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Parent Article: Mommy, what is Government?
Hidden with code "Policy Violation"
WHAT? That distorted story is absurd to the extreme.
11 Sep 2004
I read the story, and I see a genuine effort to slide the same old anarchist dogma under the door, but its still anarchy. It doesnt even work as illustrated by the story. I wanted Maria to be less naieve than she is in the story. Why doesnt she ask:

"Mommy? How did people get from Earth to Mars?"

Let Manson Mommy explain how different GOVERNMENTS cooperated and contributed resources to developing space flight (fueled, of course, by good old capitalism and competition and use of resources "stolen" from the Earth). Let her explain how the deleopment of rockets was military first, and pacifist second. In fact, ALL technology is applied to military defense first, and then trickles to the public as it becomes obsolete. I found this particular paragraph the most preposterous:

""In their simplemindedness, they sought to control the existence of violence and injustice by imposing violence and injustice. Rather than giving each individual the right to choose between being just and unjust, they chose to construct a mechanism to impose an artificial justice, selecting from the population individuals to control the mechanism. These selected individuals tended to wield the mechanism of "justice" with impunity. Having concentrated the power of the many into the hands of the few, society became hierarchical and government evolved to exist for its own sake, exploiting the hierarchical relationship to extract more and more resources from the people for the purpose of increasing the government's control over the people."

HUH? Violence is part of human nature. Its necessary to survive and to protect. Its part of our genetic makeup. It was never "imposed". Injustice is a subjective term, and it doesnt really apply to anything real (neither does the word Justice). Its all about what side of the argument you are on which defines those two terms. To the losers of a given struggle, the victors are the "oppressors". To the criminal, the police are "pigs" and "fascist". To citizens who have earned their happiness and security, those police are "protectors" and "officers of the Law" (which ALL Americans have voted to respect as stated in the Constitution). There is a clear cut method by which that living document is changed. It requires VOTING.

Society didnt "become" hierarchial, it started that way from the Dawn of Man, and has remained that way to now. Its part of our social behavior as humans. Removing it would create an unnatural state in which the weak would have equal influence over a given situation rather than the strong prevailing. In nature (including ours), the weak are culled in favor of the strong who are better suited to carrying genes (or superior survival skills) on to subsequent generations.

Without government, the strong would simply TAKE what they wanted, and there would be absolutely no protection for the weak and "disadvantaged". People COMPETE for resources because they are born on a planet where those resources are limited. It is the control and exploitation of resources (food, water, shelter) which drives us. Government is only a high form of what is naturally in place. It makes things a little more "just" for losers by allowing them to live at all.