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News :: Human Rights
Fat pigs party while troops are dying
14 Dec 2004
CNN----Supporters of President Bush will be bringing their own fanfare and enthusiasm when they flock to Washington in January for inaugural festivities, but they'll also be generating much excitement for D.C. hoteliers, who promise to pamper anyone willing to pay.
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Supporters of President Bush will be bringing their own fanfare and enthusiasm when they flock to Washington in January for inaugural festivities, but they'll also be generating much excitement for D.C. hoteliers, who promise to pamper anyone willing to pay.

Several of Washington's leading hotels have put together packages catering to inauguration attendees, ranging from a lavish $150,000 stay at the Ritz-Carlton to a more modest $5,000 visit to the Hotel Monaco.

The Ritz-Carlton package includes travel on a private jet, a new set of Louis Vuitton luggage, a personal butler and massage therapist, two tickets to one of the inaugural balls and an Hermes tie and scarf for him and her each month through the next inauguration.

"We expect anyone who purchases this is a Washington-insider type -- a person or couple who wants to have the ultimate experience of an inaugural in Washington, D.C.," said Colleen Evans, a Ritz-Carlton spokeswoman.

Just down the road from the Ritz, the indulgences continue at The Fairmont hotel, which is offering a $10,000-per-day package that will land you in the Presidential Suite, which will be stocked with Beluga caviar and Dom Perignon. Also included is a Rolls-Royce with a personal driver and two bodyguards acting like Secret Service agents.

"Aside from this special package, we'll have nightly-themed amenities for all our guests," said Fairmont spokeswoman Diana Bulger. "It'll be a fun time for any guests who stay with us at inaugural time."

According to the D.C. Convention and Tourism Corporation, more than 100,000 people are expected to travel to Washington and spend close to $75 million on the four days of events, which include the swearing-in ceremony, the parade and the lavish galas.

"It's our Super Bowl," quipped Bill Hanbury, the corporation's CEO.

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Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
14 Dec 2004
in a just world, we would care at least as much about the innocent Iraqis being slaughtered, babies and children among them, than those hoodwinked, testosterone-poisened young men who bought into the game of empire and are now trained KILLERS...

ah well, good point for the rest...

(I try to have compassion for the troops who don't torture, who don't rape, who don't get off on killing people... I really do try - but still, if they want my deepest love and compassion, they will refuse to report to duty on their illegal mission like some 5,000 or more have already done. Those are the troops I can most support. Remember, "just following orders" was not a satisfactory defense in the Nuremberg trial.)
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
14 Dec 2004
Hate to break it to you, but every Presidential inauguration is like that!

And 4indigenism, the troops are sacrificing their lives so you can have the freedom to slam our military!
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
14 Dec 2004
really, Rocky?
I don't ever remember having my freedoms of speech threatened by Saddam Hussein. His boss, Uncle Sam? Well, there you may have a point, but that can't really be remedied by waging two assaults and a decade long genocidal sanctions regime against the people of Iraq, now can it?

Our troops are deluded pawns used by wealthy sadistic cowards to expand empire, loot, kill and terrorize. And when they come home, they will change their green uniform for a blue one and be "on the front lines" of trying to silence any and every meaningful display of popular dissent...

by the way, Rocky, you wouldn't know much of anything about police here in the U$A, now would you?
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
14 Dec 2004
4indigenism, did you slander our troops like this when Clinton was taken money from Halliburton after bombing Kosovo?
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
15 Dec 2004
4indigenism and Rocky. you are both pretty similar. You are both biased and unwilling to listen to others. American soldiers and Iraqi civilians are all casualties. The soldiers didnt start the war and they dont deserve to die. There are many that have been brainwashed by the government, and they are trained to be killers. They believe that what they are doing is right because they have trust in the government and their leaders. I think that instead of bashing the soldiers, you should try to make them see the truth, and to turn their guns on their commanders. really dont belong here. You dont back up anything you say with facts, you just repeat some talking points that you heard on FOX. No one here is supporting Clinton, so why are you mentioning him? And seeing that you are a biased republican, would you have supported Clinton having multi-million dollar parties with his fat cats while your brothers are getting blown to pieces over-seas because their leaders are lying to them just so they can get their friends rich??
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
15 Dec 2004
rocky, I am not slandering our troops, I am calling it like it is, and yes, it was just as true in the invasion of Kosovo that was supposedly to stop a "genocide" but was actually to smash the last non-IMF/WB following former communist country in Europe. (The KLA was funded and supported by the CIA and sparked an armed conflict with the government. )

Dan, I am nothing like rocky. rocky is a duped nationalist bigot.

Forwhatever it is worth, I have the same hopes for our soldiers that you do, but until the moment they decide to reject their illegal and immoral orders and work on the side of justice, they are tragically a very fair target that *must* be targeted to prevent such adventures from being repeated in the near future. What is holding the US back from assaulting Iran or Syria? Nothin but the fact that the US military is taking huge losses in personell, equipment and morale in Iraq. Fallujah, resist! And the world thanks you and honors you, Fallujah, and mourns your losses.

Dan, I understand what it is like to have a family member in similar work based on their being ideologically misguided and needing a job. Part of being an adult means you take responsibility for your actions. If a coke dealer just needs money and has few opportunities, you may equally not wish him or her dead, but you still wish that they will leave that work that wreaks harm on countless lives, right? How about a pimp? Same story. And if the prostitutes "working" for a pimp (since pimps overwhelming are brutally violent with their "property") need to harm their pimps to get them to stop, well too bad for the f*#@ing pimp. Soldiers as are pimps as are drug dealers as are CEO's in companies like Union Carbide are still human beings. Brutal and exploitative and harmful human beings. Often exploited themselves in one manner or another. But they are still responsible for the crimes they carry out and to join the military of the world's only superpower which is working to expand its empire is just as wrong as becoming a pimp or becoming a drug dealer or becoming a ceo for a life-destroying company.

And for all of those in any of the above "professions" who see the error of their ways, leave that work and dedicate themselves to undoing the harm they have already done, I say "welcome to humanity, and I am happy to work with you."
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
15 Dec 2004
Danny, if there ever was a conflict involving American soldiers, we Americans need to stand by our leaders! You accuse me of parroting everything Fox says, but did you believe Dan Rather with those fake documents or his biased views?

As for you 4indigenism. The world does NOT stand with the Fallujah insurgents! Unless your idea of the world includes only France, Spain, Germany, Russia, the Islamic world, and the Democratic Party. If anything, the real bigot is you for not supporting American soldiers, but instead the Islamofascist goons!
Re: Fat pigs party while troops are dying
15 Dec 2004
my apologies 4indigenism, I agree with you, but some sympathy is needed for those soldiers that dont have the information or intelligence to resist. And I think it is our job to provide them with that.
Rocky.....still, we are not democrats here. We dont support Dan Rather just as we dont support Fox news. We dont exist in your little world of Red and Blue states. We dont hate George Bush because he is a republican, we hate him because he is a murderer. And those resisting in Iraq are not all doing it in the name of Islam. The majority just want a government that represents the people, not a government that represents american interests. Those that support the resistance do not necesarilly support Islamic radicals, but both have a common goal of expelling the invaders and they are working together to achieve that.
As far as your list goes for people that support theresistance, I doubt any of them do. The democratic party had no plans of stopping the war in Iraq. Those that support the resistance are the regular people around the world that are sick of empire.
We dont need uneducated people like you here, you are only making our arguments stronger by showing your stupidity.