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Commentary :: Environment
Running The Snitches
17 Jul 2004
Running The Snitches

When I go out of my body, I travel far away, I travel where I want to go. I see far, very very far. First is the man in the green room. He glows bright green, and the entire area is bathed in bright green light. I look at him, and he looks at me. We sit in large chairs that reside in gyroscopes of bright green light. The man in the green room is me, but he is not. I am myself, but I am not. I am All; he, I, the blue -- All. The man in the green room protects me. He sees that I am not followed. He sees that I am not detected. I met the man in the green room a long time ago.
When I get to the second gate I am at the blue world. It is not all blue. It has daliesque qualities. There are planes, like steps. I travel the planes. They take me out, to where I want to go, to where I must go.
I have been inside the mountains of New Mexico; seen the thousands of disc craft lined up perfectly, endlessly, ready to go. Ready to be used. Its all they could be for.
I have seen the sexual debaucherys and other assorted depravitys of the leaders. I have seen the body of Christ. It is not much now, even embalmed as it is. I call things like that Gods Boogers. Because they are.
In some of the places I go, like inside the mountains in New Mexico, or the underground vaults of Huntsville, there are machines that can perceive the presence of those like me. But they cannot perceive me. I am from God. I am a weapon of God. I run the snitches.

They have the monkey pox on me now. Because I have single handedly destroyed forever the religion of ignorance. Laziness of Mind. The religion that binds the mind. The religion created by those who put the monkey pox on me, so that they could rule with impunity. They make the lazy wish to think there was divine guidance in our immediate past, which is exactly the same as denying the True Past. Exactly the same as worshipping Lies. The formation of us is no less spectacular for the fact that it took so much time most human brains cannot conceive. Thus a monkey pox on me, for even suggesting in the mainstream that chimpanzees posess 98+% the same DNA as human beings. Yes, a monkey pox on me.
But they do not understand many things. The pox is on my skin and in my body. But it doesn’t matter too much to me, because I leave my body all the time. This body is getting old anyway. It has been a good body, but this meat of me, with this ichor that is my blood, and stone which is my bones, it can die, and will. But I cannot die. Which is a very nice thing. I am One with All. All is One with me.
My only regret in getting another body is that childhood is such a chore. On every planet I have been to. Oh yes I go many places when I go out of my body. I have seen things most people wouldn’t believe. But I do not have to go out of my body to run the snitches. That just happens all by itself in perfect 5D physicality. Rather banal, that, but work is work, and I am just one of Gods Coins. It will spend me as it must. Thats what coins are for. The best I can hope for is to be a Golden Coin.
I channel the universe, and it channels me. I observe well enough, competently enough, to see beyond the pall, beyond the religion of Ignorant Laziness. The monkey pox is on my skin because I was given a novel anti-infective from SIGA Pharmaceuticals, France, back around 1995. It is the one preventive in the first bush war for oil that actually worked. A life form comes to live specifically in your mucous membranes. In your body. What it excretes is poisonous to all other bacteria. All Other Bacteria.
This has been hidden well , this antidote, because it would cause world chaos very quickly. Economys based on the service of medicine, which are very nearly all of them, would immediately self destruct. Good health for the people is not good business for the leaders. So they have put in overtime since the SIGA thing, making me, and many other people, sick in ways pervasive and debilitating. It has to do with a stark reduction in population within the next 6 years. Paid for by the victims of course. Thats why I have a pox on my skin. It came into my body through my skin, slowly, because I cannot be infected in the normal way, with aerosols to the mucous membranes, or direct intrusion. But their currency is quickly becoming uncurrent. It is going away because it is based on the maxim of creating pain while witholding alleviation. That never works for long. This whole state of medical affairs is just a part of the religion of Ignorant Laziness. Which is going away too.
When I run the snitches, I really run them.


The town stank of burning plastic garbage as I drove in at sunset. The Arizona sunset is just like the Arizona state flag. Big dark-blue and orange alternating stripes radiating outward from an horizon. Kind of reminds me of Japans flag a little bit. But just a little bit. It is the Opposite of Japans, which is the rising sun. Arizonas state flag is the setting sun. The rays seem to be some sort of refraction feature of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains at the west side of Arizona. Refraction features can be pretty cool at times, but of late have become particularly dangerous, because of the artificially created refraction features that are necessary to deploy atmospheric energy weapons on the populace of the United States in a take-over plan of vast proportions. Yes, the plan is vast, but basically boils down to taking over America covertly, with secrecy. Taking America without having to take the guns by force. Thankfully every single government employee, and then some, are now snitches. That makes my job a lot easier. Is it not beautiful when your enemies do what you want them to, because they WANT to?
It is not hard to make people watch your show at all now. And what better way to run the snitches? There is none. Government has known this for a long time. Now that THEY are the snitches, watching my show, I am running them. Running the snitches is a vast plan, too. They do not like it, but they are trapped. And I make my show very interesting to them. I know what they like. They are the filthiest animals mankind has ever spawned. They are less than monkeys. They are easy to run, but petulant, full of bravura. They think thats how to rule. And maybe it is. But America was not made to be ruled. By running the snitches now I might leave this body forever, but the whole world will soon be like us, and royalty itself is going away. A little more. Only a little more must I run the snitches.
The property within the town was easy to get, the electricity, water, and phone, more difficult. The bus is parked, probably forever, which is fine. The cat likes it here. The property abutts many thousands of acres of open land. The phone company has a registered 34 accounts within the town proper. I like my hardline. It doesn’t matter where I am with a hardline. But it matters that I am in this town, now. There has been a gargantuan cosmic click. Did you hear it? I certainly did. Click!
This town is home to many ex-government personnel of...let us say, questionable, backgrounds. Backgrounds that have been created for various purposes, but mostly to hide things behind. It is a little nest of retired military, civil service, and besmirched operatives of intelligence. All maintain as close ties to the federal government as possible, they fawn over it, worship it, because the highlight of their lives, the most important thing any of them ever did, was serve in the killing-for-money machine as they were ordered to. And none of them know I know this. There are many things they do not know. They are not high priests, but priests none the less, within the religion of ignorant laziness. Can you imagine any better scenario for running the snitches? I can’t. Thats why I am here.
I address my monkey pox on my hardline, sending coded data which I know they delight in dissecting, and there have already been two psychosomatic cases that I know of. They have good hold of the tar baby now, and there are many other things I do, and know, in this production of running the snitches.
The most incredible thing about the town is this: even though these mindless nobs have served with pride the killing machine they were ordered to, that does not exempt them from government testing of many things. No, in fact, it rather singles them out, as their level of intellectual laziness is not only superior, but has been fortified with military training. They would never question. They would never know the funguses and carcinogens that have been dropped out of military aircraft flying over their town. Some, in fact, salute. Afterall its been going on for years. Ah, but they question now. They have been watching my show. They are MY snitches. And they are beginning to be terrified, and well they should be. Their Diabol Is Loose. Their collective diabol is large and odorous, filthy and malignant, pustulent pestilence, but it has been held in chains, the same chains that they have chosen to hobble their minds with. The chains are going away.
Diabol is loose.
Running the snitches.
The high altitude jets overfly the area every day, laying down refraction events within the atmosphere, plumes of aerosoled metal oxides and such, by which to produce and test macroengineered laser, microwave, and electromagnetic radiation weapons. I have seen this for a long time now, almost 4 years. It is everywhere I go in the physicality. The aerosol operations have many purposes, not least of which are the same purpose as the monkey pox on my skin. It is to make people sick. To reduce the population by 50% within 10 years. The spraying has been going on almost 4 years straight, every city has seen it. Queries invariably met with nothing but denial. 6 years to go. And the town of my snitches does not slumber. It does not slumber well at all.
There is a mexican boss in the town. He is the property owners man here. The property owner lives in Tucson, and together he and the mexican boss run the water company. The mexican boss is a two-faced liar. He thinks I do not know this. I let him think that. Its just a part of running the snitches. In the desert water is a power. Water is Life. The mexican boss knows this. It is not a hard thing to know, but he makes sure everyone in town knows that he knows. He is aware of his power. Snitches with power come in very handy indeed.
Law enforcement proper has retreated somewhat. Officially I am lily white. I do not cause trouble within the physicality. Within the collective intellect, most certainly, but that is not of their realm. They have tried to entrap me in so many ways, for so long, they have run out of tricks. I have fallen for a very few of them in the far past, but as I said before, I am One with All. All Is One With Me. And God spends its gold coins wisely.
Occasionally I must commune with the ultraterrestrial beings that live on this planet. They are the lesser cellular and mycelial lifeforms that have been here forever. They are the basis from which life here began, and by which it is insured continuance. The power of the ultraterrestrial lifeforms should not be ignored or denied, but it is by most. To their peril. Many of the ultraterrestrial life networks eat people. Some are quite predatory in their developments. But occasionally I must know things of the physicality which my physique is not normally privy to. So I commune with the ultraterrestrials. The original world wide web. I learn many things. It leaves me shaken.
Part of running the snitches is electronic surveillance. It is easy, it is cheap. It can be put together from scrap television, video, and telephone parts. I can never let my snitches Know they are being watched. I simply arrange that they are aware of the the possibility. It is a very strong tool in my quivver, that possibility. Especially if the snitch has power.


Some of the people here have been kind to me. They are not the snitches. One is an old man who was a miner in his younger days. Ha-ha. Get it? Miner (Minor) in his younger days? So-sorry. Anyway. He regales me with adventurous tales, and we drink coffee together. Another is a small-time farmer who cannot refrain from making me gifts of vegetables as he communes with the living things in his garden. He taught me how to milk a cow. I love them both. They shine like Gods golden coins. They do not like the government which has taken over America, either.
I had to go out of my body last night. There is another! Like Me. Here. But dark, no light, ungolden. It is a Test Master! A local watcher and adept of the religion which Creates the religion of Ignorant Laziness. He is servant to the father of Lies. What Luck What Luck. And the man in the green room has done his job well. I am sure this loki knows nothing yet. But he will. He will. And soon.
The mexican boss was drunk and ornery last night. I saw that too in my travel, and watched from a blue plane as the test master orchestrated the radiating instruments, his delgado-tools of coercion, causing the mexican boss to jump about and bellow. His electronic surveillance is more sophisticated than mine too. It has to be, for he has not the ability to see ALL, to be One with All. He is not a weapon of God. But I think I will make him a weapon of God, for a short time anyway. And then I will make him go away. His physique will be no more.


I snort the morning air hard, it smells very good, someone is burning juniper, and the cold clear air braces my face and hands, the two parts of me exposed to it. The rising sun here looks nothing like the the Japanese flag, or the Arizona flag. It is bright and golden early, turning white and warm and smiling on the nights chill. It looks like a bright and polished golden coin of God. The jets start early, laying the lines of poison in the sky, the energy begins, the monkey pox on my skin begins to itch and throb. I have work to do. Today is a big day. Today everything changes. For the snitches and because of them. Some will be better for it. Others will not survive. I will run them, surely, but only they can save themselves. The ones that Live will belong to the new religion. There is not a name for it, but it is NOT the religion of Ignorant Laziness. Bit by bit, again, the darkness dies. Light Happens.

This work licensed under a
Creative Commons license