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Commentary :: Politics
Why We Are Seceding
11 Nov 2004
Dignity, ethics and self determination demand that we secede.
I’ve seen many arguments, claims and retorts for and against the secessionist movement. I’d like to address those arguments, especially those which are fallacious, and then move on to the actual reason for secession.

It has been argued that we are seceding because we lost the elections. Our detractors say that Kerry was our candidate and now that Bush has “won”, we are unwilling to accept defeat. This argument fails for many reasons, not the least of which is gross elections fraud. However, since our argument does not depend upon the question of election fraud, let me address the argument assuming for a moment that our detractors are correct when they claim that Bush “won” the elections.

President Bush came to power under questionable circumstances. While President of the United States of America he has demonstrated complete disregard for the Constitution of the United States. He has held individuals without charges, violated our privacy, quashed free speech, disrespected the decisions of the courts, made law through presidential decree rather than legislation, constructed an oppressive department whose purpose is to suppress liberty and terrify dissidents, engaged in gross violations of the rights of Americans based on their ethnicity and religious views, failed to respect the separation of Church and State, lied to the American people on numerous occasions, encouraged and abetted gross fraud in the allocation of contracts (e.g. Halliburton), waged an illegal war against another nation, tortured detainees and violated international treaties to which the United States of America is a party. For the preceding reasons alone, the Constitution of the United States, due to the disrespect shown to it by our President and lack of courage on the part of Congress and the Courts to defend the Constitution is no longer a binding document. As such, there is no legal basis to claim that United States of America, as defined by the Constitution and agreed to by the states continues to exist. To stand by and pretend that it still exists is to betray our dignity and give up our rights as free individuals. We intend to determine our own destiny, as is our right, and the choices before us are revolution or secession.

Revolution, in the sense of the overthrow of the U.S. Government will not work. Bush is largely popular within “the Red States.” He may, indeed, have a mandate in “the Red States.” Therefore, any revolution will devolve instantly into civil war. Since we recognize the right of the people of “the Red States” to determine their own destiny, we wish them luck (and believe they will need luck) and strike out on our own.

It should be obvious then, from the above, that our motivations are not based on the results of the election but on the usurpation of power, the violation of rights, and the unethical acts of the Bush government. Furthermore, many of us would have chosen this path even if Kerry “won” the elections. For those of us holding this position, we do not believe that Kerry would have substantially undone the actions of Bush for he agreed to the PATRIOT Act, supported war in Iraq and made no indication that he would bring that war to an immediate end.

Some supporters of George Bush claim that we are acting out as poor losers. This claim is absurd. We, The People, would have lost whether George Bush or John Kerry was selected as President of the United States. Those of us who did not declare our intent to secede before the “elections” were merely hopeful that some change, any change, might permit us to wait and see before taking drastic steps toward change. Now that we know that there will either be no change or a change for the worse, it is essential to our dignity, liberty and well being (as well as the dignity, liberty and well being of others on this planet), that we secede from the United States of America. We will be no part of this outrageous regime. We assert our right to self determination. If self determination necessitates secession, then we must secede.

Some of us have behaved as though we view the world as divided between “us” and “them.” Indeed, I have at times felt as though this were true. However, now that the shock of a stolen election has passed, I realize that there are many Republicans who did not vote for George Bush, are indignant about his usurpation of power and oppose the war. Therefore, we should encourage secessionists to accept those among us, within our New England, as fellow New Englanders and invite them to join us on this journey of self determination. We are New Englanders all, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, and Anarchist.

Finally, we assert that it is the right of all individuals to form associations and dissolve associations freely. No document can compel us to remain members of an association that we believe to be unethical, criminal and dictatorial. Moreover, our opponents cannot simultaneously argue that it is un-constitutional to secede while violating the Constitution themselves. The Constitution is a contract, not a menu. Our opponents have treated the Constitution as a menu and it is for this very reason that we reject the association that binds us. We intend to form a new entity which will conduct itself ethically, respect the right of self determination for the People of New England and disassociate itself with any criminal regime, including the United States of America.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Why We Are Seceding
11 Nov 2004
Have you considered the fact that the balance of military power happens to be located in the red states, and the military itself is populated with red staters? It's a nice dream but probably a waste of energy. Another form of distraction from the real issues. If we secede and then someone like Kerry takes power here we are still in the same boat. We will also have one of the most hostile and aggressive neighbors on the planet and so many of our relatives will be on the other side.

Let's be realistic. We do have work to do defending our states from the neo-liberal model. It's time to dig in and fortify. Time to build our media and rethink our strategies. Time to bring the anti-globalization sentiment into the mainstream, not to give up and break away. Not to precipitate a bloody civil war. And especially not to spend a lot of energy trying to push new englanders into something they would never do as a body.
Not as pesimistic as you are.
11 Nov 2004
I am not convinced that New Englanders would never do this as a body. They have done it before (the American "Revolution"). I do not believe that it would result in civil war. Yes, there would be opposition and calls for civil war, but I believe that we have progressed far enough that civil wars over secession are now seen as unethical on a global scale. Finally, I believe you have no chance of changing the United States as it is now. You do, however, have a chance of changing parts of the United States. Those who follow the current course on religious grounds will not be moved by reason or politics.