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Announcement ::
Corporate media and far right wing collaboration
18 Aug 2004
Modified: 03:23:03 PM
The Corporate Media is now taking its cues from the far right wing media regarding the presidential election. But there is a good way out for Senator Kerry.. read on.....
If Senator Kerry can disregard the hounding by corporate media on topics like Vietnam service and simply focus on a progressive agenda stories such as the following one will will become as impotent as George W. Bush.

1)Immediate withdrawal of US troops from ALL foriegn lands, including Vieques in Puerto Rico.

2)Immediate implementation of universal health care for all persons within US borders.

3)Immediate fossil fuel rashoning using these:
A) $5.00/gallon gas and diesel tax.
B) Improved expanded Public Transit.
C) 60 MPG CAFE standard.
D) One motor vehicle per household.
E) Massive funding of renewable fuels.
F) Mandatory recall on all SUV's.

4) Immediate halt of all US support for Israel and mandatory divestment from Israel for all persons and businesses doing business in the US.

5) Self imposed embargo on all Oil from countrys that do not respect human rights.

6) Bring Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich on board as key advisors and probable US Supreme Court appointees.

7) Extend Civil Rights to Gay Americans with a federal Gay Marriage Law.

the following story is what the Kerry camp has become bogged down with. Who cares what happened 30 years ago! Senator Kerry read my 7 points above they will get you elected.

For years, Kerry has said he was in Cambodia on Christmas Eve 1968. He gave a detailed view of that experience in an article he wrote for the Boston Herald in 1979. "I remember spending Christmas Eve five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas," Kerry wrote. "The absurdity of almost being killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real." A similar recollection by Kerry was mentioned in a Globe biography of the Massachusetts senator published earlier this year.

The anti-Kerry veterans have said Kerry's recollection does not make sense because Nixon was not inaugurated until January 1969. But Kerry campaign spokesman Meehan said Kerry was referring to a range of time that included when Nixon was president-elect and president. During the 1968 presidential campaign, Nixon opposed a change in US policy that would allow "hot pursuit" of enemy forces into Cambodia; in March 1969 he authorized the secret bombing of Cambodia, which was followed by the 1970 invasion of Cambodia.

Kerry said in a 2003 interview that after the Christmas Eve 1968 engagement, he asked his crew to write a caustic telegram to the chief of naval forces in Vietnam, Elmo Zumwalt Jr., to wish him "Merry Christmas from the troops that weren't in Cambodia, which was us. We were."

Meehan, in his statement issued last week, described the incident this way:

"On December 24, 1968, Lieutenant John Kerry and his crew were on patrol in the watery borders between Vietnam and Cambodia deep in enemy territory. In the early afternoon, Kerry's boat, PCF-44, was at Sa Dec and then headed north to the Cambodian border. There, Kerry and his crew along with two other boats were ambushed, taking fire from both sides of the river, and after the firefight were fired upon again. Later that evening during their night patrol they came under friendly fire."

James Wasser, who accompanied Kerry on that mission aboard patrol boat No. 44 and who supports Kerry's candidacy, said that while he believes they were "very, very close" to Cambodia, he did not think they entered Cambodia on that mission. Yet he added: "It is very hard to tell. There are no signs."

Another crewmate who said he was with Kerry on Christmas Eve, Steven Gardner -- who is a member of the veterans group opposing Kerry's candidacy -- said Kerry was 50 miles from Cambodia at the time. He accused Kerry of lying about being in Cambodia or by the border. "Never happened," Gardner said.

Separately, according to Meehan's statement, Kerry crossed into Cambodia on a covert mission to drop off special operations forces. In an interview, Meehan said there was no paperwork for such missions and he could not supply a date. That makes it hard to ascertain or confirm what happened. Kerry served on two swift boats, the No. 44 in December 1968 and January 1969, and the No. 94, from February to March 1969.

Michael Medeiros, who served aboard the No. 94 with Kerry and appeared with him at the Democratic National Convention, vividly recalled an occasion on which Kerry and the crew chased an enemy to the Cambodian border but did not go beyond the border. Yet Medeiros said he could not recall dropping off special forces in Cambodia or going inside Cambodia with Kerry.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Corporate media and far right wing collaboration
19 Aug 2004
Okay WOW! I mean wow I can't believe anyone can really buy into this crap. I mean sorry.

1.)Not realistic man. Okay we are part of many international efforts, and dude we HAVE to be in these places. It is the aggression we have to control, not have bases with permission of foreign lands. Fortress America is 80% of WW2 happening. As for as Puerto Rico goes, that is a commonwealth, and since they refuse to choose then we are stuck there. So bomb the shit out of Vieques, Puerto Rico benefits from our protection.

2.) Okay...if you are not a citizen you don't deserve the PRIVILAGES of citizenship. Now I believe in access to affordable healthcare, but not for people who are here illegally and don't pay federal taxes. Let them get insurance.

3.) A. Isn't going to happen or help. It will just lead to inflation everywhere and then it will even out to before with out helping a damn thing. Tax something else, like granola bars, and tie-dyed t-shirts.
B. Yeah go ahead a fund public transit, no problem there.
C. Not realistic, unless you want to pay 50k for something like a freakin YUGO.
D. Okay...I have a job that allows me to afford more than one car. This is a CAPITALIST country, I can own stuff. How about you and your friends just walk to make up for it.
E. Trees are renewable, but everytime I try to cut them down some guy eating a granola bar starts weeping.
F. ownership of property and all that. Like my rifle..."out of my cold dead hand."

4.) If I can invest in China without getting put into jail, then some Christian can invest in Israel. It is called a FREE MARKET ECONOMY which is why the U.S.A. is still here while the U.S.S.R. is long gone.

5.) Oh God! Grow up. Every country does bad things okay. Either we BUY oil from them or Bush and his like (Democrat and Republican) will TAKE it through agression. This is a resource war kid.

6.) Grow up! Just grow up a little.

7.) Wow you can't just force all Americans to except someones lifestyle. You have to convince them. It sucks, but that is life damnit. If the Gay movement can't accomplish that then move to Canada or give up. Because if you are not willing to fight for it than you don't want it enough. Not to mention 71% of Missourians oppose it.

All in all this entire paper was a bunch of mindless liberal ranting that if Kerry supported would get Bush elected so fast it would be liek the election never took place. I like my SUV, as do many gas buying SUV driving Americans. Come to the MIDDLE and talk to us.
Right Wing Media Deserves Bush & Co.
19 Aug 2004
Republicans are the lowest turd money can buy. Just ask the dead G.I.'s family. Or the Fox executive who didn't follow up on the yellow caked uranium.
I don't care about the right wing group trying to disclaim Kerry. (They weren't on his boat.) At least Kerry went to Nam. Bush dodged Nam like a rich draft dodger would. Bush is the true punk to me. A lying punk that deserves prison!
to indymedia rules
19 Aug 2004
why don't you keep your uninformed and idiotic thoughts to yourself. no one gives a rat's ass what you think.