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News :: Organizing
RNC staff phone, fax, email directory - FORWARD EVERYWHERE!!!
02 Sep 2004
Please everyone
take advantage of this confidential information to tie up all the
logistical organizers of the RNC. Everything is listed from emails to
phone #'s, extensions and even logistical cell #'s. Break these up
according to your affinity and stick to a few each, hit them repeatedly
key times to the RNC's process. (please note that all email addresses
need to have (at) replaced with an @)

And remember be creative, not violent in your tone/content.


"and I hope you like jammin' too..."


Housing busiest at start & end; Caucus, proceedings in middle. Focus on
few; have good story ?many delegates named online. Keep folks BUSY.
*67-1-xxx-xxxx) blocks caller ID

Travel Planners (handles all hotel bookings) (hours 9a-8p, M-F)
866-762-0043; 800-221-3531; 212-779-7666; 800-789-9887; 212-532-1660
lead to same VM system)
Extensions: Ray Vastola, President: x1770 (home # 631-298-4813)
Ira Malin, Vice President: x2020 (home # 631-325-8432)
Penny Kent, Sales Director: x2015 (also at # 214-902-7426)
Lisa Baez, IT Director: x2040
Sonya Johnson, Industry Relations: 760-781-5178
Verizon Wireless RNC service hotline: 1-877-762-0489

Logicom (overall producer of RNC)
Convention hotline: 703-243-2919
General line: 615-782-0105 (voicemail)
Steve Tolman, Co-Director: 615-832-5695

PRA Destination Mgmt (tour provider) (hours 9a-5:30p, M-F) 212-683-5333
Extensions: Patrick Sullivan, President: x210

Republican National Convention Staff
All numbers follow the 212-356-xxxx scheme.
Selected numbers:
Keith Hensley, Asst to COO: 2051
COO's office: 2012 and 2013
Wes Foster, Dir of Administration: 2050
Bill Harris, CEO: 2030 Jan McBride, Asst to CEO: 2029
Karen Keller: Deputy CEO: 2024
Manning McPhillips, CEO's office 2023
COAVP Hotline: 2028 Lauren Kane,
CEO's office: 2038
Jim DiEleuterio, Bigshot consultant: 2019
David Norcross, Head of COA: 2017 (Outside offices at 202-772-5874,
Mark Acton, Deputy head of COA: 2016
Laura Person, Asst to Head of COA: 2053
Elizabeth Apisson, Lead Counsel: 2015
Kelly Ganzberger, Asst Dir of Logistics: 2109
COA Help Desk: 2111
Saleem Cheeks, Deputy Dir of Trans: 2137
Eric Terrell, Delegate Svcs: 2141
Denise Dick, Dir of Delegate Svcs: 2150
Hotels & Venues: 2151
Brooke Douglas, Media Housing: 2158
Laura Herrera, Asst. Dir of Venues: 2157
Mike Miller, Dir. of Operations: 2200
Gordon Pennoyer, Asst to Dir of Ops: 2201
Lawrence Smith, Asst to Dir of Ops: 2202
Jonna Turner, Deputy of Venue Ops: 2214
Frank Breeden, Dir of Entertainment: 2215
Mark Pfeifle, Dir of Communications: 2303
Lenny Alcivar, Main Spokesman: 2312
Rori Smith, Token Black spokesperson: 2330
Lynn Harrels, IBM consultant: 2353
Russ Schriefer, Dir of Messaging: 2377 (DC office 202-659-8714)
Brian Noyes, Dir of Caucus: 2415
Harold Blakely, Special Projects Dir: 2501
John Meyers, Dir of Special Events: 2503
Sergeant-at-Arms: 2559
Transportation Dept: 2600
CEO's office: 2027
Assistant to Lead Counsel: 2014
Chad Madden, COO's office: 2011
Delegate Svcs & Caucus: 2082-2097

Many logistics personnel between 2106-2160. More heavily used blocks:
2178-2189 (the latter two are not inclusive - see below for exceptions)

Rachel Taylor, Venue Ops: 2213

Media personnel concentrated in 23xx range Caucus personnel
in 2400-2426 range Another heavily used range: 2518-2549

Additional Info on RNC Phone List:
The Committee on Arrangements seems to have obtained a block of numbers
beginning with 212-356-2000, and ending with 212-356-2699. Many numbers
the range do not work, but are part of the reserved block:
2000-2003, 2005-2010, 2018, 2021, 2025, 2026, 2034, 2039, 2040, 2046,
2057,2058, 2062, 2064, 2069, 2072-2074, 2077, 2098, 2099, 2101-2105,
2121, 2126, 2128-2131, 2134, 2135, 2139, 2948, 2162-2165, 2168-2170,
2172-2177, 2182, 2185, 2190-2199, 2203-2212, 2217-2221, 2223-2231,
2133-2237, 2247, 2248, 2254-2270, 2273-2279, 2283, 2286, 2287,
2301, 2317, 2325-2329, 2331, 2332, 2334, 2335, 2355, 2357, 2359, 2361,
2366, 2369, 2370, 2375, 2376, 2379, 2382, 2384-2388, 2394-2399,
2414, 2416-2420, 2427-2429, 2432-2434, 2439-2443, 2452, 2464, 2467,
2476-2500, 2504-2516, 2528, 2545, 2548, 2552, 2554, 2556, 2561,
2584, 2587-2590, 2594, 2595, 2597-2599, and most of the 26xx range (the
only two working numbers in that range are described elsewhere in this

Approximately one or two dozen extensions were not connected to
About fifty to sixty extensions were setup for voicemail, but did not
messages recorded. Another large set of numbers leads to a message that
prompts the caller to enter an ID. These include:
2332, 2379, 2100, 2109, 2303, 2140, 2142, 2143, 2154, 2161, 2191,
2304-2307, 2336, 2339-2340, 2347-2349, 2364, 2371, 2372, 2374, 2378,
2404, 2430, 2431, 2435-2438, 2445-2451, 2453-2463, 2465, 2466,
2250, 2551, 2553, 2562, 2564, 2583, and much of the 26xx range.

RNC Staff Cell Phones:
Lynn Harrells, IBM consultant: 908-672-5044
Christine Boschen: 917-468-8007
Kim Ayin, Events Mgr: 917-295-8585
Ryan Connelly: 917-418-9419
Dave: 917-468-9439
Meredith Elliott, Off. Proceedings: 917-468-9467
Natalie Rule, Deputy Dir of Comm: 917-418-9028
Greg Chiggin, Media: 917-418-8942
Felicia McClenning, Media: 917-418-9190
Ann McDonald, Media: 917-418-9443
Alison Kogut, Media: 646-831-2541
Kate Distin, Media: 917-468-7728
Julie Kramm, Media: 917-418-9430 (likely also using numbers in the
917-418-8xxx, 917-418-9xxx, and other ranges)

Freeman Companies (primary convention setup contractor) 201-998-6444
office) 214-638-8800 (corporate office) 800-334-9102 (corporate office)

Campaign Solutions (producer of RNC website) 703-684-3435 Extensions:
Becki Donatelli, President: x1 (home # 703-765-0877 Mark Soohoo,
x3 Ken Schulz: x5 (home # 703-369-3007) Steve Roberts, DBA: x6 David
Avella, Partner home # 703-824-4780

Sunny's Executive Sedan Service (limo provider) 212-375-9400

Fax List:
212-779-6130 (Travel Planners)
212-532-1556 (Travel Planners - Ray Vastola)
214-902-7413 (Travel Planners - Penny Kent)
760-781-5117 (Travel Planners - Soya Johnson)
212-683-8693 (PRA Desination Mgmt)
212-356-2281 (RNC Media Housing)
212-356-2055 (RNC Programming)
212-356-2020 (RNC Executive Offices)
202-772-5876 (David Norcross)
609-278-2357 (David Norcross)
866-896-9762 (Verizon Wireless RNC hotline)
615-832-5965 (Logicom - Steve Tolman)
201-998-3080 (Freeman Companies)
201-998-0004 (Freeman Companies)
214-688-1569 (Freeman Companies)
202-659-8736 (Stevens & Schriefer)
703-684-3758 (Campaign Solutions)
RNC Fax Numbers at 212-356-xxxx: 2020 (executive), 2055,
2284, 2288, 2289, 2290, 2350 (media), 2660

RNC-related email addresses, staff and contractor:
careers (at),catering (at),ckahn (at),info (at),cdiviney (at),opinfo (at),cruben (at) creativeedgeparties.combayinfo (at),mcmahan (at),SRLogiCom (at),smcmahan (at),atherj (at),demetr (at),harmas (at),halvor (at),information (at),tch (at),cjd (at),mme (at),msoohoo (at),rjkubasko (at),RKubasko (at),rjk (at),rrd (at),ken (at),reservations (at),webres (at),rvastola (at),syoung (at),ssteiger (at),sbaker
(at),dpalaritcampbell (at),wschurr (at),pbecton (at),tanastasio (at),tromero (at),sholloway (at),fsealey (at),tleahy (at),groberson (at),jcampanelli (at),tjohnson (at),crhodes (at),alang
(at),fsantiago (at),kwhitman (at),areyes (at),aguerrero (at),bthompson (at),bellison (at),bhendrix (at),cfisher (at),cferro (at),jmoore (at),njacobson (at),dwilson (at),estevens (at),pcampbell (at),nandrews (at),ddorio (at),ddaniels (at),ggreen (at),gcolon
(at),dsutherland (at),orodriguez (at),slegovsky (at),klee (at),kcatalano (at),ncollins (at),mobrian (at),jmiller (at),mperez
(at),lcasas (at),doug (at),pkent
(at),sjohnson (at),sonyaj (at),lbaez (at),dcollins (at),bhansen
(at),BCHRISTOFILIS (at) TPHOUSING.COM,npemberton (at),ralbrecht (at),groups (at),sales
(at),air (at),travel (at),res
(at),info (at),cboschen (at),ChemKeith99 (at),keith03 (at),kganzber (at),brian_e._noyes (at),norcross (at),RNC2004 (at),Robinson (at),Tolman (at),kertzmary (at),mfk839 (at),ElhenickyL (at),carmenec
(at),psullivan (at),imalin (at),zmoffatt (at),aphelps (at),rschriefer (at),bdouglas (at),khensley (at),zmoffatt (at),jkarem (at),gwolfe (at),lalcivar (at),kganzberger (at),lherrera (at),scheeks (at),adyer (at),gpennoyer (at),jlesch (at),ddick (at),bnoyes
(at),dnorcross (at),mkertz (at),lelhenicky (at),eterrell (at),dhoelscher (at),melliott (at),dluyten (at),jbarth (at),gwolfe (at),egriffin (at),egrant (at),aeasley (at),mdevin (at),kking (at),janders (at),wfoster (at),shughes (at),jguerra (at),cstapleton (at),hokeefe (at),lkane (at),lellis (at),emccarthy (at),jbonds (at),bharris (at),jmcbride (at),dmcbride (at),sreynolds (at),kkeller (at),mmcphillips (at),jdieleuterio (at),macton (at),eapisson (at),calix (at),hblakely (at),fbreeden (at),hcoquis (at),adavis (at),cfuqua (at),mmiller (at),cmadden (at),emason (at),dmcnamara (at),hlarrison (at),dmccarthy (at),alewis (at),swaite (at),rcarnes (at),vmendoza (at),afitzgerald (at),pmacmullen (at),lterranova (at),eborger (at),jbaker (at),lpilgrim (at),rharrington (at),jadams (at),jburgess (at),mdunn (at),rrovsek (at),mbyrnes (at),ebrace (at),bjulia (at),cboschen (at),awalker (at),asmith (at),whorstman (at),lsmith (at),rtaylor (at),jturner (at),tcampbell (at),rconnelly (at),rmsith (at),lperson (at),akogut (at),chiggins (at),khughes (at),jsmith (at),rsullivan (at),mpfeifle (at),jfoley (at),jpino (at),sburkhart (at),nandrews (at),amcdonald (at),abuford (at),emattingly (at),bhowell (at),bturner (at),gbaez (at),cglazer (at),wdavis (at),rharlowe (at),sanderson (at),bgoode (at),nbaez (at),mwallace (at),bcohen (at),egray (at),bgreenfield (at),eirwin (at),jpalmer (at),hmcintyre (at),hblakely (at),mcooper (at),jmeyers (at),hirastorza (at),ewilliams (at),mretzer (at),lshaw (at),rwilliamson (at),jmyers (at),badams (at),nrule (at),tscully (at),wholly (at),abradbury (at),bbarrett (at),cfell (at),rkircher (at),fstrong (at),gcadwell (at),aimperato (at),mdowner (at),dbringle (at),amaldonado (at),lusher (at),mpowers (at),wwersham (at),rhyde (at),aknapp (at),dbalfour (at),alvarn (at),brownd (at),bachr
(at),barnej (at),beltrj (at),bradyt (at),brennj (at),conrom
(at),colonm (at),collie (at),coled (at),browng (at),greenc
(at),muldop (at),murphj (at),palmep (at),ottog (at),oconnb
(at),maguim (at),martib (at),legalm (at),dallag (at),martig
(at),perezt (at),peterr (at),johnsd (at),hoodc (at),flanah
(at),harrit (at),bogdat (at),vidalf (at),wassem (at),bartoa
(at),milleb (at),leeb (at),gonzam (at),pickir (at),stevet
(at),zitof (at),ryet (at),westrr
(at),harolc (at),samsos (at),rivasj (at),jackst (at),mcquak
(at),sawyed (at),crewd (at),sosae (at),crewe (at),watsok
(at),lundel (at),hodgek (at),crossm (at),bohanj (at),langhj
(at),barrju (at),truitk (at),martij (at),bellle (at),coopes
(at),jenkit (at),owensr (at),nolanr (at),johnsp (at),smithm
(at),tfc (at),callaj (at),rossom
(at),tdrost (at),crawln (at),csmith (at),bevinr (at),jrosinski
(at),smithb (at),slattery (at),maask (at),bloym (at),benned
(at),rthiel (at),mcymbal (at),goldar (at),rentals (at),johnst (at),intagt (at),walsta
(at),wilsol (at),kivlij (at),jendes (at),magarj (at),kociag
(at),overbs (at),harrid (at),rosinski (at),vanortd (at),galbrm (at),pmurphy (at),hoffec
(at),engelk (at),baxles (at),morrid (at),kenneb (at),tfc
(at),lewisd (at),jackboyd (at),blasie
(at),boydb (at),brantm (at),wyckoj (at),egenbj (at),baumgr
(at),penad (at),murdom (at),ethrit (at),carpet (at),egand
(at),rawlib (at),orsbum (at),ambroa (at),nessj (at),moorea
(at),fettom (at),malzone (at),ellegg (at),hicken (at),helmkb
(at),lanec (at),hermah (at),sherds (at),msole (at),stirlm
(at),nauglj (at),kucerc (at),foutze (at),piercc (at),monahd
(at),cyndir (at),frankt (at),cainj (at),harrie (at),hested
(at),peterm (at),johnst (at),wyerg (at),allenr (at),brank
(at),vonkaj (at),slattd (at),jerrys (at),ellegt (at),bevinr
(at),hanins (at),alexap (at),byrdl (at),oneilm (at),davenr
(at),bradlp (at),lramos (at),jbennett (at),karesenau (at),burchill (at),goodim (at),burrell
(at),mccullou (at),acker (at),carignan (at),lachad (at),birchj
(at),jmurray (at),fortin (at),jefferso (at),murray (at),pochun
(at),bairdb (at),crick (at),bill
(at),salas (at),portin (at),cruick (at),cberry (at),hale
(at), psullivan (at)
RNC-related domains:
...and many more

More on caterers, etc:
Restaurant Associates, Inc. 36 West 44th Street New York NY 10036
212.755.8300 212.997.0197 catering (at)
Creative Edge Parties 110 Barrow Street New York NY 10014 212.741.3000
212.741.3888 cruben (at)
Abigail Kirsch, Caterer & Events 71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1611 New
NY 10010 Carl Dean Hedin 212.696.4076 212.463.7575 opinfo (at)
The Glazier Group 11 Fulton Street New York NY 10038 Cheryl Kahn
212.608.7400 212.608.8827 ckahn (at)

This work is in the public domain
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I think it should stop right here. (REPOST)
02 Sep 2004
NOTE TO PETE: At least tell me where I went wrong with this one, okay? I will work within your approval system, but I have to know what NOT to write. Was it the wording? The overall tone of the response? The sarcasm? What was it that made you hide it? Thanks.

So, you have a mole on the inside who has given you this phone list, and you say: "THIS WILL HAVE A REAL IMPACT!!!"?

How is this going to have an impact? Will it prevent Bush from getting re-elected? Perhaps it will stop the war in Iraq, right? Certainly there must be SOMETHING that will be accomplished by calling even ALL of the numbers on the list, right? Well I see that you have listed the caterers too (at the bottom). Have them send me a turkey sandwich, would you?

This is why I have such a hard time understanding you activist types. I didnt get any intelligent responses on my other article "Organized Protest: Is it Really Effective?", but this sort of activity you are suggesting is exactly what I was writing about. Disruption of the phones and/or marching around in the streets wearing boas and body paint or beating up police officers to unconsciousness is not going to change a single thing you are protesting against.

Go ahead. Make yourself a nice nonfat soy latte, and serve up a plate of soy curd with raspberries and curl up next to the phone with this little "secret attack list" here, and dial away. You will get hung up on about 50 times, and your voice will be hoarse after leaving angry messages on voicemails (which will be promptly deleted by its recipient before finishing). You can have your "REAL IMPACT!" for the next two days....right? On Election Day, Bush & Co will have run for the hills because "A" gave the protesters their magic bullet.....a snarfed telephone/contact list for the RNC.