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Commentary :: Human Rights
Who Are the Terrorists?
06 Oct 2004
Modified: 09:36:34 AM
Because 99% of the news media in the United States is owned by Zionists, plus the fact that they have bought almost every politican in this country, we have been led to believe for the last half a century, that the Muslims are the so called bad guys (read terrorists).

Don't believe anything that our elected officials and our controlled media have to say about Terrorists....We Are the Terrorists!!!
Deir Yassin.jpg
People of Israel, you claim that your religion holds life in the highest esteem, yet everyday your soldiers kill the children of Palestine.

Daily, their young bodies, draped in the Red, White, Black and Green flags of their beloved homeland, are paraded down the main streets of Palestine, carried aloft in a Hero's Farewell, to their final resting place.

Each day another Palestinian mother weeps as her child is buried in sacred soil, shot down in the most horrific manner.

You call the Palestinian's terrorists, while you kill a woman who is nine months pregnant, with an American made Hellfire rocket, fired from an American made Appache helicopter, as she is taking her children home from school.

Each evening, your gigantic, armored Civil Administration, Caterpiller D-9 bulldozers arrive around 2:30 a.m. in the middle of the night and proceed to demolish Palestinian homes, destroying their olive and lemon trees, and other precious Middle Eastern commodities, such as water supplies.

No warning is given to these people that their homes are about to be destroyed. Many people have been buried alive by these American made Caterpillar bulldozers! Fathers have to quickly gather their families and run for their very lives in Terror!

You use informers to find out the location where two important Palestinian leaders are about to be meeting, then you send your helicopters to such location, and then, in what seems like something out of a Hollywood movie, it hovers directly outside the window where these leaders have gathered with their families. It fires its American made Hellfire rocket directly into the meeting room, vaporizing everyone, including the women and children! Is this not Terror?

Since its founding, Israel has started every war in which she has fought against her Arab neighbors, each victory greatly enlarging the size of your nation.

Your government has shown complete disregard as to the opinion's of the rest of the nations of the world, regarding her actions.

Who are the Terrorists?

James F. Harrington 2002
Israeli soldiers are really nice guys!.jpg
Rachel Corrie.jpg
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Who Are the Terrorists? U.S., Israel, Sudan, Columbia, Haiti (Pro U.S. Government), Russia, etc...
06 Oct 2004
The Israelis ARE the #1 terrorist. Stealing land, bulldozing homes, killing women and children, and ignoring the world! WAIT! The United States is doing the same thing in Iraq. (Except bulldozing homes.) Sudan blantantly, is accepting genocide. Russia is terrorizing Chechens and their own people! Columbia is kidnapping and killing anyone who speaks against the right wing government. Haiti is doing the same as Columbia. (Openly arresting anyone who speaks against the U.S. backed puppet government.)
Terrorism is alive and well. More so, thanks to Bush!
All people are terrorists! Cant you see that?
06 Oct 2004
It seems like you humans are the most self centered, confused beings on this planet. You steal our eggs, burn us, behead us, and eat our young even before theyre hatched! The HORROR. I have been behind bars here at KFC Death Row , held without charge, and no chance at parole.
Re: Who Are the Terrorists?
07 Oct 2004
A terrorist is a convienent word to use for anyone who disagrees with Bush, Inc. and their multi-national free-marketers. BUT the word only has power because the vast majority of common people use the word and give it more credence. Are Chechuns, Irish Nationalists, Basques or Palestinians terrorists or rather are they fighting for their freedom? Are not just the arms manufacters and their subsidiaries BUT ALSO their stockholders who profit and the advertising agencies that promote them truly terrorists because they knowingly provide governments with the tools to use against civilians? Is the UN promoting terrorism when it refuses to acknowlege genocide but rather decides only to discuss the issue as tens of thousands die? Where is the World Court's indictment of George W. Bush for his illegal act of War against Iraq or are they also silent partners of terrorism? Where is the impeachmaent of George W. Bush for his complicity in the deaths of over 1,000 service people and where is the indictments of Dick Cheney for his war profittering for Halliburton? Are we as citizes also complicent if we support a government that acts illegally or immorally or willfully remain ignorant of the actions of this military-industrial complex that has replaced our democracy and now seeks to eradicate the last vestiges of our freedom? If there is a truth in using the word terrorist, it is to be used against governments that have vast, unlimited powers that they use against their own citizens; specifically, in America, our version of the KGB, our Homeland Security Dept. the so-called Patriot Act and the designers of the free-markets top the list.