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News :: DNC
I continue not to post on Indymedia...I LIED
27 Jun 2004
Boston Indymedia is COINTELPRO. I believe it is connected to Bush through CyCorp, the NSA, DARPA, the JDL, the MOSSAD, 7-Seas Global Intelligence, KOBE, and a computer store in Harbor City. Really I do.

Note: I continue to not publish any articles on IndyMedia.

Curious about the identity of "Disruptive Individual" on Boston IndyMedia?
Here They Are

And yes, even a second grade school girl could kick their asses.
They're illusion of power on IndyMedia is a self delusion intended to make up for their lack of self esteem and their general impotency with regard to social relations.  In effect, they are losers.
If you see them hanging out during protests in BOSTON, ...

American fascists vow to settle score as Bush's nemesis turns up the heat 

44 million U.S. people lack medical insurance

U.S. should face court, Annan says

This was my hobby as a child:
Rocket Hobbyists Dropping Hobby
I'm sorry to see this happening.  As I predicted, anti-terror hysteria will, in time, further dumb-down America, because people will be afraid to pursue interesting hobbies.

Dick Cheney to the People of Vermont:

He's an evil looking Mother Fucker, isn't he?

Nader Campaign Charges Democrat “dirty trick” E-mail May Violate Criminal Law

The draft is coming and this is very serious.  If you are female, don't think it won't effect you, they are planning on drafting you as well.  No politician wishes to make an issue out of this before the elections, despite the fact that it has, from a legal point of view, already happened.  If you don't wish to fight the wars of warmongers, I suggest you get off your ass and make in issue out of it: NOW!  Kerry is as intent upon drafting you as Bush is.  This issue will not just go away.

If you don't want to pay for the above bumper sticker, download this graphic and make one yourself.  All you need is a graphic program to lay out the graphic (place two or three to a sheet), bumper sticker paper for ink jet printers (purchase in an office store), an ink jet printer and clear enamel spray paint.  Print out the stickers.  Spray the sheet with the clear spray paint BEFORE cutting them.  Let it dry.  Repeat the spraying/drying process at least three times.  Cut them out and distribute them.  Sell them if you want to.  Pass them out in exchange for donations to your organization.  Charge about $2.00 each (for the ink jet process) and you will take in enough to sustain production (but not get rich).  Technically, passing these out and asking for donations is covered by the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Accordingly, you have the right to do this without a business or street vendor license.  After all, you are distributing political literature, just political organization members passing out their newspapers.

Thank You, Michael Moore

Flyers to give out at Fahrenheit 911

Extremists lose control of Miami streets for the first time

Irish Journalist Puts Fake POTUS in His Place
angers anti-American Bushista brownnoses

Irish Journalist Shows War Criminal Too Much Courtesy

US human rights criticized

Cheney Defends Use Of Four-Letter Word 

Liberate "FUCK YOU."  Use it liberally.  I'll start:

War Criminal Gets Chilly Reception on Eve of Meeting in Ireland

Fascist Dictator and War Criminal Requires 6,000 Police for 18-Hour Ireland Visit

9/11 Commission Misses FBI's Embarrassing Al Qaeda Dealings

Women in the Dock
Rape Is Recognized as a Crime Against Humanity, But Will Women Be the New Perpetrators of Wartime Sexual Abuses?

Make it very expensive for the government and brownshirts to spy on your email.

Download and install PGP.

It's free.  Protect yourself.

Avoid Surveillance Cameras

Eavesdropping Detection

Interesting Article:
How to ZAP a Camera


A lot of people are waiting for Microsoft to provide a patch to the security hole permitting a new form of attack that infects the machines of web users browsing infected servers.

Here's a better suggestion.

Download FireFox instead and use it.
Leave Microsoft Explorer for the dogs.
FireFox is free and its open source.

Rumsfeld is afraid of this lame website.
See who browsed here yesterday.
(Oooooh, he says bad things about our Führer, Rummy!)
And, of course, SlimeCorp, the corporation that removed me for being an anarchist, is still monitoring.

Fascism: The News Media's Political "F" Word

Sibel Edmonds sues Ashcroft again for actions tied to 9-11 evidence

Please go to Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend.  When you do, please take someone ignorant of Bush's crimes with you.

US Poll: 54% of Americans Say Iraq War a Mistake

Bush Regime Even Intimidates Judges
(But not us)

Just as News of Moore's Film Spreads Mainly by Internet:
"Mysterious" Virus Begins Crippling Websites

Al-Qaeda/Iraq Connection, Currently in the Media, Turns Out to Be More Hot Air

Cheney Dismisses Leahy With "Fuck You"
My respect for Leahy reaches new heights.  If Cheney hates Leahy that much, Leahy must be a great guy.
: ) 
I'll donate Leahy's campaign.

White House torture documents portray an outlaw regime

Nixon: "I am not a crook."
Reagan: "Ketchup is vegetable."
Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman."
Bush~ I am not a torturer, rapist, murderer and war criminal.

Ashcroft's Reclassification of Information Critical of FBI Is Illegal 

Reality is unravelling for Bush

"Vice-president Dick Cheney staged a preemptive strike last week by reiterating that Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida had a relationship and insinuating that they were in league. His intended target was the 9/11 commission, which is dangerously independent. Its Republican co-chairman, Thomas Kean, replied that there was "no credible evidence" that Saddam and al-Qaida had collaborated. Bush entered the battle, repeating that there was indeed a "relationship". Then the Democratic co-chairman of the commission, Lee Hamilton, explained that al-Qaida had in fact approached Saddam seeking his help, but that it had been rebuffed. The rejection was the relationship. But Bush and Cheney's affirmative assertions made it seem that the "relationship" was affirmative."

So, that "relationship" Bush claims to have existed between Al-Qaeda and Iraq is that Iraq REJECTED Al-Qaeda's solicitations.
That means that Iraq not only DID NOT assist Al-Qaeda, Iraq REJECTED Al-Qaeda!

Federal Elections Gestapo Moves to Ban 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Ads
Well, then, we'll make up for it by running free ads on the Internet...

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Breaks NYC Records!


If you wish to make your own poster, using the above graphic, you may do so by downloading this (low resolution) graphic or this downloading this (high resolution) graphic.  Permission is granted to reproduce the graphic in/on materials that are not for sale.  For example, you can print them up and pass them out without seeking permission but you cannot sell them (you can ask for donations, however).

These would make great fliers to pass out at the Moore Film.

Michael Isikoff and Newsweek Magazine Deceive the Public About Fahrenheit 9/11

On Iraq, White House treats public like children
I think it would be more accurate to say that the White House behaves like a mafia and we are its prey.

CIA insider says U.S. fighting wrong war
(The conclusions of the author are obvious.  The real question is why.  I believe that the most likely answer to that question is that Bush and bin-Laden are on the same side.)

Though this project is a lame shadow of what it once was (due to two and half years of US Government involved harassment, linked to the Department of Defense), the fact is that I have been right about the Bush Regime from the start.
This website was one of the first to point out the fascist nature of the Bush Regime.
When I started, equating Bush to Hitler was considered absurd.
It has now become an accepted position by a very large number of Americans.
In many ways, this website suffered from being ahead of its time.
Whether or not this website continues, it accomplished it's mission:
Pop the Bush bubble of illusion through meme warfare.
I believe that we are at the point of inflection between the Bush illusion and the end of the Bush Regime.
No mater what happens, from this point forward, we've won.
We will now see the Bush Regime crumble.
After the Bush Regime crumbles, we will see a period of reckoning.
The rats that trampled on the rights of dissidents will be exposed for the brownshirts they are.
Those, like myself, who suffered their wrath will be seen as the few who stood up when standing up was most difficult.
Those who harassed us will be seen as the snakes behind the most embarrassing period of American history, a period of crimes against humanity, lies and treason.

Moore’s Magic: 9/11 Electrifies

James Bamford's Body of Secrets Is Fact, Not Fiction

The Lies of Chris Hitchins

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice & Wolfowitz Inch Closer to War Crimes Trial

Did Ashcroft Let 9/11 Happen?
I love stupid statements like this one:
Ashcroft's spokesman dismissed the allegations Tuesday, saying, "The suggestion that the attorney general wasn't concerned about terrorism is absurd."
You know something is up when a question is dismissed by misstating the question.  The question is NOT whether Ashcroft was not concerned about terrorism.  The question is whether he (1) is such an ignorant piss-ant that he found other things more important or (2) actively permitted 9/11 to happen (after all, he and Bush "cashed in" big with their usurpation of the People's power).

Cuba willing to save 3,000 U.S. lives

Rumsfeld: The Psychopath


Secret Court Fucking Over Americans

Bush is the monster behind the use of dogs against prisoners

Rumsfeld is the pervert who stripped prisoners

rumsfeldmemo2.jpg (305960 bytes)
Read the hand written comment at the end of this memo signed by Rumsfeld.
This twisted pig not only authorized torture, he complained that they were not doing enough.

'Officer Blow Job'

Fascist Monster Roams Ireland

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique

'They said this is America . . . if a soldier orders you to take off your clothes, you must obey' 

Government targets lawyer her for political views 

Turns out peaceniks were the real patriots all along

More Bush Lies Revealed:
'No top terrorists at Guantanamo' 

This work is in the public domain


Nice trick, COP.
27 Jun 2004
You cops must be in a tizzy over your inability to shut him down. Look, he doesn't live here anymore. Don't use our newswire as your shit-channel.

I heard he moved to Bolivia. They have a newswire, don't they? Maybe you could take out an ad in a Bolivian Newspaper, "Desperately seeking Devoy".
Re: I continue not to post on Indymedia...I LIED
27 Jun 2004
Well, now we can make an informed guess as to who the flooder from a day or two ago was.

Not a cop, just an obsessive hatefreak jerk who can't cope with the fact that he doesn't have straight man anymore.

Sorry, Pongo, Barmy's walked off, you've been left alone onstage holding the green whiskers, and the audience are unlimbering their tomatoes.

Throwing a tantrum isn't going to help.
Boston Activist Community Raises Funds to Send Spammer South
27 Jun 2004
Dear IndySpammer:

If your target has left for regions South, here's a link for you to use

The Boston Activist community may pitch in for a ONE WAY TICKET.