while using the African name Muhammad Ali to get in touch with his African-American Black roots,then he would now be a member of a nonracist Muslim group that says White people and Black people are in Heaven.In 1984 Muhammad Ali,who has been out of the Nation of Islam since the 1970’s,condemned Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s hateful comments about Jewish people.Muhammad Ali attended the wedding of his daughter to a Whiteman.
Muhammad Ali who famously refused to go to Vietnam. Muhammad Ali flew to Vietnam in 1994. Muhammad Ali asked if there were still any P.O.W.’s in Vietnam.The Communist Government of Vietnam,said to Muhammad Ali in 1994 that they had the P.O.W.’s that America didn’t want them back.
It says in the book “Colin Powell:American Power and Intervention From Vietnam to Iraq” by Christopher D O’Sullivan that Colin Powell returned to America from Vietnam the First time on November22,1963 coincidentally the day President John Kennedy was murdered.Since former President George Bush Sr.,a C.I.A. man was one of the men who had John Kennedy Sr. murdered.And Colin Powell works for George Bush Sr.Was Colin Powell since he came back to America the day John Kennedy was murdered really in Dallas? Powell didn’t return for a second tour of duty in Vietnam until July 27,1968.That means Colin Powell was allegedly in Kansas not Memphis,Tennessee when Martin Luther King Jr. was unfortunately murdered on April4,1968.
Since they fly people who are in one state as long as they are on American soil into other states when they are murdering someone.And Colin Powell’s boss George Bush Sr.was also involved in Dr.King’s unfortunate murder.Colin Powell may have been one of the military Men in Memphis when Dr.King was unfortunately murdered.
Why does President Kennedy’s murder matter so much?If America is a Democracy then John Kennedy should’ve run against Barry Goldwater in 1964.And the voters should’ve been told,”If you vote for Barry Goldwater we will go to war in Vietnam.If you vote for John Kennedy there will be no war in Vietnam.” And if 35% of the voters vote for Barry Goldwater and 65% of the voters vote for John Kennedy,then John Kennedy will be declared the winner.And since a vote for Kennedy is a vote against the war.If John Kennedy is reelected then the few military men who were in Vietnam in 1963,will just have to leave by 1965 and come back to America.The people have a right to use the ballot box to end a war,that is how Democracy works.
Instead the C.I.A. murdered John Kennedy.And then the C.I.A. gives the voters the option of either President Barry Goldwater, who is for the Vietnam War and against Civil Rights for Black people.Or President Lyndon Johnson who is also for the Vietnam War,but is willing to sign Civil Rights legislation.So whoever you vote for,every 18-25 yearold unless they are in College will be legally forced to serve in the military,and there will be a war.Because any candidate who the majority of the people support,who’s against the war will be murdered by unelected men with guns.This means that America is not really a Democracy.You can’t vote for whoever you want,because the C.I.A. kills candidates for Public office.Chicago Mobster Sam Giancanna who was one of the Men the C.I.A. hired to murder President Kennedy,said he had participated in a C.I.A. coup against American Democracy.And because he Sam Giancanna was a Fascist he agreed with the C.I.A.
The reason who killed JFK matters so much to the American people,is because this means America is not really a Democracy. By 1968,the Vietnam war had escalated into an all out war with a military draft. Bobby Kennedy was for immediate withdrawal from Vietnam.Had Bobby Kennedy gotten the 1968 Democratic nomination,all voters would’ve had to do was vote for Bobby Kennedy.And if Bobby Kennedy was elected President of the United States in November 1968.All the troops would’ve been out of Vietnam by 1969.So before he could get the Democratic nomination for President,Bobby Kennedy was murdered by the C.I.A. also,Sam Giananna murdered Bobby Kenendy also.If you can’t vote through your candidate of choice,to end a war.You don’t live in a free country. Colin Powell if he was in Dallas,Memphis,and L.A. is responsible for destroying American Democracy.
What happened in Vietnam and what is Communism?In a Capitalist society in America before the NewDeal 9 yearold children were being beaten and forced to work in factories.Because “Limited Government” doesn’t really mean freedom.What “Limited Government” means is the Government will say there are no rules, no rules doesn’t mean it is so free that it’s like going to Woodstock,no rules means the 1% who own everything can make rules that the 99% will have to follow or get fired from the jobs they need.So no rules,really means a bunch of unfair rules everyone must follow.
Of course eventually America would ban child labor but what happened before the New Deal,was an example of how bad Capitalism can get.People need food or else they will die.A Communist would say that the unjust slavery against African-Americans was because when Capitalism goes completely crazy they begin to even sell human beings.So a Communist would say we must give everyone unlimited free food and unlimited free housing,the one thing we must ban is buying and selling.So when they tried Communism in Russia,they said everyone would be treated fairly and since Karl Marx the founder of Communism actually was Jewish himself Russia would end it’s unjust treatment of the Jewish people.
The Communists said that in order to bring about Communism it has to be done in stages.
Stage 1)Everything is declared state property all stores are Government nonprofits all apartment buildings are run by the Government
Stage 2)A Government agency will make sure everyone gets the same size apartment or house and the same amount of food you need to trust that the Government officials really will live in the same size homes as you
Stage 3)Once everyone is used to just going and getting as much food as they want for free there will be no buying and selli

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