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Commentary :: International
Heroic Fallujah
14 Nov 2004
US imperialism experiences a stumbling block in Fallujah and the whole of Iraq in its drive for global hegemony and corporate control.
Whenever the US corporate news media are silent about events in Fallujah or other parts of Iraq and spend a lot of time on tabloid journalism, it indicates that the military situation in Iraq is not improving and there are numerous US casualties. Otherwise, they would be crowing about glorious US victories over the forces of evil.

Before the invasion of Fallujah began, notice the terminology used to describe the resistance fighters there. A US military commander said that Satan was inside Fallujah. Fundamentalist Christian soldiers among the American troops were incited by invective against believers in Islam. It was like a replay of the Crusades of the Middle Ages, only with advanced weaponry. Spokespeople for the US military in Iraq described those fighting the US as "anti-Iraqi" forces. How can Iraqis fighting against US occupation of their own country possibly be described as "anti-Iraqi?" Then, it was said that there were foreign fighters in Fallujah, as if the Americans, British, Bulgarians, Poles, Italians, Danes, Ukrainians and others were native to Iraq. It was said that the people of Fallujah were being held hostage by evil terrorists, making it seem like the Americans were their rescuers and actually deeply loved by the Iraqi people, the resistance fighters being despised. Oh yes, people who have kept a murderous embargo on your country for over ten years, given your children cancers and birth defects from depleted uranium and tortured and killed your fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers would naturally be greatly loved. This is the old propaganda trick of reversing victim and victimizer. It is similar to making the Palestinian children throwing rocks at Israeli tanks into the victimizers of the poor Israeli troops who have to endure such a barrage. People fighting back against the most powerful and sophisticated military machine the world has ever seen with only small arms at their disposal are not victimizers. They are the real victims of this imperialist aggression for oil and exhibit enormous courage for fighting against such overwhelming odds. As La Pasionaria said during the Spanish Civil War: "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."

As the US forces made one vast slaughterhouse out of Fallujah by seizing or bombing hospitals and preventing wounded people from getting treatment and other people from leaving the city, it was entirely predictable that they would claim to have found "slaughterhouses" used by "terrorists" to execute their hostages. It reminds me of the time after the US invasion of Panama in 1989 when the US military claimed that they had discovered Manuel Noriega's so-called lair, complete with pictures of Hitler, vats of blood, tons of cocaine, Brazilian witches and virtually everything else their psychological operations officers knew would inflame American public opinion. Why not? No matter how outlandish and bizarre, they know if the corporate media repeats the lie often enough, the majority of Americans will believe it. Most Americans accepted all the lies concerning weapons of mass destruction and all the fakery concerning the pulling down of Saddam Hussein's statue and the Jessica Lynch rescue. Also, they just elected a bloodthirsty moron, who can't even speak English properly, as President of the United States. Skepticism and logical analysis are not virtues greatly prevalent in American society today.

The US corporate media are painting the attack on Fallujah as a liberation of the Iraqi people from foreign terrorists or preventing these terrorists from disrupting the so-called free elections scheduled for Iraq. What a crock! Fallujah is more similar to the street to street fighting in Stalingrad and Hue or the rising of the Warsaw ghetto. The Iraqi resistance forces are fighting for their homes, their families and to prevent the conquest of their country for the aggrandizement of the US ruling class and the pirating of their oil. This is truly a heroic resistance against vastly superior military forces.

If American soldiers ever realize that they aren't really fighting terrorism at all, but are instead fighting for the interests of the Rockefeller family and many other rich American capitalists, the US ruling class will be in serious trouble. When Russian soldiers discovered the truth about the reasons for World War 1, it propelled the Russian revolution to victory over Czar Nicholas II and the subsequent bourgeois Kerensky government. That has to be a very disconcerting thought for the rich and powerful in this country and makes the brainwashing of American soldiers even more imperative.
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Americ Apologizes To Iraq
15 Nov 2004
Dear Iraqis -- we Americans apologize to you for illegally
invading and occupying your country. We need your oil. If we
destroy your houses and kill your children to get the petroleum,
we apologize for any inconvenience.

We have sent our puppet Dr. Quisling Allawi to rule over you.
We will not destroy any city or kill your children without first
asking our puppet Allawi if he wants us to do so. Under our
program of "No Child Left Behind," we will first tell Dr. Allawi
how many Iraqi children we want to kill, and we will instruct Dr.
Allawi to give his permission to kill exactly that many children,
and not one child more. Then we will hold our fire and announce
to the world that we are waiting for Dr. Allawi to ask us to kill
your children, before we kill a single child. Only when our
Number-1 Puppet-Minister of Iraq has asked us to start killing --
and not one day before -- that's when we will kill your children.

We are a civilized country, America. We realize that your children
are a burden to you. We need your oil, and so, in exchange for
looting your second-largest oil reserves in the world, we will
take over from you the job of killing your bothersome,
hard-to-feed-and-clothe children. We have many advanced ways of
infanticide, Arabicide and Iraqicide. Our chief methods of de-
childing your lives will be dropping bombs on the houses where
your children sleep, and shooting up the neighborhoods where your
childen play. We have gotten so good at killing your children that
some of our snipers really enjoy the job and take pleasure in it.
In Najaf, we had snipers that would shoot to kill any Iraqi mother
who walked outside with a child in her arms. As our president Bush
likes to boast, "they are not a problem any more."

You see, to our president, your children are just so much trash.
The God of Christianity has appointed our president to kill your
Iraqi children before they grow up to hate us and fight us. You
don't want trashy children, do you? Our president feels the same
way -- in his eyes, the American soldiers are just so much trash.
They don't deserve decent medical care when they are wounded, and
they don't deserve decent pay. Our Cocainer-in-Chief Bush is an
equal-opportunity trash-destroyer -- Iraqi children, American
working-class soldiers -- it's all disposable trash to him. He
doesn't go to your child's funeral, and he doesn't go to his
soldier's funeral. His idea is, let the trashy parents of the
dead American white-trash and black-trash soldier stage the trashy
funeral for the trashy casualties of a trashy war.

America is getting help in the killing of your children from the
Polish military, who learned it from the German military. There is
no difference between the Polish military in Iraq in 2004 and the
German military in Poland in 1944. Poland = Germany. Polish = Nazi.
Oh, a minor difference may be that the Polish troops are not
directly killing your Iraqi children. Our trashy American troops
do the killing of your trashy children, while the Polish Nazi
troops watch our backs.

Born-again Japanese militarism also helps us kill your baby
boys and girls. The Japanese were really good at killing babies
all over Asia in the nineteen thirties, but recently the Japanese
have been losing such traditional Japanese skills as invading
their neighbors and killing entire populations. Koizumi will
change all that, getting back to the great Japanese military
traditions of Hideki Tojo. Did you know that killing your Iraqi
children will bring honor to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan?
Hai, hai! Ho, ho! Japan will kill again, just as the glorious
Japanese Army killed many Chinese in the Rape of Nanking in 1937.
Japan is back! To whaq Iraq!
War Has No Heros
15 Nov 2004
War is for corporate gains. War is the lies of governments.
Iraq? Is a Vietnam of the 21st Century. Chaos everywhere. Both war were lies.
Until the draft starts? The public will buy into this loonacy.
War is for morons and idiots. There is no justification for the involvement in Iraq. Will justice be served? (Concerning war crimes.) We'll see.