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Parent Article: The Media and Emotions: A Critique of Mainstream Media Coverage of the Anti-DNC Protests
Hidden with code "Policy Violation"
Re: The Media and Emotions: A Critique of Mainstream Media Coverage of the Anti-DNC Protests
07 Aug 2004
Flipside, I hid your latest post (in response to mine) because it contained a link to your website.

(For the curious, it read as follows:

"It is incumbent upon myself to educate my fellow Bostonians on a few matters. Censorship, whether placed in quotations or not, is defined as 'the institution, system, or practice of censoring.' Censoring is the gerundive form of of the verb 'to censor' which means, 'to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered to be objectionable.' Therefore, my posts which have been suppressed have been censored. Only a coward or an ignoramus censors and yet claims not to censor.

"A 'censor' is 'one of two magistrates of early Rome acting as inspectors of morals and conduct.' Rome was a fascist empire. Censors are fascists. It is impossible to be simultaneously a progressive and a fascist.

"'Points of unity,' be they federal, confederal, web-based, or from the University Handbook are fascist insofar as they form a committee engaged in the suppression or deletion of ideas freely spoken. The form is 'Tyranny of the Demos' or strict majoritarianism (an idea ironic since IMC represents a majority of ultra-minority viewpoints). Strict majoritarianism is always either fascist or communist. Neither group is progressive.

"I am a registered Independent who operates a radical centrist independent medium which services the rap community. The organization embodies independent media ethics and it is therefore only right and proper that I express my views at an Independent Media Center. Anything less would be to collapse under the weight of misguided collectivists who are regressive, not progressive -- in short, people who are unprincipled weaklings.")

However you care to characterize your politics, they're not consistent with ours and we have a policy of hiding such things because the promotion of such links undermines our mission. (Considering that I said in my last post that was one of the reasons we had hidden your posts, I find it pretty odd that you included it again, knowing that it was grounds for hiding these posts that you evidently want read.) I would like to point out that your website is not open-publishing so--by your own standards--it is even more censorious than ours. And I'm not particularly interested in playing semantic games and arguing over the "proper" definition of words. If hiding right-wing stuff that is posted on our website qualifies as censorship by your definition, OK, we're censoring you. Most progressive websites you wouldn't even give you the chance to post anything in the first place. You have your own website to express your opinions on and no one (as far as I know) is trying to suppress it. We have never claimed this is a free speech website. We have a written editorial policy on the website, arrived at by consensus of Boston IMC members (not a majoritarian vote). All social groups have some standards of behavior, necessary for them to function; they are not inherently fascistic--it's how such standards are arrived at and enforced that determines whather a group is fascistic, democratic or whatever. We've been following our editorial policy a long time and this is hardly the first time we've hidden your posts. Our actions should not come as a surprise to you. I really don't know why you're acting surprised or get what you're complaining about.