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Announcement ::
New World Disorder Issue Three Now Online!
16 Sep 2004
The furthest fringes of the culture - in its obscure webpages, zines, and samizdat publications, eerie shortwave and streaming audio radio voices that sound like they're coming from the other side (or maybe just a trailer in Lawrence, Kansas) - and the memes they contain, can be used a magic mirror, a shewstone, Delphic vapors where the future can be divined, where the cultural matrix you will find yourself in the future can be glimpsed now.

The Way In is the Way Out: An Interview With Daniel Pinchbeck

It seems like the noosphere is being born, and the network technologies are one current manifestation of this process. I think the "nature of the noosphere" will be this deeper collusion between the physical and the psychic, and we are already in the midst of the transition. I am very excited about what lies just ahead of us. I expect the noosphere to be highly sexy and to have a great dance beat.

Lovelights (at) Leary-Eisner.Com

Bruce Eisner and Timothy Leary

This is the Story of Electroninc Stacie
Ordinary evening until . . .
Friend calls and tells me that there is a new copy of Mondo 2000 at Anibus Warpus, strange hybid tatoo parlor/bookstore/video store on Pacific Avenue.
On the way home, this slender blonde is hitching. My foot on brakes . . Door opens. Shee hopps. Got a six-pack of Mickies.

From Proletariat to Soulitariat: An Interview With Pat Kane

Phil Leggiere

As my notion of the soulitarian suggests, the motive force for change in this is a generation who will build alternative structures to enable them to "make a dent in the universe together," as Warren Bennis puts it - if the old ones are treating their expanded selves in such a brutal way. I think something like the social software movement that gave Howard Dean such momentum, is an example of the true grounds of play being constructed - people bringing different values to new technology, literally expanding the class of political players.

Messiahs in the Stream

William H. Kennedy

On November 3, 2003 ABC television aired Jesus, Mary and DaVinci - a special based on Dan Brown's popular work of fiction - which examined whether Jesus married Mary Magdalene. The program failed to examine cogently the history of this belief and how various "Messiahs" have emerged in the West under the contention that they were the Risen Christ and were entitled to marry by Divine mandate. This odd phenomenon has a long track record in Christendom and has been called "the underground stream" by occult scholars. It is a fascinating and greatly neglected aspect of Occidental civilization and well worth examining.

Conspiratorial Recollections: An Interview With Adam Gorightly

I explore many possibilities and theories in my book regarding Kerry and the Kennedy assassination, mind control and paranoia. My approach is not to draw any final conclusion to explain all the high strangeness that surrounded Kerry Thornley. Trying to make sense of it all would drive someone crazy, which was the very same maze that Kerry felt himself being sucked into. What came first: the chicken or the egg? Did Kerry go crazy due to mind control? Or was Kerry crazy to begin with, and just confabulated his role in the Kennedy assassination and as a victim of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation?

Zero Ground

Mac Tonnies

The dirigible, a gelatinous construct studded with instrumentation, had fallen into an intersection, its snub-nosed copula crashing through a storefront. Sprays of tinted plastic lay strewn on the concrete. A crowd had already gathered to take in the wreckage. Hovering over the mob’s heads was a cloud of Swarmer mediadrones, cicada wings flickering. Only then did Eubert understand that the writhing columns he had seen through the dashboard hadn’t been static at all. Rather, the Swarmers’ fastidious pseudo-organic machines streaking to the accident site.

Dreamachines, Wishing Machines or Feraliminal Lycanthropizers, Anyone? An Interview With David Woodard

Jan Bruun

What is especially interesting to me about the Wishing Machine clients is that they were all adolescent males with some sort of horrendous affliction. the first was a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic in Alabama, who had already purchased a Dreamachine and was finding that the Dreamachine helped him to feel more stable and focused on creative endeavors. He wanted a Wishing Machine to aid with romantic pursuits, and ended up using it to control the weather so that a particular romantic interest could drive safely to school. The second was an Australian who had already purchased a Dreamachine and was now seeking a means of curing his extreme (including facial) psoriasis. He also wanted to fly, though I warned him before sending the machine that he should attempt the latter with caution.

The Shia Girl

Michael Muhammad Knight

"You're like that old show Herman's Head," she explained. "You know that show? There's this guy and all the different aspects of his personality are represented by different characters that live in his head. You have Intellect, Compassion, Lust, some other one I don't remember…and they all fight it out every time Herman has to make a decision." "And that's me?" "But in your head, it's like Ron Jeremy and Ayatollah Khomeni."

Parallax Empire /// Burning Ground

Adrian Gargett

Drawing a direct line of fire back through time. The centre of the American Nightmare. Relive the dream in reverse. A wooden crucifix flipped on its side so it resembles a gun. Cock back the upper arm and it shoots a magic bullet of mercury encased in gold. The projectile careens through Columbine High School killing 15 and wounding 23. Then it fragments the spindle hole of Mark Chapman's copy of "Double Fantasy" and several hours later fatally pierces the side of John Lennon outside the Dakota building. While the bullet flies silently over the Hollywood hills on a muggy August night in 1969, another cruciform instrument of destruction slices through celebrity skin and bone. Sadie Mae Glutz, Manson Family matriarch and erstwhile Church of Satan go-go dancer, stabs Sharon Tate to death in a frenzied attempt to silence her machine-like death rattle. Oblivious, the bullet moves ever onwards, approaching its final target. It arches a sharp left along Deeley Plaza on November 22, 1963 and accelerates the final few metres towards immortality. On the Zapruder film it is seen penetrating President Kennedy’s head at 33 degrees, spraying ossified bone marrow and bloodied brain matter across the virginal pink suit of his long-suffering but loyal wife in a holy communion of death.

murderous_disillusionment / CH@OS

Kenji Siratori

Cadaver feti of a chemical=anthropoid=hyperlinks to the hunting for the grotesque WEB=joint end of super-genomewarable abolition world-codemaniacs that was send back out the ecstasy system of the acidHUMANIX infection archive_brain universe that streams the technojunkies' era respiration-byte::gene-dub of her digital=vamp cold-blooded disease animals insanity medium of the human body pill cruel emulator that was processed the data=mutant of the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM plug-in to the hyperreal HIV=scanners that were biocaptured the emotional replicant trash sensor drug embryo to non-resettable vital browser--.


Jason Lubyk

Adam stepped on the gas a little bit, hoping to scare the gang out of the way, but the tactic had the opposite effect; the retaliation just increased the anger in the mob. Crooked Tooth Jackson opened the door and dragged Phil from the car. He was so focused on his attack that he didn't notice or hear Aleister run up behind him. Aleister, wearing green camouflage pants he bought from the army surplus, Doc Martins, a studded leather band on his right wrist and a worn thin Exploited T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off - displaying his heavily muscled arms, shoulders and crude homemade tattoos of skulls and anarchy symbols - grabbed Jackson by the hair and yanked him off Phil. Shock and fear widened Crooked Tooth's eyes before a succession of punches closed them. Phil scurried back inside the car and watched Aleister press and rub Jackson's face into the rocks and broken glass on the parking lot pavement. Ed and Balls ran up, grabbed an arm each and pulled Aleister off him. Aleister snarled and pulled his arms out of their grips. Aleister was tough, and while Ed and Balls were acquaintances with Jackson, neither of them cared enough about him to put their reputations on the line and risk humiliation in a fight.

Centripetal Culture

Jason Lubyk

The furthest fringes of the culture - in its obscure webpages, zines, and samizdat publications, eerie shortwave and streaming audio radio voices that sound like they're coming from the other side (or maybe just a trailer in Lawrence, Kansas) - and the memes they contain, can be used a magic mirror, a shewstone, Delphic vapors where the future can be divined, where the cultural matrix you will find yourself in the future can be glimpsed now.

Reviews of Adam Gorightly's The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Inspired the Counterculture and Kenji Siratori's Blood Electric.


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