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Parent Article: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
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Re: Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
18 Dec 2004
Asher, you have to be blind to believe those lies. Israel, just like the US was founded on lie upon lie. They continue to peddle their expansion, aggression and genocides as "peace work."

Tim, please don't speak for the martyrs.

It is not a "cycle of violence" as in the Capulets and the Montagues where no one can remember how the conflict started. This conflict started when Zionists from Europe decided to make their homeland for Jews only on a land that was home to people of many faiths. The terror campaign used to "cleanse the land" and the ongoing genocidal attack on the Palestinians continues to this day. Only recently have there begun to be noticeable "costs" on the Israeli side - since this last Intifada. Before this Intifada, the violence fell almost exclusively on Palestinians (which is pretty much the "West's" definition of non-violence, correct? If no "Westerners" are killed, we call it "non-violence." If "Westerners" get killed, we call it "terror", no matter how brutal and responsible the "Westerner". All Israelis, including the soldiers are somehow considered "civilians" while all Palestinians, no matter how young, are somehow considered "terrorists.")

When you have faced a 56 year campaign of active ongoing genocide and see no sign of it ending, then you can judge how Palestinians must "feel" and why they might do the things they do.

I prefer to listen to what the resistance members say themselves - Rantissi said at the beginning of the first intifada the rate of Israeli to Palestinian deaths was 1 to 11. Martyrdom attacks brought the ration down to 1 to 3.

Palestinians seem to have a simple request - to be able to return to their lands, villages, and homes. International law requires that their request be realized as the right of return is a human right according to one of the founding documents of the UN, the UN declaration of human rights. They also hope to be free and equal in their own land - not asking for anything that international law does not require. Yet, the reality is that they face continued encroachment, continued brutality, continued strangulation of their economy and means of production... "talks" resulted in Oslo and a doubling of settlement growth activity. What makes the Israeli govt "listen?" You tell me, Tim. I can't say, and as a US tax payer, I have no standing to judge, but I will tell you one thing. Israel is hurting due to these attacks - hurting economically and also losing "settlers" to inhabit their racist state. Could it be that Zionists only understand violence? Unfortunately, that is all most bigots understand, so it should be no different in this case.

Martyrdom bombings are much less horrific than firing missiles from an "Apache" helicopter. Most would hope for military targets, but of course, these are harder to access in many cases. The amazing trench work in Gaza gave a successful action, but recently another tunnel collapsed on some tunnelers - possibly killing them with no cost to the enemy. How to keep the risk/cost ratio low when all of your activities are taking place under occupation? Not something I can imagine, let alone judge... and it certainly cannot all be dismissed as "religious extremism."

Martydom Bombers choose to go to their deaths to strike a blow at the intolerable subjugation and genocide that Israel has visited upon them. If you were in their shoes, you may have made a different choice, but I doubt it would have been a more heroic choice. We who are less courageous and less firm in our commitment to justice and freedom have no place to speak ill of them.