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Commentary :: Human Rights : International : Politics
Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
Pay attention to what the Israeli ruling elite does, not what it says. Dec. 17th brought the incursion of some 25 tanks, bulldozers and armored vehicles into the Khan Younis refugee camp. Continuing a policy of collective punishment of ordinary civilians, the shattering of their everyday lives and demoralization, numerous homes were intentionally demolished and a number of residents were murdered and wounded.
As the Israeli political class talks 'peace,' it continues its brutal war against the simple Palestinian population. Dec. 17th saw the incursion – as part of Operation ‘Orange Iron’ -- of some 25 tanks, bulldozers and armored vehicles into the densely populated Khan Younis camp, where the IDF murdered 7-year-old Rana Siyam a week earlier [ ]. Helicopter gunship rockets killed at least five Palestinians and wounded 22. Continuing a policy of mass collective punishment of the civilian population, numerous homes were intentionally bulldozed and destroyed. Hundreds of Palestinians were reported to have fled their homes for fear the army would demolish them and are sheltering in a nearby hospital, a stadium and elsewhere
[ ].

Since the outbreak of the second Intifada 52 months ago, longer-term Israeli state policy remains centered not on the ruse of 'security' or 'anti-terror operations' but spatial demolition and strangulation. This is manifested on an almost daily basis in the dismantling of Palestinian private and public space, especially at what geographers call the "household scale," with repeated and systematic destruction of family dwellings and the associated displacement of population. This is the terrorizing by the Israeli state of the most intimate spheres of everyday life.

All this interlocks with severe restriction of personal movement and -- the most striking instrument of spatial strangulation -- the building of the Great Wall of Palestine. The strategy seems predicated on three interwoven aims: unilateral separation from the Palestinian population, its demoralization and territorial dismemberment. What can be more demoralizing than seeing your house and belongings bulldozed for no reason you can fathom? Over the longer term, the Israeli oligarchy hopes the powerful effect of demoralization will lead to increased Palestinian out-migration to escape the unbearable situation, part of the overriding Israeli state aim of de-Palestinization and its distinctive territorial imperative.

Withdrawal from a totally controlled, demoralized and isolated Gaza, in effect turning it into a sealed enclave, is one aim of Sharon's "disengagement" plan. Such an enclave will be totally severed from other Palestinian enclaves in the West Bank, rendering a viable Palestinian state impossible.

Pay attention to what Sharon does, not what he says. He and his cabal have brought the art of Doublespeak to new heights. Ever more ordinary Israelis are uniting behind calls for soldiers to refuse to carry out such orders against a defenseless population.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
You have to be blind not to obseve that Israeli action in Gaza is always a reaction to the murderous campaign of the Palestenian militants. The current operation was launched after repeated provocations and violent indiscriminate attacks of mortar bombing ,shooting and detonating tunnels which are seen by Palestenian as 'heroic resistance'. What a bunch of whiney loosers.
Re: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
The article spews from the mouth of Alice whose world is upside down. The destruction of the terror and the elimination of terrorist is the only goal on which the world agrees. Palestinian terrorists will be eliminated, either by the Palestinian people, or by the Israelis. Simple and clear. No defense of this position is necessary.
Re: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
"What a bunch of whiney loosers." - Asher

Yes the Palestinians have "lost" quite alot; their land, their means of income, their freedom, their right to medical care, their sense of hope, their homes to bulldozers, and more often than Israelis, twice as much in fact, Palestinian civilians loose their lives. Such conditions create a breeding ground for hatred, anger, despair, and religious extremism. Many people around the world including many Israelis see that as being at the heart of the problem but I guess you don't. The Israeli extreme-right that controls the country w/ the Likud party doesn't point this contradiction out because it they are overwhelmed with ethnic/religious superiority. (Never Forget?) They are full of contradictions like how they treat black Ethiopian Jews unfairly while at the sametime they seek the support of white Chistian fundamentalists in the US who don't do much to hide the fact that in they believe that in the end (which is coming soon they say) if the Jews don't turn to Christ they will all be slaughtered. But I must say Asher that I would bet that even the most rabid-right-wing-anti-arab Israeli would never describe the Palestinians he hates in such a simplistic and ignorant way as how you did. You reduce the Palestinian plight to that of a kid who cries after loosing a kick-ball game.
Re: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
so you respond to a murderous campaign by your own murderous campaign, which creates another murderous campaign etc etc etc.....
Both sides are guilty of killing innocents, but at least the palestinians have the morals and courage to stand up for their own beliefs and face the evil israeli state. Israel hides behind lies just like the neo-cons of america.
Re: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
"but at least the palestinians have the morals and courage to stand up for their own beliefs and face the evil israeli state." - abc

i agree that both sides are guilty and the back n forth is an endless cycle, which is why when people like asher say that "Israeli action in Gaza is always a reaction" they are pushing the same simple-minded blind-moralism that the Bush people love to frame things where one side is good and one side is bad. Though i do think one must be careful when using "morals and courage" to describe the Palestinians. while i certainly agree that's the case when some young lads are risking there lives hurling rocks and petrol bombs @ US tax money-sponsored armored vehicles or when some grieving mother stands in front of a bulldozer ready to flatten her home or orange trees. but many of those committing terrorist acts like suicide bombing aren't courageous. these kids are brainwashed and exploited by Islamist extremists. Its this terrible aspect of the whole ordeal that separates the Palestinian conflict (and now the Iraq conflict) from other apartheid-like struggles against occupations like in N.Ireland, S.Africa, and Algeria. In those struggles even if religion played a part in never overrode the underlying goal of freedom. where as when suicide-bombers are committing these horrific acts out of some Jihadist higher calling it brings a different dynamic to the conflict that does nothing but fuel more hatred and murder.