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Commentary :: Organizing
Prophecy Nov. 26 : An apology to the ‘left resistance intellectuals'
27 Nov 2004
Sometimes I just am not able to understand the complex motives of other people and causes me to get into trouble again and again...
<h3>Comfort God's People</h3>

This day has only started, and already I am in trouble. I have been scolded by YAHWEH for attacking certain ‘left resistance intellectuals' for ‘taking the Name of YAHWEH in vain.' That made YAHWEH angry, at me, because what YAHWEH was really saying was, ‘those faithless people', which is different from taking the Name of YAHWEH in vain. They both make YAHWEH mad, but in different ways. Can YAHWEH take action when this has happened? Do I not remember that YAHWEH is overwhelming, like a burning oven? And so YAHWEH has asked me how I would like it if someone were to make me that afraid, and I agreed that I would not like being that afraid of something myself, and then I caught hell for not being more careful, and I was also ordered to repeat my previous message to the left resistance. At first I thought that this instruction was peculiar, since to repeat oneself is to be redundant, but the point to be made here is that my first message is the one that YAHWEH approves of and the second was not right, but rather I misunderstood and I was careless, something someone like me cannot afford to be, and something I will have to learn immediately right from the start, so as to avoid that fault in the future.<BR><BR>

So then I will attempt to repeat the message which is authorized, and the one that should be emphasized. The message about the ‘left resistance' taking the Name of YAHWEH in vain should be forgotten, since that should have read that YAHWEH would teach them a lesson about being so faithless and so lacking in trust or hope, which while that is still bad, is nowhere near as bad as taking the Name of YAHWEH in vain, which is really a bad thing to do. And besides, these are people who have lived in the darkness, who have dwelt in a land as dark as death itself, and if their faith has taken a beating in such a place, well such is life. Now it is time not for punishment, but for reward, a time not for mourning but for refreshing, a time to replace a mouth full of ashes with songs of praise, and a heavy heart and sorrowful spirit with a happy heart. And with that in mind I am sorry for my clumsiness, and I hope this apology accomplishes all that needs to be accomplished and I intend to listen more carefully and think things through more thoroughly in the future. For you see, I have a problem, too, in that I just do not understand people, or what makes them do what it is that they do, because we have lived such separate lives and consequently we have become such different people, and therefore I find that I am always puzzled, baffled, and consequently I misinterpret what I see, and that is a problem for me to deal with.<BR><BR>

Now to summarize the point I was supposed to be making, you build a populist movement based upon populist ideas. You build a sect based upon sectarian ideology. You can waste your time trying to build support for sectarian ideology, transforming a sect into a mass movement, laboriously over time, or you can build a mass movement based upon already existing mass sentiment. You know there is this saying, I think it was in regards to a ball diamond, where it was said, ‘if you build it, they will come.' Someone was worried about investing so much time into building a ball diamond, and thinking, ‘but what if I do all this, and then no one comes.' Build an alternative populist voting network, just as a start, and have faith, because if you build it they will come. <BR><BR>

If you are one of those angry anarchists, who wants to burn down the Reichstag, well take heart, because YAHWEH wants to burn down the Reichstag as well, so you can see, or you will see very soon if you cannot see now, that a violent anarchist is a type of child of God. Just be sure to follow my advice and take all that seething energy of yours and turn it to the purposes of burning down the Reichstag in such a way that it stays burned down, something that cannot be accomplished with something like bricks or with burning torches, as I have outlined previously. They both have something in common those two in that they are both just furious, and so it is good to see that there are some children of God around. You can see that same smouldering anger popping up here and there from time to time everywhere on that left resistance because you see these are God's people and they are being oppressed and forced to endure the unbearable. So take heart, and for heaven's sake don't take to heart any errors that I make, in my ignorance of the real situation.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

<h3>Taking the name of God in Vain</h3>

This is not to say that there is not a problem with taking the Name of God in vain, but that problem does not lie with the left resistance movement, but rather with the ministers of the religious right.<BR><BR>

I have always believed that those ministers and preachers of the religious right are some of the most godless people on the face of the planet. So then not only have I had to put with all their evil ways, I have also had to endure listening to them take the Name of YAHWEH in vain, which is really intolerable, but given the situation I found myself in, there was nothing I could do to stop them. I have always thought that their thoughtless cruelty displayed by their unrelenting support for Israel was the most shocking of their crimes. I asked myself, ‘how could any people be so cold, so completely without mercy, so utterly ruthless in pursuing their own ends?' That is really a fine example for a minister to set for the flock, and the end result has been nothing but evil, as one would expect. For those who follow such ministers themselves become ruthless and their minds become twisted and warped by the doctrines such sinister ministers teach, and as a consequence they do not know YAHWEH, but are worshiping an idol instead. Such people are not born again, as the cruelty and injustice of their deeds attest, but rather such people are quite dead, and there is no spark of life within them, for life is reserved for the good and the just for this YAHWEH's Universe, and you cannot be wicked here.<BR><BR>

It has been noted by people that the religious right minister has a way of tricking people, many of whom are poor, into voting for the super rich, and while people have commented on this strange phenomenon, nobody has ever been quite able to explain how that works. The answer is rather simple. You see the religious right methodology is simply that of a terrorist, since the religious right is just the religious manifestation of Nazism. The goal of this terror is to create a type of Stockholm Syndrome, wherein the shell shocked victim of a terrorist becomes an appeaser and docile, while identifying with the goals of the terrorist who captured them, sometimes even becoming a partner in the terrorists criminal acts. The political purpose of this act of terrorism is to create a type of psychologically shell shocked zombie sheep who does the goosestep down to the SportsPalast to do the big ‘Seig Heil'. Thus a rebellious and revolutionary population is replaced with a docile zombie population, thus protecting the vaults of the rich, and destroying populism. This is the task of the religious right, and what makes it so odious, is that such terrorism that they practice can only work on those who either share their goals, and want to create an instrument of social control, or much worse, such methods can only work on those who deep down inside are God's people, and since they do believe, they are vulnerable to such atrociously twisted acts of cruelty and terrorism. This is accomplished by lying about the Bible, claiming it is perfect, when actually it is polluted with wickedness, and then ignoring the good parts of the Bible to emphasize all the wickedness, for the purposes of inspiring that very TERROR which is the true instrument of control of the religious right, and the psychological shock syndrome they create explains why the victims can be seen voting for and supporting the terrorists, and even helping the terrorists do their criminal crimes.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

This work is in the public domain
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