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Commentary :: DNC
If you don't have access to a radio, or have experienced corporate interference
17 Jul 2004
Modified: 02:55:21 PM
Now that hats off to be Martin Voelker have been tossed welcome to the current host of No-U-Turn Radio, along with, but of course, more that might stretch what one might consider related.

Who says, or once thought, IMC might be used too much as a Last In First Read with limited use of quick searching of archival material and other ways to use as a historical and reference to still relevant resources and issues though still not as flexible as VMS Notes (Pilot) the dynamic nature of PHP ( certainly is refreshing to see.

Re: Hats off to Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio, and welcome Dean Wallace, a continued 'TA to Stan Robinson and everyone else that 'makes it happen'.

It was nice to hear Hank Faunce (see AirwaveWEB 1) interview Dean Wallace on Tuesday, 13 July 2004 (maybe someone can manage to arrange an audio recording of Mr. Faunce's extensive knowledge and reflections about New Orleans Jazz in part of a recognition of his 'realistic radio' (it seems Ray Smith, Jazz Decades, is busy enough churning out the 'rags, ballads, and stomps' or how ever more ellangantly he says it) and other factors.

If you don't have access to a radio, the Internet (that is you refuse to 'sign-in' to use a computer in a public library etc', signal range limitation or corporate station interference prevents you from to geting WMFO, 91.5 FM and so many other stations, and whatever reasons, until you're able to listen online "streaming", as a result you're unable to listen to various references available from audio archives, or unable to read transcripts/summaries from Between the Lines who also have related link resources and continue integration (not surprised, no acknowledgment nor a response from someone at Z Magazine / ZNet about a link reference from 'going missing', some thoughts about how to cover, support in order to "open" up the ZNet -too bad FSRN, etc. seldom has a clear link to some of these such resources when they finally, can only cover so much in half-hour but could do even more via their oh-are-gee website, cover an area or a concern, that is when they're not following a news event of the day based on a report issued, decision reached which at times can be understood but even if one is not consciously enduring corporate media it's hard to miss the 'narrow allowable breath of news of the day - extensive resources even more than already is the case) and connecting, you can, though said partly humorous, okay silly, get as physically close to the studio as you can, even vist so you get the full ambience of the squeaky chair sometimes missed.

An excerpt from The New Crisis in Democracy:

One of the main reasons I go to give lots of talks is that it brings together people from that town or city or region who are working along pretty similar lines, or at least parallel lines, and dont have much to do with each other. If you just take Boston, there are lots and lots of groups. But they barely know about each other. The total level of participation is probably quite substantial. On the other hand, the degree of integration is slight and the degree of involvement varies. That means theres not much in the way of long-term thinking or planning or strategy.

One of my pleasant surprise though not for any of the above limiations as I was placing a "flyer" at Curtis hall I heard an instantly recognizable voice, to me, that of Hank Faunce, who had come dowwn from the studio to answer the door for someone who had apparently since left. I found out he finally got the letter I had handwrote him. It only took a couple months to find its way to him through the WMFO communication system.

WMFO is located at 474 Boston Ave. (Curtis Hall) / Medford, MA / 02155

"The Threat of []", at times "lost' No-U-Turn Radio and Promethean Commentary plus Jazz while crossing the Malden / Melrose line so...

Far too much confusion and overlap in thse two somewhat related reference but here:

CodeThink / CodePInk on the Cable Ready Public Service "stay tuned" for some commentas about CCTV (Cambridge Community Television) if brief I think the distinction between other "cable stations", such as 'CommunityCaste might have been made (realize time limations and probably obvious) but would have liked to see some more critical comments regaring DN! ( - selfless "promotion" of others in the process of integrating common disinterst. More to be said about, as of late, "Free Speech [Uncritical Corporate Reference} Radio News (the ____ says, reports, according to the ___, you get it) but it was reassuring that the 16 July 2004 broadcase had a segment by one of the staples, Chris Geovanis, Chicago IMC.

FSRN Newscast Archines (Oh-ARE-GEE)

Police Torture in Chicago While the prison torture scandal in Iraq continues to draw criticism, another torture scandal is capturing public attention in Chicago. Earlier this week, nine current and former Chicago police officers cited the 5th amendment - which protects against self-incrimination - in refusing to answer subpoenas for a special investigation into police torture. Chris Geovanis reports from Chicago

Cambridge Community Television is a public forum for all Cambridge residents, businesses and organizations. CCTV provides training and access to telecommunications technology so that all may become active participants in electronic media. CCTV strives to involve the diverse population of Cambridge as producers and viewers, and to strengthen its efforts through collaborations with a wide variety of community institutions.

All the best to Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio...

TecsChange - Technology for Social Change

"persuade others to persuade themselves to support in various ways, "volunterring", monetary donations of PCs, see needs, always looking for llicences, help persude them to "ship" systems with GNU/Linux....

Adult Oriented Noise - All record sale proceeds were to be directed to offer montary support to Free Speech Radio News, that is to further complement a modest amount already sent, one hardly representative of how much G/E (Not the 'we bring great profits to our Wageholders', and those noted on AirwaveWEB, and others to be named. and via Community Windows on the InterWEB and at least one window in Davis Square, Somerville, MA.

It's in the form of reference to TecsChange but more to come and hopefully to other locations, working on.

G/E will update vinyl support "sale", only a partial list "soon"; proceeds will be directed to Boston's IMC (free ride) (see Come on and Take a Free (IMC) Ride), Center for Constitutional Rights, Allston Brighton Free Radio, and hope to expand Community Windows to support Lucy Parsons Center, other AirwaveWEB references while continuing to be criticl and valuing them.

Supporting broadly taken to include even forms of just a "flyer", website reference, IMC related references, "word of mouth", etc. (hope's website returns with DMCA related focus and such, etc. And certainly they could get some area artists to spruce up their "location location location" sign post".

Community Windows is loosely affiliated to connect support of independent shops generally such as food, cafe, personal care, and particular emphasis to book shops, publishers, independent media, its current and emerging forms: campus-community radio, websites and webcasting... by way of "complementing tips" for those known by a show of appreciation for their provisions, and for others a nascent opportunity to be recognized by anyone, patron or not, who sees and appreciates a Community Windows "flyer" display in a shop front window.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

March 11, 2003 (cleary this needs to be updated -to reflect
	some items that I no longer have as of August 2003.)

	All items listed below are LP unless noted otherwise, and are
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	Here's Stanton Park V/A................................$5.00
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			  "I'm Grounded"
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	...more to me added, some day!

To the woman (how many people on a bus down Prospect Street could also have a CS sticker on their bag?) at Cultural Survival, here's one form of Global Exchange...


This work licensed under a
Creative Commons license