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News ::
"Chemical Modus II"
09 Aug 2001
More revelatory information on the modus operandi that has enabled the lawless ones to thrive.
Introduction: My Daddy said that the lawless ones have always been concerned with getting rid of people directly or indirectly by any means necessary. Having discovered that access to many of my older articles has been blocked, and/or the articles have been altered or comments deleted; I realize that interlopers are probably targetting people who try to access them, so be prepared to deal with them if you go that way. You must realized that the contrived organized stupidity that allows the professed intelligence of brain-damaged coprophagists to rule also allows the lawless ones to trick their own comrades into killing people including themselves sometimes by telling them that hazardous chemicals are relatively harmless. On top of all this you have the Supreme "Narky", Nicholas Exarchou (Id=31749) and his chemical-monging "Storm Troopers", the Secret Service compelling people to be stupid about how people are perishing from the continuous chemical onslaught of the lawless ones. Since I revealed in "Bible Rubbers Beware" Id=34722 and the comment after that these "Storm Troopers" were formed by the Storm Troopers of Germany who were probably also chemical-mongers and that "Narky" looked identical to former Supreme Court Justice Brandeis to no avail, it is clear that they have a "stranglehold" on whatever information reaches the people. Bush Daddy says that his own kid has been informed that he would be killed if he tried to prove that "Narky" was a doctor. Just as the picture of Justice Brandeis in the New Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel might be used to identify those who support the wannabe-Messiah "Narky"; those who support the ignorance about hazardous chemicals can also be easily identified and/or dealt with. Thus I want to elaborate on the ignorance that conceals the truth about asbestos and cyanic gas.

As I revealed in "Justice New York Style" Id=25099, the lawless ones locked me up for 15 months by forcing me to speak out about the cyanic gas that they were throwing into my room every half hour. I revealed that this gas was produced by mixing blueprint paper with acid and that this information was in the encyclopedias of the fifties. I have since discovered that this information may have been limited to the printer's copy of the 1957 Brittanica, which was released to a selected audience only. I found this information at the library of Binghamton Psychiatric Center, "Narky's" stronghold, which apparently had a printer's copy of the 1957 Brittanica, for the copies that I found in the library here were on much thinner paper without any mention of cyanic gas. Furthermore I find that the current books on toxicology have no mention of cyanic gas either. This was apparently the first mention of cyanic gas, which was formerly called prussic acid, and it was probably an issue in the fifties because it was being used for executions. Included in this printer's copy was the formula for making it from the ferricyanide of blueprint paper along with the proportions, and it described how it caused heart pain, chest constriction, and in some cases instant death. I have been subjected to this hundreds of times, and the only solution is to seek out clean air. In "T.C. Blues" 12/7/00 I wrote of how Bush Daddy was able to brag of his continuation of the chemical onslaught when a star wrestler was struck dead over Thanksgiving break. I was in the building a few minutes before this happened because I was returning my lock to my basket; thus I figured that they had probably thrown the gas at me. This has been going on for a long time, and their leaders probably don't even tell the lawless ones what it is. I probably lost my whole father's side of the family to it in the sixties. Many probably suffer permanent heart damage if they get a significant dose of it. Many probably go to a doctor about the symptoms and are trifled with even more. The release of this information via this book was probably planned so that they could say that they made a mistake in putting it in there in the first place; but the fact that there is so little current information about it probably signifies that they are intent on continuing to take advantage of a dumbed-down America. I have found that sometimes stomach pains or cramps arise when I am subjected to a similar substance which may be another such gas or dust related to cyanide. Whatever the case one can usually ascertain what is happening by seeking out fresh air and determining if the symptoms subside.

As for the asbestos-throwing scenario that I described in "Report on Lawlessness" Id=55818 and my "Weekly Update.." Id=57517; it is apparently a lot more common that I ever suspected. There appears to be a concerted effort to conceal how hazardous this substance is. Not only are the lawless ones being convinced that it is not that hazardous because the Department of Transportation says that it is not as hazardous as gasoline; but those who work in asbestos seem to have the same attitude. Current information on asbestos has changed drastically since asbestos became an issue around 1980. No longer is it made known that the fibers never leave the lungs. There are many different types of asbestos listed probably in an attempt to confuse people as to which is the prevalent type. The barbed microscopic characteristics of the fibers are not adequately explained. It says that exposure produces a dry cough, which is probably not true. It produces pneumoconiosis, which produces fluid as a result of the irritation of the lungs by the fibers. Maybe this is part of a ruse to get the victims on the respirator and expose them to phosgene, saying this will help you cough it up. Furthermore they are probably telling those who throw the stuff that they can cough it up. The cough is permanent and the fibers will never leave the lungs. The dust of brake drums is probably the main source of asbestos exposure in the workplace today. If you have seen the cloud of dust that comes from removing the drums; consider that there are probably millions of fibers released that are not in that visible portion of the cloud. I further suspect that anyone who reports exposure to asbestos is simply being dispatched by other means if they won't drop the matter. It is a really sad situation in that many many people probably had to die from exposure to asbestos in Canada before they would declare it hazardous, and now the lawless ones are ignorantly using it as a mode of attack. It seems like the only solution for buildings that have been intentionally contaminated is to repeatedly purify the air with air cleaners equipped with HEPA filters capable of picking the stuff up, then installing permanent detectors to alert occupants to any further contamination. Most people cannot detect this stuff in the air, and they probably start coughing in the morning from the fluid that collects at night from lung irritation fro the fibers. Some people may feel the prick of the fibers in the lungs or the nose when exposed to asbestos. The shortness of breath and fibrosis of the lungs can be easily explained away, so the lawless ones feel that their "game" is foolproof.

In any case the lawless ones will probably move on a person if he or she mentions chemicals. Whenever they throw some, they probably walk around like the university Messiah here, saying that there's something in the air. If you start talking about chemicals, he will probably have you taken up to the hospital and put to "sleep". Like the police beating the activists, they are all begging you to get violent about it too because "No Body is Going to do Nothing About It" Id=41739. They believe that they can continue their "Silent Murder Epidemic" Id=24603 and "Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206 and that it keeps the "Dwelling of Violence" Id=44378 from coming back on their own heads. The trick probably is to get them to talk about what's in the air, then report on what they said. I mean tell everyone that this person has been talking about these chemicals or what's in the air. It has all been set up so no one can address the chemical side of lawlessness, so just get them to fall into their own trap. Smells like delusions, doesn't it?

All referenced articles are on To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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front page or bust
09 Aug 2001
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