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Commentary :: International
Prophecy Nov 13 : The Waffen SS versus Iran
14 Nov 2004
Prophecy Nov 13 : The Waffen SS versus Iran

One way or another

I have just seen the seen the most disturbing image on the media, a severely traumatized Iraqi woman, and in the background, what looks to me like a soldier of the Waffen SS, or what used to be an American Kid, but God that is starting to look like the Waffen SS to me. You would have to ask a psychologist if one good massacre can create the Waffen SS or if that takes more than one.<BR><BR>

As well the Soviet media, ruthless and relentless thing that it is, continues to carry on with its old spin, claiming that while they almost got Zawqari in Fallujah but he got away. Now what this propaganda means is that this Zawqari, assuming he even exists, you know the guy making those tapes in Fallujah, well Zawqari is now in some other town in Iraq, and given my familiarity with the ruthlessness and the relentlessness of George W. Bush, I know that this propaganda means that another massacre is about to take place, as the doctoring and the spinning is already underway through the Soviet media system.<BR><BR>

So then having examined this highly disturbing image, and considered the implications for the ongoing revolution, I am coming to the conclusion, that either this war stops now, or America will be involved in another Jihad right away, this time with a much more powerful foe, the nation of Iran. This is what is shaping up to take place here, since Bush also put sanctions on Iran, which since I know Bush, means that the Waffen SS will be going for Iran next. Which means that Iran might as well not wait, but instead since the Waffen SS is now apparently on the move in Iraq, and about to strike again somewhere since this supposed Zawqari will supposedly turn up in a new town, and since Iran is on the list and will be fighting America in any case, you can understand the logic of having Iran fight the United States right now, giving the United States military another taste of Jihad, since apparently the tasting I have been giving them wasn't tasty enough, and Iran is next on the list, so why wait. That way if the United States wants to fight, instead of doing that cowardly and disgusting thing that it did in Fallujah, well the United States can fight a nation of 60 million, a bigger target, not to mention all the other Jihad warriors that will begin pouring into Iraq from around the region, proving the dimwitted stupidity of blind hubris .<BR><BR>

George W. Bush must be stopped, and if Americans cannot or do not stop him, then by God the Muslims had better strike while the Jihad iron is hot, because that toad is Adolph Hitler, and it looks like perhaps one massacre is enough to create that dreaded Waffen SS, or so it would seem by looking at things.<BR><BR>

By the way, I would like to say to those Holy Warriors in Iran that I have been hearing these loud roarings in the sky above as I have been writing my papers and sending them out. Certainly everyone in town must have heard them, because they are the same loud roarings I heard when George Bush first took office, and I posted a bunch of pages about those roarings on my website at the time, as I wondered if that was the dragon or was that God. Well if that roaring greeted George Bush, it must have been God, showing just how far ahead God can see. I also posted news to the religious right churches warning them that they would be electing Hitler, and by God that turned out right as well.<BR><BR>

Now the reason I am mentioning this is because Iran need not be intimidated by the Dragon, because there is such a thing as Jihad where you go out with roaring God over head, who is roaring again right now as I am writing this sentence by the way, there it goes again. Okay that settles it. If Iran wants to take on the United States right now, Iran can go to war against the United States with a roaring Allah over the battle field in heaven, and then we will see how the courage of the United States forces hold up, when faced with an overwhelming and terrifying enemy that they can't defeat. This is your chance Iran, but then maybe Allah will have to pay you a visit and do a little roaring over Iran if you won't listen to me, since Allah is furious, and Allah wants Jihad as pay back time for that massacre in Fallujah.<BR><BR>

Oh, I am so relieved. I am sure the world will be relieved as well.<BR><BR>

<h3>The religious right and Hitler</h3>

You know for years I tried to lead a resistance movement within the Christian church against the religious right, and get those churches to resist the religious right, but for some reason people thought that was a bad idea. I never could figure that one out. You know I would be resisting the religious right, because, if you study history, and actually learn something from it, you see that the religious right phenomena accompanies the rise of the Hitler Phenomenon, and indeed if you study the poll results in Germany you will see that wherever that religious right was strong, that was where Hitler was strong in the polls, and only there, whereas in places like Berlin he only got about 6 percent of the vote, while getting two thirds majorities in JesusLand. <BR><BR>

Well even though this is true, and the historical fact, nevertheless, I caught hell for telling everyone to resist the religious right, and instead I was supposed to do this other damn thing, which did not make sense to me, which was something about ‘building a bridge over to the religious right.' Now after having rechecked those poll numbers in Germany, just to make sure Hitler was not popular among the lumbering industry or some other place, and that it was in fact Jesus Land where Hitler got all the votes, well having confirmed that yes, I was correct, and that it was that Jesus Land phenomena that provided Hitler with enough votes to at least be in the race, even if he couldn't poll enough to actually win an election, well after confirming that it seemed to me that there was no damned way I was ‘building a bridge to the religious right' but rather I was going to struggle to destroy the religious right, which, of course, was supposed to be wrong, for some screwy reason I could never figure out.<BR><BR>

Now given how this is true, and how famous I became for pestering churches about that religious right for years and years, I would just like to ask as I ponder the past, just what the hell were people thinking? I could never figure it out, and I still can't, and hopefully, maybe someday someone can explain that strange resistance to my religious right resistance activities.<BR><BR>

You know I used to use parables as illustrations to make my point. For example one could build a bridge across to the religious right, not a good idea mind you, but since some people thought it was they kept trying to get that done, and then after that bridge was done, well the religious right would of course come right over that bridge bringing Hitler with them, since that is their job after all. I used to point that out to people as well, how all those creepily weirdo things that religious right was doing, you know trying to trash the courts and the constitution and bring in some kind of theocratic police state, well that was Hitler stuff, and even though it was Hitler stuff, still people wanted to work on that ‘bridge of understanding' and have ‘meetings of minds' and other stuff like that which I can't remember in detail, but which did not sound like a good idea to me, given what sadists those religious right preachers really are, foul creatures always perpetually setting traps and snares, in the hopes of trapping and then destroying human life, which is what they do. They are like George Bush, those religious right preachers, relentless in the pursuit of their prey, and just ruthless in doing that super weirdo thing they seem to think is required for what I am sure is some super weirdo reasoning of their own, since it should be obvious that hunting people, and being cruel and sadistic to them and then hurting them and trying your damndest to keep them in a reign of the most utter terror, well its pretty hard to mistake that for ‘salvation', but rather that is something you would want to be rescued and saved away from, which makes resistance make sense.<BR><BR>

But still people were building those bridges of ‘understanding the other viewpoint' and those ‘bridges of respect' you know for the faith, however different, of the religious right, and so on, and to try to get something into their heads I used to tell them the story of how someone built a bridge across to the religious right, and then went on that bridge to meet the religious right halfway or some damn thing like that, and then suddenly to their shocked surprise the religious right bombed the bridge, thus getting rid of them all in one fell swoop, since when they were all gathered on that bridge, thus being a perfect target in one spot like that, well it was perfect time to do something like to them, right?<BR><BR>

Well as I look over this super weirdo world we currently live in, and as people around the planet are filled with utter horror because of what happened to the United States, what with Hitler now coming out with the Waffen SS, which no doubt is pleasing to the religious right ministers, who finally at long last got that ‘strong leadership' they admire, well considering it all I would just like to thank those people who kept building that bridge over to Hitler and the religious right, even though I told them again and again not to because you see, I don't want to put up with Hitler and neither does most of the world. Who would, and all we need is a bridge across over to Hitler or a mutual understanding of Hitler's viewpoint, however different it might be from our own, or any of that other shit people kept trying to tell me was right, while my way, of persistent guerilla attacks on the religious right or bombing and strafing runs and constant plotting and trying everything but the kitchen sink, well that was the wrong way.<BR><BR>

Yes I was supposed to sit down and dialogue with Hitler, putting aside those things we had different and finding common ground on those values we shared. If I didn't do that, well I had a problem. Of course you know if the religious right had a value, then maybe I could have matched that up with one of mine, and shared that value with them, but unfortunately they never did seem to come up with anything representing a real value, and even their phony values were not ones I had anything in common with, thus shooting down that strategy. <BR><BR>

Oh let me think back now and remember all that other stuff I was supposed to be doing. I was to have a meeting of minds with Hitler, since, I was assured that once Hitler got to know the real me, well then he would start liking me and then what was supposed to happen after that according to that strategy, is that gradually Hitler would be changed into a better person than he was when I first met him. Well having encountered George Bush and having watched him just stay pretty much the same, and maybe just keep getting worse and worse, either that or he is just hiding it less and less which is probably the true explanation, well somehow given how ruthless and relentless such people are, somehow I don't think my niceness is going to rub off on them. And if I saw bridge over to Hitler I think my strategy would be to bomb the thing into the ground on sight.<BR><BR>

I was supposed to respect Hitler's diversity, even if he was more diverse than myself (of course I always thought he was more perverse than diverse) because you see it gave the church more vitality when we had a diverse church than it did if we didn't. I was supposed to learn from Hitler, because he had something to share. Hitler also had these respectable and admirable ways, like how he liked families and their values, and that was something everyone could respect. Well really, it was just remarkable how many values and good parts and diversions that Hitler had, and that was okay because we were building a family of churches, in a community of faith, and if you kicked Hitler out, well then there would be one less person I suppose, which would weaken our community of faith which grows stronger the more different kinds of people we put into it. <BR><BR>

Well it looks like the world is going to luck out in the days ahead, but before the world lucks out in the days ahead, and that Hitler gets sacked and packed, I would just like to remind all those churches who were giving me such a hard time about things just how damned dangerous it is to do things like that, while at the same time I still can't figure out why people did, that being such a damnable and dangerous strategy after all, and so I am determined to rub it in to make sure that something is learned from this experience. That was to close a call for me thank you very much...I was looking for salvation and next you know, what do I get, freaking Hitler, thus, threatening to ruin everything, and a lot less than what I was hoping for, but looking back over it all, I guess maybe there is some justice in giving those people a good scare with Hitler, just on the off chance that after this time, perhaps they might get that super strange seeming idea in their heads to build a bridge over to something and extend the hand of warmth to something equally atrocious, thus no doubt damning humanity in the process for a second time. <BR><BR>

This work is in the public domain
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