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Commentary :: Human Rights
America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
America is the A number one greatest fucking country on the face of the earth!
America: Safer, better, stronger!

God bless America! Bush won the election fair and square, and if we have to cancel the next election for the safety of our people…so be it. All you pinko commies need to grow up and realize we live in a different world, ol’ A-RAB Mo-ham-sandwich don’t care if you don’t want the war, all he knows is killing you and your children. And it doesn’t matter if the government watches you, unless you got something to hide, and everyone on this board probably does.

All you guys know how to do is cause problems, and drag the GREATEST AMERICAN PRESIDENT ever through the mud, for what? So some spotted owl can live, while a WORKING man can’t feed his family? To drag the name of Jesus Christ (your lord and savior like it or not) through the mud so Lance and Bruce can play hide the tootsie roll with some innocent child they ‘adopted’ in their ‘marriage’? Face facts commie, AMERICA IS THE A NUMBER ONE GREATEST FUCKING COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and anyone who disagrees needs to be dragged out into the street and shot. AMERICA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION, FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES, and if you don’t like it you can go live in EYE-SLAM land! Germany and France needs to be bombed back into the Stone Age, and we need to let Israel take over the middle east so that Jesus can finally return! Canada needs to be taken over once and for all, they take advantage of our defense while keeping AWOL soldiers from facing justice.

As for domestic problems the answer is simple…repeal the 13th Amendment! I have a right to own slaves as set down by the founding fuckin’ fathers bitch! 50 Cent says, “You’ll find me in the club…”, bitch they’ll find you in my field pickin’ the cotton. That cotton ain’t gonna pick itself! Put a Bible in every home, school, church, courthouse, bathroom, and whorehouse in America! 90% of the problems of this country come from this concept of individual liberty. Hey, hey, listen…there ain’t no such thing, it is a lie of the left; your ass belongs to JeZUZ! If the preacher says go kill A-RABS in I-RACK you say, “How many camel jockeys?” You ain’t gots no freedoms other than to be a butter dumpster for Jesus. And ladies I hate to say this, but you all better kick thems shoes off and get to cookin the dinner, because as Jesus is the ass raping cell-mate of the man so shall the man put you in your place; when hey says spread them legs you say, “How wide?”

Amen and God bless America!

And Toby Keith is the greatest musical mind ever. I double-goddamn-guaran-fuckin-tee it!

This work is in the public domain


Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
Man, there is so much non-sensical, jingoistic, racist, homophobic rambling here you could cut it with a knife.

Yeah...Bush won the election fair and square. How do you think he did that by losing the popular vote by almost 500,000 votes? A fair and square election that was handed to him by the conservative piece of shit Supreme Court. Give me a break.

You're attempt to associate yourself with the "working man" is also laughable. The working man can't feed his family because of policies by your beautiful capitalistic government. What the fuck has GW Halfwit done for the working man? What has any bourgeois politcian done for the working man? Please don't use the word Communist if you don't understand it.

You're shit regarding this being a Christian nation is also right on par with the rest of your flag waving, pickup driving, christian fundamendalist, country music listening demographic. Thanks for living up to the stereotype. Ever heard of separation of church and state?

Jesus Christ... my lord and savior?....LOL!!! Nope, sorry, I live in the real world, not one governed by fairy tales. I'd have more respect for you if you worshipped the Easter Bunny.

Now run along, I think your mommy has some nice cheese sandwiches for you.
Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
commie bastard.. i think you're missing the irony.
Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
Heil Bush! Ashcroft! Cheney! Rumsfeld! For the police state we have today!
Six more months!
Ship all their asses back to hillbilly land!
Then? Maybe, they'll all go to prison!
Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
I know this article must be satire, but it's still scary.
Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
yeah sorry commie, I have to agree that this piece is too outlandish to be serious. I was really bothered when I started reading it, but after a while the statements are too laughable to believe it. It's funny though because some people believe stuff very close to this.
Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
Wow. Pinko commies? Picking cotton?

Your arguments might have some merit if they were actually [arguments, to begin with]backed with some facts, or even language that's not peppered with racism and unintelligible logic.

Even a Republican can at least pull that off.

I really hope this is a joke. For everyone's sake.
Re: America: Safer, Better, Stronger!
04 Aug 2004
This is so clearly a joke--and a poorly written one at that--that it's sad that people are spending time replying. Myself included.