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Commentary :: Organizing
Big Brother: Its not about Terror, Its about Profits
27 Aug 2004
Big Brother is clamping down on America, and nobody seems to care. What will it take to get the average American to realize that we are rapidly descending into a police state? Our kids are counting on us to preserve the freedoms we inherited, yet many have already been stripped. Right now most Americans are living in la la land watching the Olympics and ignoring Bushco's attempt to ignite WWIII in Najaf. The draft is a very real possibility, they will close the borders to keep us in!
You think it's not that bad? This is what we've lost since 9/11- the government can spy on any American without a warrant. They can enter your home when you're not there, put bugs such as wireless cameras in your home or spyware on your computer. An agent could copy your hard drive and you'd never know it- is this the kind of world we want to give to our children?

"We have far more to fear from an unaccountable government at home than from any foreign terrorist." Rep. Ron Paul

The government now has access to all of your records including library, medical, school, bank, credit card, internet, email and all business transactions. Businesses still have the right to refuse, but that will be changed with the Patriot Act II they are passing in bits and pieces (1st piece day Saddam was captured) - they'd like to make it mandatory that businesses turn over all information requested. It's not just about the books you check out, it's a massive database to track all citizens with the express purpose of eliminating dissent. 'Total Information Awareness' did not get cancelled like the media reported. People tell me, "That's okay, I've got nothing to hide" and my jaw drops. You don't mind if the future includes checkpoints? How about forced vaccinations? Every single license plate is scanned by laser on the Ohio Turnpike. Most new cars and every cell phone has GPS tracking installed whether you like it or not. There are already checkpoints and random searches in New York and DC right now, and people are happy to give up their freedoms to feel safer, they really can't see it coming? Haven't we all heard of Big Brother and 1984... it's happening now! Wake Up People!

Dear fellow citizen, Big Brother is not about terrorists, it's about profits. The powers that be are pushing us into a slave state beyond even Orwell's imagination. If "We the People" don't demand some dramatic changes, this will be our future:

* national id cards, perhaps even microchip implants
* checkpoints & random searches
* police with heavy machine guns, tazers and military vehicles
* audio pain crowd control via Dish-on-Humvee
* also via DoH- electromagnetic crowd control that makes your skin feel like it's burning without actually harming you... how humane. Funny thing is that during one experiment a tester programmed it wrong and it burnt the subject. Not that any policeman would ever misuse his power and crank up the electromagnetic radiation and fry the crowd.

Dissent will not be tolerated and the spy network will be so complete that any person that dares to speak out will be easily identified and 'taken care of'. With the technology available today, it's possible that a new generation of gm stupified and musclized schwarzenegger cops will be on hand to serve and protect the elite til the end of time. Maybe they'll just kill off humanity then unleash a whole new race of gm people to be their servants- at this point, I wouldn't put anything past these evil bastards.

We need to stop business as usual- now. We need to get entire communities to turn off their TVs, come out of their houses and talk about what is happening to America.

It is public knowledge that Congress did not even read the Patriot Act before voting on it. What many people have missed is that the original bill was submitted and discussed, then a massive rewrite was submitted at 3 am, dramatically altering the bill which was then voted for and passed at 8 am.

Congress is sworn to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". The 'Patriot' Act Shredded the Bill of Rights, taking away some of our most basic freedoms. That means 96 Senators and 337 Congresspeople should be thrown out of office based on this vote alone. Well, okay, they were scared by the Anthrax, why isn't there at least a re-vote? Now that they've all read the 'Patriot' Act, who would still vote for it?

They tell us it's all about national security, but it's really about global domination by and for the rich elite- the rest of humanity are just pawns in the 'grand chessboard'. The police state is meant to keep us in line, busy little worker ants doings their jobs, paying their taxes, and slaving away for life while the corporate looting of the planet continues. Anyone that stands in the way of global domination will be identified and eliminated via 'homeland security'. They've already set us up with Timothy McVeigh as a government hating terrorist- get that, those that disagree with the government are terrorists. It's pretty easy to show these images to police cadets and convince them that even though that guy looks pretty regular, he's a dangerous terrorist. They found a married couple with a garage full of explosives- in other words, any quiet suburban couple can now be dragged away as "enemy combatants". It could even be high school kids like those we saw at Columbine, everyone is a suspect.

Can it get much worse?
Tommy Franks says after the next attack the public will be clamoring for Martial Law. Something like- everybody stay inside your house or you will be shot. This will allow the 'homeland security' goons to come to every community and drag off the dissenters that they label 'terrorists'. You think American citizens would never do that to other citzens?

In Nov 2003, Police in Miami were trained not to talk to the protesters, they were indoctrinated with info equating the protesters with terrorists. They marched in unison, chanting and beating 2' metal batons on their shields while firing pepper spray bullets and rubber bullets on fellow Americans. The protesters were not armed, they were not violent, and they posed no threat to the police. Yet the cops behaved like robotic goons, mindlessly beating other Americans because that's what they were ordered to do. A young woman with a shirt, "We the People, Demand Global Justice." She was a threat and needed to be shot in the head? Listen to Nikki's version of Miami 11/20/03 (8mb mp3). Big Brother is not about protecting us from terrorism, it's about protecting the rich and their way of life, at the expense of everyone else.

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also see free peace MP3's

convention CD with MLK on the war in Vietnam

make yer own shirt for the revolution
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Re: Big Brother: Its not about Terror, Its about Profits
28 Aug 2004
Won't somebody please think of the children!!!
Re: Big Brother: Its not about Terror, Its about Profits
28 Aug 2004
The children in the White House?
Re: Big Brother: Its not about Terror, Its about Profits
28 Aug 2004
hi its nadine bryce craig
01 Sep 2004
The woman above? With her head split open? That's the taste of the future. If BUSH wins!

Oust the incoherent liar!