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We are more than just red or blue, black or white, Left or Right...
05 Nov 2004
Modified: 08:56:42 PM
We are more than just red or blue, black or white, Left or Right...

If you think the world is all wrong right now, you need to read this.
Hello to the Indymedia family!

I have to share this with all of you, because you are my inspiration! Indymedia is one of the best things that can happen in a world. The politicians, historians, and other sociologically obsessed professionals should take note of Indymedia, and learn how free speech can be done!

For those of you sexy, sexy Indymedia fans who have become depressed and angry these past few years, especially during the recent tumultuous election process, I want to remind you all of something that keeps me hopeful, and joyous even in times when I might otherwise feel like crying or riding my bike off that pretty (and weird) new blue bridge in Charlestown and into the cold and polluted Charles River...

Some people like to believe that this country is divided. Well, I would implore you NOT to fall into the trap of dividing the US into warring peoples. We are most definitely not a nation of Black or White, Red or Blue, Liberal or Conservative! On the contrary, our country is THE most diverse in the world, with many, many shades of grey and PURPLE! And with far more political persuasions than there are flight-worthy appendages on a bird. When we fall into the trap of "Us against Them", we all lose. But, when we learn to embrace our differences, we realize that we are a nation full of courageous, compassionate, and ingenious people. We should never forget this. Our country is amazing because of our differences, not in spite of them!

Whether you are one of the 20% of the US Americans who voted for George Bush, one of the 20% who voted for Kerry, or one of the 60% who did neither, you are part of what makes this the beautiful, diverse, and unwieldly world that I love!

Thank you for being in my world!

Peace, love, and bicycles

PS. Please forward this to anyone and everyone you wish, especially those folks who you may think of as being different than yourself! (Feel free to edit as you wish, too, particularly if you are sending it to people who might be offended by being called "sexy, sexy" anything!)


Now, for those of you who are less than happy with the outcome of November 2nd, read on...

Yes, it is absolutely unfair that George W. Bush and his ilk have once again taken control over the highest office in the US (not to mention the Judicial and Legislative branches of our much beleaguered "checks and balances" system). There is no doubt that they are disrespectful, dishonest, greedy, and just plain mean and nasty, and they probably cheated in the "election", too. But, as you may have noticed in your many years living in this world, life never pretends to be fair! Unlike in our favourite fantasy stories, life doesn't really care about anyone or anything, it just goes on being cruel, crazy, and beautiful all at once. Things simply don't always go the way you want them to. Actually, they rarely do!

Does this mean that you should give up? Throw in the towel? Crawl into a cave? Hell No! Embrace your anger! Anger, like pain, is a warning signal - your body's way of saying "Houston we have a problem..." Give that angry monster that may be kicking and screaming inside your belly a big ol' hug, and then maybe invite it out dancing.

After the festivities, sit down with that monster in your gut, drag out those crayons, pens, sidewalk chalk, paints, guitars, voices, welding equipment, computer mice and keyboards, and use them to dress your anger up in the wildest, most colorful, and most fantastic outfit you can imagine. Then send your creation out into the world to let people know how you feel, and let it give everyone inspiration. Don't let some silly idea of "lack of talent" get in your way. We are all artists when we express ourselves. If you think there is something wrong with the way this world is heading, then the world NEEDS you to express yourself! There is no chance for a better world if we don't speak up.

No matter what you do, do not turn your anger into hatred or depression! Instead, let your anger be free, let your anger be wise, and let your anger be beautiful. Love yourself, so that you may be strong. Love your friends, so that they may support you when you need them. And love your enemies, so that one day they may become your friends. Embrace your most difficult challenges, so that you may learn tolerance, compassion, and hope. And, no matter what, remember to live, because that is why you are here!

Be Mad!
Be Human!
Be Proud!
Be Creative!
Be Strong!
Be Peaceful!
Be Honest!

Peace, love, and bicycles,

This work is in the public domain
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05 Nov 2004
We have no intention of going to war. Our intention is self determination. Many of us do not want to be citizens of "Jesusland." We wish to create a society based on social justice and democracy. Since the "red states" wish to have a society based on fascism and war, we bid them fairwell and strike out on our own. If they attack us for it, we'll fight back.
JEEZ, you got some bad shrooms.
05 Nov 2004
"Since the "red states" wish to have a society based on fascism and war, we bid them fairwell and strike out on our own. If they attack us for it, we'll fight back. "

WE? The only way you can "strike out on your own" is if you leave our country and find some swatch of land which doesnt belong to another sovereign nation (um....that would be Antarctica). Hope you have a blanket. I was going to say you "are going to freeze your balls off", but you dont have any.
Who said anything about war?
07 Nov 2004
I'm talking about not letting this disappointing outcome (a stolen election, undoubtably) turn you into a depressed or hateful person. I'm talking about standing up for what you believe in with a creative, compassionate, and honest hand.

As I said, there are no "red" states of "blue" states, thats just another one of the Bushies' ploys. There are all kinds of people all over the map. Don't let the neocons manipulate you into thinking otherwise!