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News ::
"Songs for Mental Health"
31 Jul 2001
Three songs are included here; one is a song of hope and celebration; two is to lighten up your trip if you have been on the "Dummy Line"; and three is God-given hope for when there is no hope.
Songs for Mental Health" Tuesday 31 Jul 2001
author: Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger (notavailable)

Three songs are included here; one is a song of hope and celebration; the second is to
lighten up your trip if you have been on the "Dummy Line"; and the third is God-given hope
for when there is no hope.

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"1965! Solid Gold! History of the Hit That Wasn't" (english)
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 9:12am Fri Mar 23 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

I published this song in "A Charlie Tribute, "1965"" (8/7/01) as a tribute to Charlie, a friend who had evidently
succumbed to the rash of "free" psychotropic pills that plagues this country. Since this article revealed that the
only apparent use of these drugs was as deterrents and as the punitive "addictive" substances of a man-made
"addiction"; the article was apparently suppressed by the psychiatric profession and those who support them.
I will begin with excerpts from the text of "A Charlie Tribute, "1965""; so you will better understand why it was
suppressed. "As my Daddy said, it's been over a year since I revealed the man-made addiction to
psychotropic drugs 7/99. As I explained, the side effects of these drugs are reduced when a person stops
taking them, resulting in tests that detect the absence of the drug in the body; thus the person lands back in the
hospital where the dosage is increased as punishment. The use of these drugs is supported by psychiatric
jargon that focuses on the effect of these drugs on neurological transmitters. As I see it, they have never proven
any of the effects of these drugs on mental illness, except for the side effects, which sometimes serve as
deterrents. These side effects usually accompany their victims to the grave (Is. 29:10; Ps. 64:6; Jer. 23:32;
9:6-8; Is. 24:5).

In the early 90s I noticed another psychiatric trend when Charlie, a trusted friend of Norm's Hooterville offered
me some psychotropic pills that were on his dresser. I told him that those were psychotropic drugs used in
mental institutions and that I wouldn't touch them. Shortly after, Charlie stumbled when he was probably
encouraged to take enough of these pills to cause an aneurysm. .....So apparently for a long time psychiatry
has been making psychotropic pills available to the public at little or no cost. (I noticed that Charlie had some
orange prolixin pills, which have since had the name of the drug removed from the tablets. Prolixin causes a
mild headache and dulls the mental prowess; but I imagine that a number of them would cause serious head
pain and even burst blood vessels in the head.) Besides the apparent use of these drugs to target selected
individuals like Charlie for elimination, they are probably also targetting individuals for incarceration by
claiming that the side effects are signs of mental illness......What is the favorite activity of psychotropic users?
Kickball! Spastic motor movement required there....If these drugs are being used in your neighborhood, you
might inform them that side effects from sporadic use should wear off in a few weeks (Is. 5:20; Mk. 13:12; Ez.
36:13; Prov. 14:12).

In memory of Charlie my Daddy also wants you to know and to hear my version of this folk song called, "1965".
It is a slow two-beat song with crescendos, with particular emphasis on the ending of the crescendos that end
with "Nine-teen! Sixty! Five!" Crescendo = (c.)


Happened upon a kingdom in 1965 (c.)
They heard. They cared. They shared. They dared.
Beginning in 1965 (c.)

Our God had come to be with man.
A tested law was in his hand.
Then fire from heaven came (c.)
It happened in 1965 (c.)

The panther moved.
The people choosed.
To make this kingdom last (c.)
There'd be no turning back (c.)
That's the tale of 1965 (c.)

They heard. They cared. They shared. They dared.
Starting in 1965 (c.)

That's when they paved a road to a town of gold.
Where you won't be getting old (c.)
Even when they die (c.), they still survive (c.)
That's the promise of 1965 (c.) "
(Ps. 83:4; 59:13; 78:5; 68:34; 53:6; Heb. 12:28; 1 Peter 4:19; Rev. 21:18; Ez. 37:25; Rev. 6:9; 2 Peter 3:13)

So that's the story of the song, "1965". Let me explain some of the words better from previous writings of mine.
I have written that fire from heaven appeared in Chenango County in 1965 and that resulted in man's attempt to
form a kingdom of "Love and Peace" on earth based on sex, drugs, and rock n roll; leading to Woodstock, all
that rot. This is the time when the good, the bad, and the ugly choosed up sides. Lawlessness has been in
bloom since then, and millions who have opposed the lawlessness have stumbled. The last black panther on
earth was also a factor as it scouted out this coming kingdom, Israel throughout the eastern portion of the
United States. I saw this cat striding in broad daylight in Pennsylvania; but I understand that others only saw it
at night. For a better idea of what this is all about, see: "Silent Murder Epidemic - Buffalo Version" Id=24603;
"Modus Operandi of Lawlessness - Update" Id=24988; "Coprophagia Rules?" Id=32589; and "Love Festivals
of Hooterville" Id=29190. Any questions? Ask and I will tell you great and hidden things you do not know. Hope
you enjoy this song. It takes really loud powerful instruments to make the "65" crescendos have the appropriate
effect. That's all for now thank you very much for your time. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel"
Deaf Messenger

by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 6:44am Thu Mar 29 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

Dear Readers; I want you to have the following Postscript from my 7/14/99 article "Jacob's Israel". P.S.
"In court I made known that psychiatry is a drug-orientated profession that was formed by doctors
administering opium, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Since they routinely claim that they want to medicate a
patient because they have tried therapies that didn't work, I have asked them to show me these alleged
psychotherapies, group therapies, and milieau that they supposedly offer. This practice prevails everywhere,
for psychiatry is trying to sweep psychology under the rug. When those trapped in (hospitals) learn that they
probably could have opted for therapy, they will probably be freed." In retrospect I say that these initial drugs
probably kept the wards full until the doctors started to gravitate to the current type of psychotropics. Valium
and Qualudes were probably the exception in the current trend of these drugs in that they were physically
addictive, had positieve effects on some people, and had street market value. What's amazing is that these
addictive drugs had defensable positive effects that were proven in studies, while the current drugs seem to be
selected to dull mental prowess. Since this seems to be similar to the way that feces act as an "opiate" for
coprophagists, I wonder if there is a coprophagic connection here; thus you should probably read
"Coprophagia Rules?" Id=32589, for that may help you decide. Thank you very much for your time. Respectfully
yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

"Sound the Horn!" (english)
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 9:38am Mon Apr 9 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

Dear Readers: In case you have any musical inclinations, I will tell you here how to assemble what I was told is
the loudest most versatile instrument ever made. I assembled my first one in late 1997, and I found that it
performs best when it is cold. Thus you might want to put yours in the freezer before you play it. Here it is:
"Makeshift Horn Assembley" (1/22/98): 12" section of hula hoop (the old kind which were solid, not the new
kind with the split in them); empty one gallon plastic milk or water container; 12" of duct tape; 12" of plastic
electrical tape, and 12" of masking tape - Cut a hole in the container cap so the hula hoop section can be
snugly inserted one inch into the container; cut bottom of container so that all but approx. 1" of the bottom is
removed; secure container cap with duct tape and then electrical tape; wrap it tight; enlargen the mouthpiece
end of the hula hoop section a little bit by forcing something larger into it or by heating and doing the same;
then wrap it with masking tape. Done! It can be heard for miles. It must be a Biblical instrument, never to be
forgotten. The instrumental section of the Beatles "Get Back" may be the signal for the festivals to begin; the
full moon festival, the new moon festival whatever. It seems like God hears these horns. Nuff said? Respectfully
yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger P.S. My favorite music to play on the horn was "Get
Back"; "Aqualung"; "Smoke on the Water"; and of course "1965!"

"What's Happening Here?!" (english)
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 5:54pm Mon Apr 9 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

Dear Readers: I posted a Comment: "Great and Hidden Things You Do Not Know" after "Heading Down a
Dangerous Road: Judaism and Indy Media" 5:03 PM 4/7/01; and I was wondering if that or the above "Sound
the Horn!" Comment set off a deluge of rain in New York. But it may have been neither; maybe Albany is finally

I want to relate here the contents of Numbers 10:9 and what I think that it means about these horns. "And when
you go to war in your land with the adversary who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the
trumpets, that you may be remembered before the Lord your God and you shall be saved from your enemies."
Here is what I suspect happens when people blow that horn. It's not against the law to blow a horn, but some
people seem to get really upset about it. Since this passage talks about going to war against the adversary in
your land, this may be something akin to the Beatles': "How I Won the War", for storms seem to appear out of
nowhere and smite the ones who hate the horns. Keep an eye on those who have apparently been singled out
by storms, and you will see that there might be some truth to it. Hasta luego, adios. Respectfully yours, Robert
Meade "Bobby" "Israel" DEaf Messenger

"Buffalo's Got the Dummy "Line"" (english)
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 8:41am Wed Feb 21 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4; Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

When I submitted "Silent Murder Epidemic - Buffalo Version", I failed to notice that the topice sentence had
been deleted until last night. Since the sentence contained the word "Dummy", which has 15 or more
definitions; I can't fathom why this was done; but I will give you some idea of what is happening in the realm of
Although my article "Silent Murder Epidemic - Buffalo Version" was promptly accepted and posted even
worldwide, I noticed last night that the topic sentence was missing. After "Dear Buffalo; Attn: Highest Priority",
it was supposed to read: "Some folk say that the Dummy wouldn't run; come and let me tell you what the
Dummy's done!" This is from the "Dummy Line", a folk song, several versions of which were published in the
sixties. To take someone's topic sentence destroys an article. If this is offensive to someone, who is it? Are the
dummies those who know or those who don't? If this is a matter of copyright issues I enlighten you about that,
but first let me give you my version of the "Dummy Line" to show you that this is a hell of a good song that no
one should have ever been allowed to keep off the charts. I found several versions of this little known song at
the Library of Congress, and if you saw them, you would understand that they produced worse and worse
versions of it, so it dropped from the public's consciousness immediately after it appeared.
Some folk say that the Dummy wouldn't run;
Come and let me tell you what the Dummy's done!
She left St. Louie at quarter past one;
And rolled into Memphis with the setting of the sun!

Chorus: On the Dummy Line! On the Dummy Line!
Ride! Ride! Ride! On the Dummy Line!
Rise and shine! I'll pay my fine!
To ride ride ride on the Dummy Line!

Jumped on the Dummy; didn't have my fare.
Conductor hollered: "What you doing here!"
Got up and made for the door;
And he cracked me on the head with a two by four!


Jumped off the Dummy and lit on the track;
Dragged my feet and scraped my back.
Left St. Louie at quarter past two;
And walked to Memphis 'fore the Dummy came through!


by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
Copyright February 21, 2001
Permission to broadcast and/or reprint is granted until 12/25/2001
So I put the original version of this song in an envelope and postmark it, and that is proof of copyright. With the
permission granted, you can even go and make money off it for the specified time. As I wrote in "The
Watchman's Prophecy Fullfilled?" (8/28/00). "The renegades are also finding that copyrights expire and that
they cannot suppress good music for long by buying the copyright to it unless you renew the copyright. Since
copyrights expire after 28 years, all song copyrights that have not been renewed since 1972, now qualify as
folk music...." As for copyrights in general, "....United States Claims Court's Judge Futey's contention that my
registered copyrighted heart-shaped picture of the earth ("Heart of Israel") was in the public domain and
therefore not copyrightable had rendered all copyright laws obsolete...That they would support the contention
that nothing in the public domain, the source of all copyrights, was copyrightable in order to uphold the USPO's
infringement on my design shows how far they would go to oppose Israel, the Holy Nation.." ("T.C. Blues"
(12/7/00)). If Indy Media is concerned about copyrights, they might want to check and see if this multitude of
submissions by the mainstream media has the permission of the owner of the copyright. Meanwhile look for
"Silent Murder Epidemic - Buffalo Version" Id=24603, "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness" NYC Indy Media
Id=24988, and "Justice New York Style" Id=25099. Hope you enjoy this song. Adios. Respectfully yours,
Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

"Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again" (english)
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 8:09am Mon Feb 26 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4; Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

When I sent "Silent Murder Epidemic to Atlanta @ 2/13/01, it ended up in Seattley where it was eventaully
removed from the postings. In the light of the apparent obstruction of my articles in Atlanta, I am sending you
my version of this negro spiritual. I suspect that it was suppressed because of the Chorus; but we all know that
the fulfillment of prophecy is a reason for great celebration.
Dear Atlanta; The following song interprets the Bible; but I will not include the 39 Biblical references with it
unless you specifically ask for them. If you have any questions about where these bodies are going to come
from, check out the articles listed at the end of this letter.

"Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again"

Happened upon a kingdom.(Heb. 12:28; Dan. 7:18)
Dem bones gonna rise again = DBGRA
The fallen soldier's work done. (2 Tim. 2:4-7)
DBGRA (Ez. 37:5)

Chorus: I know it, know it.
Indeed, I know it.
Brother, I know it. Wheeee!
Dem bones gonna rise again! (Ez. 37:13)

A law the Lord had gave them.(Ps. 78:5)
It costed them their freedom. (Jer. 5:26)

Heirs the moment they knew it.(1 John 3:2)
Their words had made them targets. (1 Peter 4:17)

Twas a Beast they did meet. (Ps. 83:2-4)
They battled lies and deceit.(Is. 5:20)

The Beast relied on sweetness.(Dan. 7:25)
None could oppose such kindness.(Dan. 8:25)

Their lives were snuffed in silence. (Is. 42:22)
No one could say how they went. (2 Thess. 2:7)

They knew their Lord had promised.(1 Peter 2:9)
His words provided solace.(1 John 3:14; 1 Peter 1:23-25)

They'd seen their Lord fight a war. (Dan. 8:7)
His power the same as before. (Ps. 68:34)

They stumbled into disgrace.(Mic. 7:8)
The Lord raised them from that place.(Ez. 37:12)

The Beast is now exposed.(Eph. 5:11-14)
His power to kill is low.(Ps. 59:11)

There be no more soldiers. (Mic. 7:2)
The Beast will become workers.(Mic. 2:12; Is. 49:24-6; 3:7; Ez.39:23)

Though beasts and birds devour them. (Ez. 39:17)
The third day He'll restore them. (Hosea 6:1-2)

Their work lives on after. (Rev. 12:11)
The world they find'll be better.(Is. 65:23)

Their country and nation's forming. (Is. 66:8)
For a thousand years they'll be ruling. (Rev. 20:4)

By their blood we are blest. (Dan. 12:10)
Please don't disturb their rest.(Jer. 9:22)

Their love has showed us how. (Dan. 11:33)
That's why we all be singing now. (Is. 12)

Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger copyright 11/18/00


Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 7/31/01
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