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Commentary :: Organizing
Prophecy Nov 13 : How to Stop the Iraq War
13 Nov 2004
in a few populist steps...because remember that Bush the Hun won't do it, so don't even bother asking that weirdo, and just do it yourself and thus get it done in a hell of hurry instead of not at all...
Prophecy Nov 13 : How to Stop the Iraq War

I am really tired today so I will make this brief.
The way you stop the Iraq war is you get your soldiers to obey the International Law which states that it is the duty of soldiers not to obey war crimes orders, which means that they don't have to fight even one more battle in Iraq and can start packing today. Given that Pentagon brain washing system this might require some work, since apparently the Pentagon brainwashes to troops to obey every order, which is international war crime, since it would seem that they never got around to updating their systems over the last fifty years. The end product is such things as five star generals shitting their pants in the Pentagon wondering what next war crime order that maniac Bush might issue, because of course that order has to be done, and it also explains what happened to your troops in Iraq, who went through that same brainwashing process, and thus follow every damn order, when that is supposed to be illegal, but like I said, I suppose the Pentagon is so damned hidebound that even 5 Star Generals cannot disobey an order from some Toad in the Toadhouse in Toad D.C. and since that same psychological brainwashing was done to your kids, they obey all orders as well, thus creating this disasterous situation.
Now the way you begin the process of breaking the Pentagon brainwashing system and thus get American soldiers to obey the Constitution and the International Law is that you call their mothers, and explain everything to their mothers, including that bit about what a super weird creep like Atilla the Hun that George Bush really is, which should be obvious, and then they get on the phone to Iraq and talk to their kids over there, since that job is the job for their mother.
Now having got that done, you next have to deal with the arrogant presusmptions and mendacious liars of imperialistic propagandists, who will of course talk about the hellishness of Muslims, who once they get Iraq, will act like Muslims, and it is our duty to stop them, and perhaps about a hundred other insulting and equally arrogant things.
Now as for that one about how Iraq has terrorists therefore we have to stay to kill every terrorist, I will just remind you that when I was twelve years old I saw those ruthless super duper rich elite HAVE MOREs grinding the poor and taking all the money in the world and doing stuff like sacking and plundering Iraq and globalizing and pillaging, and so I thought I would take up terrorism myself, to stop them, being only twelve years old at the time and thus not being able to come up with a better idea. So you see having been temporarily in the terrorism business I understand terrorists, so if you feel you need someone to go over to Iraq and deal with the terrorism problem, I will go and you get those terrorism causing couple known as Bush and Blair out of Iraq, thus not causing the hopeless despair and raging anger that results in that helplessness that then comes out in a blaze of terrorism, well look, if either Bush or Blair offer to stay in Iraq to defeat terrorists, you can tell those two to shove off, and give me a call and I will go, that is if just getting Bush and Blair out there isn't enough.

Oh and by the way, when Iraq gets unprivatized no doubt some weirdo robber baron will want his money back, and give him a message from me, and tell him that instead of always coming up with such super weirdo ideas as that, maybe he should spend more time talking to his war crimes lawyer for having bought that war crime plunder when it was up for sale by George the Hun, that is, if he did buy it and didn't just get it for free....

It would also help to let those guys in Iraq know about how George Bush was hanging around with their mothers on remembrance day, and what with him being the Atilla the Hun, well that should concern them, so that while their mothers worry about them in Iraq, they can worry about their mothers even more, since after all their mothers are living in the United Nazis of America, or will be, you know, if any of the plots of George Bush work out for him, which they won't, because the American people don't want Nazis, they want Populism, but George Bush is relentless, and so we will just have to put up with him trying to make a Nazi state, annoying as that can be, since he doesn't have much to work with as far as finding any Nazis goes in America, since the American people are good people, and thus don't want him. Even so it should worry those soldiers in Iraq that George Bush is even trying to make America into the Fourth Reich, and then when they hear about how he wants to haunt around where their mothers are, well ... these are army guys remember, and if they heard that some stalking weirdo was bothering their mother they would probably ask for shore leave just to get back to take care of the problem, which means that they can worry just like their mothers are worrying...also remind those Iraq soldiers that their mothers are worrying for what the 911 commission called a was that based on Washington's failed intelligence, and really do they want to make their mothers worry while they fight America's mistake war just because George Bush was stupid enough to try to get Iraq's O-I-L?


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Re: Prophecy Nov 13 : How to Stop the Iraq War
13 Nov 2004
as for robber barons and their demands for money from Iraq to make up for not being able to plunder the place when the troops pull out, keep in mind that this is a robber baron and so he will probably also start going on about how he wants his lost profits money, you know, the money he would have made off of Iraq, had that scam of his hit the jackpot, so naturally, being a robber baron after all, he will be making a big stink about all the money he lost in not being able to sack Iraq and then will filing legal actions with the Supine Court to get his lost profits from that sacking plot of his that fell through, since he didn't get to sack Iraq, and now he wants Iraq to give him all the money he could have made sacking the place...these are robber barons, remember, so of course when the war ends they will start asking for that...and I will just bring this stupid idea up just to remind you of the atrocious nature of the mind of a robber baron...but nevertheless, if it should be neccesary to answer that robber barons just demands, well you can tell him that I don't see why Iraq or any other damn spot on the earth should be responsible for bailing him out of his failed scams, and besides, with that massacre and the lootings and the pillaging and plunderings of that old pirate he really should be spending more time with his lawyer instead of dreaming of how he is going to be spending more money, if he can plot and scheme up some stupid idea like that lost profit one when his plots fail and get away with it...and I say lawyer because populism is coming whether he likes it or not, which means he can't fall back on the Supine Court and the Supreme Injustices of that court, or on Bush or Blair, who will be joining him in the dock and thus no longer available to help out with his piracy...