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Commentary :: Organizing
Prophecy Nov 14 : The Nazi Resistance
14 Nov 2004
You resist a Nazi by resisting a Nazi, its just that simple
<h2>The Second American Revolution</h2>

The United States of America sits on the cusp of the Second American Revolution. For this reason the elite HAVE MOREs of America are attempting cusp up a Nazi regime, since if you study history, you would know that Nazism and all its horrors is the answer to such a growing flood tide of populist revolutionary stirrings in America, which explains what is going on in America. Let us be clear on this point. The problem is not George W. Bushitler. The revolutionary conditions in America are what created the Bushitler problem since Bushitler is the response of the Elite HAVE MORE robber barons of America to populism and the popular uprising that would result if someone were to light a match.<BR><BR>

Now all revolutions follow a process, and Nazism is designed to thwart this process and replace with the warped twisted thing the entire world is fearing and dreading this moment, the same fear and dread, by the way, which fueled the Anybody But Bush phenomenon. The ABB political position represented a deep visceral dread of what Bushitler represents, the threat to the very fibre of American society. Bushitler himself is not the real threat, but just became the temporary locus, the repository for an instinctive and widespread understanding of the evolving revolutionary situation in America.<BR><BR>

All revolutions are process and this process takes place within a system of brutal repression where all the gears and levers are designed to make revolution impossible, as though it were possible to make revolution impossible, which it is not. Revolutions take place within the context of a situation where we find piles of timber, which has been piled as high as heaven after years of heavy logging, and then soaked with gasoline, which is remarkable, given the flammability of gasoline, and thus all revolutions require only a match to be lit, while all systems of oppression such as the repressive organs of the Supreme Soviet and its media monopoly in the United Soviets of America have been designed to flow out matches and put out fires. As though it were possible to put out such fires, given the amount of kindling and all that gasoline.<BR><BR>

Therefore, all revolutions require revolutionaries to possess the revolutionary spirit, which is a spirit informed by a deep understanding of the evolving situation, combined with acts of courage and faith, such courage and faith being required if one wants to light a match and then wait for the fires. Such matches have already been tossed, and the damage has therefore been done, and in such a situation then the revolutionary spirit must not be worn down by the attempts at terrorism, which is what Nazism is, by rather must be inspired by faith. Fires burn of their own accord and only require tossed matches. If no kindling and gasoline is present, and you toss matches, of course one could have the revolutionary spirit and the revolutionary faith and wind up disappointed, given the lack of fuel which would be required if fires were to burn.<BR><BR>

Under the perfect system of repression, the oppressors, the up and coming wannabe Nazi regime, could simply destroy revolutionaries, and they would destroy them, should their terrorism have the required time to run its course, and isolate and brutalize all opposition by creating the fear which then gives the Nazis the time to work out that tired out old plot they are attempting to recycle from histories garbage bin on the theory that it worked so well the last time, there being no effective resistance to those Nazis the last time, with the expected results, while why waste time, given the urgency of the situation in America, and spend time designing a brand new form of brutal terrorism when one was already designed that worked so well before and is just waiting to be used over again.<BR><BR>

The correct way to fight a Nazi is to never be afraid of a Nazi, thus avoiding that Stockholm syndrome that kicks in when the terrified and brutalized victim of a Nazi goes into that psychological shock mode where they fearfully do not resist Nazis but instead try to appease Nazis, and this gives Nazis the time they need to systematically destroy all opposition using all those various weird techniques such Nazis always use, and which the nations psychologists should be explaining step by step and systematically to the nations people, another effective form of Nazi resistance. Appeasement of a Nazi brings a feeling of temporary relief, since Nazis can then spend their time systematically terrorizing any remaining opposition, until the Stockholm effect kicks in everywhere, at which time they can then begin picking people off one at a time, thus terrifying even more their remaining victims, allowing the process to continue on its monstrous path.
The strength of the Nazi resistance movement lies in the fact that it is a populist movement, and an expression of those populist urges which Nazism is designed to destroy so that the Elite HAVE MORE robber barons can remain on the throne, the only purpose served by Nazism. The weakness of Nazism lies in its barbarism, already so much on display, which reveals the barbarism of the Elite HAVE MORES, thus showing that even Nazism has its uses in the Revolutionary process, since Nazis in going about their sadism and their terrorism, write pages of propaganda for the Resistance movement, allowing it to continue its growth. Nazism has a dilemma as we can see, for it is a terrorist and sadistic oppressive force, which provides propaganda for the resistance, and since Nazis can't be nice since they are protecting War Criminals who loot and plunder not only Americans, but also the entire planet, the same way they are looting and plundering and privatizing and neoliberalizing Iraq. When the Nazis spin doctored the massacre in Fallujah, an obvious act of terrorism intended to spread horror and the Stockholm effect throughout Iraq, this act was met by outrage and horror all over the world, and in America, since Americans are also human beings like the rest of the world. This then opens the door to more being able to tell Americans about other secret abominations, hidden by the Soviet Media, which Americans never seem to believe exist in the world, since they are good people and thus as Hitler said they do not believe that anyone could be so wicked thus leaving them gullible, until a Nazi gets real wicked in public of course, in which case as I mentioned a Nazi proves to be a Nazis undoing. If a Nazi did nothing, then there would be revolution, given the amount of fuel present, and if a Nazi did something there would be propaganda, and then a revolution, given the amount of fuel present, and the extra logs tossed onto the pile because a Nazi once again did something instead of doing nothing at all. Each step of the way the Nazis prove to be their own undoing, but only if that rotted out Stockholm effect and fear is not allowed to halt the process, which then throws the revolution to the Nazis and the country gets thrown into hell, and we know the rest of that story.<BR><BR><BR>

<h2>Weapons of Mass Destruction</h2>

Let us just say the word, since we want to rid the Nazi resistance movement of the Stockholm syndrome, which is the secret to Nazi victory. George Bushitler has the world's worst Weapons of Mass Destruction, which of course makes George invincible and just terrifying to both the people of the world and the international diplomats and so on, which is just deadly for the world and the planet, since it leads to that greatest of all evils, the Stockholm syndrome, which then gives Nazis the very victory everyone most fears, when just resisting a Nazi is more than enough to destroy a Nazi. This is particularly true if one just resists a Nazi right at the beginnings of Nazism, since Nazism is like a cancer that gets harder to destroy and remove as it continues to grow and as it bursts out here and there in other parts of the body, until we all know what happens at the end of the process.<BR><BR>

Now George does not just have Weapons of Mass Destruction. George also has video tape. George also has the wings of an eagle. This probably explains why they had George wired for sound and in a straight jacket during the election campaign, since you see George is under a lot of stress, and it preys on his mind, and George is not good under stress, and likely to snap and be snarly and a bully like Hitler was, which would not be good in an election, since the HAVE MORES wanted to minimize the amount he lost the election by so as to avoid the embarrassment of having to jack up his vote by 30 or 40 percent so he could win. You see you have to watch those exit polls, which everyone is asking about, you know why the exit polls showed that Bush is not the President and yet there he is being President again. So for the sake of exit polls, since the Supreme Soviet does not have Supreme power, at least not yet, Bush was kept wired for sound and in a straight jacket to hide the stress that is gnawing away at George from watching video tapes and seeing eagle's wings. <BR><BR>

So then should it be the case that George wants to play his trump card and get that failing Stockholm syndrome working again by threatening to use the big one, and punch that magic button, well instead of having pants crapped, giving in to terrorism and having the Stockholm effect which means having Nazism, while simply resisting a Nazi is enough to not have a Nazi (the principles here are simple) I suggest that if George wants to play poker perhaps one should try calling his bluff.<BR><BR>

Now George is unlikely to want to die, at least not for as long as possible, for that would mean doing the hop scotch across the coal beds of hell. And you know if you look at wings and videos enough times, you do have to wonder about those coal beds, since all things are possible. Yes, if I was George and those Elite HAVE MOREs I would want to spend a little time down here, on the earth, and put off that time when I actually have to find out for sure what happens to people like them. Now I am a good person and kind and just and so on, so I don't spend much time worrying about coal beds and so on myself, having nothing to worry about, but George the Hun, who razes cities to the ground like Hitler or the Hun, among his many other crimes, has a valid cause for concern. For this reason while one might think George is crazy enough to start a nuke war, when he still doesn't have his missile shield, that still not having been invented yet, thank God, well if anyone thinks George is in a hurry to drop dead, and not just bluffing about those WMD he has, well then I say they wouldn't know George like I know George, since I know George would not want to play the hip hip hip hippity hop game on those coals beds, putting down one foot and then up real quick, jogging on one spot, for ten thousand years, and then when that gets tiresome switching over to doing the hop scotch over those coal beds of hell, and then maybe rolling, quickly rolling so only one small part is ever touching those coal beds at any one moment, and then its back to hip hip hippity hop, and then if he should hop over the wrong spot then it would time to do some swimming, maybe tread water, if he could only find some water in a place like hell.<BR><BR>

Now I know this sort of talk is not heard very often in diplomatic circles, being so unconventional, but given the horrible consequences of that Stockholm syndrome and the way it will doom us all to Nazism, when all we need to be saved from Nazism is revolutionary patience and resistance to Nazism, well I thought I would introduce this element into the fearful fearful discussion of George W. Bush with Weapons of Mass Destruction, since you see he would be bluffing, unless he was in a hurry to get the required answer to those many questions that are troubling his mind so much, which he is not, for obvious reasons. <BR><BR><BR>

<h2>Throw another log on the fire</h2>

Now as I was saying above, as long as there are Nazis (which would be as long as there are robber barons) there will always be an ample supply of logs being thrown onto the fire, to warm things up, since all revolutions take place lit by bonfires, and Nazis are the oppressive regimes answer to revolutionary spirit, which is to throw logs on the fire, a strange notion, but revolution under oppressive regimes can always use all the help it can get.. This would always be true unless Nazis did nothing, which seems unlikely.<BR><BR>

Now speaking of log piles, as I was campaigning on previously in my populist campaign, since the American people want populism back in vogue, which means having robber barons out of vogue, since the two don't coexist, well then tell me how many people are there who offer to pay the tab for a robber baron's scams. Since this is populism you get a real vote and since this populism it is a real issue you are voting on and since this is populism you don't have to the Nader thing and fight to put your ideas up for consideration, since that damned Soviet Politburo system is out of the picture, since no one in their right mind would ever vote for a damned thing at the official Soviet locations, but would instead use the trustworthy populist locations, which the people would create and protect themselves, like the do in places like Venezeula and so on, where they have more populism than America, but it remains changed to the Politburo system, and thus is kept reigned in so that it can never become true populism.<BR><BR>

Now speaking of paying for robber baron scams, you might have heard the one about how some robber baron plots up some scam to do some sacking followed by some looting and plundering. For example a robber baron might plot to take the water out of a poor communities taps so that he could then tap their wallets, another good source of plunder. Of course the Politburo would go along with the scam, and then populism would drive the scam out of the country. At this time the robber baron would turn to the Injustices of the Courtier system, and some actor playing the role of the judge would award that robber baron sacking compensation money as well as money for lost future pillaging. This would then be solemnly reported by the Globalized Soviet media system with all the solemnity and gravity due to the reporting on judgments of the Injustice system, and then in addition to paying through the nose via the IMF and World Bank, that country would be saddled with paying a settlement for lost plunder to some robber baron who had just been run out of town on a rail in mid sacking.<BR><BR>

Now speaking of paying the bar tab for robber barons when their scams fall through on them, one can imagine that those robber barons who made purchases when Iraq had an election, with George Bush the only one voting, and then Iraq decided to privatize and neoliberalize, making Iraq, I am told, the world's leading role model for such an advanced economic system, and then if such a robber baron, who made such purchases, which make Iraq the private property of such robber barons, protected by the most sacred of legal principles of private property as justice demands, well then if such a robber baron were to be run out of Iraq on a rail, I think, given the judgments coming out of the court systems lately, that such a robber baron would of course expect money for lost sacking, not to mention money for lost future plunder and pillage. Yes such a robber baron would of course want to sue Iraq for damages, a novel concept, and it makes a person wonder what sorts of fresh new scams those robber barons will think of in the future as they pile up stacks and stacks of loot, those endless stacks and enormous piles of the globe's wealth.<BR><BR>

This leads us to ask if Americans would be stupid enough to pay for a robber baron scam themselves. Now under the Poliburo system, we can see that the Supreme Injustices of the Supine Court would demand such payment, as the law requires, even if the law needs to be changed to require it if no such law yet exists, wherein steps the Politburo. Now then one could expect to hear one of two things. Either Americans would speak of paying back the money for some robber baron scam as well as having their children and their grandchildren pay back that robber baron scam. Or we could hear the American people demand that the robber barons pay back their loans which they took out for themselves at the tax payers expense, while at the same time creating the conditions to destroy populism, a scam at which robber barons work all the time, and of which Nazism is just one more form of the same sort of thing. For you cannot have populism after robber barons borrowed 10 or 20 trillion, requiring then that all government programs be slashed and the debt problem either addressed or interest paid on it forever, which might be better, since that is infinitely profitable, and would end populism forever. With that in mind one would expect the robber barons to run up the tab to perhaps 12 or 14 trillion during the second Bush term, as part of that scam, while making trillions in the process for themselves, thus both sacking and plundering and killing two birds with one cleverly thrown stone.<BR><BR>

Yes Bush has jacked up that credit card limit. Throw another log on the fire...And so I will throw another match, although really if the truth be told, I have already thrown enough matches, but then if we wants to throw logs, I might as well start throwing some more matches, even though by now that would be redundant, given all those matches thrown before. This is the revolutionary process. George plays poker, and you show him that you have a better card, he tries to bluff with his bad cards, and so on...<BR><BR>

You know in other countries they would run the robber baron out on a rail for such scams, and under populism it would either be the case that no such scam went through, being a worthless idea cooked up by a robber baron and not the people, or if it did get put through by the Politburo of the Supreme Soviet, well under populism the people would not pay for a robber baron's scams, but rather a robber baron would cough up 8 or 9 or 10 trillion, depending on how high it goes, since robber barons are, as robber barons do, still throwing more logs onto that particularly stupid fire.<BR><BR><BR>

<h2>Economic Crash</h2>

Now an economic crash might be a good way to bring back the Stockholm syndrome, and thus allow Nazism to flourish, although it also fires up populism, and Nazism can only win in an economic crash if the Stockholm syndrome kicks into high gear. However an economic crash would also mean that robber barons would get sacked really good and really get a good looting done to them, since when they had to cough up their low valued assets to pay off their 8 or 9 or 10 trillion dollar bar tab, those assets would be all crashed down in value, thus requiring about three or four or five times the amount of assets to cover their tab as would be the case if the prevailing market value was higher.<BR><BR>

So then while an economic crash might drive people into the embrace of the employers, the robber barons, it might not, meaning that even though robber barons include just about any scam into their schemes they might want to think twice about that one, which they probably will, now that someone has brought the matter to their attention, something that is often required, since robber barons are atrociously stupid when devising their scams and prone to stepping on land mines unless they get really good poll data, which depends on asking really good questions, which is tricky, or unless someone just clears up the details of some issue for them like I just did, pointing out the location of certain land mines and so on.<BR><BR>

Now speaking of the economy, it should be obvious that the economy that was designed for robber barons, called capitalism, is a failed system. You just cannot use the infinity sign in mathematics used for economics, since the planet is only about 22 thousand miles in diameter, which means that ‘growth' which of course is good and should go on forever since capitalists are infinitely greedy, is an irrational illogical mathematical impossibility and the product of the philosophy if you want to call it that which came out of the same brutishly stupid mind of a robber baron as all those same scams that prove to be their downfall at the end of it all, because of all that log throwing onto the fire I was mentioning before. It would seem that robber barons seem to think that if they are going to burn in hell, well they should start logging, a strange contradictory idea that perfectly matches their economic theory of growth, which is also contradictory since the planet is not growing only their greed, thus meaning that the whole planet is headed for at the end of it all catastrophic collapse into ruin as another stupid idea of some robber baron, called capitalism, falls into utter ruins and instead of just ruining a robber baron in that failed plot ruins every else as well. So the system must be changed, and unless people want to stay in a house until it burns to the ground, thus burning up in the fire themselves along with that robber baron, well it seems good to begin discussing change before everything is ruined and people are out hunting each other down to steal each others food and other such nonsense, which would happen after the destructive collapse of that system, since no one did anything about it when there was still time.<BR><BR>

This work is in the public domain
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