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News :: Human Rights
03 Aug 2004
There is nothing so in this entire history that more
makes me feel sadness for our great love stolen, than
the American public's silent contempt expressed for the
lives of those innocent People fallen murdered by their
cowardly unjust indecision on foregoing the immediate
arrest or execution of the "escaping" demon bush and
rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11.
(From Google 'groups' tab,


There is nothing so in this entire history that more
makes me feel sadness for our great love stolen, than
the American public's silent contempt expressed for the
lives of those innocent People fallen murdered by their
cowardly unjust indecision on foregoing the immediate
arrest or execution of the "escaping" demon bush and
rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11. Leaving like most
everyone else left pressed to down play the innocent
victims to more than thousands of cluster dud land mines
throughout residential districts, (like the far more
than 25,000 left in Afghanistan to murder women and
children for generations) rich "sexy" rummy's more than
nine thousand missiles and bombs targeting primarily
essential public institutions housing the Iraqi working
class, or the war crimes of randomly targeting more than
50 other large civilian gatherings like shopping markets
with rumsfeld's okayed "guesswork", and so on as
thousands of tons of radio-active depleted uranium,
during those early first four days of bush's war against
God and Humanity in Mesopotamia, never mind the later
pronouncements of the sniper bushites who admit to
targeting only the innocent as children and the elderly,
..but NO, instead we tell ourselves, the evil sadistic
bushite Satanic disciples murdered only less than 50,000
innocent People irrationally actually more than a year
after enemy buford blount's gang of un-American evil
enemies, confessed to murdering completely innocent
defenseless THOUSANDS of women, men, and children in one
single April afternoon in Baghdad. Getting rightly
killed the courage of really not so bright teen bush
bitched new recruits as consequence, culted into the
wrong place at the wrong time by a criminal force that
ungodly lies cheats and steals to rob from all America,
the principles enshrined within the Constitution, and
the rights inherent of every free life standing.


The left broadcasted cowardly American soldier, who
stead fast refuse to stand for God's America today, as
any real Atheist Patriot soldier would, we watch instead
as self betrayers sided with as the ungodly bushite
enemies. Enemies who targeted entire towns or cities of
ourselves for first degree murder. The bushite cancer
is a traitor to the American cause of liberty and
Justice for all. Enemies of God are the bushite
corporate news agenda that refuses US to voice our
truths on evidence being the only requirement to
convince ourselves of something so important as a
freedom stand to die for. Patriots need to demand the
arrest, or rightly shoot dead steven russell, mattis,
kimmitt, bremer, nergroponte, or anyone else who serves
treasonously as loyal enemy bushite slaves, by doing so,
eventually earning respect of this Universe over as true
freedom fighters committed to liberty and justice for
all. Wow!, what a privilege. [Wanna wager who'll
likely be the one to kill bush and rumsfeld if you don't
wise up in time to do it for yourself instead my
friend? Hello?]

/ / "I think they thought we wouldn't shoot kids, But we
showed them we don't care. I did what I had to do. I
don't have a big problem with it" - U.S. Army Pvt.
Nick Boggs \ \

/ / ..commander of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Regimen, Lt. Col. Steven Russell, "This is to remind
the town that we have teeth and claws and we will use
them.'' \ \

/ / "Soon American soldiers came [after the aerial
rocketing and bombing that killed most people]. One of
them kicked her to see if she was alive, she said. "I
pretended I was dead so he wouldn't kill me,' said
Shihab. \ \

/ / ``He was shouting `Marwan, save me,' and I yelled
back `Try to swim, try to swim,' but he went under again
and that was it. I could hear them [buford blount's
bush bitch soldiers] laughing. \ \

Sgt. 1st Class Tracy E. Perkins, 1st Lt. Jack M.
Saville, and Sgt. Reggie Martinez, are charged with
involuntary manslaughter to mock a show trial, but not
for mass murder. And Spc. Terry Bowman, is charged
with common assault, because the innocent man he
attempted to murder, actually survived. And together,
they're blaming their blatant contempt for God and
Humanity not on demon bush or buford's reported direct
orders to murder innocent people indiscriminately, but
on a widely used anti-malaria drug, Lariam, a drug that
has been in production for almost 19 years, treating
more than 25 million people,. until now, without the
reported side effects of committing murder sadistically
to rob all Humanity of our freedoms through acts of
blatant evil lawlessness, while trying to con America
that they are loyal Patriots committed to our cause. In
fact, some are arguing the reason bushite soldiers
appear soulless, unread as illiterate, and consequently
brain damaged, [Getting real American soldiers killed
dumbly.] isn't because they truly have no actual reason,
or cause for being in Iraq dying, [but for to rob
themselves and their own extended American family all to
please bush as godless bushite disciples], but the drug
Lariam again. A cheap cop out. Therefore, as COWARDS,
they don't have to face the fact that we had one hundred
percent access to go any where bush pleased throughout
Iraq without delay, prior to the needless war crimes
starting to inflict suffering upon God. American
Soldiers die as cowards and betrayers to true American
freedom, for not killing un-arrested George W. Bush and
Rumsfeld today. Example: What is it that couldn't be
done for Iraq prior to the demon bush war against the
Iraqi People, but for to rape and pillage from Iraqi and
American in Your name left forsaken as the unholy? Eh?

DIE BUSHITE DIE! A hunting we shall go as one for the
army of Justice and Freedom, true love and sweet
understanding. Destined to destroy the unarrested
godless demon bushite disciples. I shall never end
until every bushite war mongering enemy is laid to rest
in their early graves, as a testament to God's great
love held dear in the hearts of every real brave warrior
this entire Universe over. Join the battle to save you
soul! Or don't. DIE BUSHITE DIE!

Surviving true blooded Americans will hunt each bush
mobster down un-mercilessly and kill them rightly,
before they're allowed to walk the streets of God's
America free of our wrath. I'll kill them all myself as
a real patriot soldier of courage only would, determined
to defend freedom to the last enemy bushite spewing.
Spewing to leave the undefended poisoned American tax
victims to dole out a few hundred billion to the
bushite's "humane" corporate war profitizing fraudsters
backed by celebrating rumsfeld's rapists and south
African racists, who overcharge deliriously as the
deemed by bush, lawlessly "unaccountable"., while also
robbing our Humanity further of the simplest of
services, like access to potable drinking water needed
immediately, like in a dire emergency. I DEMAND water
be shipped in today paid for by the private wealths of
the evil bushites remaining hidden in my America,
[armitage especially] to save the innocent life of any
in Iraq from further suffering as our God wounded.
Wouldn't you demand the same in Christ's name? Or,
would you rather die?

Allawi must be tried, and executed in Baghdad for the
mass murders he has accepted full responsibility for as
self confessed enemy of Allah.

Bushites that object, should be tried, then executed
joyously also, publicly for American TV entertainment
purposes in New York City or perhaps Washington, just so
they get our serious TRUE nature of my godly mission
when it comes to fighting to free America from dying US
as their ungodly cowardly innocent victims.

My days are almost entirely committed to hunting down
demon bushite to the ends of this earth, that I love as
never abandoned to be victimized further if I can help
it as Father to Creation. To preserve, protect and
defend the Constitution of the United States, we shall
destroy enemy bushite freely by the score to reap some
rewards. THINK! I ask you again: Who wouldn't kill
the threatening to re-commit lawless bushite nazi savage
rapists and torturers deemed "unaccountable" by bush the
ungodly anti-Christ?. Bushites are enemies of Freedom
and Justice, enemies of life in Nature, enemies of You,
me, God, and everyone else that includes themselves to
act their self destruction, but in my stolen name lying.

/ / In a country that spends billions of dollars on its
prisons, babbles incessantly about law and order, and
now has 6.7 million of its citizens behind bars, in the
case of the greatest crime in its history - the 9/11
attacks in New York and Washington - the official panel
appointed by the president to investigate this
catastrophic caper decided that finding out who really
did it was unimportant, and devoted no time to pursuing
the matter.

Hello? \ \

/ / This puzzles me, knowing the detailed information I
myself provided to the commission during a three and a
half hour tape-recorded briefing, yet finding only one
footnote (footnote 25) briefly stating insufficient
translation capability within the FBI. \ \

All members of the 9/11 commission will be arrested and
tried for treason. Their failures in intelligently
measuring God's will to hunt them down as traitors will
not be abated ever. We'll hunt them all down as
escaping bushite accomplices with their misgivings and
contempt for our true state of religion and politics in
friendly America.

Johnny Wizard asks again and again: "What real man
wouldn't kill a threatening to re-commit murdering nazi
bushite savage?"

Art Bell burn in Hell

Evil Art Bell "there are allot of conspiratorialists of
course about 9/11, as there probably will be beyond our
life times, you know it's going to be conspiracy
material from now until doomsday probably."

Art Bell figures the truth with not win God's day in
America, at least not while he's broadcasting stupidly
as censoring our random call ins as dumdum evil dumb.
If Art Bell personally never allows America to know
bush's partner in crime, General Ahmad funded Atta,
while openly deceiving Americans so foolishly it shows
Eventually Americans will learn Art Bell censors
American concerns while broadcasting he doesn't, is all
done to protect bushite rapists, and the continuing
defrauding of the American soldier's left already robbed
grand parents. What will then Art Bell truly look like
to ALL of US lying to no one any more? Evil enemy of
American freedom perhaps?, sending sacrificed teen
soldiers out to die for the demon anti-Christ? I rest
my case. Art Bell, the true enemy bushite, is a traitor
to the cause of liberty and Justice for all. Art Bell
shouldn't be censoring our calls like he does as a dumb
LYING evil TRAIITOR! Eh? Hey Art! How about inviting
me publicly on to defend yourself? Thousands of good
people have been murdered irrationally in America's
name, and Johnny is really ticked off about it, let me
tell you all honestly. God is the best there is at just
about everything, it's a handicap I know, but we manage
to live with it by principled reason and righteous
respect for this timeless indivisible universe of
intelligence comprehending. God is quite amazing in
truth to witness, but vulnerable if we fail to stand up
for ourselves committed to freedom for ALL. Be thankful
to know you could give all you could, to bring true
happiness and earned respect to this wise old clunker of
a universe who'll never be lonely with a kook like You
to ponder the imponderable question riddled in the

Hint: The Son of Man commands with respect, I suggest
we support his power base of common cause.

I DEMAND bush, condi, and rumsfeld to be immediately
arrested or executed for the crimes of 9/11. And to
bring about an open inter-National public discussion on
where the remaining crimes scene leads go as ultimately
back to others through the evidenced certainty of our

A god I'm like as the actual Son of Man... no fiction..
a true common sense kinda a fellow, Cool eh? I am
amazing when you're all alone here to contemplate
unbridled potential as ever new horizons of heavenly
discovery through true enlightenment. A paradise on
earth is not an impossibility, if You can pull together,
and help defeat the enemy lawless bushite nazi savages
from taking broadcast America as conned any further as
the censored to not give a damn about the nature of
Johnny Wizard. An ordinary guy with a word to say.

What do you think?

Johnny Wizard


/ / Half of his foot had been cut off. He went
away dragging his foot. We were all laughing and
cheering. "Then an 18-wheeler [truck] came speeding
around. We shot at it. One of the guys jumped out. He
was on fire. The driver was dead. Then a Toyota
Corolla came. We killed the driver, the other guy came
out with his hands up. We shot him too. \ \


/ / We need a national call on our national airwaves to
have General Ahmad arrested for being an accessory to
the crimes of mass murder on 9/11.

George W. Bush, Condi, and Rumsfeld, need to be
immediately arrested or executed for near escaping the
crime scenes of 9/11. Warnings came, they, (during
bush's vacation), "TOP SECRETLY" tweaked a, ready to go
planned world war strategy that would start off in
Afghanistan, premised, on not following the crime scene
leads of terrorist offenses that had yet to materialize,
while closing judicial investigations through the lead
up, the follow through, now... they're cooked. The
bushmob didn't want to get arrested those, who in his
name would soon, murder thousands of Americans in New
York City, for that event was saved to put into action
his "top secret" planned invasion. A world war plan
kept secret from those in American government until the
dated documents showed up at MSNBC. Confessed without
choice to MSNBC as "fully implemented" by the White
House, the bushite war crimes plan went underway almost
without hitch. By offering no rational reason that
factually establishes bin Laden's guilt, would GUARANTEE
the invasion of Afghanistan. Again, a planned false
allegation for a terrorist crime that had yet to be
committed. But See?, for, without evidence bush's
america would not be following the crimes scene leads
from the actual real murder scene, and the real culprits
are left to continue un-abated as the un-arrested
enemies of The People in God's trust.

The last thing the demon liar bush secretly wanted, was
to have halted Laden with evidence for the countless
crimes he's left his fingerprints at. For in this
history, we remember, the Taliban ended surrendering
Laden freely without any further answers. BUSH k-n-e-w
BEFORE HAND, if he were to offer any shred of evidence
to the World implicating Laden, the Taliban would
fundamentally fight for Allah like they were going to do
freely under Clinton, and rightly send the suspect away
for trial and sentencing on the commission of crimes
against God in America. But, hell, offering Laden up to
the world stage for a crime he wasn't committed to,
would sure ruin evil bush's war against our freedoms as
justice in this world. For, after following the
evidence, George W. Bush and his partners in crime
would now be behind bars for treason, or publicly
executed after a fair public trial regarding the facts
as they stand uncontended. MSNBC reported that bush had
actually signed the top secret Presidential plans in
their possession to rob and kill God's Great America.
For Bush, Rumsfeld, and Condi, garnered no insight from
"out of the loop" Richard Clarke on the subject of
Laden's terrorist behavior, (last minute not
withstanding) nor conversed the details on waging world
wars on intelligence with Tenet. Nor even,
surprisingly, talked with Armitage. \ \


/ / BUSH STILL, lowered his and his ilk's ability over
the threat as so alleged, then excitedly sacrificed no
less than three times 800, easy. making both claimed
tasks far more difficult[..] \ \


/ / What real man wouldn't kill a threatening to
re-commit murdering nazi bushite savage? \ \


/ / My prayers are with the oppressed, never the
oppressor. My prayers are for the innocent, never those
who defile and destroy innocence. My prayers are for
those who are persecuted, never for the persecutors. \ \


/ / "That the next U.S. president announce, within 10
days of taking office, that he will withdraw all U.S.
troops from Iraq within 60 days, and that if this 10-day
period following the inauguration passes without a
publicly-announced decision to withdraw all troops from
Iraq within 60 days, Veterans for Peace chapters around
the nation will begin a campaign including, but not
limited to, petitions calling for the impeachment of the
president." \ \


God's Great America


See?, it was on this experience that the bushmob "top
secretly" strategized their guaranteed criminal invasion
for hundreds of billions in stolen profits and worldly
acclaim for being oh so crafty as deserving; enemies to
every religion. A form of self deception that looks an
awful lot like Satan's work. Figuring, the demon
antichrist, George W. Bush will offer no evidence
whatsoever AS PLANNED, then surely, the Taliban will
stand up corporately censored in support of real freedom
everywhere, and suggest America's America, private bank
debtor's America, the forgotten America, should instead,
track the actual criminals by following the ample crime
scene leads at the real murder scene; all so to nab the
true criminals. The Nature of good and evil, is
unbelievably super simple.


That was the true end of the lying evil
bushite neo-con private banker cabal, and they feared
it, Clinton feared truth too. After all, this bin Laden
was the same wealthy man who fought in the trenches for
women's rights and against the commies, and whom Reagan
called, one of America's greatest freedom fighters.

What could the bushite liars do about the true People
living in our world committed religiously to liberty and
justice for everyone as included?, an equal? Where
Justice would prevail, and life celebrated as something
truly magnificent as magical, but as such, also truly

Hell bound, the demon bush tries to take all of
America down counting for with his lying and cheating.
Don't let him my American friend, and help the innocence
of God kill him rightly instead.

During bush's PLANNED to be wrong, false, untrue 9/11
accusations, the Taliban were last heard stating, Ladens
your's, take him freely as the innocent without any
evidence. Wealthy Laden was freely prepared to wager
his LIFE to save the countless lives of others, while
enemy evil bushite target innocent women and children
with land mine cluster duds to steal the pensions and
life savings of their very own grandparents they leave
undefended. While eating harmless plutonium. Dying for
lawless cop killers, and south African death squad
runners who target my black brothers. Cowards and
betrayers to the American flag are the bushite, and on
which everyone stands: freedom as Justice for all.
Especially Humanity. Anyway, Laden's surrender without
further answered questions, almost ended the demon
bushite plans to sacrifice American GIs for heroin
pushers and Enron there, but to no avail, bushites
content our corporate news channels, and CBC or CNN
"Journalists", aren't taking any calls for comment from
our National investigating officers, or recognized
scientific bodies, never mind US, as the general public.
And elementary mathematics? Forget it, we're all too
stupid to know how to add or divide whole numbers
they'll not tell you instead. The private banker's 2%
return on Social Security is a commie concoction fraught
with irregularities of elementary logic they'll leave
you hanging to die as the misunderstood basic un-erring
calculator, and VLTs pay out 96% if you don't count our
monetary losses stupid.., and heavy metal toxic waste as
dangerous?, well that all depends on who you ask to read
the Geiger counter dimly,.. now don't call us back with
your "minutia", we got important guests coming over, and
much for entertaining to do. Watch US wine and dine on
your dime in luxury through your magic TV screen again
and again and again, and maybe some day you'll reap the
benefits with the financing of military dictatorships
through ungodly global tyranny, all to further sacrifice
Your stupid place here as our servant today, now!, back
to slaving to steal from even others as bushite
disciple, for, God is dead, and Johnny, well, he's just
a figment of imagination, a quantum spark of energy in
an unbound sea of infinite dimensions. A timeless
wonder of unmatched character, whom is forever, really
really angry with war mongers, and the neo-con cabal of
ungodly terrorists, terrorists, who are continuing to
sponsor the murder of so many good and Godly People in
My name too, left forsaken as unworthy. Your Great

Your King,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. And you call yourself Christian?


Last thought

See? we all can agree, "A Freeman shall not be
imprisoned", but an evil ungodly bushite as an enemy to
our Humanity, publicly disagrees as the unchallenged by
our professional corporate news standard, broadcasting
our national interests like nobodies business while
advocating our silence regarding the persecution of
those known only to be innocent. Why spend investment
for the profit of the victimized public when nobody
cares to mention the price paid by the now dead victims,
or still left robbed without retribution American grand
parents? How many innocent families were needlessly
murdered in Iraq by godless enemy bushite nazi savages
that dropped thousands of land mines into residential
districts, sent thousands of missiles and bombs
targeting civilian gatherings, while killing themselves
too for no good reason or known purpose but for to
soullessly praise rumsfeld and bush with their last
fading breath, for making such a great killing at
deceiving the undefended nation of bushite's evil empire
as stolen sworn to American principles? Tell me, would
you shoot to kill the un-arrested bushite enemies who
were proudly filmed raping or torturing women and
children, whom still are claiming to foolishly be above
all the law, so therefor "unaccountable" of these
worldly words of man and machine?, Or so according to
their false deity's Satanic theory, the demon
anti-Christ George W. Bush as God's enemy? Or, would
you side with Rush, Art Bell, or Bill, in stating all
deemed lawless bush bitches, Americans should be proud
of for waring against the betterment of ourselves by
robbing our Humanity's great achievements through law
principled indivisable?

/ / Just like Johnny would proudly serving for the
innocent as God is my sworn witness and testifier,
killing lawless evil bushite is a true freedom fighter's
pleasure! \ \


/ / "The officers asked Mr. Siler to sign a consent to
search form, waiving his constitutional rights to not
search his home," Farley explains. Farley says when
Siler refused to let officers search his home, the five
men beat him for nearly two hours. \ \

Reality meet Reality

David Webber and Samuel Franklin, along with the three
deputies, William Carroll, Shayne Green and Joshua
Monday, need to be arrested immediately as traitors to
the American way we do things in Johnny town. No
bushite savage will be allowed to adopt bushite
lawlessness in God's America, for US American men will
not cower as slaves to suffer for it further if we can
truly help one another without feeling all gay, warm and
fuzzy. (That's for later.) Bill O'Really may wish to
DIE America's sons and daughters out, to pillage and
rape humanity of our decency and respect for human life,
but I'd, like any of Nature would, will arrest lawless
evil perpetrating bushite without rest, kill them even
if need be, for my love for God respects all those
innocent. Innocence, that an evil bushite openly target
for plunder..

/ / United States [...] "precision attack" [...]
guerillas outside a house [...] wounded five civilians,
including three children, \ \

We witness Kimmitt, and now Allawi targeting the murder
of hundreds of innocent people, threatening true
American soldiers not be brave enough to kill either
rightly for it, and instead die as traitors, for
primarily, not demanding the demand for pursuit of those
in the Berg film with intelligence. Those who are in a
yellow painted cement building of some dimension,
wearing military fatigues, and as enemy bushite,
advocate the murder not of Bremer, Kimmitt, Thomas
Foley, or happily American doomful bush whore nazi
godless soldiers, but a Koran caring student of God,
just released from under arrest by someone pretending to
be the "FBI", or so the demon anti-Christ administration
claims publicly to American corporate news coverage
without room for questions. Too embarrassing CBC and
CNN would tell US. Dying Patriot soldiers still haven't
killed bush, as instead, as bushite, committed to
furthering the evil continuation of the lawless bushite
racist disciples, deemed lawless and unaccountable by
George W. Bush [13303] along with his private banker
friends, so too then left un-abated, who would freely
admit to the robbing and murder of darker pigmented
soldiers, to divide and plunder, because they are
rumsfeld's pleasure in America's name left truly
pirated. If I were a man where Powell is in America
today, I shoot dead rumsfeld proudly, as an act of mercy
to God, who's suffered enough of oppression at the order
of the evil bushite nazi vermins. Ever since the very
first slave trades began, a bushite bayed, "let's cheat
others as LYING war criminals, and SIMPLY call it
charitable godly work for Christ's mission. Christ,
headlining as the all powerful God and Creator of our
living universe as a simple poor man on the brink of a
really super cool idea We came up with quite some time
ago. Evidence must be a requirement to convince anyone
truly on who is an actual criminal, or manifested evil
incarnate disguised to no one. Bush, as anti-Christ, as
the American dream's most hated enemy, don't like the
idea of Freedom for everyone including Christ even, for
then, he'd definitely be dead, or imprisoned
indefinitely for murdering so many falsely accused in
God's name as a blessing. What?, do you take me for
your fool maybe? How stupid does a bushite think I am?

Bushites shall be punished by the full extent of where
law is King. Bushites are trying to infest America,
with a corporate acceptance of demon lawlessness in Your
America. Bushites are the enemies of every Human being
committed to freedom through justice for all. Call the
cops, bush rumsfeld and Condi did 9/11! Get them

/ / Congressional officials said that notes taken by
Senate staffers who were permitted to review the
document show that it eliminated references to dissent
within the government about the National Intelligence
Estimate's conclusions. \ \

/ / First there is the context. If bin Laden had
decided to say he had no involvement then allowing a
video to be filmed where he says the opposite makes no
sense. \ \

/ / and claimed that "some of the WMD could be ready for
use within 45 minutes of an order to use them". All of
these statements by Tony Blair were in direct
contradiction to the most recent JIC intelligence
reports sent to him, which he must surely have read.
What more evidence does Mr. Docherty need? \ \

Blair has betrayed God and Britain with his lies to
murder innocent families, so to profit off our suffering
as the undefended. Blair told US, he would take
responsibility for his deceit, such as falsely alleging
["sexing up"], that because old Russian Intel felt
Saddam could get small caliber weaponry to any where
along Iraq's border in 45 minutes, he could then,
therefore, falsely claim, it secretly meant a delivered
nuke to anywhere in the world almost immediately. Why
mad man Saddam would do this to jeopardize his
stewardship, the national corporate nazi whores, like
Art Bell, would never let US freely discuss to gain
insight or pursue godly enlightenment through humbling
ourselves in the presence of true greatness. Noam
Chomsky has sold many books, but rarely if never called
upon for clarity, and this is no corporate oversight or
accident to keep Americans in the dark on what they're
paying their real lives with.

/ / Some of the relatives are keen to find out why, at
the peak of this struggle, the tape suddenly stops
recording voices and all that is heard in the last 60
seconds or so is engine noise. \ \

How can that possibly be? It can't. If true, the "FBI"
involved in this particular matter, are enemy spies.
Write that one for US, then demand some arrests to be
made in Your name.

Art Bell demands America stay ignorant as censored of
our rightly claim to the pursuit of happiness by
guaranteeing ourselves freedom of expression through
Justice for all as is fair all around. Ask anyone.
Police agencies, like our National Security branches,
are also not being allowed to communicate our findings,
while corporate news america has so far gotten away
broadcasting simply, Laden did it, but without the
clarifiers of evidence being the only backed story board
we could ever accept as our impartial news coverage.
The bush administration has made no advancement in
obtaining the arrest and conviction of the funder to the
mastermind ring-leader Mohamed Atta. Why? Because
General Ahmad is part of a vacation plan [absent Tenent]
put in place by Rumsfeld, Condi, and Bush signed into
being, 9/9, 2001. To criminally invade Afghanistan to
primarily benefit floundering Enron. All in writing,
and publicly reported on by MSNBC News. When the story
first broke, I was talking to every person "national
news" responsible at CBC, they mumbled richly, it wasn't
their responsibility and refused to touch it as relevant
on where they are taking US all for. Now, who's
interest does CBC serve, when they take such a
deliberate tyrannical step against our democracies
interest, freedom's interest, in not publicly supporting
the arrest of the true perpetrators to the continuing
9/11 news line? Who? Not our really dead and dying
brothers and sisters that's who, while stealing billions
upon billions paid for by the blood sweat and tears of
the honest hard working people of our two great nations.
Taxed to death. I say, "let's kill un-arrested American
cop killing evil bushite instead my fine feathered
friends, and be thanked by God in persons"

/ / Earlier this week, a new Israeli intelligence
estimate predicted that Iran would have a nuclear bomb
by 2007 and said international scrutiny of the program
had delayed development. \ \

What?, and kill the innocent Jews held hostage by that
enemy of the Jewish faith, Mr. Ariel Sharon?, while
pretty much guaranteeing destruction for God enslaved to
die ever never more? Ariel Sharon, [whom insists
publicly he is our intended enemy unapologetically.
[See "Old Testament"] is a holocaust denier because he
commands the murder of the innocent, branded in his
image as Hitler did, a nation of persons, [Palestinian
cross caring Christians for example:} [ALL holy of God
as magnificent], guilty of some capital accusation
without substantiating any actual evidence. Stealing
the possessions of those claimed innocent without charge
for. Denying the God loving, their equal rights to
pray. Satanists unjustly stealing the wisdom of God
from the soul of every Jew, Ariel Sharon tells them like
bush and rumsfeld do, robbing, raping, and torturing the
innocence of God symbolizes true darkness and hate for
our love and light, and is disguised to know one, even
the Atheists would be bound to concur, Son of Man,
saying no further, states, stop that un-arrested Jew
hating God killer Ariel Sharon for me will you my true
Jewish blood brother? and be loved by this entire World
for saving the lives innocent in God's love, stolen by
that demon Ariel Sharon fooling Humanity into letting
him go further in a real Jew's name with his ungodly
criminal infractions against G's interests. Ariel
Sharon was caught personally involved in the attempted
terrorist strike in Mexico, where he and his two buddies
were going to blow up Jewish Mexican parliamentarians,
and blame it on... Laden maybe. Doh! Get Ariel Sharon
Just for that my lovers of Justice and Freedom for all
as God's greatness can not be made second class by a Jew
killer as is such, Ariel Sharon. Israel's war criminal
Ariel Sharon is not Jewish even anyway. Hillel is
Jewish. Would you want your life stolen Hillel asks
every Jew to believe there is but only one honest answer
when you truly consider this matter. Ariel Sharon is an
enemy of Jews whom he has targeted for murder, so he and
the enemy bushite, can financially profit off the
illegal transaction in our forsaken godly names.

Blair? Hard to kill or have arrested? Hardly, but it
is the, firmly established as treasonous mad man demon
bush, of corporate news reality censored more ignorant
than these fates will allow, we must isolate for remedy
through judicial action, or destroy as humanity's dire
evil enemy. For, all listeners know, traitor Art Bell
would rather see American teen soldiers DIE sacrificed
to profit pension thieves and commi Halliburton, who rob
from the cowardly soldier's own forsaken grand parents,
than allow freedom of expression within God's dying
America. Defending America by killing 9/11's
un-arrested bushite, is a good deed done on behalf of
the American family a bushite only holds true self
contempt for as the cowardly unjustly dying.

May the Lord of Love, Peace, and Understanding always be
upon you as sworn defender. Or, Johnny'll hunt you down
religiously to save the real America, the real America
where Justice is King, and Freedom rules forever
supreme. Ideally, without me present, but man, I sure
do so desperately need some financial help right about

Get Condi, Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush for 9/11, and
I'll pay you a shiny dime for each great achievement.

Thanks in advance.

Johnny Wizard


/ / Iraq 's horribly overburdened hospitals need
electricity, water, and sewage to function. Hospitals
also need the medicines and medical supplies that are in
woefully inadequate supply. \ \

Where is traitor Allawi on these Iraqi People issues eh?


/ / One might think, therefore, that the American media
would feel obliged to at least inform the US public that
credible charges have been made that Washington's man in
Baghdad is a mass murderer--especially since the US
invasion and occupation have been justified on the
grounds that the toppled president, Saddam Hussein, was
a killer. \ \


/ / Despite this, in May the CPA reported that the two
contracts that had been issued to restore metering would
take 12 to 18 months to complete--that is, more than a
year after the CPA's rule had expired, and after
billions of dollars had been appropriated. \ \


/ / The truth is that the siphoning off of Iraq's oil is
indicative of the essentially criminal character of the
US-led war. The Bush administration issued a torrent of
fabricated allegations against Iraq, following which it
launched an illegal war of aggression against the
impoverished country. \ \




Welcome to the Machine

War in Iraq violated law's conditions

The only trouble is the lawless evil bushite child
rapists, and repuglicon pension thieving war mongers,
have no respect for American law, American lives, nor
the God of any religion. I hate bushite, like any real
man or woman would; the bushite cancer is a traitor to
the American cause of liberty and Justice for all. Just
ask Art Bell! Art Bell, like his contemporaries,
constantly warn America, that Laden is going to get
them, maybe with a nuke, but forbids them to know what
the loyal FBI tells US: bush's business partner, the
freed to go General Ahmad, funded the mastermind ring
leader Atta, and is probably meeting with the bushites
in crime as you read this, perhaps in Washington, to
hatch a new bushite terrorist act of treason to secure
re-election by counting the result of only the old one,
with Art Bell's un-questioning full co-operation. Laden
will be responsible for bush remaining wealthy criminal
war mongering dictator they'll then tell US without
blushing. Then, surely, Americans will get their guns
and hunt bushite to the beginnings of Justice for
Everyone you'd think, or perhaps, you wouldn't. Art
Bell is an american who I know for a fact censors his
lined-up calls between breaks, while publicly
broadcasting that he doesn't, of the occasional call he
can't squeeze the schedule to meet the time requirement
between breaking. Barbara Simpson similarly drags the
same, while CBC National Radio in Canada makes no lie of
it whatsoever: All potentials have a prep-interview
pre-screen for the random call ins, could last five
minutes for a thirty second comment, then your told
after the paper work has been completed, as ALL ARE,
you'll be called back if the producers on the "public"
show allow Your state of affairs to be intelligently,
politely, matter of factly, broadcast on OUR radio waves
for discussion or debate. General Ahmad? Forbidden.
Depleted uranium containing plutonium? Forbidden. Girl
school children in Afghanistan under the Taliban?
Forbidden. The WMD was burned beyond recognition?
Forbidden. America's 2% Social Security? Forget it pal
it's only your very own family taken for granted sucking
on the big one, dry as a bone picked clean before hand.
Or, how about, Mr. bush, the grand illusionist, used
absolutely no evidence to substantiate his capital
allegations, while working diligently to close
outstanding critical 9/11 investigations regarding the
murder of thousands of American citizens? No chance...
How about... In a girly voice bushiting Saddam was a
mad man (running universal health care and education,
along with public banking?) [and so it's okay to tacitly
advocate rape and pillage of the innocent and God loving
by barbaric nazi bushite "unaccountable" lawless enemy
savages?] No problem!, (rarely, if never happens though
for lack of scholastic theatrical programs, and free
school dinners for anyone who needed while rising up
with this truly kind world of love, peace, and
understanding). Deceiver Art Bell is dumb like evil
always is, [ask him about his thought on American health
care paying Ross Perot billions! (Of whom is not even a
doctor!!!)] He could, Art Bell, in all possible
universes, desperately try to summon the courage to
speak up as a real man only would, in defense of God's
nation high jacked by the secretly all knowing self
deemed lawless crowned anti-Christ, or provide a voice,
any voice, for teen soldiers sold to eat plutonium while
warned it's officially harmless like MMT or MSG is, [and
can be eaten by the poundful don't you know Repacholi],
and not even worth further discussion it's so irrelevant
truly dying sacrificed in that manner under handedly.
Shh... just go there and actually die to please the
demon anti-Christ bush disciples, as an enemy to all
living things and coward as betrayer of America's
America, and on all freedom stands: Justice for all.
Especially for George W. Bush.

But Art won't allow such speech, and he won't allow any
real American to either. Bell sells a reflection of
what's on the mind of not counted listeners, he claims,
to have a completely free hand to phone in if they did,
but look!, they don't. See? YOUR SEEMINGLY ON YOUR OWN
FOREVER BUDDY. [Welcome.] Doubting yourself to stand as
one with this wondrous universe, the bushite tricks you
into fearing of, then chains you to REAL fascist tyranny
you would have on others like TRULY yourself made in his
corseting bondage. [2012 they say is when the last
bushite is timely hunted down by ourselves as the godly
Humans, I guess we'll see if Americans are American
enough to defend themselves with the Bill to Rightly
claim the heritage...] I have dominated
for years, without rare a word of disagreement with his
entire fan base, like similarly in
Yet, I'm sold as a wild outsider ignored because of as
much, and the bushite,. as fairer arbitrator on dying
You as innocent victim for nothing but to profit
further, the bushite's ultimate wealth and public
prestige. Lowest priority of Art's, is when it comes to
supporting the police work investigations surrounding
the murder scene evidence of the crimes of 9/11.
Instead he'll have on how, Johnny wants to target all of
America, when in truth, I just want American help
getting the bush bitch nazi whores before they advance
further, torture, rape, and murder in America's name, my
name, God's name, and ultimately Yours as bearing this
Constitution eternally, if you only too, had the courage
and faith to stand on your own for yourself in a
timeless, warrior attitude. Protecting Freedom to be
godly that includes all Humans an equal to the gifts of
wonder granted freely to any as ponder able. America
can/could do this freedom thing, with or without Art
Bell's support or willful ignorance he bays as the
Asinine fooling nobody. It's just going to take
courage for yourself to stand up [alone if need be]
proud, as one of the recognized righteous few, who
holds: all People are created equal, and have
inalienable rights given unto themselves as the heavens
do allow freedom to reign self evidently. So, take hold
of the game, Creation is sane. [Johnny is just a stand
in for the time being.]

Now, instead of Art Bell facing these allegations on his
treason to American dying soldiers, he'll ignore this
post, like he does all our rest, while trying to sell
the image, he is connected to the web of life as our
dead weight. A bushite tells America, Laden is the same
Laden in the video, but with a completely different
face, like with the nose bridge being easily twice as
longed per portion, as to the bushite's fake, we are
told is without question, you are still sleepy.
Bushites never elaborate, nor never will if one or two
American Patriots don't try to sneak on Talk radio
America, and nail nazi bushite to the wall for high
treason in MY America.

Killing George W. Bush and Rumsfeld for almost escaping
the 9/11 murder scene as the perpetrating instigators of
such terrible hardships brought against God, would do
our entire human race one great big favor. Then, maybe,
we'll be heard as the wanting to, and we can get the
remaining trials under way to ultimately win their favor
by earning a place called paradise.

Welcome to the machine,

Johnny Wizard


/ / Michigan's Senator Carl Levin asked the CIA
director: "Did the CIA agree with the contents of the
Feith document?" "Senator, we did not clear the
document. We did not agree with the way the data was
characterized in that document." \ \


/ / So, this is the trail of the lies that started a
war, beginning at the White House, and via Dick Cheney
moving upstream to the Pentagon's Office of Special
Plans, under Wolfowitz and Feith, then from OSP to an
parallel group operating out of Ariel Sharon's office in
Israel. That's the trail. \ \


/ / We shall be able to learn why, according to the
conservative Wall Street Journal, immediately after
meeting in Washington with CIA director George Tenet,
the head of the Pakistani secret services arranged for
Islamabad to send one hundred thousand dollars to
Mohammed Atta in the US, the organiser of the New York
Twin Towers suicide attack. The suspension of civil
rights by the Patriot Act now prohibits the
investigation of this frightening piece of information. \ \


/ / Among other things Edmonds told her FBI superiors,
she had discovered that Melek Can Dickerson affixed
Edmonds's name to a printout of inaccurate translations.
Properly translated, she says, these wiretaps revealed a
Turkish intelligence operative in communication with his
spies in both the Pentagon and the State Department. \ \


/ / I tell them curtly, viciously. Switch to
Al-Jazeerah channel. Watch U.S. soldiers sexually
torturing children in front of naked Iraqi mothers,
weeping through the bars. My relatives adjust their
collars, and disdainfully retort: "John, how could you
be so inappropriately uncouth?" I see their eyes turn to
kaleidoscopes. \ \


What Secret Mystery?

/ / Undated-AP -- President Bush says a Senate report
critical of his administration's reasoning for going to
war in Iraq is "useful." \ \

Let's get something understood about the evil enemies of
God, the hated degenerate soulless disciples of the
demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. George bush Jr.. Both
stated goals: ridding Iraq of weapons of mass
destruction, and Liberating the people of tyranny, were
sabotaged by indiscriminately assaulting the country,
that had prior, under Saddam's leadership, granted full
unrestricted access to do whatever bush pleased. [ Did
bush complain about prisoners not granted due process?,
or demanding evidence as being an evident
pre-requisite for real Justice to work for our
Liberation?, or perhaps demanding right NOW where all
the charitable oil-for-food funds went missing in his
name? ] There was nowhere in Iraq closed to immediate
inspection, to illustrate as Kamel had proven with all
relevant documents, [that he brought with him in several

that yes, in deed, the WMDs, some like anthrax, was
burned beyond recognition back in 1992. But!!!, even if
there were WMD uncertainly hidden secretly from everyone
in Iraq, [along with Kamel claimed as highly reliable by
almost everyone in bush's secret inner circle,] BUSH
STILL, lowered his and his ilk's ability over the threat
as so alleged, then excitedly sacrificed no less than
three times 800, easy. making both claimed tasks far
more difficult by paying his buddies for "whatever" over
at commi, we're too dumb to know where American values
went regarding Your freedom sucker, while leaving more
Americans to die sacrificed to benefit the bushite
billionaire over billing backers. Left unaccountable by
corporate american news standards of public
accountability. It's only your direct family taken for
by CNN and CBC's un-challenged selling of the bushite
war crime spree my American friends. I've called
literally hundreds at CNN in Atlanta, and as so, at CBC
in Toronto regarding General Ahmad funding Atta, and
bush's 9/11 plan dated 9/9, but they say, sadistically,
it's not the story they've been presently still selling
You about murdering now more than two hundred thousand
innocent people as arguably, an acceptable alternative
to not allow the support of Freedom and Justice in your
real World dying.

Tommy Franks sabotaged the ORHA plan of gaining control
over the nuclear facilities, [and preventing anarchy,]
just so he and bush, [along with the clear collusion of
the World Bank and IMF,] could "get away" robbing the
Public central bank in Iraq of billions. Couldn't have
been done as planned, without letting in those they
begged by gun point to loot the Iraq Museum, so to
collude with the bushmob's secret intent with furthering
war crimes in America's name left forsaken. Bushdum

/ / Do you mean to say that it was the US troops that
initiated the looting? \ \

[I perhaps, when time more so allots, will write further
of the conduct that permeates Frank's decision making as
blatant naked treason. Treason, that intentionally got
killed American soldiers needlessly for nothing, but to
assist the bushmob bankers in robbing US all of our
interest to defend ourselves as The dying People payers

/ / At a campaign appearance in Pennsylvania, President
Bush acknowledged that the administration had acted on
flawed intelligence in going to war, but said he still
believed that toppling Saddam Hussein had justified the
[ONGOING] conflict. \ \

Secretly, all that no-interest banking, public health
care, and free schooling he just couldn't tolerate as an
illiterate enemy to US all as Humanity. Like America's
Bill O'Reilly, no humility or respect for this wise
universe of intelligence, like mathematics, or attempts
at listening for those whom communicate universal
understanding. Lawless demon bush figures it's more
profitable to sacrifice the worthless lives of America's
sons and daughters, so to steal further from the
unprotected nation of leaderless America, than to rely
on the principles of the American Bill of Rights to
defend the values of FREEdom to be America. The bushite
war to lower the chances of freedom reigning for the
People, is done so to steal as we are witnessing,
billions of humanitarian aid dollars left corporately
un-accounted to ourselves as the human bearers of
furthering this un-American lawless bush dictatorship of
tyranny's known misery; the history of slavery through
sponsoring capital criminality.

[Example: A bushite soldier fights dying to leave
rumsfeld's lawless South African death squad running
racists un-arrested to freely knock off African American
soldiers as they please, all left unaccosted so far, by
a true liberating military force comprised of true
Patriot Warrior(s).]

All because, there are so few real men in America
willing to publicly defend the American flag by hunting
down and killing un-arrested Condi, bush and rumsfeld
for the crimes of 9/11 back in New York City. Or at the
very least, getting on America's talk radio programs, to
support the officers of American Law regarding the real
crime scene leads evidence trail. America must speak of
lives lost for bushite soldiers further dying for unjust
causes, or will continue to reap the rewards of
cowardice and betrayal to their own country and forsaken
world as irrelevant. Ha. [ Not if I have anything to
say about living they won't.]

/ / The detailed, 511-page report, the result of a
yearlong review, found in particular that the stark
prewar judgment by American intelligence agencies that
Iraq possessed chemical and biological weapons had not
been substantiated by the agencies' own reporting at the
time. \ \

It would momentarily appear, America's pro-war corporate
news media, is playing the faults of bush's judgment
squarely on the CIA's intelligence, instead of
themselves not doing our jobs. The circled coverage of
this most recent report, says nothing of the accusations
made prior to the build up for war that bushites were
lying nationally unchallenged through CNN or CBC.
Maliciously they censor our calls for Justice and
Freedom by seeking truth for our accurate
representation. Crime scene leads? Nope. Take open
public commentary? Nope. Report on the Ladens flying
out of America? Nope, and now look at THEM!!! Pleading
ignorance, while ignoring facts on the bush war as
clearly unjustified. The CIA didn't think the
irrational Iraq war was justified. [Starting an unjust
un-needed war would only bring about the speculative
allegations of hatred worldwide for evil bushite hiding
behind our freedom flag while trying to rob everyone of
the American Dream.] Walla Allah, and here I am.

/ / ``After consultations between Iraqi government
officials and Multinational Forces-Iraq, Iraqi security
forces provided clear and compelling intelligence to
conduct a precision strike this evening on a known
Zarqawi safe house in southeastern Fallujah,'' Allawi
said in a statement. \ \

Allawi needs to be tried, then publicly executed for his
most recent terrorist offences against the Iraqi People.
Allawi knows that Iraq, as a nation, is angered like
anyone, for the needless mass murders committed by the
evil bushite nazi savages, but refuses to site his
actual reason [evidence] to placate suspicions he is a
bonafide bushite disciple of the evil demon anti-Christ,
Our Mr. bush Jr., nor does Allawi state why arrests
weren't attempted against what was found to be, yet
again, the godly as innocent. Has Allawi spoken on
America's silence regarding the torturing and rape of
women and children by the godless evil treasonous bush
bitches who laugh with rumsfeld, while claiming "legal"
immunity to the wrath of every person standing here with
John growing angry? Have we heard demands made by
Allawi, to have returned, the well in excess of 20
billion dollars STOLEN from a cowardly bushite nazi
PARASITIC soldier's [victimized] grandmother?, for
frauds now confessed by everyone but, CNN and CBC
censors, who refuse any freely open dialog on anything
of political significance regarding the sacrifice of
American lives lead leaderless to their barren graves in
true self contempt? General Ahmad? Not important to
the bushite savage criminals. Depleted uranium,
containing plutonium? Not relevant when you're waging
wars to free the bushite with crimes against Your being.
And like that monster, Allawi, he just magically states
murdering Iraqi women and children for terrorists is a
good thing, WILL, surely get killed more deservedly,
cowardly bushite who refuse to shoot him dead like
Negroponte's foolishness to ponder we'd all just let him
play US dying so all completely un-informed on his
crime-ridden history as traitor spy for God criminal
Ariel Sharon's anti-Jewish lobby.

Just like Johnny would proudly serving for the innocent
as God is my sworn witness and testifier, killing
lawless evil bushite is a true freedom fighter's
pleasure! Sure America's Rush Limbaugh won't allow the
truth to be spoken for American interests being
sacrificed, but that never stopped a soldier from
attempting to sneak past him to air their absent
grievances, just as a Patriot soldier could have
executed bush and rumsfeld for 9/11, or WMD Bremer for
breaking the Army Code on stealing public assets of the
occupied nation, so thereby, guaranteeing their title of
bad guys to all, including themselves to fall cowardly
dying while foolishly only lying to themselves by not
speaking up for MY America. Cowards.

The Economic Colonization of Iraq: Illegal and Immoral

/ / the U.S. Army's own code of war, as stated in the
Army field manual "The Law of Land Warfare." [...]\ \

[Good laws stand strong for good reason, or, didn't you
know as a corporate American doomful, who silently
acquiesce under tyrannical bushite misrule, to getting
rid of American freedoms to better protect American
freedoms?, so to ungodly further whore for the attempted
escape of Condi, bush and rumsfeld from the real 9/11
mass murder crime scene leads?, all together argues
America without Your battle as a real family man of
honor and courage to stand up for yourself God damn you;
fight for freedoms lost by demanding Justice in Your
name, or die a traitor to life as the expendable. For,
truly, Johnny comes for bushite, and we're going to
attempt arrest with the standing laws of the land, or
I'll destroy them rightly where they lie as my sworn
enemy. You are your own defender as this universe's
under-rated benefactor. I give you everything you
perceive absolutely for free as the "official" creator
of life in our unbound Universe of Universes, and as my
own spokesperson, I'll tell you, I couldn't have done
this any better to rely on You becoming your own, and
getting off your ass to help US out here a little bit
for Christ sake, America can't take bush's bullshit any
longer without raising a royal rummble.

Besides, Johnny Wizard wishes to be recognized present
and here to truly speak, or debate about Humanity's
ultimate struggle: for US to win out over Mr. bush's
real world evil.

Kill bush and rumsfeld for 9/11, then un-arrested
terrorist demon Allawi as he is, a fully confessed first
degree murderer of innocent People, attempting to rob
our sworn to uphold, godly values of freedom for all,
with his, he'll just pretend murdering innocent folks
like does Kimmit can be done by laying blame wherever
without stating OUR evidence. A definate no-no where
Hammarabi is engrained, and where Johnny rulez supreme.

Get the traitor bush and you'll be thanked forever by US
who seek truth for Justice, and God for our lofty

Your servant and already eternal standing forever King,
The one and only,

Grim Reapahhh,

Johnny Wizard


/ / Again, it's the policy. Well before the war in
Iraq, CIA analysts provided an assessment intended to
educate senior policymakers to the fact that "the forces
fueling hatred of the U.S. and fueling Al Qaeda
recruiting are not being addressed," and that "the
underlying causes that drive terrorists will persist." \ \

But boy, the bushmob will sure make a killing at
sacrificing the worthless American dumfuk bush whores,
led by the, oh so patriot, professional crossed radio
circuit though, eh? Demon bush doesn't want peace,
because he has no real talent at earning a honest man's
wage, nor interest in trying to lead "his" nation away
from further plunder IF HE CAN HELP IT.

Get the enemy G. W. Bush for treason against mY Great

Johnny Wizard




Billions Swiped from Iraq.
Occupation Authorities Stash Oil Funds as Iraqi
Health Care Dies


/ / While $7.3 billion from the DFI money is invested in
U.S. Treasury Bills and another $1.3 in Overnight
Deposits at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the
citizens of that occupied nation are dying for want of
basic medical supplies. The U.S. occupation and
windfall profits from the oil sales have done nothing to
improve the miserable conditions at Iraqi hospitals. \ \


Billions Swiped from Iraq.
Occupation Authorities Stash Oil Funds as Iraqi
Health Care Dies

/ / According to CPA accounting, a total cash inflow of
more than $20.24 billion filled the DFI since it was
created on May 28, 2003. Although nearly all of the
``development'' funds came from Iraqi oil exports, the
Central Bank of Iraq had only $216 million in its DFI
account on June 20.


The largest Iraqi recipients of DFI money have been the
Ministry of Finance ($7.47 billion) and the Ministry of
Oil ($2 billion). There is, however, no recorded

disbursement of funds to the Ministry of Health.


The hospital's sewage system has largely collapsed and
is working at 10 to 20 percent of capacity. The
hospital also lacks air conditioning.

Most hospital deaths--between 15 and 20 a month--are
from secondary infection, mainly because of the
unsanitary hospital conditions. \ \


/ / What has begun to emerge is that over the past two
years, the Bush administration has sought to construct a
legal foundation for the arbitrary detention and torture
of anyone, in any part of the world. \ \


/ / No weapons of mass destruction, and no connections
to al Qaeda.

o $151 billion of taxpayer money spent to enable this
mess in this fiscal year alone, money which came out of
the border patrol budget, the rail safety budget, the
Port Security budget, law enforcement agency budgets,
firefighter grants, the bioterrorism budget, the First
Responders budget, and more. Do you feel safer? \ \


/ / Knowing this case, and all the others like it, you
must think right away of some guy grabbed in a Baghdad
alley, who speaks an Arab language and is beaten for
answers to questions he can't understand shouted by
nitwits from Virginia who speak only hillbilly English. \ \


(From Google groups's

If this doesn't rank you a self made holy Patriot
warrior, committed to destroying the evil enemies of
America, the neocon nazi bush whores, nothing will.

/ / The State Department has taken $184 million
earmarked for drinking water projects and moved it to
the budget for the lavish new US Embassy in Saddam's
former palace. Short $1 billion for the embassy, Deputy
Secretary of State Richard Armitage said he might have
to "rob from Peter in my fiefdom to pay Paul." In fact,
he is robbing Iraq's people, who, according to a recent
study by Public Citizen, are facing "massive outbreaks
of cholera, diarrhea, nausea and kidney stones" from
drinking contaminated water. \ \


/ / The humanitarian relief organization Christian Aid
and the British Liberal-Democratic Party both charge
that the US occupation authority failed to account for
how it spent some $20 billion in Iraqi oil revenues,
raising suspicions of outright US theft. \ \


Charity Says Billions Missing in Iraqi Oil Revenues

/ / One says Iraq earned $10 billion, while another
cites $11.5 billion for the same period.

Christian Aid says it attempted its own calculation of
Iraq's oil revenues using publicly available figures and
came up with 13 billion dollars. \ \


/ / Thus the puppet regime that Bush proclaims a bulwark
of democracy and anti-terrorism is headed by a former
Iraqi secret police thug, who went on to organize
terrorist attacks at the behest of the CIA. \ \


/ / The Christian Aid report also said the majority of
Iraq's reconstruction projects have been awarded to U.S.
companies, which charge up to 10 times more than Iraqi
firms. \ \


/ / The US military says the total death toll from the
three raids is 59 to 64 people, warning that it would
not shrink from carrying out further such strikes. \ \

Kimmitt: "We will redouble our efforts to ensure that
the terrorists don't win here."

Kill Kimmitt for this. Kimmitt pushes American GIs to
die as thieving terrorists, who instead of arresting bad
guys, bomb homes of innocent families, while refusing to
go after those nazi bush bitches in the Berg film who
are whitey overweight slobs with towels on their heads.
American soldiers should be demanding by Johnny Wizard
decree, that all individuals between here, and the "FBI"
interrogation video tape of Nick Berg being questioned
prior to his execution, who stand in freedom's way, be
arrested, or executed as the enemy. Like those
terrorists too, responsible for robbing Iraq's Central
Bank, or the pilfering of public assets elsewhere by the

/ / What's the upshot of the BearingPoint Plan? Iraq's
economy and all of its resources are ripped open to
foreign control. The U.S. corporations whose
executives participated in the drive for war and that
have already reaped billions of dollars in post war
profits and reconstruction contracts, could own every
business, do all of the work and send all of their money
home. Nothing need be reinvested in the Iraqi economy,
no Iraqi need be hired, no public services need be
guaranteed nor the rights of workers protected, and no
resources need stay in the country. \ \

We must hunt down the bush bitches who are presently
departing with the billions of stolen American People
dollars that not so mysteriously went vanishing, or, the
bush bitches who as usual, freely admit being God's
enemies, to shooting innocent women and children while
eating plutonium for the richly pleasures of the demon
American cop killing antiChrist continuing, as cowards,
to let rob from their own un-defended families back home
they leave forsaken as the ungodly. A bushite nazi
soldier betrays his very own family with lies of
gallantry, while dying to leave un-arrested, those bush
has termed lawless, labeled by Kimmitt as pro-Iraqi.
Those who torture, steal, rape, and murder the
practically defenseless and innocent. Bush's new
America. Where bush bitch America is to be all left
leaderlessly for the bushite bounty of falling more
innocent gun shot victims. Kill George W. Bush, Condi,
and Donald Rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11 as a true
American Patriot Soldier would, or die a traitor's death
by not defending your family as a coward just pretending
to be a real man or woman of honor and virtue.

As instead, the evil bushite soldier further stands by
associated to the Lawless traitors who steal to leave
remained, the humanitarian aid that was stolen and paid
through to commi Haliburton. To die warring for
rumsfeld, who while blowing up American GIs with cluster
dud, takes American tax dollars to hire deemed lawless
foreign fighting South African death squad

This work is in the public domain